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Thin White Line (Badboy Rockers Book 1)
Thin White Line (Badboy Rockers Book 1)
Price: £0.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A quick read that packs a serious punch, 24 May 2013
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For the past few weeks I am been a weird slump. I have been reading but not really enjoying anything apart from the odd short story every now and then. However, as soon as I found this on amazon I knew it was for me. The cover drew me but one line from the blurb had me sold


Thin White Line is about 17 year old Kenzie. She has to move to Washington after her parents divorce. She reconnects with her cousin Brooke who introduces her to the world of rock n roll and drugs. And of course to two sexy men who want Kenzie.

Kenzie, I really liked her. No she isn't perfect. She is a follower and would do anything to fit in. But she is a good kid and is just dealing with her parents divorce, moving to a new place and fittng in. So she uses drink n drugs to feel numb. I don't judge at all. Hell I have did that "sex, drugs and rock n roll" scene. I know how easy it is to be sucked in by it. So I could personally relate to Kenzie which doesn't happen very often.

Like most NA reads, we have a kindalove triangle. Ryder....OMG Even though he is rather hot, he is a complete D*ck. He is selfish and uses people. Deklan, awwwww, full of the right kinda of yumminess. He is 22, a drummer and tattooed! Do I need to go on?? I am a sucker for Tattoos. Plus Deklan is an absolute sweetheart. He has seen what drugs can do to people and doesn't want to be apart of that and most importantly doesn't want Kenzie going down that road.

Thin White Line, touches on quite a few serious issues. However, because the book is so short I think it felt a tad rushed in some parts especially with the scenes that involved the drugs n how it can effect people. But for the most part, Thin White Line is such a fantastic and quick read. It draws you in from the first page which is always a good thing. You will laugh and cry with the characters because the author makes you feel like you are right there with the characters.

I highly recommend this to anyone who likes a quick read that really packs a serious punch. I recommend this to those who are 16+ due the content that may not be suitable for younger readers.

Torn: Book 1 in the Torn Series
Torn: Book 1 in the Torn Series
Price: £5.69

4.0 out of 5 stars Well Hello "Mr Tall, Dark, Tattooed and Pierced", 24 May 2013
I first heard of this book when I receive an email from the publisher. I didn't know it was originally a self-published book until I started reading it and went onto goodreads. I have noticed a big trend with New Adult books being picked up by big publishers and this is great. And Torn does deserve it. I thought it was a super quick read, really well written and real! Although it wasn't perfect.

Torn is about Chloe, she is starting college with her two best friends but on her first day she is instantly attracted to the bad boy, Drake. She tries to fight her feelings for him, all the while trying to figure out her feelings for Logan. This leading to heartache and bad decisions that could tear her world apart.

Chloe had an awful childhood, her mother was a complete waste of space so Chloe ended up moving in with her best friend Amber's parents. I think once you learn about what Chloe has been through you just want to applaud her for still being so strong. I personally would have broke I think. She just felt very real and believable. The author doesn't make her the type of character who is perfect. Hell....she is far from perfect. She makes mistakes, she hurts people but she doesn't mean to. When she meets Drake I totally got it. He is hot! "Mr Tall, Dark, Tattooed and Pierced" as Chloe calls him once. Now, Drake.....ok he is yummy, he is everything I look for in a guy. I am sucker for tattoos, piercings and oh, he is a lead singer in a rock band!!!! Hello!!! However, he is your typical bad boy, sleeps around, uses woman but he is drawn to Chloe andhe falls for Chloe but like any good romance it isn't all plan sailing. Then there is Logan, he is sweet, he has been friends with Chloe since freshman year in high school. He loves Chloe, everyone knows this apart from Chloe. Even though he is sweet and his heart is in the right place but DAMN he was so annoying and overprotective in a bad way.

Torn is a very quick read. I was drawn into the story from the first page but about halfway through I did lose interest for while. I found the story slowed down and it got to a point where I was thinking, "Where did the plot go? Will something exciting happen already?" The ending did pick up and the last 100 or pages kept me gripped into the story and the characters. And then the ending OMG Cliffhanger!! I knew how the story was going to play out and the with the ending I knew it was coming because of the build up within the main story but it still leaves you on a Cliffhanger that you need the next book!!

