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Django Newly Re-mastered in HD ALL REGIONS [Blu-ray]
Django Newly Re-mastered in HD ALL REGIONS [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Franco Nero
Price: £14.33

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4.0 out of 5 stars Best international Blu-ray so far, 23 Jan 2013
DJANGO [1966]

Film: I have finally watched this classic for the first time before getting into Tarantino's epic and I confess that liked Django a lot. It is a quite rough film and it features some very exciting scenes (like the "coffin escape") from a cinematic point of view.

Technical Data: Total Size = 21,8GB, Feature Film = 15,9GB (including and English and an Italian DTS-MA-2.0 Mono Track), English subtitles are available for both versions, Running Time = 91:37min (uncut version)

Picture Quality (reviewed on a JVC X30 projector):

- THE GOOD = The picture is very sharp 95% of the running time and the colours appear rich and natural so that the film looks like new at various points. Blacks are solid and compression works fine. We also get the original aspect ratio of 1,66:1. There is a slight layer of grain that looks absolutely satisfying and natural to me preserving a rough and authentic look (never getting disturbing or distracting). Argent Films really seem to have struck this from the original negative.

- THE BAD = While I was watching I was pretty sure that they must have put the film on a 50GB disc. So, the small file size is not reflected in comression artifacts. Nevertheless I think labels should always go for maximum quality when remastering classic titles and advertising their Remastered Version! I also have to mention here that the opening credits come with some scratches and other dirt. Those sequences are not as sharp as the rest. But I can live with that.

- THE UGLY = About 40% of this Django transfer show some strange flickering (anomalies in bright and dark areas). This actually IS distracting sometimes and made me sad when it occured for the first time because the transfer otherwise really matched my expectations. This may not be as obvious on smaller screens. It just felt as if something else should or could have been done in the mastering process to avoid or restrict this phenomenon. Maybe another label could do wonders if they were given the original master!?

Sound: The Mono Tracks both sound solid and satisfying. I finally went for the Italian version with subtitles (which of course also feels "dubbed" at many points since some of the actors are Mexican or American). This track just sounds more natural and authentic regarding the characters and their voices. In general the English subtitles are well done except for some smaller mistakes in the second half.

Special features: You can find interviews and trailers here with the Alex Cox interview being the most interesting and analytical feature.

ALL IN ALL I recommend to buy this BD to fans of the film. Despite its inconsistencies in its (obviously) remastered picture this will be the best version on the world market until some other label comes up with something perfect. It was real fun to watch!

Heavenly Creatures Remastered - Limited Edition [Blu ray] [Blu-ray]
Heavenly Creatures Remastered - Limited Edition [Blu ray] [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Kate Winslet
Price: £6.32

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3.0 out of 5 stars Nice Layout and Inlays + Better than the DVD, 14 Sep 2011

I like the film very much and have just received my copy. To make it short:

- the slipcover and the postcards are well done and the best thing about this release
- the disc is only filled up with 16GB, the film not even 7GB of size (picture and sound)
- picture quality is not better than my DVD's. it does not seem to have undergone any HD mastering (That is probably why the company felt the need to write REMASTERED in capital letters?!)
- sound is only Dolby Digital 2.0 (even my dvd has got 5.1)
- the bonus stuff is mainly based on trailers

I would not have bought this if I had known. So, be advised not to buy this and wait for a real HD release.


UPDATE ! (Also to be found in the comment area.)


I have finally received my new copy of the Heavenly Creatures Blu-ray and here is how it compares to the previous one:

Total Disc Size 16,6 GB --- 33,0 GB
Feature Size 6,8 GB (6942 MB) --- 22,6 GB (23.168 MB)

Audio DolbyDigital 2.0 = Dolby Digital 2.0
Subtitles none = none
Running Time 01:39:04 = 01:39:04

Extras (on both):

- Heavenly Creatures: Looking Back - film critic Kim Newman, Total Film news editor Rosie Fletcher, and film critic Alan Jones discuss Heavenly Creatures and the story the film chronicles, as well as Peter Jackson and his legacy. In English, not subtitled. (30 min, 1080p).
- Picture Gallery - a gallery of stills from the film. (3 min, 1080p).
- Trailer - the original theatrical trailer for Heavenly Creatures. In English, not subtitled. (2 min, 1080p).
- Limited Edition Postcards - four beautiful postcards.
- Trailers - trailers for other Peccadillo Pictures releases.

In many scenes you can clearly see that the compression works much better now, since the file size is about 4,6x higher than before. So, thanks for the improvement.

Nevertheless there won't be any restoration awards for this one:

POSITIVE: correct aspect ration, better colour production and more details than the DVD
NEGATIVE: there's still too much visible damage in the print (spots, dots, scratches) and some scenes still look very noisy (e.g. the bathing scene at the beginning of chapter 4), in addition I still think an uncompressed audio file could have improved the sound (and subtitles are standard nowadays)
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Amer [Blu-ray]
Amer [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Cassandra ForÍt
Price: £6.02

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5.0 out of 5 stars A piece of art. Good blu-ray presentation., 20 Feb 2011
This review is from: Amer [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
AMER [2009]

Film: I can only agree with the first two reviewers. This piece of art is worth to be watched even more than once. Its style is a unique homage to the giallo cinema and it creates the perfect synthesis of picture, sound and (the typical minimalized) plot. The first part appears to be quite disturbing and extraordinarily intense, ending in a hypnotic and confusing climax. After this glimpse at the seemingly traumatizing events in the life of a young girl part two is slowly paced but cleverly focussing on the erupting sexuality of the teenage girl. Part tree is uniting these topics letting the audience witness the return of the now adult character to her former home. The confrontation of childhood trauma which obviously resulted in disturbed sexuality and oppressed psychosis is inevitable when she spends the night at her family's estate. One comb, a chain, tight leather gloves and a razor knife in deep red create a circle of symbols around the escape from a mysterious killer, the ramifications of manifested childhood trauma, shifting perception, sexual perversion and not at least the voyeurism of the audience.

