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Release To Balance
Release To Balance

1.0 out of 5 stars 5 week delivery, 26 Sep 2013
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This review is from: Release To Balance (DVD)
Ordered 5 weeks ago, then after a week had an email from amazon saying it hadn't been dispatched yet. Two weeks later I had an email saying it was finally dispatched but then it took two more weeks to arrive. Very poor! As for the product itself, I'm yet to try it out but hoping it helps me out with my pelvic pain, enough to change change my review from a 1 star!!!

Samsung UE40D7000 40" HD 1080P 3D LED TV with Freeview HD, 800Hz Clear Motion...
Samsung UE40D7000 40" HD 1080P 3D LED TV with Freeview HD, 800Hz Clear Motion...

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing TV when tweaked a little, 3 Sep 2011
Just brought a 40inch D7000 after returning a 42inch Panasonic VT30 (2 main had a thick but dull green vertical haze all the way down the TV that could easily be seen when the screen is one colour for more than a few seconds and especially that it was far too noisy - the fan and buzzing sound could easily be heard over normal volume and was driving me mad-!). So I went to John Lewis and spent ages looking at the Samsung LED, as thought it best to avoid any plasma due to a higher probability that they are noisy. Looked at the D7000 and D6530, both pictures looked the same, but I was happy to pay that bit more for a TV that has a few extras. It arrived in a much smaller, neater and lighter package than the plasma and was much easier to set up. It connected to the internet straight away and I got started `examining' the picture and playing about with the settings. Here's my thoughts after a week of having the TV....


- In my opinion, the picture is far superior to the Plasma - especially when watching wildlife stuff, as you feel as though you are a few feet away from the animals - the clarity and detail is stunning.
- The TV runs completely silently and that wins me over as I can't stand noisy, whining machinery, especially when you're supposed to be absorbing yourself in a film!
- It looks much sleeker, more subtle yet much more beautiful than the plasma.
- The SMART HUB is fantastic - I've used BBC iplayer lots which is very easy. Have yet to try LOVEfilms, have attempted utube but I find that App not particularly easy to use, mostly because of the lack of a keypad which means you have to spend ages using the arrow keys to select each letter. (There's a free App for your iPod/phone but I can't seem to get the keypad up with that on utube either!). Anyway, not a big deal and maybe they'll sort that out for the next update!! But the internet part of this TV is far superior to the plasma's.
- I find the non-HD channels much clearer than the plasma's.
- The ports are in a much better position on it than the plasma, which stupidly had the HDMI ones on the side of the TV very near the edge so you would always see an ugly cable poking out!
-The fact that it doesn't get hot like the plasma and uses much less power is a bonus as well.

(Bear in mind that I'm a bit of a perfectionist though!..........)

- I do get some light leakage, mostly in the top right and bottom corners, but this is much reduced when turning the backlight down to 10 or less. After checking out some of the pictures posted on forums, I think mine is one of the better ones, so I wouldn't want to replace it and get something worse! This light leakage, as well as a little clouding, is mostly on very dark scenes and when watching in a completely dark room so I would definitely recommend only watching this TV with at least some low lighting (which actually improves the whole picture anyway).
- There is some juddering/blurring with fast movements - arms or fast helicopter views, but I've found it helps to tweak the blur and judder reduction or the motion plus settings (still yet to work out what's best though). Although the movements are definitely less clear and have more drag than the plasma's.
- The TV is definitely best viewed from centre or a metre or so either side, as the picture looses just a little of its amazingness!
- The blacks aren't quite as clear as the plasma's but then the plasma's colours aren't as vibrant as the D7000's and I watch a lot of wildlife films so colour and clarity is better for me.

The sound is ok and exactly like the plasmas - I can't expect it to be great, as the screens are thin. I brought an orbit sound bar - the 2 complement each other amazingly (don't think I'll be leaving the house for weeks as I can't drag myself away from them both)

Unless I lived in a Mansion and had a huge cinema room, I would, without question buy the D7000 over the plasma. I know I couldn't live with the constant buzzing/whining noise of the Plasma and know that I can help rectify most of the small issues with my D7000. I always have to remind myself that no TV is perfect and there will definitely always be something if you try hard enough to look for it. Unless the problems interfere with a lot of your viewing time, then I think it's best to accept the minor flaws (I know, is difficult when you think of how much we spend on them, but I don't want to send myself into an early grave just over looking for and worrying over the slightest faults that most of my friends and family wouldn't even notice unless I had pointed them out anyway!). Everyone that has seen my TV has been blown away by it- I just need to stop watching the shadowing, the movements, the lights, the glass etc but start actually watching what's on it and absorbing its beauty!

Even though the TV has a few issues (and you can't give 4 and a half stars), I couldn't imagine ever find a better one for me so it had to have 5 stars. Hope this review helps someone out with TV buying!

Sony BDP-S570B 3D Blu-ray Player (discontinued by manufacturer)
Sony BDP-S570B 3D Blu-ray Player (discontinued by manufacturer)

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2.0 out of 5 stars A real shame!!, 8 Jun 2011
I read most of the reviews on here before buying but now really wish I'd read them all more carefully. I've owned a Sony Brava TV for years and a vaio laptop and both are brilliant in every way, so I felt sure that Sony was the way to go with my first blu ray player. I plugged it all in, quickly sorted the wireless bit and then ooohed and ahhhed at the amazing picture and sound quality-both are incredible.......however........I soon noticed a noise coming from it that could be heard easily over quieter parts of the film. It was a constant loud fan noise and an irritating whining sound. I tried other blu ray films - some were better than others and with DVD there was no winning just the fan noise. I initially was unsure as to whether I take it back or not, so first googled the player and properly read all these reviews, of which there was quite a bit about mechanical noise. Deciding then to take it back, hoping that I was just unfortunate to have a dud one (someone on here said theirs was silent, so I had my fingers crossed for one of those!).
On to the second one now - fan noise still there, but thought it was just about liveable........however the winning noise in this player was much worse and was driving me mad. This one went back to the shop and thankful I got my money back. I'm still undecided as what to do - go for the same model but from a Sony shop, go for a different model or change brand completely. It such a shame as, had the mechanically noise been less (don't mind a bit), it would have been a fantastic buy.

Apple iPod nano 4GB silver
Apple iPod nano 4GB silver

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3.0 out of 5 stars Nearly 4 stars, 27 May 2008
Great concept, ultra clear and detailed video images and handles pretty well etc etc.....however the earphones only lasted a couple of months (went crackly in one ear piece) and the screen has either frozen a few times or shut itself down......slightly irritating! I know other people have had the same problems so watch out!

St Trinian's [DVD] [2007]
St Trinian's [DVD] [2007]
Dvd ~ Rupert Everett
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 3.73

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1.0 out of 5 stars Yawn, 27 May 2008
This review is from: St Trinian's [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
So pleased I rented it with my 'get one free' card so nothing wasted other than my time. Only managed to sit through the first 20 minutes as I just couldn't take any more - silly and totally unbelievable in every way. Definitely not my 'cup of tea'.

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