I do recommend this to those you like a good New Adult romance, with a steamy love triangle that involves the boy next door type and the bad boy!! Go on!! You know you want to read it now!!! ;)

Happy Chef
Happy Chef
Price: £0.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars addictive, 28 April 2013
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This review is from: Happy Chef (App)
I am addicted to this game. It's lots fun. And great for passing time. I love these type of games and this is one of my favourites.

On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street 1)
On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street 1)
by Samantha Young
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Book, 13 April 2013
I am having a slight case of reviewers block so please bare with me here. I want to gush on just how much I loved this book but I have been staring at my screen and nothing makes sense but here goes.

On Dublin Street, what can I say? Two things really! ONE: OMG FREAKING GOD!! I LOVED IT. And I mean I LOOOOOVED IT. TWO: I never thought I would love a Scotsman so much in book.

On Dublin Street tells the story of Joss (Jocelyn), she is a trouble young woman who moves to Scotland when she was 18 to escape her tragic past. She has built up a wall and doesn't let anyone get too close. Well that is until she meets Ellie and Braden Carmichael. Joss, at times I found that I couldn't connect with her easily, I wanted to shake her at times. But Overall, she is a very likable character. She is strong and funny but at the same times she is vulnerable. She has a lot of issues and instead of facing them she buries them and that just isn't healthy and it is stopping her living her life. Ellie, she is adorable. You instantly like her. She is sweet and with Joss she knows not to push and just let the trust built. Same with Braden. He wants Joss. And Joss wants him even though at first she denies it. At times Braden comes across as a complete arse, he is arogant and always gets what he want. However, you tell that he really likes Joss and wants to make her happy. I was rooting for them from the very start. Now being Scottish myself I don't understand the attraction people have to our accents because well I hear it everyday but Braden I could hear him and see all his sexiness in my head I was loving it.

The author has created an amazing and exciting adult contemporary read. I was hooked from page one because Samantha is just a fantastic writer. She manages to blend in drama, romance and humour all the while keeping it fresh and gripping for the readers. However, even though I loved the story and the characters I can't rate it 5 stars because I felt that the ending was very rushed which was really disappointing and the overuse of the word "Babe" drove me crazy. I would have loved if the author put in a few more Scottish words though just make it feel more authentic.

Overall though, do I recommend "On Dublin Street"? HELL YEAH!!! It is such a fantastic read. If you like your books filled with drama, sexy times and a yummy Scottish man then give this a wee try. You will no doubt love it!!

Awakened (Few Are Angels Volume 2)
Awakened (Few Are Angels Volume 2)
Price: £1.99

3.0 out of 5 stars enjoyable but missing the spark from book 1., 12 April 2013
Awakened by Inger Inverson is book 2 in the Few Are Angels Series. Now I read and adore book 1 "Few Are Angels". I read it last year so I was a little hazzy on the details but I remembered enjoying it because it was different. So I thought I would love this just as much. Sadly, even though I did enjoy "Awakened" I didn't love it.

Awakened is told from quite a few points of view, which for me is always a big no no. I don't mind a two/Three POVs but this gave me a headache. The only good thing about the POVs is we get to experience a lot of more of the story through different characters eyes. We are introduced to some new characters which is fantastic, like Drake and Ana aswell as enjoying some time with our favourite characters from book 1, like Ella, Kale and Jace. I still really the characters from book, they are kick ass and exciting. However, I felt that the romantic spark element between Ella and Kale that was in "Few Are Angels" just wasn't there in this installment.

The plot has a lot going. So it is very fast paced and keeps the readers guessing what way the author was going to go. And there is no doubt that Inger is a fantastic story teller. She really knows how to create a wonderful storyline. I wanted to love it, believe me I did. I just couldn't love it like book 1. I can't really put my finger on why. Sometimes there is no one reason but many factors. I just thought this installment didn't have the "va va voom" that that previous book has. But it was still a very good read and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Twisted Summer
Twisted Summer
Price: £1.49

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4.0 out of 5 stars Dark but funny, cute but twisted, 1 April 2013
This review is from: Twisted Summer (Kindle Edition)
**Originally Posted on Totally Bookalicious - Received a free copy from the author in exchange of an honsted review**

Twisted Summer, what can I really say about Twisted Summer?? I have so many thoughts in my head about this book and I have no idea how to convey them for this review. It was oh so good. Dark but funny, cute but twisted. Sometimes I felt like the story was rushed but overall, I adored it.

