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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Complete Seasons 1-7 [DVD]
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Complete Seasons 1-7 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Sarah Michelle Gellar
Offered by lightningdvd
Price: £149.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Chosen One's Legacy!, 7 Aug. 2007
What started out as just an idea of an innocent blonde girl in an alley who is attacked by a monster and turns out to be extraordinary is what became this powerful show! Joss Whedon's Buffy The Vampire Slayer is a series that took the female superhero and re-invented it into this groundbreaking show! After his failed attempt with Buffy at the box office in 1992, the concept of Buffy was revived as a TV series and debuted in the spring of 1997 on the new born WB network. With it's refreshing witty dialogue, horror movie-like atmosphere, well choregraphed fights and memorable characters, Buffy was one of the landmark shows for the WB and TV in general! With her core friends: Willow, Xander, Giles as well as many others who make up the Scooby Gang, Buffy battles countless swarms of demons, vampires and Big Bads that threaten the world she is sworn to protect. All 7 magnificent seasons can be summed up like this:

Season 1 (1997)-Buffy Anne Summers, the recent chosen one of a long line of vampire slayers, arrives in Sunnydale with her mother Joyce, hoping to start a better life after her last vampire encounter got her kicked out of school, forcing them to move. But Buffy is unaware that the little simple town of Sunnydale actually is home to the Hellmouth, a mystical portal to hell which is a magnate to a variety of dangerous vampires and demons. But Buffy is not alone in the fight this time, as dorky computer nerd Willow Rosenburg, the goofy funny man Xander Harris, Buffy's new watcher Rupart Giles, Sunnydale's wealthest teen queen Cordelia Chase, and the myterious Angel make up Buffy's Scooby Gang who help the slayer in the battles along the way. But just as the slayer adjusts to her new home, an ancient and powerful vampire known as the Master plans to open the Hellmouth and unleash hell on earth.
Rating: 8.5/10
Best episode: Prophecy Girl
Worst episode: I Robot...You Jane

Season 2 (1997-1998)-After defeating the Master, Buffy returns home with a strange attitude that puts off her friends and Watcher. But just as Buffy calms down to continue to balance high school and her slayer duties, a fearsome duo of vampires known as Spike and Drusilla come to reck havok in the town of Sunnydale. But the demonic couple are the least of the slayer's problems as Buffy's growing romance with the soulful vampire, Angel, takes a disastrous turn and he transforms into his terrifying alter ego, Angelus. He is an evil so strong that it shakes Buffy and the Scooby Gang to the core. But with new friends like Oz and an exotic second slayer named Kendra, Buffy must prepare herself for an overwhelming battle that may cost her the greatest love she has ever known.
Rating: 10/10
Best episode: Becoming Part 2
Worst episode: Bad Eggs

Season 3 (1998-1999)-After a lonley and dangerous adventure in L.A., Buffy decides to return home where her friends have been taking over the slayer's duties for the past summer. With her trust with her friends and Watcher intacted not to mention being back in school for her senior year of high school, things seem to be looking up for Buffy. But she's not the only slayer in town when bad girl Faith arrives to shake things up. Also, after sending her lover to hell literally, Angel has mysteriously returned. But as Buffy and Faith get closer as slayers, a shocking event sets into motion the Mayor's plan known as the Ascention. It's a terrifying event that will take place on Sunnydale High's graduation day and it's one Buffy and the Scoobies must prepare for if they ever plan to make it out of high school alive!
Rating: 10/10
Best episode: Graduation Day Part 2
Worst episode: Gingerbread

Season 4 (1999-2000)-With Angel and Cordelia off in L.A., Buffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang continue the fight in Sunnydale as Buffy, Willow and Oz move into college. But as Willow and Oz quickly adjust, Buffy struggles to find her balance as the slayer and a college student. Xander may not be college boy, but his new romance with former vengeance demon Anya keeps him occupied. Giles is unemployed and finds himself lost only to get a new roommate that turns out to be a powerless Spike. It's seems a mysterious group of soldiers and scientists did this to him, but who and what they are about is a mystery. But just as Buffy finally adjusts to college and begins a romance with college stud Riley Finn, he reveals that he is apart of this mysterious group which is known as the Initiative. But Buffy will find this new world won't welcome her with open arms and that the Initiative itself is creating an unspeakable evil that has a horrifying plan of it's own!
Rating: 9/10
Best episode: Hush
Worst episode: Beer Bad

Season 5 (2000-2001)-Buffy is about to begin her sophomore year of college, but her meeting with Count Dracula himself is a unseen event. But the biggest unseen event is Buffy suddenly having a little sister named Dawn. It seems Dawn has been here the whole time with Buffy and the Scooby Gang acting like nothing has changed. But the mystery of who and what Dawn is much bigger than they ever imagined when a Hell god from an alternate dimension seeks Dawn who is the key back to her dimension. But it's not only demonic troubles that threaten Buffy and her family but a tumor which will cost the life of Buffy's beloved mother. But just as Buffy is at her saddest, her loving friends and surprisely Spike, who has fallen in love with the slayer, come to her aid to strengthen her once again as she must do battle with Hell god, Glory. But will it be a battle that the slayer will survive?
Rating: 9.5/10
Best episode: The Body
Worst episode: Listening To Fear

Season 6 (2001-2002)-Just as the Scooby Gang mourn the loss of the fallen slayer, Willow's growing power allows her to bring Buffy back. But even as Buffy's friends are over joyed that she's returned, Buffy realizes that she was ripped out of heaven by them and her adjustment back to life is a traumatizing one. Things don't get easier when a trio of nerds plan to do battle with the slayer. Buffy's growing pain and depression gets so out of hand that she begins a secret and shocking lustful relationship with Spike. But it's not only Buffy who is feeling pain as Dawn begins a life of theivery, Xander and Anya's wedding day is ruined by deception and Tara grows distant from Willow as she grows too powerful for her own good. But just as Willow tries to quite her magic addiction, it consumes her to a point where the power creates a new chaotic persona for the young witch. One that will not only threaten her friends but the world!
Rating: 8/10
Best episode: Once More With Feeling
Worst episode: Doublemeat Palace

Season 7 (2002-2003)-It's the final year for the slayer and her band of friends when a group of hooded men are killing young women all over the world. To make matters worse, Spike has returned with a soul no less and seems to be being tortured by some shapeshifting entity. But the slayer and the Scooby gang are in for a tough year as the revelation of the entity is Evil itself and it's out to destroy the slayer line. But as the refugees of potential slayers come to Buffy for protection and the hellmouth seems to be more powerful than ever, new allies like Principal Wood and old enemies like Faith come to aid the slayer. But the First has reinforces as well when a strong and fearsome preacher comes into town to help destroy the slayer's army. But just as the First Evil has an army of ancient unstoppable vampires ready to be unleashed into the world, will Buffy, the Scooby gang and the potentials be ready to stop this army and evil itself once and for all?
Rating: 9/10
Best episode: Chosen
Worst episode: The Killer In Me

Angel: Seasons 1-5 [DVD]
Angel: Seasons 1-5 [DVD]
Dvd ~ David Boreanaz

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5.0 out of 5 stars Angel: The Series-A Glorious Redemption!, 6 Aug. 2007
This review is from: Angel: Seasons 1-5 [DVD] (DVD)
Angel is one of the best series ever produced on TV, which tells the story of a vampire with a soul bent on redemption to right the wrongs of his dark past. A spin-off series made after the first 3 years of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel is a series that rivaled (even bettered!) it's parent show! The writing was top notch, the acting was amazing, the special effects are stunning, and the storylines were shocking. Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt really created a brilliant series which blended dark storytelling, classic humor, fantastic fights and original characters. From it's refreshing first season to the sinister events of it's fifth and final season, Angel was an inventive yet short lived series that put a new spin on redemption with gripping storylines. Each season had strong themes and episodes that always tested the core cast that made up the Fang Gang: Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, Gunn, and Fred with Lorne as their lovable ally. All 5 glorious seasons can be summed up like this:

Season 1 (1999-2000)-Angel, a vampire with a soul, arrives in L.A. ready to start his road to redemption but finding a hard time to control his thirst for blood. Doyle, a mysterious half-demon Irish bad boy, comes to Angel and reveals he is a messenger for the Powers That Be. With his visions, Doyle guides Angel to the innocents of L.A. he must protect. One of them being Cordelia, the smart mouthed ex-rich girl from Sunnydale, who joins Angel and Doyle on the mission to save the lost souls of L.A. by creating a detective agency, Angel Investigations. But the trio better beware, Law firm Wolfarm and Hart is an enemy that will continue to do battle with them. A battle that will unleash a variety of demons, vampires, even slayer threats that will cost the lives of the group and bring new allies, like Wesley, to the table.
Rating: 9.5/10
Best episode: Five By Five
Worst episode: She

Season 2 (2000-2001)-Angel, now with Cordelia, Welsey and Gunn at his side, continues his mission as he tries to save the lost souls of L.A. They run into a charismatic yet over the top lounge singer demon, The Host, who reads the auras of all who sing to him. But Angel better beware Wolfarm and Hart as they won't make his mission easy, as they bring back a pivotal woman from his past, Darla. Darla's appearence brings back horrifying memories from Angel's dark past and to make matters worse, Drusilla returns to make Darla what she once was. The fearsome duo reck havok on the streets of L.A. which forces Angel to take a dark persona and set on a new mission that drives his 3 good friends away. It's a dark year which ends with a trip to The Host's home dimension where they meet demonic knights and mystical creatures.
Rating: 10/10
Best episode: Reunion
Worst episode: The Shroud of Rahmon

