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The Hydrogen Sonata: A Culture Novel
The Hydrogen Sonata: A Culture Novel
Price: 4.49

5.0 out of 5 stars Grand read, 21 Jan 2014
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Definitely a culture book of adventure and humour that only the minds could display.

Read it yourself if you don't believe me

The Resident
The Resident
by Francis Cottam
Edition: Paperback
Price: 5.59

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4.0 out of 5 stars Hammer Horror?, 2 May 2011
This review is from: The Resident (Paperback)
The strapline on the reverse cover of the book is what originally drew me to it:

"Every year, three million single women in America move into an apartment for the first time. Few of them change the locks".

Slightly chilled by this, i thought i'd pick the book up and give it a try.

Main character, Juliet Devereau has discovered her husbands infidelity, she needs to get away from her house, and find her own apartment, though it's proving very difficult to find anywhere remotely decent, that is until she stumbles across a beautiful, spacious apartment overlooking Brooklyn Bridge.

After moving in, and over the coming weeks, Juliet can't quite put her finger on it, but she feels almost stalked. Sounds wake her in the middle of the night, and whilst in the bath, she feels like she is being watched. Is it all her imagination, or is she about to be caught up in a game of cat and mouse that could prove deadly?

I read this book in one day. Whilst i wouldn't class it as a horror, more of a suspense-thriller really, it is a good, easy read. It's fast paced, and whilst in places, i thought the author could have made the book an extra 50 or so pages longer, by setting the scenes out more, it did it's purpose and whiled away a lazy bank holiday Monday.

This book would be a perfect holiday read, as it's one you can pick up and put down easily. I'll also keep an eye out for the film.

One Moment, One Morning
One Moment, One Morning
by Sarah Rayner
Edition: Paperback
Price: 5.59

4.0 out of 5 stars Friendship through tragedy, 30 April 2011
Lou is on the 07.44 train from Brighton to London, as always the carriages are packed with commuters, and Lou takes the opportunity to do some people watching. Karen is travelling on the same train with her husband, Simon. They are on their way to sign papers for their new house. Un-beknown to Karen, her closest friend, Anna is also on the same train but in another carriage. It's a typical busy morning on a jam-packed train.

One moment later, Simon takes seriously ill, the train is stopped and for Lou, Karen and Anna, their lives will never be quite the same ever again.

I did enjoy this novel, you get to learn from each of the 3 womens perspectives throughout all parts of the book. The moment when Simon takes ill on the train actually sent shivers through me, as i have actually been in Lou's position, (but on a plane, not a train), i can say it was quite true to the book. The sense of panic described was uncanny.

It's definately worth a read, and i personally liked the fact that new friendships are made through tragedy.

To Marry a Prince
To Marry a Prince
by Sophie Page
Edition: Paperback
Price: 5.52

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4.0 out of 5 stars A Royal Wedding!, 27 April 2011
This review is from: To Marry a Prince (Paperback)
Perfect for 2011, was the release of To Marry A Prince by Sophie Page. I picked it up for that very reason, and thought that as it's the week of the very real Royal Wedding, it was a perfect time to read the book.

We meet Bella Greenwood, who has been away for the past year working on a remote island. She only went as she thought she was in love with a guy who went there. However, a year later, once she realises it isn't love, she hot-tails it home back to London and moves in with best friend, Lottie. At a party Bella gets into a bit of difficulty with an ivy plant, and along comes Prince charming to her rescue.

In reality Prince charming is an actual Prince. Bella just doesn't know it. He's Prince Richard, and he falls hard for Bella as she treats him as "normal". 3 months into their relationship, their private relationship is found-out by the public, so Richard proposes, to which he and Bella enter a whirl-wind of marriage preperation, hen nights, and a Royal Family that want to control Bella as much as possible! Will the wedding happen? Can Bella survive the wedding preperations? And can she ever learn to curtsey? All is revealed in a jam-packed ending.

To be honest, i was about 20 pages into this book and didn't think i was going to enjoy it. For some reason, i just couldn't get "into it". Deciding to persevre (i HATE giving up on books), i must admit that i did enjoy it.

I'm not sure if Sophie Page wrote this book with the real Royal Wedding in mind, but it's a good escapism book, perfect for this time of year.