After yet another fight with her mother, Danni is sent away for the weekend to stay with Gabe who her mother hopes can sort Danni out. However, Danni hasn't seen Gabe since she was child and even though she has been sent there as a punishment she can't help the attraction and with a weekend filled with surfing, alcohol and relaxing, Danni and Gabe grow closer. However, Danni has a girlfriend, Esme and Gabe just happens to be her Step-Uncle. "They Can't Be Together. No One Can Know"

Danni is an 18 year girl with an attitude. I adored it her snarky attitude. And witty comments. I think the readers will connect easily with her. She has a girlfriend, Esma who OMG is just horrible!! She has no redeeming qualities at all. So it wasn't surprising that Danni fell for Gabe. Danni is flawed, which I think makes her more real. She makes bad descision about her love life, she cheats and use Esme and even though I don't agree with it I think it makes her who she is and makes her more relatable. She isn't some damsel who is in need to saving. All the bad things just make me like her more. Now Gabe? Oh sweetness. Yes, he is her step-uncle, yes there is a an 11year age gap. But as the story develops and the two characters develop genuine feelings for each not just some hot sexy lusting for each other it is easy to see how perfect they are for each other. I found myself rooting for these characters and hoping they would somehow work things out.

Twisted Summer won't be for everyone. I think you need to be pretty opened minded and get passed the taboo psuedo-incest relationship because the plot is simply wonderful. The author has managed to create something different to the usual NEW ADULT books I have read. Enjoyed the taboo subject and I think they author has did it in such a way that wasn't creepy. At least I didn't think it was. I am not one to judge and I have always been pretty opened minded about most things. And they way I see is "You don't choice who you fall in with, it just happens" I love my stories to have a darker element to them and this fits the bill just nicely. It has a good mix of romance and cuteness but a plot that is a darker and hard going.

However, while I really did love the story and the main characters I felt that at times the story was rushed. It could have done with a few more chapters especially at the end. I have no idea if this is a stand alone or if there will be a sequel but I just felt that the way it ended, there was a lot of unresolved issues and I wanted to see how things played, I felt like it was left on a mini cliffhanger.

Overall, I highly recommend this novel. It is something a little bit different that I hope more people will read. If you like "New Adult" books than give this a try. It is "New Adult" but with a darker theme. It also has some pretty hot and steamy scenes that made me blush :)

How cute is that cover?? It is so summery but I don't think it really fits the darker plot. It captures the romance and summer feel but I would have loved to see a darker cover. Although saying that it does work. On the outside it looks all sweet and innocent but with those pages it is anything but innocent.

A Shade of Vampire
A Shade of Vampire
Price: £0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic and unique, 26 Mar. 2013
I received this a while ago for review by the author and I am physically kicking myself for leaving it so long to read. It was outstanding. I am been in a awful slump and this little gem was freaking perfect. It was unique. dark and come on? Vampires!! We all know how I love them.

A Shade of Vampire follows seventeen year old Sofia. She runs into a handsome stranger on the beach and the next thing she knows she is being pulled into a world she didn't know exsisted. A Vampire Kingdom called "The Shade" There she has been selected to be part of the prince, Derek Novak's harem. At first all she wants is to escape and get away from Derek, However, she soon learns that maybe the safest place for her is by Derek's Side.

The story is told from both Sofia's and Derek's point of view. Usually I am not the biggest fan of changing POV's but it really works for this story. We get to see the story develop through both characters eyes and really get inside the characters heads. I instantly connected wuth Sofia. She is one of those rare characters who I just loved. I liked that she can be terrified herself but show comfort to those around her. She is strong and fiesty but also as an innocence about her that is intriguing. Derek, oh Derek, He is a vampire! He has been asleep for 400 years and has awoken to this new world. He is instantly attracted to Sofia and he doesn't know why. I love that he is mixed of old and new vampire. On one hand he is a vampire, he craves blood and he doesn't think twice about killing. On the other hand, he is sweet and adores Sofia. He feels guity about keeping her and wants to keep her safe. He is quite tormented. And he is sexy as hell!!!