Season 3 (2001-2002)-After a summer of grieving over the lost of his former lover, Angel returns back to L.A. to continue his mission of redemption at Angel Investigations with Cordelia, Wesley, Gunn, and now, Fred, by his side. It's a tough year for Cordelia, as her visions begin to manifest in horrifying ways, which leads her to make a life-changing decision. Fred adjusts to life after Pylea and begins a romance with Gunn. But as things seem to be going just as usual for the Fang Gang, Darla returns 8 and a half months pregnant and seeking the father for answers. As the gang tries to find out how a vampire with child is possible, Wolfarm and Hart gets involved and they are just as curious with the miracle child. But just as the mother and father prepare for the birth of their son, an old nemesis from their past returns and prepares to take his revenge that will involve the child once it's born. Also, a shocking prophecy that threatens the life of the child forces Wesley to make the ultimate betrayl.
Rating: 8.5/10
Best episode: Waiting In The Wings
Worst episode: Provider

Season 4 (2002-2003)-Angel has descended and Cordelia has ascended, Wesley has been outcasted, Lorne aka The Host has left for Las Vegas, leaving Fred and Gunn to take care of a now teenaged Connor who is the cause of his father's disappearence. Wesley surprisingly rescues his former friend, and even the gang reunites with Lorne only to cast Connor away. But as Cordelia's where abouts are still in question, she returns home with amnesia and soon fleeing into the arms of Connor. But when an unstoppable creature known as The Beast appears to create chaos in the streets of L.A., the whole gang must come together to try and stop it's rampage. It's Angel's darkest and most epic year as the appearance of the Beast sets into motion some shocking events like the return of Angelus, Faith, and Cordelia's new mysterious personality as she becomes pregnant with Connor's child which leads to her giving birth to an ebony goddess who has a strange hold on all of L.A.
Rating: 10/10
Best episode: Orpheus
Worst episode: Shiny Happy People

Season 5 (2003-2004)-It's the beginning of the end as Angel enters it's fifth and final year. Angel and the rest of the Fang Gang have been given the ultimate reward as they are now completely in control of Wolfarm and Hart. But just as the gang try to find out what the price is for taking such an offer, Spike appears and becomes a major pain in Angel's side. But now with 2 vampires with a soul, how will the shanshu prophecy turn out now? But as the year goes on with the gang going deeper into the heart of their once greatest enemy, it leads to old enemies returning, Cordelia's re-appearence to aid her friends one last time and Fred paying the ultimate price as an ancient god from primordial times takes her body. It's not just an apocalypse, it's THE Apocalypse that threatens our heroes as we leave them with a unlimited army of demons and a dragon no less as they prepare for the final battle with an unknown outcome.
Rating: 9/10
Best episode: A Hole In The World
Worst episode: The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco

Charmed Complete Seasons 1- 8 (Limited Magic Chest edition) [DVD]
Charmed Complete Seasons 1- 8 (Limited Magic Chest edition) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Holly Marie Combs

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5.0 out of 5 stars Charmed: The Series-An Era of Magic!!, 26 Jun. 2007
Charmed is a great supernatural series about 3 sisters who discover they're powerful witches and have to protect the innocent every week from the darkest of evils as the Charmed Ones. During the course of its 8 year run, Charmed had lots of ups and downs, having more downs than ups unfornately. From its dark and gloomy first season to the utter fluff of the final season, Charmed is a series that transformed dramatically, and it wasn't mostly for the best. Creator Constance Burge started the series on a very high note, making the first 4 seasons brilliant television while after her exit Brad Kern turned the series into a shadow of its former self and the show lost it's edge. Between main characters leaving (Shannen Doherty's Prue) to ridiculous story developments (Nymphs, Spider demons, etc), the show's last 4 seasons were mostly poor and lacked the true depth the series once had. But whatever the case, All 8 seasons can be summed up like this:

Season 1 (1998-1999)-It begins when Phoebe Halliwell moves back in with her sisters, Prue and Piper Halliwell. They are 3 normal, everyday sisters who each share a defining personality. Once Phoebe reads the words from the Book of Shadows, they become the Charmed Ones, the most powerful witches in the world. But being Charmed comes with a price when the sisters battle against a variety of warlocks and demons for the first time. But they are not alone as Inspector Andy Trudy, Prue's ex-boyfriend and partner Darryl Morris add the sisters as they struggle to learn the craft and balance they're lives.
Rating: 9/10
Best episode: That 70's Episode
Worst episode: Feats of Clay

Season 2 (1999-2000)-The Halliwell sisters have been witches for a year but the warlocks and demons keep coming. Prue changes her work habits and becomes a photographer while Phoebe goes back to college. Piper has a tough decision to make when she, her new neighbor Dan and Leo are caught in a love triangle. But still, the sisters grow more dependent on each other and inner demons just as well as demonic ones plague them. They continue to learn their craft and learn more about the evil that's yet to come.
Rating: 8/10
Best episode: Morality Bites
Worst episode: Heartbreak City

Season 3 (2000-2001)-What starts as another usual year as witches for the Charmed Ones turns to a very dangerous one. The introduction of Cole Turner brings a new and sinister enemy for the sisters in the form of Belthazor. But what makes the situation worse is Phoebe's sudden affair with the enemy that tests the bond of the sisters and their greatest battle begins. But with dark times come happy ones when Piper and Leo finally have wedded bliss. But with stronger enemies, the sisters' prefect their craft but will it be enough for them to beat the arsenal of attacks from the Triad and the Source?
Rating: 9.5/10
Best episode: All Hell Breaks Loose
Worst episode: Magic Hour

Season 4 (2001-2002)-The eldest sister has fallen, but Piper and Phoebe are not alone. Long lost sister Paige Matthews is reunited with her sisters and revives the Charmed Ones. But the Source is not happy and his plans against the sisters are more life threatening than ever. Can they teach Paige the craft in time? Can they create the bond they had with Prue? But more importantly, with the help of Cole/Belthazor as their greatest ally now, Can they defeat evil's most powerful force, the Source, for good?
Rating: 10/10
Best episode: Charmed and Dangerous
Worst episode: Enter the Demon

Season 5 (2002-2003)-The Source may be gone, but the Charmed Ones continue their destiny on a high note with the pregnancy of Piper. But in the coming months of the baby's birth, the Charmed Ones also deal with the now invincible and psychotic Cole who is obsessed with wanting Phoebe back. Paige takes her witch duties more seriously as well as the sisters run into a variety of magical creatures that are introduced and ask for the aid of the Charmed Ones. But just as things are looking up for Piper and Leo's relationship, things take an unexpected turn.
Rating: 5/10
Best episode: Centennial Charmed
Worst episode: Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun

Season 6 (2003-2004)-Leo has gone missing, but what's stranger is the new whitelighter on the block named Chris. Little is known about him except his from the future and needs to protect Wyatt. Just when the Charmed Ones try to figure out the mystery that is Chris, they begin to yearn for a life separate from magic and the sisters grow distant. But the Charmed Ones must watch out for unseen enemies that are after Wyatt or it will lead to a dark future that no one will survive.
Rating: 3/10
Best episode: Chris-Crossed
Worst episode: Prince Charmed

Season 7 (2004-2005)-Leo is being plagued by a floating head that drives him insane just as the Charmed Ones prepare for a great power that the Elders have foreseen. As the Charmed Ones try to find out about this new threat, a mysterious new inspector is on a search to destroy it. The Avatars, they're called, are soon revealed and make a deal with the Charmed Ones that literally changes the world. But things get worse just as a powerful demon is unleashed to solve the problem.
Rating: 7/10
Best episode: Witchness Protection
Worst episode: Carpe Demon

Season 8 (2005-2006)-It's the final year for the Charmed Ones and they start out with new identities and seeking lives free of evil. But when they're befriend by a young witch named Billie Jenkins, they're destiny is far from over. Just as Billie searches behind the mystery of her long lost sister Christy, Leo is held captive to prepare the Charmed Ones for the final battle they might not survive. Just as Paige and Phoebe finally find love at last and Piper is eager to get her husband back, the Charmed Ones' final battle is one that will leave a mark on their lives forever and one they will never forget.
Rating 2.5/10
Best episode: Vaya Con Leos
Worst episode: Battle of The Hexes

Charmed - Season 8 [DVD]
Charmed - Season 8 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Holly Marie Combs
Price: £16.54

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2.0 out of 5 stars The Bottom of The Barrel, Charmed's Final Season!!, 7 Jun. 2007
This review is from: Charmed - Season 8 [DVD] (DVD)
After the improvement of Season 7, The final season of Charmed was hardly a decent goodbye! After faking their deaths after their battle with Zankou, the sisters are anxious to live out a demon-free life but that is not the case! With the introduction of Billy Jenkins does this disastrous season take effect! Billie comes off as a careless young witch who spends the whole season in the spotlight while the sisters are pushed to the side. Beloved characters like Darryl, who's been a loyal recurring character for 7 years, is dropped from the show with little explanation and Leo is forced to appear in only 10 episodes!! What was once a show about "3 sisters who happen to be witches" was turned into "Billie the Teenage Witch featuring the Charmed Ones and Leo?" This season just wasn't Charmed at all! This season introduces Dex, Henry and Coop, the final love interests for Paige and Phoebe! Also the final arc of the series involves Billie and her long lost sister Christy as the ultimate power joined by the return of the Triad whose evil plans lead to the ultimate showdown with the final 2 episodes of the series! Here is Season 8:

Still Charmed and Kicking-Bad episode!! "After faking their deaths, the sisters come up with new identities to live out their new lives, while a young demon tries to take manor from Victor and a mysterious witch gets involved." Billie's introduction and costume were horrid! Phoebe gets a premonition about marrying Dex...what a surprise!