Blu-ray: AMER is presented on a single-layered disc and comes with a poster and two possible covers for the blu-ray case. Instead of a booklet we get much information about the film printed on the back of the poster. The disc includes four short films as bonus content. The picture is framed in 2,35:1 and provides a very good presentation of a visually impressive movie. Now and then there is some minor noise but all in all the intention of the filmmakers seems to be reflected perfectly well. It is sharp, colorful and offers deep blacks. The original French track is presented in DTS-Master-5.1 and is very much satisfying. The creepy atmosphere and the songs sound crystal clear. The English subtitles are optional and placed within the picture and not in the black bars (but there are only about ten sentences of dialog anyway). Be aware that the disc is locked to Region B.

For fans of the giallo classics or modern, creative filmmaking this comes highly recommended.

My Blueberry Nights [Blu-ray]
My Blueberry Nights [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Jude Law
Price: £7.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Just lovely!, 11 Sep 2010

Acting, direction, music and the beautiful photography just make this a wonderfully sophisticated viewing experience beyond the pulsating blockbuster vibe of the last years.

The blu-ray disc is great in picture and sound (vibrant colours, sharp, deep blacks, natural grain) perfectly reflecting Wong Kar-Wai's intention. There are english subtitles for the (only) english dts-master track.

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District 13/District 13: Ultimatum [Blu-ray]
District 13/District 13: Ultimatum [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Bibi Naceri
Price: £7.30

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4.0 out of 5 stars The French know how to kick it!, 14 Nov 2009
I can just recommend this double package of two high adrinaline action flicks. The films are a lot of fun: very stylish, strong, offering entertaining martial arts scenes and the birth of "parcours running" in action films (adapted in "Casino Royale").
This two disc set surprised me with a high quality package. Normally I do not buy double discs at all. But in this case the design of the cover and inlay manage to refelct the close connection of both films (the second begins where the first ends). Picture and sound are fine: D13 = very good (sharp and offering much more detail than the dvd) = DolbyDigital 5.1 English/French; D13: Ultimatum = close to reference (very sharp and dimensional) = DTS-HD-Master 5.1 French/English.

a) Choose the original French tracks (subtitles are decently put within the picture and not in the black bars). Dubbing is never a good thing.
b) The French track for D13 (Part One) seems to be weaker in comparison to the English dubbed version: it is not! Just turn up the volume and it sounds exactly as powerful as the other one.
c) Even if you like low frequencies (and I do) you should turn down the bass for the French HD-Master-Track a bit (-2/3db). Then the whole track sounds more natural and you can enjoy the action instead of feeling like a teenager at the techno disco.

Have a good time with these two fine discs!

Heat [Blu-ray] [1995] [Region Free]
Heat [Blu-ray] [1995] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Al Pacino
Price: £6.75

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4.0 out of 5 stars Blue Heat!, 14 Nov 2009
One of the best crime/cop thrillers of all time finally arrives on blu-ray. Even after having watched it more than four times "Heat" still is an amazing experience with one of the most electrifying scenes in the history of cinema: DeNiro an Pacino sitting over coffee. The blu-ray disc does not disappoint: the picture is much better than it is on dvd (sharper and stronger in detail) although it cannot compete with the latest blockbusters. But even on a large projection screen it looks very satisfying. The audio is strong as well: especially the action sequences (the shootouts) sound more powerful and clearer than ever. One thing to critisize would be the clarity of the voices in the center speaker. I had to turn this one up (+3db) to understand the conversations completely (Is this a Michael-Mann-phenomenon, because this was even worse with the track of "Puplic Enemies"?).
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Rogue [Blu-ray]
Rogue [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Michael Vartan
Price: £8.44

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4.0 out of 5 stars This is a demo disc!, 26 Oct 2009
This review is from: Rogue [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
"Rogue" is not a simple horror movie!

The first half of the film is a stunning capture of Australia's outback. Shot digitally the film's transfer is crisp clear and gives away an amazing amount of detail. Sharpness and colour saturation are great. About 50 of the 99 minutes are best demo material to convince critics of the format. After half an hour you forget that this is supposed to be a horror movie and not a BBC documentary. Then the (beautifully animated) beast hits the boat and the 5.1-DTS-Master-Audio-Track shows off its strengths. Bass, surrounds and dynamics are great and give you the creeps. The scarier scenes in the dark are very good as well (accept for about 3 minutes where the black level is not as strong as in the rest and where the overal impression is to crispy, too).

The feature being more of a nature drama than a typical horror, this "Rogue"-Blu-ray is worth every cent. Especially because of its impressive transfer and sound design. Highly recommended!

Condemned [Blu-ray]
Condemned [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Steve Austin
Price: £7.59

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4.0 out of 5 stars Condemned to superb quality!, 22 Sep 2009
This review is from: Condemned [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
If you like rough action films (and do not expect this one to be an oscar winning drama), this is the one to go! In the tradition of "Running Man" this flick offers an action-packed ride of big guys and cute girls fighting to death on a beautiful island. Covered in some not-so-bad-at-all-criticism of our sick media dominated world this film will entertain from beginning to end.

The picture quality plays on reference level (filmed digitally)! Just looks great!
The 7.1-High-Resolution-Audio is one of the best tracks I've listed to so far!


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