And of course a vampire story isn't complete without the bad guy. The evil vampire, Lucas, Derek's older brother. He is the one who kidnaps Sofia. You will hate him. He is truely evil, 100% creep and I hated him with passion. He is a great character for the story, we all need a character we can hate don't we?

A Shade of Vampire, straight away pulls you into the story from page one. It may be only 150 pages long but it packs one hell of punch. The plot is outstanding and completely different to any other vampire book I have read and believe me I have read A LOT! But nothing like this. I love how the author has created this world and her attention to detail when describing The Shade. She manages to create full picture in the readers, capturing everything you need to know to truely visualize the scenes. The Story is dark and exciting. I devoured it within a few hours. For such a short book I couldn't believe just how amazing it was.

I can't recommend this book enough. If you are in need of a something new with a fresh take on vampire then please give this a try. It is short but explosive with one hell of a cliff hanger that leaves you begging for more!!! And I want more!! No, I need more!! More of the yummy dark prince, Derek!!

Wait for You
Wait for You

4.0 out of 5 stars A fantastic New Adult Contemporary, 10 Mar. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Wait for You (Kindle Edition)
OH. MY. SWEET. LORD. Wait For You is by far my favourite book by J.Lynn (Jennifer. L. Armentrout) so far!!! I am on a serious NEW ADULT kick right and this ticks all the boxes!! I love the story. If I had the time I would been able to read this in one sitting very easily. It was outstanding.

There is no point me attempting to write my own description because I would end up giving away spoilers and the blurb above pretty much sums up everything you need to know about the story.

Wait for You had me hooked from the first page!! I downloaded the sample on my kindle with then read one page and bought it. (Totally Broke my Project 10 Book) It was simply wonderful. J.Lynn has created such an fantastic story that you can't help falling in love. The main characters are believable, sweet and funny. Avery is adorable, she went through something horrible when she was only fourteen and she still hasn't fully gotten over it. But at 19 she wants to. She doesn't feel like she can trust anyone but then BAM!!! There is Cam. Oh how I swooned!!! He is so freaking hot and adorable and so full of himself that you can't help but fall for him. He adores Avery and together they are so cute. But like any good romance things aren't always plain sailing. Avery has a lot of issues and it stops her from fully Cam. You feel for her. I understood why she feels how she does.I just wanted to hug her but also I felt sorry for Cam, all he wants is for Avery to trust him.

If you love you reads with some serious sexual tension and some very steamy scenes then Oh boy you are in for treat!! I blushed! I love when the books I read have sexual tension in them. I think it gives the story a little something extra. There is a build up and it just flows nicely along with the story. The author doesn't rush anything. Especially when dealing with the subject matter. We see how the main character slowly develops and really come into herself dealing with her past and trying to build her present and future.

I did love every bit of this story. I loved that it is emotional, serious, sexy and funny. However, I have to knock it down a star because there are quite a few typos. Usually the odd one or two I don't even notice. Hell I am the queen of typos, I can re-read a review 10 times and still have typos but when it comes to a book it can put you off a little.

Aside from the few typos the story itself is just WOW. I hope the author keeps writing New Adult because I need more!!! I am addicted and I need another fix!!!

The Truth About Letting Go
The Truth About Letting Go
Price: £2.98

4.0 out of 5 stars The Truth About Letting Go, 21 Feb. 2013
*Originally Reviewed on Totally Bookalicious, Copy of book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

The Truth About Letting Go is a companion novel to The Truth About Faking, you don't have to read Faking before Letting Go as it's about different characters but set in the same place. I read Faking not long ago and even though it was good and I enjoyed it, it wasn't amazing. However, Letting Go was fantastic!! The storyline is a lot darker and serious, it's not all fluffy romance. It is very realistic and emotional. It would have been perfect if it wasn't for the religion.