Malice in Wonderland-Awful episode!! "Thinking the Charmed Ones are still alive, the same young demon sets a trap to blow the Charmed Ones cover which Billie herself falls into, while Paige becomes an officer." The episode was just horrible, Paige becomes an officer so quickly then the next episode, she's not one anymore..? The "Alice in Wonderland" background effects were the worst effects ever!

Run, Piper, Run-Good episode!! "Piper's new identity gets her into trouble with the law when she's wanted for murder, leaving Paige, Phoebe and Billie is save her, while Phoebe gets a premonition of Dex's art being destroyed by an earthquake!" The plot was decent and the cast, especially Holly did well. The whole Dex sub-plot was such a waste though!

Desperate Housewitches-Bad Episode!! "When Piper gets competitive with Wyatt's preschool teacher because of a play, a possessor demon uses the teacher to get Wyatt to resurrect the Source with her, while Paige gets into Phoebe's affairs when she suspects Dex is cheating." The Source's resurrection was poorly written; his back for 10 seconds and dies again...WTF? Paige forgets that she was there when the Charmed Ones vanquished the Source...3 times!!

Rewitched-Weak episode!! "When Billie goes after the Impmaster, she casts a spell that makes Dex and Phoebe get married over night just as Agent Murphy follows Billie to expose the sisters for being alive." The fake death/new identities storyline finally ends, the demon story was boring and Billie was annoying! What was with Phoebe and Dex accepting they're marriage? But it was funny when Dex found out she was a witch and fainted!

Kill Billie, Vol. 1-Weak episode!! "While Billie goes after a demon named Dogan and his minions, she begins to have traumatizing memories of when her sister was kidnapped when she was little, while the press hounds the sisters for their sudden reappearance." The demon plot was poor and the revelation of Billie's losing her sister is hardly interesting!

The Lost Picture Show-Weak episode!! "Paige's father returns needing help with his charge, while Leo and Piper's encounter with a magical therapist causes them to switch bodies!" The demon plot with the innocents getting trapped in pictures by a demon wasn't even exciting, but Sam makes his final appearance and his scenes with Paige were well acted by both!

Battle of The Hexes-Awful episode!! "When Agent Murphy asks the sisters to search through unsolved cases for Homeland Security, Billie uncovers a magical belt that turns her into superhero, while Paige is off helping her new charge and meets an officer named Henry." The superhero storyline is reused and is broing! Ivan Sergei makes his debut as Henry and P3 returns after not being shown for a while!

Hulkus Pocus-Good episode!! "The sisters investigate a virus that has plagued the magical community and is turning any magical being into a hideous creature including Billie which they learn is because of the government." An original episode with great special effects, especially when the sisters hulked out! Phoebe's premonition at the end was..uhh..random!

Vaya Con Leos-Amazing episode!! "When the Angel of Death is after Leo, Piper casts a spell to cover Leo from him which leads her to question all higher beings like The Elders, Avatars, even the Angel of Destiny, while Billie gets a lead on her sister's disappearance." A powerful episode with Holly giving an amazing performance! Rose gives a great performance and The Angel of Destiny's warning of the final battle to the Charmed Ones was exciting! It was so sad to see Leo go for a while!

Mr. and Mrs. Witch-Awful episode!! "When Billie's parents come for a visit, Billie's mysterious new power turns them into assassins which leads them to a demon's plan, while Piper deals with life after Leo and Paige gets to know Henry a little more." The assassin/demon plot was laughable and Phoebe gets ideas about moving out...WTF?

Payback's A Witch-Bad episode!! "When Henry and Paige try to get an ex-convict a loan, he takes the whole bank hostage, while Piper and Phoebe deal with Wyatt's spell that causes 3 toys to turn into humans at his birthday party." The hostage plot was boring and the demon involvement didn't help! Paige gets the power to heal and heals Henry!

Repo Manor-Good episode!! "On the day Phoebe moves out the manor, 3 demon sisters trap the Charmed Ones in the dollhouse and turn into them to tap into the Power of 3 to vanquish the Slave king, while Billie continues to search for her sister." The fight scene as the beginning of the episode was great and I loved how the fake sisters were bashing Billie was too funny!! Henry finds out Paige is a witch!

12 Angry Zen-Bad episode!! "On Chinese New Year's, Piper and Billie help the Zodiacs stop a demon from stealing a magical staff so he can't make it the year of the Demon, while Phoebe has a house warming party." This episode felt so rushed. It's unbeliveable how the Charmed Ones have become secondary characters to their own show at this point with Billie being more powerful than they are!

The Last Temptation of Christ-Weak episode!! "After finding her sister, Billie and the sisters try to get her adjusted while Paige is stalked by a British half-witch/half-whitelighter leaving Henry to fight for Paige." Sir Simon character was an irritating character! The Triad seems to have returns! Also, Christy seems to be evil which becomes an interesting development! Henry proposes to Paige!

Engaged and Confused-Good episode!! "When Piper organizes an engagement party for Paige and Henry, they both get cold feet while Phoebe finds out about a strange man who's following her and the Charmed Ones go after the Triad after Christy is taken again." The showdown between the sisters and the Triad was great and the wedding between Paige and Henry is a very touching moment! Coop aka Cupid makes his first appearance.

Generation Hex-Weak episode!! "While Paige and Henry are on their honeymoon, Coop takes Phoebe on a journey through her past love lives, while Piper helps former students of Leo and the Jenkins sisters' parents return for a visit." The love quest storyline was boring and the scene where Billie cries over the death of her parents was poorly acted by Kaley Cuoco. Marinette Patterson as Christy is what's carrying the storyline!

The Torn Identity-Weak episode!! "When Coop finally falls for Phoebe, Piper goes after a group of demons while Paige deals with her magical life and marriage life." Piper realizes Billie and Christy are the ultimate power they need to stop to get Leo back!

The Jung and The Restless-Great episode!! "Now that the ultimate power, Billie and Christy, are against the sisters, they go after the Charmed Ones by putting them to sleep so Billie can see their inner desires." The dream sequences were well shot and well written! The scene where Paige got hit by the darklighter's arrows was a shocking twist!

Gone with the Witches-Bad episode!! "When their imaginary friend Domain returns, he gets Billie and Christy to get the magical community to turn on the sisters' by putting hexes and spells from the Charmed Ones' past against them." The episode was just a complete mess! Only 2 episodes left until the last finale, and we get this?

Kill Billie, Vol. 2-Great episode!! "Banished from their home and left in the Underworld, The Charmed Ones summon the hollow to finally destroy Billie and Christy just as they do the same." A brilliant epic finale battle between the Charmed Ones and Jenkins sisters!! The explosion of the Haliwell manor was incredible and the effects were jaw-dropping!!

Forever Charmed-The Final episode!! "With her sisters dead, Piper uses Coop's ring to go back in time to save her sisters leading to many family members returning to help, while Billie does the same with to save Christy!" While not the best series finale, it was also nice to see how the sisters lived out their happy lives and it was a beautiful ending to the series!

The only reason I don't give this season a 1 star is because the DVD has EXTRAS and is the only real reason to buy it! Even though the final season didn't live up to expectation, at least we have 8 years of magic to remember the series by, Goodbye Charmed!
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Charmed - Season 7 [DVD]
Charmed - Season 7 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Holly Marie Combs
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £13.13

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4.0 out of 5 stars Charmed Revives Itself for Season 7!!, 7 Jun. 2007
This review is from: Charmed - Season 7 [DVD] (DVD)
After 2 seasons of horrid storylines, poor story developments and awful episodes, Charmed returns to form with a refreshing 7th season!! Now while this season can't touch the brilliant writing and storytelling of Season 1-4, this season is the closest out of the lackluster second half of the series (Season 5-8)!! It seems the writers realized how poor the series had become and tried to make the best of a bad situation, luckily it works to their benefit as Season 7 is the most consistent season since Season 4!! What made the season good was the introduction of new characters, some bad (Singer Nick Lachey's Leslie who is another forgettable boyfriend for Phoebe!!) but most good (TV superstar Charisma Carpenter as fan favorite, Kira the Seer!), (Billy Zane as the infectious Drake) and (Season big bad, Zankou played wonderfully by Oded Fehr!) While the overall story arc with the Avatars is a boring one, the individual episodes are more thought out this time and the storylines are exciting and dark again! Leo, who after 6 years of being a side character, is at the core of the story arc which gives his character a darker edge! Here is Season 7:

A Call to Arms-Bad episode!! "A vengeful Leo tracks down Barbas, just as he and Piper are possessed by the essence of Hindu Gods, leaving Piper and Paige to save them from its power." Yet another weak premiere!! The whole Hindu possession with Piper's extra 4 arms was too gimmicky to be taken seriously! Although the special effects were superb, and Barbas finally makes his last appearance on the series! Leo kills an Elder by mistake...uhh ohh!

