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DEITY (Covenant)
DEITY (Covenant)
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Deity, A must read with an epic ending, 8 Nov. 2012
This review is from: DEITY (Covenant) (Paperback)
Deity is the third book in The Covenant Series. And I was completely torn on the rating I wanted to give it. Overall I enjoyed it! It was exciting and fast paced and the last 100pages omg epic! However, most of the first half of the book is very predictable.

Now, predictable isn't always a bad thing, because the book was still pretty awesome. However, I was expecting a lot more because the ending of Pure (Book 2) was one amazing cliffhanger. So my expections were high. As I said it wasn't really so much a bad thing because it's still well written and fast paced I just knew exactly where the story was going UNTIL the last 100 pages and that's where Jennifer turned the book on it's head and BAM the real story kicks off. It was outstanding and so exciting. I loved the last 100 pages and not to spoil it, that ending?? Oh. My, Freaking, God. I know a lot of people hated the ending but for me it was so exciting and just the right cliffhanger!!

Alex in this one drove me insane. I can't pinpoint the reason, she just rubbed me wrong way for most of the book. Same with Aiden (don't kill me lol) but then again I don't really like Aiden anyway. I don't get the attraction. Seth on the other hand....well....I heart me some Seth. He is far from perfect, he is selfish and dangerous but so exciting and there is never a dull moment when Seth is around. But overall, the three main characters make the story intriguing.

Overall, Deity is a must read. There is a few twists and turns in second half of the book and as I said the ending was EPIC! If you haven't started the series yet go now! Half-Blood (book 1) isn't exactly perfect and you may feel like you have read it before but it is still really enjoyable. Pure (book 2) is where Jennifer really shines as an author. Her writing is almost flawless and she has a way with words that just pulls the reader into the series.

Note: received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
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A Touch of Winter
A Touch of Winter
Price: £0.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars It is a must read if you loved the first book, 8 Nov. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: A Touch of Winter (Kindle Edition)
Touch of Winter is a quick short read that take place after The Pleasures of Winter. So it is highly recommended that you read the book before you read this. You can still enjoyed it even if you haven't read it but I think you will appreciate more and you have already been introduced to the characters and their lifestyle.

What a wonderful little extra this is. After I finished The Pleasures of Winter I was itching for more. I was so wrapped up in the world that Evie Hunter had create I was actually heartbroken when it was over. Because I wanted there to be more. So I downloaded this onto my kindle and it was perfect!

It is a must read if you loved the first book. I am not usually big on romance, honestly I am not. But there is one scene in this that made be melt. I was crying and grinning like a cheshire cat because it was perfect.

What are you waiting for you? Go now and getting reading The Pleasures of Winter and don't forget to download this little gem because you will regret not reading it.

The Pleasures of Winter
The Pleasures of Winter
by Evie Hunter
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Pleasures of Winter has stole my heart, my mind and my soul., 8 Nov. 2012
I am not really sure where to start with this review. I have so much in my head that I want to say but nothing comes out. The Pleasures of Winter is one of those rare books that has stolen my heart, my mind and my soul. Yip I loved it that much. I was hooked from page one right up until the last page. I got so caught up within the story that I was actually heartbroken when the book finished because I didn't want it to end.

The Pleasures of Winter isn't like most erotica fiction I have read. Usually with this genre you get full on sex from the first chapter but this isn't like that. We actually get an amazing story before all that happens. A story that is thrilling and exciting. Our two main characters Abbie and Jack, the chemistry between them is electrifying. Abbie is drawn to Jack and visa versa even though they are polar opposites to each other. Abbie is a strong, independent journalist with a jobthat is dangerous. She is smart and funny but flawed like any human being. Jack, oh sweet lord. Jack Jack Jack I think I loved him before I even started the book. Why? He is Irish! I can't help myself it's that accent. Mother May I! With his sexy looks and charms that no woman can resist. He is a hollywood bad (Colin Farrell anyone ?? lol) He is obsessed with Abbie and he is falling hard. You can't help but root for them.

The plot is quite simply perfect. It has the right mix of adventure, excitement and steamy sex that just blends in perfectly. The opening of the story is fast paced and exciting, with Abbie trying to escape bad guys who are after her. She finds herself on a plane with Jack and them crashing into a rainforest. At first I was like is this really a naughty read? I wasn't used to having a proper non erotic plot line. But there are hints throughout the beginning that is just the right amount of teasing to get the reader excited for find out more.