The Bone House
The Bone House
by Brian Freeman
Edition: Paperback
Price: 7.19

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5.0 out of 5 stars An enjoyable page turner, 25 April 2011
This review is from: The Bone House (Paperback)
I was first introduced to Brian Freeman through his book The Burying Place, then The Watcher, both of which i found highly enjoyable. When i seen his latest offering, The Bone House, i didn't hesitate in buying it.

The book begins 6 years ago, with the then 6 year old Glory Fischer being witness to a terrible fire, which claims the lives of three people. Traumatised, she closes out the details of that terrible night, and fast-forward 10 years to the present day, her life has derailed into one of drugs, wild parties and sex. Glory and boyfriend Troy accompany Glory's sister Tresa to a dance event in Florida, where her past meets with present day and leaves Glory murdered on the beach.

Mark and Hilary Bradley are also at the dance event. Hilary is a teacher, and whilst Mark used to be, it was Tresa that ruined his career. Her obsession with Mark, put doubts in the minds of his small town community, and he has been shunned as a pervert ever since. As soon as Florida detective Cab Bolton finds out Mark was at the same resort as Glory, he becomes prime suspect once again.

As the story moves from Florida back to their hometown of Door County, it picks up pace to an ending of more murder and suspicion......

I found this book thoroughly enjoyable, even though i did guess the ending. I thought Freeman did a great job of describing the remote-ness of Door County and that of small town community life. Whilst i agree with the other reviewer that this won't win any literary awards (and i'm not sure Freeman is intending it too), it is perfect for some pure escapism reading.

If you've never been disappointed by Freeman's other offerings, or you'd like to try something new, then i'd advise buying this book.

Crystal Balls
Crystal Balls
by Amanda Brobyn
Edition: Paperback
Price: 6.11

3.0 out of 5 stars Crystal Balls, 23 April 2011
This review is from: Crystal Balls (Paperback)
This book was recommended to me via Amazon, and at the time of order had four 5 star reviews. So, i took the plunge, and bought it.

Main character Tina Harding is a successful estate agent who owns her own business. Her colleague Chantelle drags Tina to a psychic fair, and soon Tina finds herself addicted to getting readings from psychic's, all telling her very different messages. Tina ends up in quite a bit of debt due to her psychic message addiction, and realises that the only person she should trust to make decisions regarding her life, is herself.

Along the way Tina seems to become obsessed with sexy Brian Steen, a property developer, and nearly ruins relationships with her sister, colleague, and best friend, by sneaking around and going behind their backs. I found Tina to be utterly selfish and shallow as a main character, and felt sorry for the characters that were close to her.

I have to say, i really had my heart set on loving this book. The cover is lovely, and the blurb on the back makes it sound like a book i'd normally devour. Unfortunately, i didn't, and whilst i can't say i hated it, i can't say i loved it either.
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Stand By Me
Stand By Me
by Sheila O'Flanagan
Edition: Paperback
Price: 7.26

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4.0 out of 5 stars A perfect holiday read, 20 April 2011
This review is from: Stand By Me (Paperback)
Dominique Brady is a frustrated teenager. She has very religious parents, who think her older brother, Gabriel is perfect. Dominique knows she will never live up to him in their eyes. It's whilst working at a cafe that she meets Brendan Delahaye. Brendan is everything that Dominique could ever want in man, and is amazed that he seems to want her......

.... After spending the night together, Dominique falls pregnant, and whilst she know's her parents are utterly disappointed in her, Brendan proposes and they move in together. Brendan's career seems to be always on the up, and their lives are perfect, always attending glittering parties and events, and soon the couple are known as the Dazzling Delahayes. Dominique, or Domino as she is often known to those close to her, has the kind of life that most women dream of, until that is, a sudden turn in events turns the Delahaye world upside down.

As the sun was shining, i picked up this book and found that i was immediately absorbed in it. It's a romp of a read, and was very difficult to put down. Sheila O'Flanagan has done it once again! The characters were well thought out, and i found that i was always hoping things would turn out ok for Dominique.

If you've liked Sheila's previous offerings, then i'm sure you'll love this one too. Perfect for a beach read.

Girl on the Run
Girl on the Run
by Jane Costello
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: 5.59

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars 3 cheers for Abby Rogers!, 16 April 2011
I started this book Friday evening, and have just finished it this morning (Saturday). I loved it!