The Bare Witch Project-Bad Episode!! "A student from Magic School casts a spell that brings Lady Godiva and Lord Dyson, a demon who feeds on the aggression of innocents for power, to the present leaving The Charmed Ones to stop him from destroying Lady Godiva." Lord Dyson was such a cool villain and it sucks that he's wasted on the poor Lady Godiva plot!! The season continues to show some great special effects with Lord Dyson's vanquish looking amazing! But the Leslie and Phoebe/sexiest story just brought down the episode, with Phoebe being naked at the end for no apparent reason..EHW!!

Cheaper by the Coven-Weak episode!! "Grams returns for Chris' wiccan ceremony; she casts a spell on Wyatt and Chris that sends their sibling rivalry into the sisters which causes them to act immature, while Leo battles against Wyatt's mysterious attacker." It was nice to see Victor, Patty and Grams in an episode together again, even though the rivalry plot was poor but Charisma Carpenter makes her debut and shines in her scene with Leo!

Charrrmed!-Good Episode!! "With Paige quickly aging after her encounter with Captain Black Jack Cutting and his undead pirates, Piper and Phoebe steal a golden cup to activate the Fountain of Youth, while Leo fights a mysterious flying head!" The pirates were surprisingly written well, the episode had some great effects with Piper's powers and Kerr Smith gives a good first performance as Agent Kyle Brody and he knocked out that annoying Inspector Sheridan...which is a plus!!

Styx Feet Under-Great episode!! "While trying to protect an innocent from a half-demon named Sirk, Paige's spell goes wrong on the innocent causing The Angel of Death to make Piper become another Angel of Death to fix the problem." This was a dark episode where the whole cast including Alyssa does very well! Sirk is a great villain and Zack Ward gives a good performance! The scene with Piper and Paige saying goodbye too each other was very touching and well acted!

Once In A Blue Moon-Great episode!! "When the Charmed Ones investigate a series of whitelighters being brutally attacked during the blue moon period, they find that they are turning into killer beasts while The Elders grow untrustworthy of Leo!" The revelation of the sisters as the attackers when they transformed into the beasts was a shocking and original twist, but its sucks that the reason behind their transformations is so vague and never truly explained! Leslie makes his finale appearance, not that Nick Lachey was that great anyway! The Avatars are revealed as the new big bad!!

Someone to Witch Over Me-Pretty good episode!! "Agent Brody and Paige's recent investigation leads them to a demon who's stealing the guardian angels of innocents so he can become all powerful, while Piper and Phoebe put Leo through a vision quest." Agent Brody and Paige had wonderful scenes together, and Drew Fuller returns for a lackluster performance in Leo's vision quest! Leo becomes an Avatar!

Charmed Noir-Great episode!! "After a gnome gets shot at Magic school, Agent Brody and Paige get sucked into a 1940's novel where they must help a young man finish the story, while Piper, Phoebe and Leo try to get Kyle and Paige out of it!" Very refreshing episode that uses the 1940's setting very well, and the whole cast was wonderful! Rose looked gorgeous and her performance was true to the decade!

There's Something About Leo-Good episode! "When Leo reveals himself to Piper that he's an Avatar, it triggers tragic events that lead Agent Brody on a psychotic rampage with Paige and Phoebe as his hostages!" It was shocking how crazy Brody got over the Avatars, I mean he even turned on Paige and almost killed Phoebe!

Witchness Protection-Marvelous episode! "The Avatars tell Leo to get the sisters to protect Kira the Seer who has valuable information that puts her against all demons, while Phoebe and Darryl track down Sheridan's mysterious disappearance!" Charisma Carpenter completely owns this episode and makes it a one of the best of the series; her acting is superb with all her scenes being hilarious and some touching scenes with Phoebe, with Alyssa showing some rare above par acting!! Sheridan returns and Oden Fehr makes his debut as the powerful Zankou!

Ordinary Witches-Good episode!! "When Phoebe switches her powers with Piper so she can see her vision of Utopia, Zankou's sudden attack causes their powers to possess innocent people, while Paige and Agent Brody go back to his past to see the truth about the death of his parents!" While the power switching story drags and bring inconsistency like GOOD WITCHES BEING FROZEN WHEN THEIR NOT SUPPOSE TO BE! Paige and Brody's sub-plot is entertaining and well acted by Rose and Kerr!

Extreme Makeover: World Edition-Pretty good episode!! "As the sisters prepare to bring Utopia with The Avatars, Zankou forces Kyle to make the sisters paranoid so they won't go through with it!" This episode had great special effects with the whole world being affected by Utopia, and Oden Fehr continues to impress as the mischievous Zankou. Kyle's death is sad and Rose gives a touching performance at the end.

Charmageddon-Pretty good episode!! "Now in Utopia, Leo realizes that the change has affected the sisters and the world in an unexpected way, leading him to join forces with Zankou and stop the Avatars for good!" The avatar arc concludes and it never really was interesting to begin with! It was nice to see the sisters teaming up with Zankou to stop the Avatars! Rose's crying scene in this episode made me cringe which is shocking since her crying scene last episode was she not trying on purpose or something? It was a nice scene with Paige and Kyle, now as whitelighter, being very touching and Kyle makes his last appearance on the series!

Carpe Demon-Weak Episode!! "The new arriving professor at Magic school turns out to be a former demon named Drake who made a deal with a sorcerer to become human, while Leo deals with the Elders after being an Avatar!" While the Robin hood/sorcerer storyline was weak, Billy Drake makes a brilliant debut as Drake, breathing new life into the series!

Show Ghouls-Great episode!! "While Piper, Leo and the boys are off on a worldwide trip, Darryl gets Paige and Phoebe to investigate the possession of his mentor officer, which leads Drake and Phoebe to a night club in 1899 to find out what happened during a tragic fire that night!" An original episode with a dark atmosphere, I loved the 1890's setting and David Anders was a great villain as Count Roget! Phoebe and Drake to begin have feelings for each other!

The Seven Year Witch-The 150th episode!! "The Elders put Leo under a test that strips him of his powers and memory then sends him to Texas, Piper after a demon attack ends up in a coma where her spirit finds Cole, while Paige, Drake and Phoebe struggle to find Leo!" For such a milestone episode, this was too typical with the Leo storyline dragging and Julian's return to Charmed feeling very anti-climatic, I mean not even a scene with him and Phoebe!! Leo becomes human and finally can be with Piper!

Scry Hard-Pretty good episode!! "After seeing Leo get hurt by a demon, Wyatt shrinks his parents and traps them in the dollhouse, while Zankou and his followers take over the manor so he can steal the Nexus just as Paige and Phoebe figure out a way to stop him!" It was a great scene with Leo taking in the Nexus and killing all the demons!

Little Box of Horrors-Great episode!! "The Charmed Ones must help Hope, who is the next guardian of Pandora's Box when a demon villainess named Katya wants to release the box's sorrows, while Paige goes off on a whitelighter mission by the Elders!" I just love how this episode is reminiscent of the early years, with the sisters so focused on protecting the innocent! Michelle Hard is great as Katya as well as guest stars Brooke Devin and Shani Pride also doing well!! I love the shape-shifting twists, which made the episode more exciting!

Freaky Phoebe-Pretty good episode!! "Wanting to impress Zankou, the sorceress Imara casts a spell that switches bodies with her and Phoebe, while Paige deals with her new charge who doesn't want to be a witch!" The possessed Phoebe scenes for once were pretty funny, but I loved the sub-plot with Paige and her charge Mitchell better! I wish that character returned to the series, he was a good ally!

Imaginary Fiends-Weak episode!! "Trying to understand Wyatt's behavior, Piper casts a spell that brings future Wyatt to the present just as the demon Vicus manipulates baby Wyatt into becoming evil!" This episode had too many cheesy and corny moments to be taken seriously! Especially Wesley Ramsey who gives an awkwardly bad performance as evil Wyatt, which is weird since he was great in "Chris-Crossed" last season!

Death Becomes Them-Great episode! "After Phoebe loses an innocent to a demon attack, she begins feeling very guilty just as Zankou forges a plan by using the sisters' dead innocents to make them vulnerable so he can steal the Book of Shadows!" The zombie innocents were creepy giving the episode a dark and thrilling edge. Even Inspector Davidson returns! I felt bad when the sisters kept losing their innocents, and Zankou getting the book at the end was shocking!

Something Wicca This Way Goes..?-Good episode! "Now with the book and after the Nexus, Zankou begins stealing the sisters' powers one by one, leaving the sisters to devise a plan they might no survive!" Despite the inconsistency errors (The vampires, Prue's astral projection, etc.), this was the best finale since "All Hell Breaks Loose" with suspenseful and action-packed scenes. This would have been a perfect series finale, but that was ruined by the next season! Zankou makes his final appearance and goes out with a bang! The sisters' big revelation at the end leaves a lot of storylines for next season!

Season 7 was an entertaining season and made the series fun to watch again with the writers seeming more focused this time around. Unfortunately, this was the best the later seasons gave us as the 8th and final season of Charmed is an underwhelming and the worst of the worst! So if you're going to by any later season of Charmed, buy this season and enjoy it!!