I am trying to do this book justice and it just won't happen. It blew my mind, so much so I am actually struggling to convey just how much I loved it. One of the big things I loved about this is that fact it is told from both Abbie's and Jack's POV. Now usually I am not the biggest fan of POV changes but for this is works. You get inside both the characters heads and that is very important for me. I like to be able to feel a connection to a character to really appreciate the story and I sure did here.

Evie Hunter is actually two authors and what a wonderful team! The two authors have created a flawless, exciting and down right steamy read that will stay with you long after your finish. And that is a sign of perfect book to me. I highly recommend. If you like your naughty read, then The Pleasures of Winter is one NOT to be missed.

Cover Talk:
I only really add this cover talk into a review if I really really need to talk about the cover and yes i do here Why? Because that is a beautiful, simple cover that actually fits the book. That feather represents a certain scene (no spoilers) and if you have read the book you know what scene I am refering to. Rarely book covers match the story, they usually have nothing to do with the words inside the book and are only there to look pretty. Thankfully this is not the case here.

Note: I received a free copy from the Publisher in exchange for a Honest Review.

Bloodlines (book 1)
Bloodlines (book 1)
by Richelle Mead
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.39

4.0 out of 5 stars A good Spin off, 2 Nov. 2012
This review is from: Bloodlines (book 1) (Paperback)
I think everyone who has read the Vampire Academy have been waiting anxiously for this book. I for one have been out crazy waiting. And it was for one thing only, Adrian. Yes I love Adrian and in the last book of the Vampire Academy series, Last Sacrifice poor Adrian got his heart ripped out completely so I was super excited to see what was in store for him. However, I was a bit wary about the fact it was being told from Sydneys POV. However, I didn't have to worry cause it was superb!

Bloodlines is the new spin-off from Vampire Academy series. It is told from Syndeys point of view and follows her story as she is forced into protecting Jill, a moroi princess. Jill was attacked at the Moroi Royal Court and with Eddie who is a dhampir, Adrian and Syndey they all go into hiding. However, as the story unravels and secrets are revealed will the new gang be able to keep young Jill safe?

I want to get the negative out the way so I can tell you what I actually loved about this book. I found this book at first quite slow in build up. Sydney honestly I didn't really like in the Vampire Academy book she wasn't a character that really stands out. And at first in Bloodlines I didn't think she was a very strong main character but about a third of the way in I really did start to warm up to her. She grows as a character throughout the story and in the end she really is becoming a very strong kickass main character. Not as Strong as Rose but I think Sydney has alot of potential.

As well as Syndey there is a few other characters from the VA Series. Jill who is a moroi princess really annoyed me. I don't know why. She just irritated me. I hope in the next book she will be less annoying lol. Eddie is a Dhampir who is on probation after the events in Last Sacrifice (VA 6) I really like Eddie. He is one of those really nice guys who you can't help want to be friends with because he cares for his friends and is very loyal to them.

Now I can't do this review without talking about my man. Adrian!! Oh yeah! I have missed him so much. I was Team Adrian from the moment he appeared in the VA Series. He is arognant, full of himself and so so sexy. However, he is a soft and deep side to him that I hope we get to explore more in this new series. I really hope there going to be something with Sydney and him. I though it was obvious that Sydney attracted to him. I pray he gets a good love story in this series.

At first I thought the story was slow but it was a gradual build up to the action and my god it was fantastic!!! There is quite a few secrets to be unraveled throughout the story that makes you keep reading. And there is one heck of twist that my god I did not see coming until I was smacked in the face with it. I mean WOW.

And Oh My God. What a freaking ending. Those who have read it will know exactly what I am talking about. I was sitting just like :O I am sooooooo excited for book 2. I need to find out what happens next. I think the next book is going to be bigger and better

Bloodstone (Rebel Angels Series)
Bloodstone (Rebel Angels Series)
by Gillian Philip
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Epic And Exciting, 2 Nov. 2012
Gillian Philip has did it again!! I adore this series. The first book Firebrand (my review) was such a breath of fresh air in a genre that is over populated with vampires, and werewolves. It grabbed me from the start and I was eagerly awaiting the sequel. So when I contacted the publisher I was super excited when they allowed me to read and review Bloodstone. It was just as explosive as book 1.