Now, religion is not a bad thing itself. I am a Christian and I do believe in SOME of it (A lot a totally disagree with) HOWEVER I don't like it in my books (unless is about fallen angels lol). This is just a personal preference. It isn't done in a preachy way, the author has actually fit it into the story very nicely and it isn't in that much it but for me it was a big turn off when reading the story. And yes, there was some religious aspects in The Truth About Faking it and that did affect my rating even though I didn't mention it in the review I feel like with Letting Go it played a bigger part on my overall feelings of the book.

And that is my only actual negative! So Letting Go is completely different to Faking. I just about loved Letting Go. It was a lot darker with our main character, Ashley having to deal with the grief of losing her father. She doesn't know who she is anymore and what's to rebel against everything she once believed in. When she meets Jordan, she can't help but fall for him. Even though, she refuses to believe in what he does. Jordan is good and sweet and just plain adorable. But when Ashley is around him, they can't control themselves. Ashley thinks she is no good for him, so when new bad boy, Colt takes an interest in her she thinks this is who she should be with. Colt is...well he is a complete arse! Ashley has lost her way which is understandable. I felt for her she is really struggling and completely blinded with grief that she doesn't realise just how wrong Colt is for her and just right Jordan is.

Letting Go has a very emotional and realistic plotline. I cried a lot! I prefer my stories to be a little bit more serious. I do enjoy fluffy reads from time to time like book 1 but I am not a big romantic so having something more serious works for me. The author has created something very special! She takes the readers on quite a few emotional rollcoasters. You are draw into the story straight away and begging for more and left in tears when it is all over.

I highly recommend giving this author a try. Her books will speak to a variety of people. Whether you are looking for a more fun, filled romance like The Truth About Faking, or if you are looking for a more emotional, serious romance read like The Truth About Letting Go. Her books are beautifully written and well thought out. I can't wait to follow this amazing author.

Cover Talk: I think I am in love!! This cover is stunning! It really fits with the characters and the story. I like that you can't really see the faces but the image is strong and romantic. And I just love the title! The artist has done a wonderful job with this cover!

Sky Blue (The Ruby Blue Series Book 3)
Sky Blue (The Ruby Blue Series Book 3)
Price: £2.11

5.0 out of 5 stars Freaking fun filled awesomesauce!!, 12 Feb. 2013
Well what can I say?? Julie has did it again. I swear these books just get better and better. The Ruby Blue series is one of my favourite series they are so much fun and quick to read with loveable characters and fun filled plots that it is hard not to love. And with each book Julie manages to create something new and fresh for readers to get lost in.

Sky Blue is the 3rd book in the series. Ruby is all excited to start her senior year and get back to a normal life after everything that happens during the summer. However, things don't go to plan when he finds out Brennan will be going to school with her to protect her. While trying to juggle Brennan and her boyfriend Nick, Ruby thinks she has just about figured out how to cope and they fall into a nice cosy routine. But it's just the calm before the storm. How can Ruby deal with everything? A new arrival at school and her feelings for Brennan even though she is with Nick. Drama!!

Freaking fun filled awesomesauce!!! That pretty much sums up how I feel about the book. I loved it every single word. No lie!! Ruby, is still one of my favourite characters. She is quirky, fun and loves her skinny jeans and converse (just like me). In this one even though she is still her funny self she grows up a lot. We see her having to deal with some more serious issues and battling her feelings about Nick and Brennan. Nick, em.....Nick doesn't leave a lasting impression on me. Him and Ruby just don't match. He adores her but they just don't fit. Brennan though, I have been in love him with since book 1. He is adorable, funny, sweet and a pain in the ass lol. He drives Ruby insane and it is hilarious. I am 100% Team Brennan. Jeremy is also back and bigger than ever. The things that boy hits out with.....are priceless. He is so funny.

Sky Blue is simply wonderful. The plot is out of this world. It is fast paced and exciting. Julie really goes all out for this one. There is never a dull moment so the readers are always kept glued to the story. I devoured this book within a few hours. I was completely drawn into the story that it felt like I was there, standing beside the characters as they embarked on yet another adventure.

I highly recommend these books to everyone who is looking for something fun and fresh to read. Julie is an amazing storyteller and manages to capture the readers full attention. Drawing them into the story that even after they finish reading they still can't quite let go because the ending is so perfect they need more and more. Yip, I need more. I can't wait to find out what happens next.

A huge thank you to Julie for providing me with a copy of review

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