Charmed - Season 6 [DVD]
Charmed - Season 6 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Holly Marie Combs
Offered by Quality Media Supplies Ltd.
Price: £20.01

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2.0 out of 5 stars The Downward Spiral of Charmed continues with Season 6!!, 6 Jun. 2007
This review is from: Charmed - Season 6 [DVD] (DVD)
Considered to be the worst season of the series (that title actually goes to the abysmal 8th and final season!!) Charmed's 6th season is pretty damn close to being that bad!! How could Brad Kern, who has taken over the series as show runner since the 3rd season, as loosely as this? The characters were completely out of character and Drew Fuller's Chris adds nothing to Charmed and his character is badly written throughout the season!! Jason continues to bore as Phoebe's love interest and Paige's new love interest, Richard is also another pointless character to the series!! Here is Season 6:

Valhalley of the Dolls, Part 1-Bad episode!! "With Piper's awkwardly happy behavior, Paige and Piper demand Chris to bring Leo to them, little to they know Leo is trapped on the island of Valhalla, leading the sisters to disguise themselves as Valkyries to save him." Worse than the 5th season finale, the Valhalla plot just poor. Phoebe gets a new power of empathy.

Valhalley of the Dolls, Part 2-Bad episode!! "When Valhalla warriors escape from Valhalla, The Valkeries including an angry Piper return to San Francisco to bring them back to Valhalla, leaving Paige and Piper to bring her home." This episode drags more than the first and the subplot with Paige with the cursed dog was worse. I did like how Phoebe used her empathy at the end against Piper.

Forget Me...Not-Weak episode!! "The Charmed Ones struggle to battle the Cleaners when they take Wyatt and cause them to forget his existence after he conjures up a dragon!!" The dragon was an impressive special effect! The Cleaners are a waste of time, now just appearing out of now after all the other times magic was exposed!!

The Power of Three Blondes-Awful episode!! "The Stillman sisters steal the identities and powers of the Charmed Ones, while Leo tries to find out who sent him to Valhalla." The blonde actresses, especially former MTV VJ Jenny McCarthy were awful!! The Stillman sisters were the most laughable villains ever!!

Love's A Witch-Pretty good episode!! "Paige's new temp leads to a magical feud between 2 families involving Richard Montano and his dead lover who possesses Paige, while Leo tracks down Chris who is trying to acquire a potion." Richard makes his first appearance and immediately bores. Since when can witches throw energy balls? I did like the possession storyline with Paige.

My Three Witches-Bad episode!! "Wanting to teach the sisters a lesson, Chris gets the demon Gith to trap the Charmed Ones in 3 alternate realities where their inner desires become real." The alternate reality scenes dragged and the special effects were awkwardly terrible (the sisters running from the exploding car..?)

Soul Survivor-Bad episode!! "After her boss is killed, Paige sells her soul to a demon in exchange to free his soul leading Piper and Phoebe to save her, while Leo and Chris get stuck in the past with a dinosaur." An episode that completely bores from start to finish! The dinosaur scenes were the only entertaining parts and had some decent effects.

Sword and The City-Pretty good episode!! "After the death of the Lady of the lake, The Charmed Ones must now protect Excalibur aka the sword in the stone from the Black Knight. When Piper takes out the sword, she becomes overwhelmed by its power." Holly is great in this episode and the revelation of Wyatt being the new owner of Excalibur was a nice twist!

Little Monsters-Good Episode!! "After killing its mother, the sisters look after a half-human/half-demon baby who is being track down by Manticore demons and the baby's father, The Beast." A dark and enjoyable episode; the best scenes are the ones with Piper and The Beast. Also the sub-plot with Darryl's superpowers was hilarious and the baby demon/Wyatt scenes were cute.

Chris-Crossed-Great Episode!! "An assassin witch of The Phoenix named Bianca comes from the future to drain Chris' powers and bring Chris home, while Chris recalls the dark future he left behind and The Charmed Ones try to find a way to save him." The best episode this season and one of the best of the series! The revelation of future Wyatt was the best part!

Witchstock-Bad Episode!! "When Paige puts on Gram's old boots, she is sent back to 60s where Grams, her grandfather, and Leo are hippies, leaving Piper and Phoebe to go get her back while Leo and Chris battle a green blob demon at the manor." This episode is just too gimmicky and embarrassing with a big green blob as a villain...Uhh?

Prince Charmed-Awful Episode!! "When Piper gives up on love on her birthday, Phoebe and Paige conjure up Mr. Right as a present to her, while a demonic cult captures Wyatt." This is again one of the worst episodes of the series!! What happened to not using magic for personal gain?

Used Karma-Bad Episode!! "Wanting to rid his family of bad karma, Richard casts a spell that makes Phoebe get possessed by a 1930's French spy and prostitute, Marta Hari, while The Charmed Ones battle Swarm demons." Jason finds out the truth about Phoebe and they break up! Jason makes his last appearance on Charmed in this horrible episode!

The Legend of Sleepy Haliwell-Good Episode!! "When the sisters discover Magic School, a school for young witches to learn the craft, they must find out who has conjured the Headless horseman who is beheading the teachers." The introduction of Magic school brings a nice new setting for the show, even though it's a Harry Potter knock-off!! Gideon makes a great first appearance! Phoebe's vision quest was well shot. Also Chris is Wyatt's brother.

I Dream of Phoebe-Pretty good episode!! "When Phoebe becomes the master of a genie named Jinny; Jinny is actually a demon who tricks Phoebe into taking her place, while Chris takes advantage of Phoebe's power to make Piper and Leo sleep together." While genie plot was weak, Jinny was a good villain and the special effects were good. Richard makes his last appearance on the show.

The Courtship of Wyatt's Father-Good Episode!! "Gideon makes a deal with a darklighters that sends Leo and Piper to the ghostly plane with a darklighter after them, while Paige and Phoebe help a depressed Chris who is slowly fading away." The ghostly plane was a great looking setting with the deserted and blue atmosphere. Holly and Brian were great in this episode as their scene was touching.

Hyde School Reunion-Awful Episode!! "On the night of her high school reunion, Phoebe accidentally turns herself into a teenager and recks havoc at the reunion while Piper tries to get to Chris by getting Victor to talk to him." The scene wher Paige and Phoebe let an innocent man die was horrible! It just seemed the show lost it's moral about protecting the innocent, not punish the guilty!

Spin City-Awful Episode!! "A Spider demon kidnaps and cocoons a now pregnant Piper, not to mention turns Chris into a Spider demon himself, leaving Phoebe, Paige, and Leo to save them." The Spider demon looked very cheap and laughable. Also what's up with Chris hating Leo all of a sudden after Leo hated him earlier in the season!!

Crimes and Witch-Demeanors-Weak Episode!! "When Paige and Phoebe are exposed on tape, The Cleaners resolve the situation by making Darryl a murderer, which leads to a trial between the Charmed Ones and Barbas in front of the tribunal, while Leo and Chris try to aid the sisters and Darryl." A pointless "clip" episode with no Prue footage again and the fact that they took Phoebe's powers was a horrible idea since she never gets 2 of them back!!

A Wrong Way's Journey into Right-Weak episode!! "When Paige conjures up her own Mr. Right, she also creates his evil alter ego Mr. Wrong, who with the help of the Demonatrix demons uses the Charmed Ones' knowledge of potions to make Paige his!" The Mr. Right plot was a poor episode before, and it is again here!

Witch Wars-Good Episode!! "Not wanting the sisters to catch on to his plan, Gideon makes a deal with 2 demons that puts the Charmed Ones as the new stars of a reality show for demons called "Witch Wars!" It was also a cool scene with Phoebe uses the demonic powers to take out all the demons watching the show!

It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World-Weak episode!! "When Leo and Chris go through a portal to go to the future, they end up in an opposite world where good and evil is reversed, leaving Phoebe and Paige to go save them, while Gideon finally goes after Wyatt and Piper is in labor." The reversed world wasn't interesting and the fight scene with Paige and Phoebe's evil counterparts was hardly that exciting. Rose gives an awkward poor performance when Phoebe gets shot.

It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World-Weak episode!! "When Paige, Phoebe, Chris and Leo return to their world, they find a shift has happened because of Gideon and they're world is so good that it's dangerous; Paige and Phoebe struggle to fix their world while Gideon stops at nothing to kill

Wyatt and Piper give birth to Chris!" While the happy world plot dragged, I thought Chris' death scene was surprisingly well acted by Brian, Rose and even Drew Fuller, whose acting was sub par all season! Leo's showdown with Gideon was good, also.

As you can see, there are hardly any good episodes this season with very few good ones that don't redeem the season by much. Buy Season 6 if you're only a hardcore fan or avoid it other wise! But there is hope for Charmed as Season 7 revives the series for a while!
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Charmed: Season 5 [DVD]
Charmed: Season 5 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Holly Marie Combs
Offered by Quality Media Supplies Ltd.
Price: £20.01

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3.0 out of 5 stars The Mediocrity of Season 5, Charmed Begins Its Downfall!!, 5 Jun. 2007
This review is from: Charmed: Season 5 [DVD] (DVD)
After a dark and impressive 4th season, charmed fans were anxious for the 5th season after the season finale's revelation of Piper's pregnancy. With the 2-parter premiere, "A Witch's Tail", Charmed began to change dramatically. The show had a fresh and lighter scenery with brighter colors. Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano became show producers and after 4 years, show creator Constance M. Burge had completely left the series. This season is dominated by 2 story arcs: 1.Piper's pregnancy which bring some funny and touching moments for the series and 2. Cole's newly invincible and powerful state that causes trouble for the sisters, especially Phoebe. Now while the season starts off pretty good, the season soon becomes light as fluff and the episodes that follow are some of the worst of the series!! Also the characters and sister dynamic changes dramatically, mostly Phoebe whose personality becomes more work and men involved than magic involved! The season introduces new love interest Jason Dean for Phoebe, and is the first of Phoebe's long, pointless relationships. Here is Season 5:

A Witch's Tail, Part 1-Weak Episode!! "A mermaid named Mylie asks the help of the Charmed Ones when a Sea Hag is after her immortality, which leads to a spell that causes Phoebe to become a mermaid herself!!" The mermaid storyline was rather "Disney worthy", but guest star Jamie Presley gave a decent performance. Cole returns and Paige's hair is now red!!