Main character Abby Rogers is not remotely interested in being on a health kick. She has her own web-design business, and enjoys spending time with best friend, Jess, who is a member of a running club, and very sporty. To help Abby find a man, she gets her to join the running club, although the first session ends up going horribly wrong for Abby. Then, colleague Heidi turns up at work with some devastating news, that makes Abby want to do all she can to help. Abby decides to take on the impossible and run a half marathon for charity..........

.......The donations come rolling in, and Abby begins to think she may have made a huge mistake in signing herself up for the impossible.

In the build up to the half marathon we are introduced to some fantastic characters in the book, Tom, Abby's Mum and Dad, Matt and Priya, and of course the lovely Heidi. I also loved Egor, the accountant. Abby is fantastic, and sounds like someone you'd love to know in real life.

There is one particular scene in the book that had me laughing out loud, without giving to much away, it involves Abby training whilst wearing a thong. It's worth buying the book to read that scene alone.

I can only hope that Jane Costello had as much fun writing this book, as i had reading it. Laugh out loud chick lit at it's very best!

Someone Else's Son
Someone Else's Son
by Sam Hayes
Edition: Paperback
Price: 6.29

5.0 out of 5 stars A great read, 11 April 2011
This review is from: Someone Else's Son (Paperback)
I had to think for a few days before i pressed the "buy now" button here on Amazon, for this book. Everything about it sounded like just the kind of book i'd read, so i was suprised at myself how much i dithered before buying it. So, as soon as it dropped on the mat at home, i picked it up, and was again suprised, as i was immediately hooked.

In the book, we meet only child, Max. His father, Brody, is blind and living on a rough estate, whilst his mother is the famous reality talk-show host, Carrie Kent. Carrie and Brody's lives are worlds apart. Max will often clean up Brody's flat, and very rarely see's his mother, due to her busy career and lifestyle. Bullied at school, he meets kindred spirit, Dayna and romance inevitably blossoms between the pair.

Dayna also suffers from horrendous bullying, both at school and at home. Her mother and Step-father Kev, are living in a soul destroying relationship, and Dayna is often left looking after her younger sister. Max and Dayna's relationship grows, and with it a devastating turn of events appears in the midst of the bullying.

I thought the teenage characters of Max and Dayna were protrayed well by Hayes. The bullying scenes were sometimes difficult to read, as you just know it happens in real life. These two characters had been let down by the very people who should have loved and cared for them, and took comfort in each other. It was wonderfully written.

The book made me think of all the kids out there who don't have a loving parent(s) at home, who are left to fend for themselves, and i thank Hayes for that. This book, isn't just an easy read, it's a thoughtful book too. Focusing on crimes that happen far too often in our society, and of the relationships surrounding those people at the center of the crime.

Definately worth a read!

Men I've Loved Before
Men I've Loved Before
by Adele Parks
Edition: Paperback
Price: 7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars I loved it!, 8 April 2011
This review is from: Men I've Loved Before (Paperback)
In the latest paperback offering from Adele Parks, we are introduced to married couple, Nat and Neil. They have a perfect life, both have agreed that they won't have children, both have good jobs, nice families and great friends. Everything is fantastic, and they are very much in love, until Nat's world comes tumbling down when on the night of his birthday celebrations, Neil announces to Nat that he'd like them to start a family of their own.

Confused, hurt, and totally unsure of a future they thought would be perfect, Nat and Neil make a series of mistakes that end up hurting each other. Neil befriends a stripper from gentlemans club Hush Hush, whilst Nat starts re-visiting old flames from her "little black book" - only time will tell as to whether they can work through their problems, or whether this is truly the end of what was once viewed to be a perfect, loving relationship.

Whilst the ending was pretty predictable, i thought this book was a breath of fresh air. It was written very much in the modern day, where a woman can be just as, or even more successful than a man. I also think that every bloke has had a friend like Karl at sometime throughout their lives! I loved the character of Nat's mother, Nina, and would have liked to see more of her. The only part i was suprised at came towards the end, and was the action of Neil (unfortunately i can't say much more without giving the plot away).

I'd definately recommend the book, and can't wait for Adele's next offering.

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