Bloodstone is set in the present day Scotland. Sithe Brothers Seth and Conal have been in the Mortal world for 500 years searching for The Bloodstone. Soon they are catapulated back into the own world along with Finn, Conal Neice, Jed a mortal boy who cares for Finn and Jed's infant brother. Together they are fighting to stay alive.

Trying to describe this book is hard. It one of those book that takes your breath away. I truely love it. Seth is one of those self centred, arogant character that you do fall for when you see his sweet side. He is an arse most of the time but he is one of the most Loyal characters I have ever came across in a book. His love for his brother and the fact he would do almost anything for him it what makes him Seth. Conal is one of those men who on the outside is a tough strong man but underneath is a big softy and that comes across when he is with Jed's baby brother.

We are introduced to some new characters, Finn and Jed. Finn is Conal neice and has been brought but unaware of her Sithe heritage. She is a loner and doesn't have any friends she meets Jed. Jed is one of those characters I am on the fence with. On one hand, he is a thief and a cheeky little bugger but on the other hand he really cares for Finn and his llittle brother. The chemistry between all the characters I think is what makes this book so addictive and engaging.

The story itself is amazing! The plot is explosive, epic and freaking awesome. It fast paced anf full of action you will be sitting reading with you heart in your mouth waiting to see what was going to happen next. There is never a dull moment. Gillian has created a fantastic sequel to Firebrand that will be enjoyed adults and older teen.

Bloodstone, personally wasn't as good as Firebrand just because I loved the fact the Firebrand was set in 1600s. As you can tell with the review I did still love it and the story is just as good but just for me I prefered book one. However, I am super excited to see what instore in the next.

Haunting Violet
Haunting Violet
by Alyxandra Harvey
Edition: Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars Gothic YA Ghost Story, 2 Nov. 2012
This review is from: Haunting Violet (Paperback)
Haunting Violet is set in late 1800's England. It follows the story of sixteen year old Violet as she helps her mother perform fake seances. Her mother has a very successful reputation with her seances which leads them to the wealthy Lord Jasper's country estate to perform for him and his guests. However, whilst there Violet discovers she can see ghosts, even though she doesn't want to. And soon Violet and her friends are trying to solve the murder of ghost called Rowena.

I had been wanting this book ever since I first seen it online. So when I got a copy for review you can guess that I was rather thrilled. I have heard alot about Alyxandra Harvey and her work and I have only just read the first book in The Drake Chronicles and I loved it (my review) so I was pretty excited for this. However, I honestly never knew this book was a historical paranormal. I haven't read many books that are in past tense so I was a bit worried. But I didn't have to be because I thought it was fantastic.

Violet is one of those really great main characters for a book. Even though her mother doesn't treat her very well she is still so strong. I think she is probably one of the easiest characters I have ever connected with it a book. I don't if it is was because she is a strong independent girl, or if it was because even though its set in the 1800s you can imagine Violet being your friend and getting along with perfectly. What I did love the most about Violet was her friendship with Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a very happy bubbly character and you can't help but smile when reading about her. Their friendship is pure and from time to time very funny.

Violet does of course have a couple of love interests. What book is complete with out it? There is Xavier and Colin. Xavier even though he was a gentleman I just didn't like him at all. He is shallow and just doesn't connect with Violet. Colin on the other hand is dreamy (I think its the fact he is Irish I go weak at the knees from Irishmen) Colin has lived with Violet and her mother since he was young boy so he knew Violet and when she tells him about the ghosts he helps her.

Now, I can't do this review without mention the Mother. Argh, I hated her with a passion. Tricking people into believing she was a medium. She is just a selfish woman who wants nothing more than wealth.

Haunting Violet has quite a few elements to it. It's Historical Fiction, a paranormal ghost story and a murder mystery all rolled into one. Its truely fantastic. Being set in the 1800s it creates a perfect atmosphere for a gothic novel. Set in a country estate gives a really spooky fell that I honestly has goosepimples reading parts of it. Also with it being set in the UK it was fantastic to see some of the words we use within the book. I always love that in book.