A Witch Tail, Part 2-Weak Episode!! "Running from her fears of Cole, Phoebe is still mermaid and won't return to her sisters when a Sea Hag's boss, Necron is after Phoebe's immortality now." The premiere continues drag with Piper's subplot the only redeeming quality.

Happily Ever After-Weak Episode!! "The Evil Witch uses old fairytale stories to kill the Charmed Ones." While it was nice to see Grams again, the fairytale storyline was so corny and it was embarrassing seeing Phoebe being possessed by her glass sleepers!"

Siren Song-Great Episode!! "The Charmed Ones must stop the Siren who is killing the husbands of San Francisco, while Piper's unborn child switches Piper and Leo's powers!!" The Siren was a great villain played wonderfully by Melinda Clarke, and the baby subplot was pretty funny.

Witches in Tights-Good Episode!! "When a demon uses a young male witch to make a comic book villain, the Aggressor steal the powers of an Elder, the boy turns the Charmed Ones into superheroes themselves!!" This was a very fun episode where all 3 leads look like they were having fun as superheroes. This is also the first time we meet an Elder!

The Eyes Have It-Great Episode!! "Not having a premonition for a while, Phoebe visits a gypsy fortune teller which leads the Charmed Ones to protect a clan of gypsies who are being hunted by Oren, the gypsy hunter!!" This one of the few dark and suspenseful episodes all season. Alyssa as well as the rest of the cast is very good here. I loved the gypsy magical mythology and the characters, like Aunt Lydia and Ava!!

Sympathy for the Demon-Great Episode!! "Barbas returns and tricks Paige into giving him Cole's powers, which he uses to trap the sisters in the manor and using their fears against them." While Barbas' appearance wasn't needed, the episode was another rare dark episode with great effects. The scene where Phoebe kills Paige was shocking!

A Witch in Time-Great Episode!! "After having a premonition of his death, Phoebe saves her new boyfriend Miles which causes a warlock from the future named Baccura to come to the present to kill Miles to stop Phoebe's death and sets on a mission of his own." This was a surprisingly original episode with some dark twists. The whole cast again does great, especially Alyssa who gives a rare good performance from the latter seasons.

Sam I Am-Good Episode!! "The Elders give Paige her first charge, which turns out to be her biological father, Sam just as Cole plots to get the sisters to vanquish him using a darklighter." Rose and Scott acted great together showing that chemistry between them as father and daughter. I felt bad for Cole this episode, with him wanting to commit suicide."

Y Tu Mummy Tambien-Good Episode!! "An Egyptian demon named Jeric is searching for the perfect witch's body to store spirit of his lover Isis which leads to him using the body of Phoebe and Cole making a deal with him." Adrian Paul gives a great performance as Jeric, and Julian adds a needed dilemma to the episode. The fight between Piper and Cole was great as well.

The Importance of Being Phoebe-Weak Episode!! "Cole devises a plan that traps Phoebe in his apartment, while a stripper demon named Kaia shape shifts into Phoebe and helps him take the manor so he can steal the Nexus." The Cole/Nexus plot would have been great if the disgusting stripper/slutty Phoebe plot was left out. This is what began the breakdown of Phoebe's character. Although, the Kaia and Phoebe's fight scene was great and well shot.

Centennial Charmed-The 100th Episode!! "On his 100th birthday, The Avatars make Cole an Avatar in which he uses his new power to alter reality where the Power of 3 is no more. Can Paige save the day?" One of the best of the season and series!! The writers went all out to celebrate such an achievement in the series. The cast, especially Rose give great performances. This is Cole's final appearance in the series (well until season 7!) and Julian McMahon's acting presence will be missed.

House Call-Bad Episode!! "When the manor is haunted by evil spirits, The Charmed Ones summon a witch doctor to exorcise them, but the witch doctor is lead to believe the sisters are evil and puts a hex on them." This episode was laughable at best, with more pointless Phoebe sluttiness and pretty much all 3 leads acting like annoying psychos for an hour!! The only good things were it was nice to see Glenn again and Rose looked gorgeous with her 40's hairstyle.

Sand Francisco Dreamin'-Weak Episode!! "After Phoebe has a premonition in her sleep, The Charmed Ones protect the Sandman from a demon who uses dream dust to make the sisters' nightmares come to life!!" The whole dream thing was boring, and ultimately a forgettable episode.

The Day Magic Died-Great Episode!! "When magic disappears around the world, Paige and Phoebe try to solve the mysterious problem when Piper goes into labor and the sisters' father returns with a new wife." This was one of the best episodes with the birth of Wyatt being an emotional and touching episode!! The fight scenes were well done and Cheryl Ladd gives a funny and dark performance as Doris.

Baby's First Demon-Good Episode!! "The Charmed Ones must protect Piper's baby from the demons who are after it, while Paige goes undercover as a bounty hunter and Phoebe meets her new boss." Jason Dean makes his first appearance and leaves little to be desired from his character. The Crone begins her mini arc in this half of the season and the action scenes were well done!!

Lucky Charmed-Awful Episode!! "The Charmed Ones must save a clan of leprechauns from a demon who is killing them and using their gold to give evil good luck and good bad luck." One of the worse episodes of the series!! The fairytale episodes have never been great episodes and I don't get what Brad Kern was thinking with this GOD AWFUL MESS!! The guest stars are terrible and the special effects looked like they were taken from a G rated cartoon. Avoid this at all cost!!

Cat House-Pretty good episode!! "When Piper and Leo are having marriage problems, they go see a therapist, only to have Piper cast a spell that sends her sisters and a warlock to her past memories!!" It was nice to see Paige getting to see her sisters before she meet them and her reactions, but the lack of Prue's scenes sucked (thanks to Shannon owning her footage rights!!) Funny how Zachary Quinto (the warlock) went on to be very successful on Heroes.

Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun-Awful Episode!! "After a demon kills one of 3 nymphs, the Charmed Ones protect the last 2 in which leads to them turning Paige into a nymph herself." He would have to be crazy to love this pathetic excuse for an episode, even Rose McGowan herself said this was a terrible episode!! The nymphs are horrible, what is with the fairytale creatures? Just kill them ALL!! Not to mention the whole Phoebe sleeping with Jason..EHW!!

Sense and Sense Ability-Great Episode!! "The Crone returns and uses an ancient monkey spell which causes Piper to go blind, Phoebe to go deaf, and Paige to lose her voice so she can steal Wyatt for his powers." One of the most hilarious episodes and all 3 actresses have great comedic timing with Alyssa giving the funniest performance!!"

Necromancing the Stone-Weak Episode!! "Grams returns for the wiccan ceremony for the new baby and is shocked that the baby is a boy, while a Necromancer plans to win Grams' love back and kill the sisters." I didn't like the whole men bashing from Grams and the Necromancer plot is boring and pointless.

Oh My Goddess, Part 1-Weak Episode!! "When the Titans are released, they kill the Elders for revenge, while the Charmed Ones are added by a mysterious whitelighter from the future and Leo gives the sisters the ultimate power to stop the Titans." The Titans are underused and badly portrayed villains, and Drew Fuller makes his poor acting debut on Charmed as Chris!

Oh My Goddess, Part 2-Weak Episode!! "Now as Greek Goddesses, Piper and Phoebe lose themselves to their vast powers leaving Piper get them control themselves so they can destroy the Titans while Leo becomes an Elder." A mediocre finale at best, the goddess personas were a waste of time and the finale battle with the Titans lasted all but 5 seconds...literally!! The ending with Piper and Leo was sad and Holly was great as usual.

Season 5 was a real letdown, with silly and poor story developments. There were a nice group of good episodes but the majority of bad ones were painful to watch!! It seems that once Cole left the series, the show lost all its great quality in storytelling and the sister dynamic began to slip away. Buy this season if your an absolute hardcore Charmed fan, but if your not, don't bother. The sad thing is...the worst is yet to come!!

Charmed: Season 4 [DVD]
Charmed: Season 4 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Holly Marie Combs
Offered by CDWonder
Price: £14.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Storm of Season 4, The Last Great Season of Charmed!!, 4 Jun. 2007
This review is from: Charmed: Season 4 [DVD] (DVD)
After 3 years with the Original Charmed Ones, Shannen Dorethy's exit from the show left many wondering could Charmed live on without big sis Prue? The answer is YES! least with this season!! This season along with the amazing Season 3, are the 2 best seasons in Charmed's 8 year run!!! After losing their sister, Piper and Phoebe are left mourning, but soon things take a surprising turn when they are informed about a new sister, Paige Matthews. Now both sisters must get Paige to their side to become the Charmed Ones once again. But as the year goes by both sisters, along with Cole and Leo, struggle to teach their new sister the magical way, battle the Source, and surprising twists that will change their lives forever!!! Here's Season 4:

Charmed, Again Part 1-Great episode!!! "On the day of Prue's funeral, Piper and Phoebe struggle to move on just as they find out about their young lost sister, Paige." Paige is really a refreshing character, who I didn't like at first! But Rose Mcgowan makes a good first impression!!

