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Dream Theater - Chaos In Motion 2007-2008 [DVD]
Dream Theater - Chaos In Motion 2007-2008 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Dream Theater
Price: £11.53

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3.0 out of 5 stars "Not what a true DT fan would expect", 22 Oct 2008
As the title of my review informs I have to admit I was almost shocked when I pressed play button on my DVD player.I `ve been a DT fan since their "Images and Words" album,and got hold of almost every DVD[or VHS]these trully gifted musicians ever produced[in musical sense].And to be honest,this one is by far the poorest from them all[Japanese Budokan being the best my modest opinion].My two main complaints would be: a/James`vocal lines[well,he is certainly not getting any better with age] and b/quite poor sound and visual quality of some of the footage.I understand Mike Portnoy`s vision of making some "REALLY RAW" material[as DT was "his" idea from the very beginning],but in my opinion,true fans and supporters of this excellent band do deserve...well,something worth band of such name and status in prog/metal music.
However,there are songs I always liked,but never got a chance to see them being performed live,.namely SCARRED and LINES IN THE SAND.
All in all,this DVD might be a serious dissappointing for solid fans of this quintet,altough you might as well find some pros in it,such as...find out for yourselves ;o}

Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £9.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars This is it!!!, 24 Sep 2008
This review is from: Akeldama (Audio CD)
I mean this was the impulse I have been given after getting rid of almost my whole collection of death metal CDs.I have become almost allergic to growling and pointless blast beats,plus proper guitar solos missing albums being released lately.There is only very few bands who can make you feel waiting for their new release like a prisoner`s waiting for the day of his release{literally said}To name a few like CRYPTOPSY,BEHOLD..the ARCTOPUS,CEPHALIC CARNAGE.And these guys really got my attention with their debut{and to this day the only release}.What you can hear on this colourful piece of metal art are first of all fabulous drums.Trully superb drumming,all them patterns have been expressed with extreme accuracy and perfection.Guitars are absolutely astonishing,as well.Bass being equal y balanced instrument without a doubt.All in all,a superb album full of surprises{especially in track 2},with as many tempo changes as you can only absorb.And just byy the way,I didn`t mind them vocals for one minute.They just belong to this type of music.So all of you metallers pay attention to this band!If you think NECROPHAGIST or even The DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN are too technical,try this!!!

Live at the Baked Potato
Live at the Baked Potato
Offered by inandout-distribution
Price: £15.29

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5.0 out of 5 stars Triorgasmatic instrumental Live session par excellence!, 13 July 2008
If you musicians or non musicians out there have never heard of these guys before,you are either not interested in serious instrumental music,or you`re just into completely different stuff.No,I`m just kiddin`.Only thing I can say about this gem is...awesome musicianship!!!I`ve been into instrumental music since I was 18{and I`m 10 yrs older now},and this live album is listed in my top 5 on 4th position{Liquid Tension Experiment,Uncle Moes Space Ranch and all Greg Howe`s projects,especially Gentle Hearts,which I HIGHLY recommend to music lovers}.These three gentlemen certainly know what fusion is about,and the way the chemistry works{or "floats"}among them is just a pleasure to listen to.Magnificent guitar solos,funky bass and very jazz rock feel like drumming,.there is no weak track on this live session album,.if you do like quality,buy this.If you do like seriously inteligent,but not boring music,buy this.Trully a masterpiece!Try it,I promise,you won`t regret.

The Machinations of Dementia
The Machinations of Dementia
Price: £26.15

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Machinations of Technical Ecstasy", 28 Dec 2007
First of all,I`d like to say that I absolutely agree with previous reviewer.It is by far the most complex prog/jazz/heavy metal I`ve heard in years.Mr.Jarzombek teamed up with two really skilled musicians,both being from slightly different musical surrounding than maestro himself.But the reason why this album is an absolute "corker",is that these guys do know how to combine elements of fusion in their own style of playing.I being a drummer myself think that what Charlie Zeleny did on this album is about to be described as pure spirituality in way of thinking how not to "overload" the base trax themselves.His fills are of highest technical level.And of course,Alex Webster,an orthodox finger style player is awesome with his microscopic fills and bass lines as whole.And finally,He Who stands upon all of Them {with exception of Greg Howe},there is no need to say anything.He is the one who deserves attention of all of proper metal guitarists{and metal music fans in general}.Just BUY THIS EXCELLENT ALBUM!!!!!And you`ll never regret!

Price: £12.32

4.0 out of 5 stars " Superb...just if there was some guitar solos ", 30 July 2007
This review is from: Acceleration (Audio CD)
Again,this supergroup of very talented musicians has created a collection of awesome compositions(after they released EP "Trilogy of Intricacy").If you are a fan of modern norwegian avant-garde prog metal music(in a sense of keyboard arrengements,which play THE role on this album)you will definitely find yourself humming them lyrics written by lead vocalist Lars Are(who definitely belongs to my top five vocalists list),nodding your head to guitar riffs,and Jan Axel°s drum beats.It has its "catchy" moments,as well,as there is some "serious" stuff being performed.The only fact that gave me no choice but to give it four stars instead of five,is that there is no guitar solos in it.And they would fit so smoothly in there,but maybe next time.Definitely worth buying though.You will not regret!!!