My only negative is that I found the begining rather slow. It wasn't really until Violet seen her first ghost that I was truely captivated by the story.

Alyxandra Harvey has created a brilliant gothic novel that is a little spooky. If you like your books that are different and full of supsense with one hell of a twist that you don't see coming then I urge you to pick up a copy and get reading.

Wide Awake - Academy of the Fallen Series
Wide Awake - Academy of the Fallen Series
Price: £0.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Spellbinding, 2 Nov. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Wide Awake is one of those spellbinding books that keeps you entranced all the way through. If I had the time I would have read this books in the space for a few days. It was incredible.

Kayla is like every other 16 year old girl. She has a great family and good friends. However, soon she meants Caroline who appears when Kayla doesn't expect it like in her bedroom in the middle of night. Kayle soon realised that she isn't an ordinary girl, she can see and speak to ghosts. Pretty soon Kayla's life is in danger and its up to Hunter to try and keep her safe from the evil Benjamin.

There are quite a few factors that make this story an excellent read. The story line is original and fast paced and the dynamic between the main characters is what makes the story such a good read. The chemistry we see between Kayla and Hunter is undeniable. They are both very independant characters their personalities are very similar. However, its when Kayla is confronted with Benjamin (the creepy bad guy) it becomes clear that Hunter and Kayla have a special bond. This just makes it a very easy read because the characters are flow nicely together.

Wide Awake has a very original story line that is fast paced. I love that there is a little bit of mythology woven into the current storyline explaining some of the backstory. It definity an interesting take on angels.

I do have one small negative. The ending. Without giving anything away it ends on a series cliffhanger. I don't using mind cliffhangers but this one I just didn't like. However, Daniele has done it in such a way that when you turn the very last page to realise there is no more you actually will scream at you book.

What else I say about this novel. Daniele has create such an interesting world that is captivatingly haunting with fantastic twist on the angel story. Fans of angels and supernatural beings will love this.

by Cynthia Hand
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Gripping and Amazing., 2 Nov. 2012
This review is from: Unearthly (Paperback)
Unearthly is about a teenage girl called Clara. However, Clara isn't a normal girl, She is part angel. And she has been having vision of her "Purpose" as an angel. This see her and her family (her mum and brother) move Wyoming so she can fulful her purpose. However, this don't go smoothly got Clara and soon she is faced with a terrible choice. Fulfill her purpose or save the boy the she loves?

First I want to just mention this books cover! How freaking pretty is that? I mean its stunning. I think its fits really well with the story. Clara all white which is how I picture her when she does her glowing Glory thing. And standing in the forest is massive to plot. The cover just has a very ethereal feel to it.

Unearthly is one of those stories that you just lose all sense of time reading. For me, it was the relationship between the characters that I found to entertaining that I just couldnt put this down. Clara is just super cute! She really is a fantastic main character. She is one of those characters that you can imagine being friends with her. When she moves to Wyoming she quickly becomes friends with Wendy and then Angela. Both these characters are total opposite from one another but when reading the story its easy to see why Clara is friends with both.

Now the reason Clara moves to Wyoming is to fulfill her purpose as an angel. Her purpose is involves Christian the hottest boy in school and Clara of course like any girl would is drooling over him. They becomes close but Christian has to go away for the summer. Enter Tucker! Wendys brother. oh Tucker! From the moment Clara arrived in Wyoming Tucker and Clara show a dislike to one another. Soon though after Tucker is roped into being Clara's birthday present from Wendy they start to form this undeniable connection. And honestly one of the cutest book couples ever!! I love them. I love Tucker!

For me the story plays second to the characters. But what an awesome story line. There is never a dull moment in this book. Its full of supense slowing building up to the tough choice Clara has to make. The romance in this story is one the gradually develops making the story that more believable.

What a fantastic, gripping and cute book Unearthly is. Its such a refreshing tale of angels. Angels have completely blown up on the YA market just now and this book its honestly one of my faves. I dont have a bad word to say about this book. Cynthia has created something that is so good and literally leave you begging for more

Forbidden (Definitions)
Forbidden (Definitions)
by Tabitha Suzuma
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Heartbreakingly Beautiful, 2 Nov. 2012
OMG, I have no idea how on earth I can even review this book. I know I won't do it any justice but I will try my hardest. BE WARNED! This review may not make sense and may contain slight spoilers.