Charmed, Again Part 2-Great episode!!! "Piper, Phoebe, Leo and Cole race to save Paige from the Source who is trying to bring Paige to the side of evil." Both parts of this episode were one of the best premeires ever!! The Source is an amazing villian, and shows it. The ending was so sweet with Paige meeting her real mother for the first time!!

Hell Hath No Fury-Great episode!!! "During her demon-killing spree, Piper slowly turns into a fury, while Paige uses her new powers and the Book of Shadows for personal gain." The episode had some funny moments with Paige's enhanced breast and some sad moments, with Holly's amazing peformance at the end!!

Enter The Demon-Good episode!!! "When the Charmed Ones help a Zen master and his daughter from a demon named Yan-lo, Paige and Phoebe switch bodies." Both Alyssa and Rose gave some funny performances playing each other!!

Size Matters-Good episode!!! "When Paige gets chills from a strange house, the sisters check it out, only to get shrunk by a demon who shrinks women for toys." Rogert Englund aka Freddy Krueger gives his usual creepy performance as the demon of the week!!! Piper continues to show how much of a good big sister she is becoming!!!

A Knight To Remember-Pretty Good episode!! "When Paige reads the rest of her childhood story from the Book of Shadows, she brings a knight to the present, along with an evil enchantress after him." Rose played the evil enchantress very well, and showed her acting range!!! Leo's fight scene was pretty funny!!!

Brain Drain-Amazing episode!!! "The Source puts Piper in a dream world, where she's a mental patient in an asylm so she can give him The Charmed Ones' powers." Holly gives another season best performance in this episode!! This episode is very much like a Buffy episode that same year, "Normal Again"!!

Black as Cole-Great episode!!! "Cole must face his dark side when The Charmed Ones battle against a demon who looks almost like Belthazar." Cole proposes to Phoebe, Piper and Leo start talking about children, and Cole becomes mortal!!! Julian gives a great performance!!

Muse To My Ears-Good episode!!! "The Charmed Ones must stop a warlock named Devlin who is using a powerful ring to capture Muses, just as Cole deals with being human." It was nice to see Cole mortal, and the last scene is so romantic!!!

A Paige From The Past-Great episode!!! "Paige and Leo travel back to her past to see why her parents died, while Piper and Darryl chase after a possessed Cole and Phoebe." Rose gives probably her best performance on Charmed with this episode and completely owns this episode!!

Trial By Magic-Pretty good episode!!! "Paige and Piper must help Phoebe prove a man's innocence for a trial she's a jurer of, while Paige casts a spell on her ex-boyfriend, Glen." Glen is a real funny character, but the overall storyline was mediorce at best!!

Lost and Bound-Good episode!!! "When the Charmed Ones try to save a firestarter, named Tyler from a demon named Ludlow; Phoebe becomes a 50's style TV housewife." I loved the way Piper showed so much compassion for Tyler, even though the actor playing him was bad!! Alyssa was hilarious as "pitchy clean" Phoebe!!

Charmed and Dangerous-Incredible episode!!! "After a vison of his death from The Seer, The Source uses The hollow as his final attack against the Charmed Ones!" This is one of the top 5 best episodes ever! Everyone gave a solid performance, there are great action scenes and the ending twist is jaw-dropping.

The Three Faces of Phoebe-Great episode!!! "Phoebe casts a spell to follow her heart which leads to her past self and future self in the present, while the Source grows stronger in Cole." Alyssa is great in this episode, as well as Julian who really makes you feel for Cole!

Marry-Go-Round-Great episode!!! "On Cole and Phoebe's wedding day, The Source/Cole plans to sabotage the wedding so he can arrange a dark ceremony instead." The Seer begins to become an interesting villian, and Cole and Phoebe finally get married.

The Fifth Haliwheel-Great episode!!! "Feeling left out now that both her sisters are married, Paige is vunerable when The Source in Cole sends a Power broker to infect her." Both Rose and Julian give chillin' performances!! Paige begins to become supicious of Cole and The Source/ Cole plans to inpregnate Phoebe!!

Saving Private Leo-Good episode!!! "2 ghosts plan their revenge on Leo, just as Phoebe and Cole get a new place together." It was nice to see Leo get his own story for a change, and Brian gave a great performance!

Bite Me-Pretty good episode!!! "Paige becomes a vampire as the Charmed Ones and The Source in Cole are out to destroy the vampire nation." The vampires were okay, but they weren't portrayed to well. Paige tells Piper that Cole is a demon again and Phoebe find out she's pregnant! The viampires could have been better vilains though.

We're Off To See The Wizard-Great episode!! "A wizard asks for the Charmed Ones help in stealing the Grim-war from the new Source, while Phoebe struggles with her shocking new power!" The wizard was played by the same actor who played the Principal Snyder on Buffy. Phoebe finds out the truth about Cole and makes a terrifying choice!! The Seer is amazing in this episode played effortlessly by Debbi Morgan!!

Long Live The Queen-Incredible episode!!! "Now as Queen of the Underworld, Phoebe struggles with her decision, as Cole struggles with the underworld, while her sisters and Leo try to get her back to their side." The darkest episode of Charmed ever and one of the best ever! Alyssa's performance is unforgettable as well as the rest of the cast!! The ending scene with all 3 sisters...Perfection!!

Womb Raider-Great episode!!! "Phoebe's powerful unborn child recks havok, while The Seer plans to make the child hers." This was a brilliant conclusion to what I think is the show's best story arc with The sisters vanquishing the Source for a 3rd time and last time!!

Witch Way Now?-Good episode!! "The Angel of Destiny comes to give the Charmed Ones a choice to relinquish their duties just as they battle a witch hunter and Phoebe visits Cole in the watselands." This was a weak finale but good episode on it's own!! Bruce Campell made for a decent guest star and the ending revelation leaves a lot to be answered next season!!

Season 4 is one of the best seasons and the darkest the series ever produced, right up there with Season 3!!! Piper really changed as she became the big sister and Phoebe became more mature as the middle sister but still lovable!!! Rose Mcgowan as Paige really fit in by the end of the season, in which she did a great job!! This season is just as good as the first 3, and is the last great season!!! Because Season 5 is mediorce and Season 6 is awful until Season 7 redeems the series slightly!! So enjoy the final Golden days of Charmed!!

Charmed: Complete Season 2 [DVD]
Charmed: Complete Season 2 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Shannen Doherty

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5.0 out of 5 stars Charmed Charges Into Season 2!!, 4 Jun. 2007
Now after the success of the first season, Charmed's second season picked off exactly where it left off!!!! This season is actually more laid back than the first, as it is more light-hearted!!! But there is still a lot of drama and suspense this season, it's just not as intense as the first!! This season's new characters: Dan and his neice, Jenny who move in next door!!! This season includes the Piper, Leo, and Dan love triangle!!! But who will Piper chose..??? Prue makes a career change and Phoebe goes back to college!!! Here is season 2:

Witch Trail-Good Episode!!! "It's the sisters' 1st anniversery since they've been witches when a demon named Abraxas steals the Book of Shadows!!!" This was a good premiere, we get to see old demons return, and seeing Prue still dealing with Andy's death was sad and understandable!!! Piper also gets her own club, P3!!

Morality Bites-Amazing Episode!!! "When Phoebe has a premonition of her execution in 2009, the Charmed Ones travel into the future to find out what happened and find some shocking changes!!!" This is definatley one of the best episodes of Charmed!!! The ending almost made me cry when I first saw it!!

The Painted World-Good Episode!!! "Prue gets trapped inside an old painting, while Phoebe casts a spell to make her smart!!!" This episode was very original, and it had a nice twist!! We see Phoebe's fighting skills for the first time!!

The Devil's Music-Weak Episode!!! "The Charmed One must stop a music manager who is giving innocents to a demon!!!" I just recently saw this episode on TNT and it was one of the worst episodes this season!!!

She's A Man, Baby, A Man-Great Episode!!! "Prue becomes a man so the Charmed Ones can stop the Succubus from killing single men!!!" This episode is just funny, Shannon as a man was just hilarious!!! Piper begins to like Dan!!!

That Old Black Magic-Good Episode!!! "The Charmed Ones must help a teenage boy defeat a 200-year-old evil witch named, Tawatha!!!" This episode was refreashing, the sisters needing help from an innocent!!! We meet Jack, Prue's new co-worker!!

They're Everywhere-Good Episode!!! "Phoebe must help Brendon and his father from the collector warlocks, while Prue and Piper cast a reading minds spell!!" This episode was the usual save the innocent episode, with some funny sisterly interaction!!!

P3 H2O-Great Episode!!! "When Prue witnesses a death at a Camp's lake, the girls are forced to deal with the demon that killed their mother 20 years ago!!" We learn about Sam, their mother's whitelighter, and how they were in love!!! This storyline continues into Season 4 were we learn even more!!!

Ms. Hellfire-Great Episode!!! "When the Charmed Ones are attacked by an assassian, Prue takes the identity of assassian to find out who was behind the attack!!!" Prue gets a new power:Astral projection, Antonio Sabato, Jr. guest stars, and Barbas returns!!!

Heartbreak City-Weak episode!! "The Charmed Ones must help Cupid stop a demon named Drowsy from destroying the love of couples!!" This was a little too cutesy but the scene where Cupid tells how many guys Phoebe has been with was so funny!!!

Reckless Abandon-Great Episode!!! "The Charmed Ones must protect a baby from a ghost who is killing off the men of a rich family!!!" This episode is very light and very dark!!! The way the ghost, Elieis is vanguished was refreshing!!!