Complications - Trilogy Of Intricacy Ep
Complications - Trilogy Of Intricacy Ep
Offered by RevivalMedia
Price: £1.05

4.0 out of 5 stars " Some very fine doomlike ideas ", 30 July 2007
I only gave this EP release from supergroup AGE of SILENCE(where two brilliant musicians took part,.namely Jan Axel von Blomberg and Lars Are Nedland),because I could not get into second track.Even after repetitive listens I just do not find it so beautifuly charming,delicate and yet moody and kinda "depressive" in the same time like the other two tracks are.The first song belongs to some of the finest compositions I have ever heard in my life(and I am only 27:o).Andy Winter is indeed an excellent songwiter(he is by the way a keyboard player in fantastic and magnificent band Winds).Guitarists still remain a big question mark for me as I have never heard of them before,bass was a matter of skilful hands of Lars Eric Si(vocalist from previously mentioned Winds) and last,but not least there is Mr.Blomberg without whom this EP would not sound the same way.He is just the man for every style you could possibly think of.ALL in all,this is a very emotionaly based piece of art called norwegian musical spirit.Buy it,and enjoy its beauty.

Price: £17.13

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5.0 out of 5 stars " Mr.Howe...thank you for this one! ", 30 July 2007
This review is from: Introspection (Audio CD)
This was my fourth album I bought from Greg Howe discography(by that time I was lucky owner of "Five" "Ascend" and "Hyperacuity").And what a brilliant piece of guitar art that is!He recorded all guitars,bass(a very fine piece of work on this one) and some keyboard parts as well.The only "help" on this album would come from Kevin Soffera,hired as a session drummer(who was involved in "Hyperacuity" later on).These two created a very unique album full of massive guitars,very delicate bass lines and solid drums.But of course it is the guitar solos that make Greg Howe absolute number one jazz fusion guitarist.Every one of his solos is a reflection of all you could possibly get out of soul.That was meant to be posstive energy and vibes you can feel if you know what to take out of your guitar in this case.
At the very end I only can say,buy it if you want to feel free and like proper soul music(I mean guitar).But there is no difference,is it?

Price: £27.88

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Possibly the best guitar album ever", 30 July 2007
This review is from: Parallax (Audio CD)
And at the very beginning of my review I have to say,that I have heard tens of instrumentally oriented albums by the time I got into this masterpiece.Because it trully is ONE!Well,of course there were albums that should be compared to this one(like Greg°s "Introspection" or two projects in which "guitar maestro" has participated - "Gentle Hearts" and "Extraction").There is simply not one song a proper guitar music fan should dislike.The very first one("Howe°bout it")has everything you will expect from top notch jazz/rock album - solo guitar to be heard all around,great,very versatile drumming and sharp most of the time using slap technique bass(and there is three bass SOLOS to be heard on this album).Among my favourite songs would definitely be...all of them :o).
I mean this is an album that is being released once in ten years.No kidding!Buy it,and you will understand and believe.Greg Howe definitely is the Master of Guitar music...howg!


5.0 out of 5 stars "Not far from Dream Theater", 30 July 2007
This review is from: Mercy (Audio CD)
As a huge prog music fan I have many times visited Magna Carta web page to see what artists I could possibly be interested to take a look at.And suddenly I found these guys.I have never heard or even read about this band.1996...well,that is a couple years by now.But how surprised I was when hit the play button on my CD player.Fresh,very diverse,instrumentaly versatile...and the vocals,.just superb.Every single musician was pretty much sure of when to add his part to create all these fabulous songs.And the vocalist is just excellent(not that high pitched type like James LaBrie...who of course has my full respect...just that I "like" this one lot more)As a possible comparism I would "use" mixture of Dream Theater°s "Images and Words" and "Falling into Infinty",.but there is lot more bands to be heard in this brilliant album.All in all,this is in my humble opinion simply a MUST for every prog rock fan.So just buy it,and you will not regret.Trust me!

Price: £15.79

5.0 out of 5 stars Schizo-prog-jazz-metal brilliance, 1 Jan 2007
This review is from: Orgasm (Audio CD)
First of all,if you`re fed up with all standard structured playin`metal bands,you definitely have to buy this masterpiece!I`ve heard many excellent bands with female vocalist and great musicians[e.g.The 3rd and The Mortal,The Gathering or older Madder Mortem releases],but this is a DIFFERENT matter...The album starts up with very "angry" tempo of pulsating guitar and drums being supported by pleasing and charming voice of Monika Edvardssen[sister of Ann-Mari fro The 3rd and the Mortal],to evolve into a slow dark moody passage where Monika`s "having her time".She`s by the way being supported by bass player Pete on vocals throughout the whole album[and that guy really can sing!].There`s one song in here being performed in slow tempo,but it turns up into a nice goth/prog number at almost the end of it.You really won`t find "weak" song on this colourful album being fullfilled with some excellent[and unexpected]tempo changes,however there`s no guitar solos in here,but you won`t be missing them,.trust me!Bass player is the guy who`ll let you forget about this fact.Drummer is very skilled indeeed.I myself being a drummer for 7 years found some very tricky parts in his drumming I never thought of using.And keyboards[played by vocalist Monika]play very special role in this Orgasmic oddysey through mind of the listener.This is their fourth release[and I suggest you should buy their third one called Terrestrials,as well],and so far their absolute MASTERPIECE!I might be making a big deal around thi band,but I think you won`t find anything like this anywhere.It`s a musical journey you may experience once in a lifetime.Just kiddin` in there,but it`s definitely worth buying it.

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