OK Here goes. Breathe

Forbidden is about two teenagers Lochan and Maya, they are brother and sisters and are forced to take on the role of parents looking after their three younger siblings after there father left and their mother turns to drink and is never there. Being thrown together as a team the soon realise they have feelings for each other that goes beyond the feelings a brother and sister should have And they fall in love.

I wanted to read this book for so long. I had read nothing but fantastic reviews for it. I finally got a chance to read it after the publishers kindly sent me out a copy. However, I kept putting it off and putting it off. This wasn't anything to do with the incest. It was the fact that everyone who reads it seems to have a complete breakdown. So after having the book for a good while. I decided it was now or never. And let me tell you. I have never ever ever been so moved by a book in my entire life.

Lochan and Maya are two people that I really like. Lochan is a shy boy who has social anxiety that stops him speaking in public Only at home and around Maya can he be himself. Maya is a rock to Lochan. She is just so likable. Together they make a great team looking after their two brothers, Kit and Willa and their young sister Willa. They have had to grow up so fast because their mother neglects them. The feelings they have for each other are so pure (and of course forbidden) and strong that its hard not to root them to have a happy ending.

Not once did this subject matter bother me. Incest goes on the world.Whether you think its immoral or not its happens. Forbidden is consensual incest. I honestly didn't see a problem with it, (Please Dont shoot me) I am not condoning incest in any way. But who am I to Judge? Who are you to Judge? Maya and Lochan have a love that is so powerful and they truely do love each other. No one is forced into any thing. So it didn't gross me out or think it was wrong. Now saying that I do have a brother and the thought of anything like that is just a big no no and creeps me out. I just wanted to point out incase I get another person saying "oh you must not have a brother" just because I didn't think this book was wrong

Just to say sorry if none of this makes sense. I am having a really hard time keeping myself together even writing this review. When I was reading this book. I did find the beginning very slow and took a while to get into but once I was I was hooked. I read like a really good romance but I kept wondering when something would happen to make the emotional break down happen. I though there was something wrong with me at first. However, there was nothing wrong with me. I did get my tears. It hits you like a tone of bricks in the last 50 pages or so. And I mean tears. Oh my god I was inconsolable. My son thought there was something really wrong with me. I was breaking my heart. I have never ever felt anything like this in my life. My heart was aching. I was honestly in pain. Yes, I am now remembering everything and I am in tears again!! So I am going to stop and say sorry for this ramble of the review.

All I can say is Please please read this book. Keep an open mind about the subject matter. Its won't be easy read. Its just heartbreakingly beautiful. This is a book that I will never be able to read again but its going to stay with me forever.

by Mary Ting
Edition: Paperback

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Beautifully Written YA with Forbidden Love and Danger, 2 Nov. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Crossroads (Paperback)
WOW!! Seriously just WOW! Crossroads is one of those stories that you can just lose yourself in. With a gripping storyline and adorable main characters its everything that is wonderful about Young Adult Literature.

Crossroads is about 16 year old Claudia who while sleeping enters into a world called the Crossroads. There she meets Michael who has fallen in love with her before she even knew him. However, Claudia shouldn't be able to get into the Crossroads and soon everything she thought was true in life is turned upset down and she is being hunted by fallen angels.

The characters in this book are all so likeable. Claudia is really down to earth and even when faced with terrible situations she is still strong. When she meets Michael she is completely smitten. It's really easy to understand why. Even though at first Michael is rude to her. It's only because he confused about why he is feeling human emotional. You see Michael is an Alkin, half angel and half human. It's not long though until they are both madly in love and seriously the thing Michael say's to Claudia is so romantic it makes me jealous. My favourite character is another angel, Davin. He is just so funny and cute. There is just something that make you connect with him. He is just an all round nice person who is loyal to his friends.

Now the story at first was a little slow for the first couple of chapters. However, after I got into it I was completely hooked! The storyline is simply fantastic!! It's about angel but Mary has created a story that is completely different to more angel stories. She has put alot of Mythology behind her angels and it just makes the readers understand and connect easier with the characters.

Crossroads is a beautifully written debut novel that has everything you need for a outstanding read. Forbidden love, danger, angels and demons what not to love?

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