Awakened-Amazing Episode!!! "When Piper becomes ill because of a deadly disease, Prue and Phoebe casts a spell to save her only to cause deadly consequences!!!" This episode is also a Charmed best, The ending was emotional!!! Prue decides to quit her job at Bucklands, Phoebe decides to go back to college, and Leo becomes mortal!!!

Animal Pragmatism-Weak Episode!!! "Three of Phoebe's classmates casts a spell that makes three animals human!!!" This was probably the worst episode of the season, the plot was pretty good, though!!!

Pardon My Past-Great Episode!!! "When Phoebe is haunted by the events of her past life, she goes back to that life to find out some shocking details." This episode was amazing, our 3 leads acted well in the 1920s setting, and Antone made for a great villain!!!

Give Me A Sign-Good Episode!!! "When Baine is attacked by a demon and escapes jail, he kidnapps Prue in hope of her helping him!!!" Antonio Sabato, Jr returns and this is the first time we hear about the Source!!! Prue wants to become a photographer, and Piper decides to be with Leo, like we didn't see it coming!!!

Murphy's Luck-Great Episode!!! "When Prue casts a spell to help a famous woman, she becomes the new target of a darklighter!!" It was sad seeing Prue so depressed due too Shannon's great performance, and Leo gets his wings back!!!

How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans-Pretty good episode!!! "When the sisters' Aunt Gale comes over, they have no idea that she needs their powers for a deal with a demon!!!" I feel bad for Aunt Gale, it's too bad they couldn't save her!!!

Chick Flick-Great episode!!! "The Charmed Ones must stop the Demon of Illusion who is making movie charaters real!!" This episode, while corny, was very original and entertaining!!! All the horror movie situations were funny, and all 3 actresses played it off well!!!

Ex Libris-Weak episode!!! "Phoebe must help her dead classmate, Charlene, while Prue must help a depressed father find justice for his daughter's murder!!!" Piper meets Leo's old wife!!! The main plot dragged but I liked how they used Charlene to make the murderer confess, it was a nice touch!!!

Astral Monkey-Great Episode!!! "Dr. Williamson, Piper's doctor during her deadly illness, accidently gets all of the sisters' powers, causing him to go insane!!!" This episode is very dark, which Holly gives an amazing performance and seeing Dr. Williamson transformation was very disturbing!

Apocalyse, Not-Good Episode!!! "When Prue and War, one of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalyse get trapped in a vortex, Piper and Phoebe must chose whether to save their sister or the world!!!" The 4 horsemen could have been great villains but they are underused!!! The sisters also learn that there are more important things then saving a sister!!

Be Careful What You Witch For-Pretty good episode!!! "When a Genie appears to the Charmed Ones, he grants them 3 wishes that leave horrible consequences!!" This was a good episode, but weak finale!! Piper and Leo go up to meet the bosses upstairs, which this will continue into next season!!!

Season 2 was a good season that sets up greatly for Season 3, one of the best seasons ever!!! So enjoy the dvd when it comes out and re-live the Golden days of Charmed!!!

Charmed: Season 1 [DVD]
Charmed: Season 1 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Holly Marie Combs
Offered by Quality Media Supplies Ltd.
Price: £29.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Charmed Beginning!!, 4 Jun. 2007
This review is from: Charmed: Season 1 [DVD] (DVD)
When Charmed premiered in October 1998, TV magic was literally born!!! We were introduced to three normal sisters:Prue, the oldest, had a lot of attitude and tried to keep everything in her life in check!!! Piper, the middle sister, who was sweet but very sarcastic!!! Lastly, Phoebe, the free-spirited and wild but caring little sister!!! When Phoebe moves back in with her sisters, they have no idea that they would become the most powerful witches in the world!!! This season we meet Andy, Prue's ex-boyfriend from high school who's an inspector, and his partner Darryl!!! Here is Season 1:

Something Wicca This Way Comes-Great episode!!! "When Phoebe Haliwell moves back in with her sisters Prue and Piper, they become the Charmed Ones, the most powerful witches in the world." We are introduced to the characters nicely and the cast is just fresh!!! With a great blend of twist and turns, this was a perfect way to begin the season and series!!!

I've Got You Under My Skin-Weak episode!!! "The sisters struggle to control their powers as they face a demon who steals youth from young women." Not a good follow up, the demon plot was lacking but Piper's fear of being a witch was a well written sub plot.

Thank You For Not Morphing-Weak episode!!! "The sisters' father returns knowing that they're witches now, while shape-shifters try to steal the Book of Shadows." The actor who plays Victor is a bad actor, and the shapeshifters are worse!

Dead Man Dating-Great episode!!! "Piper befriends a ghost who needs help of the sisters to justify his death." It's funny that Mark is that MILF guy from american pie, but Mark and Piper made a good couple in this episode!!!

Dream Sorcerer-Pretty good episode!!! "Prue is stalked in her dreams by a man who kills women in their dreams, while Piper and Phoebe cast a love spell." This episode, the first time I saw, just gave me chills!!! The dream sequences were creepy and scary, but the plot was kind of anti-climatic in the end.

The Wedding From Hell-Weak episode!!! "Piper caters a wedding where the wife-to-be is a demon in disguise, can the Charmed Ones save the groom??" The demons looked pretty scary but God, all the guest stars were awful!

The Fourth Sister-Pretty good episode!!! "A teenage girl with mysterious powers befriends Phoebe, and trys to join the Charmed Ones." Aviva was annoying character, but it was good to see another person with powers.

The Truth Is Out There...And It Hurts-Great episode-"The Charmed Ones race to stop a warlock from the future, while Prue puts a truth spell on Andy." The special effects were good and the truth spell brought some hilarious moments.

The Witch Is Back-Great Episode-"After a 300 year old warlock is released from a locket, The Charmed Ones summon the first witch of their line to vanquish him." We meet Melinda Warren, the sisters' a lot of greats, great grandmother!!!

Wicca Envy-Great Episode!!! "Rex and Hannah, two of Prue's fellow workers, are actually warlocks who frame Prue, and force the sisters to give up their powers." I liked Rex and Hannah, too bad they didn't return later in the series since they were great villians!!!

Feats of Clay-Bad episode!!! "Phoebe's old boyfriend comes by for a visit, bringing with him an ancient egyptian spirit that is hunting him." Clay wasn't that interesting of a charater, and the plot dragged!!

The Wendigo-Great episode!!! "After Piper gets attacked by some kind of werewolf, she begans to transform into it. Can Prue and Phoebe destroy the wendigo in time to save her??" I just love this episode, Holly Marie Combs was just funny and dramatic all at once!!!

From Fear To Eternity-Great episode!!! "The Charmed Ones are hunted by Barbas, the demon of fear, who scares witches to death on Friday the 13th." Barbas makes his first appearance of the next 4. He was really a good demon at first, but he was just too overused later on.

Secrets and Guys-Good episode!!! "Prue helps a young boy who is a witch when they are kidnapped, while Phoebe finds out Leo is a whitelighter." The Prue and Max scenes were touching and so was Leo and Piper saying goodbye.

Is There A Woogy in the House?-Great episode!!! "Phoebe is possessed by the shadow in the basement that turns her evil. Prue and Piper must help Phoebe before the shadow consumes more." We see Grams for the first time, We learn about the spiritual nexus, and learn one of Charmed's famous spells: The Woogyman spell!!!

Which Prue is it, Anyway?-Good episode!!! "When the girls must stop a powerful ancient warlock, Prue uses a spell to strengthen her powers, leading to two more Prues." The Prues were funny in this episode, Shannon has great comedic timing!!!

That '70s Episode-Amazing Episode!!! "After being attacked by a warlock named Nicholas, the girls travel back to the 70s to stop their mom from making a packed with him." Very emotional episode with the sisters meeting their mother and Phoebe for the first time. Loved little Prue and Piper!

When Bad Warlocks Go Good-Pretty good episode!!! "Prue must help Brendon, a warlock who wants to become a priest and stop his evil warlock brothers." I liked Brendon, he should have returned as well!!! He and Prue could have made a good couple, but his a priest!!!

Blind Sided-Great episode!!! "The Charmed Ones must find a boy who was kidnapped by the Grimlocks who steal the visions of little boys." The Grimlocks were pretty freaky demons. Also, Prue's power advances, now she can us her hands to move things!! Also the chemistry between Phoebe and Brent was touching!

The Power of Two-Great episode!!! "While Piper is off on a business trip, Prue and Phoebe must stop a ghost that is killing innocent people." Andy finally knows about the sisters, and Prue and Phoebe actually become closer finally!!!

Love Hurts-Great episode!!! "Leo returns, informing the Charmed Ones that they need to help a young woman who is being stalked by a darklighter." Piper and Leo's powers get switched, as well as Prue and Phoebe's!!! Piper and Leo have one of their first romantic moments in the series!!

Deja Vu All Over Again-Amazing Episode!!! "Phoebe gets a premonition of Andy's death. Trying to save him, the sisters die over and over again as the day repeats itself over and over again. Can they save themselves and Andy???" This was a great finale, everytime one of the girls died, it was so sad. This is also Andy's last episode, I miss him!!! Tempus and Inspector Rodriguez were great villains!!

Season 1 was really a great set up for the series done very well. Almost every episode was great, the acting was superb, and the stories were damn good!!! The show had a dramatic and suspenseful atmosphere this season, it really made you addicted!!! Go and by the set to re-live the Golden days of Charmed!!!

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