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Voices of women: Approbating celestial or plural marriage
Voices of women: Approbating celestial or plural marriage
by Rhea A Kunz
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE, 26 Jun. 2015
Quite possibly one of the most important books concerning Mormon Polygamy ever written as it covers an extensive history of generation after generation of women who truly believed in keeping this Celestial Commandment from their Heavenly Father - none of whom were forced against their wills to practice plural marraige but who chose it of their own volition. A critic would argue that these women had to become polygamist wives as they believed it was their only way of getting into heaven, which is rubbish as the Commandment to practice plural marraige was not meant for every single person in the Mormon church but only to those who believed they had recieved a divine Calling into it and is certainly no different to born again christian's who've emotionally blackmailed people into their faith by promising eternal hell-fire as the ultimate in scare tactics in order to get people to convert ! Unlike hate-filled books written by these bigot's or the in-complete-denial propoganda masquerading as truth books written by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, these 2 epic volumes are not written with any agendas other than to tell people the truth about what many early Mormons went through in order to practice The Principle and in doing so provides the reader with the most indepth insight into the true history of their faith as a result. Highly recommended if you can actually find any copies, as the LDS church have gone out of their way to try to bury any such books that reveal all the practices started by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and which are now an embarrassing reminder of how the modern Mormon church have abandoned all of those principles and is nothing but a counterfeit version of the One True Church that Joseph Smith was given the task of re-establishing on the earth today.
Finally, I'm not interested in any comments by idiot's who haven't actually bothered to read these 2 Volumes, as such comments are pointless and completely redundant to this review. Get up off your lazy backsides and make the effort to read these Volumes first, because until you do any of those comments will only be deleted by me as a result, so don't say you haven't been warned !

Millennium - Season 3 [DVD] [1996]
Millennium - Season 3 [DVD] [1996]
Dvd ~ Lance Henriksen
Price: £14.99

5.0 out of 5 stars THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE, 22 Jun. 2015
The Innocents/Exegesis
Having relocated to Virginia after the death of his wife during the viral outbreak 5 months earlier, Frank Black has returned to the FBI and is investigating an airplane crash and a house explosion, even though there is seemingly no connection between the two. Along with rookie agent Emma Hollis and much to the annoyance of supervisor McClaran and crash team leader Baldwin, Frank finds that the recent disasters are a result of the Millenium Group's systematic execution of the offspring of an elderly woman who was once part of the goverment's experiment's in psychic spying....
Sound complicated ? It is and the opening two parter is a real mess ! This is sadly due to the new producer's of Millenium going out of their way to rewrite what Morgan and Wong had set up in the season 2 cliffhanger. That's not to say that the storyline is completely without merit as there are the odd moments that make the viewing worthwhile, eg. the brief glimpse of Frank's therapy video where he honestly states that he doesn't know if he even wants to recover from this latest breakdown, the open hostility shown to Frank by Catherine's father, plus the dynamic encounter between former buddies Frank and Peter Watts are all diamonds in the rough. Overall it's a weak beginning to the new season where all the rules have changed again - just like at the start of season 2 - and we the viewer are being asked to start all over again. Note: It's in this opening two parter that we are introduced to the murderous Group member Mabius played by Bob Wilde. Wilde has appeared before in Millenium in the season 1 episode Gehenna where he played the demonic cult leader Ricardo Clemmett.

13 Years Later
The filming of a case which Frank once investigated stirs up a whole new batch of murder's with movie-inspired M.O.'s....
Millenium's 2nd Halloween episode lacks the spooky atmosphere of The Curse of Frank Black but is still loads of fun as Frank is almost driven to the 3rd breakdown of his life by the insanity going on all around him. From the opening 'lecture' which has a great payoff at the episodes end to The Player-loke gags of life behind the scenes on a cheap movie set, 13 Years Later is just a joy to watch provided you don't take it all too seriously. Although the KISS cameo is truly bonkers to say the least, what really makes this story stand out is Marc Bianco (Megan Gallagher's real life husband) the actor playing Frank Black. From Lance Henrickson's hysterical 1st reaction to Bianco's David Hasselhoff-style representation of him to later scenes where he becomes more like the real thing, Bianco is an absolute hoot and 13 Years Later is worth watching for just him alone !

Skull and Bones
The FBI are called to the construction site of a new highway where skeletal remains have been uncovered only to find member's of the Millenium Group already there. Whilst agent Baldwin is all-too quick to accept the information given to him by Peter Watts, Hollis and - via phone - Frank begin to suspect an ulterior motive for the Group's involvement....
The 1st major arc episode of season 3 shows us the Millenium Group at its most insideous as Hollis' eyes are opened wide and clear to the kinds of thing's that they are capable of. The moment Hollis uncovers more remains as Watts watches in the background is chillingly played out, but even that doesn't compare to the scene at the end of the episode when she enters the house of horrors - at this point Millenium has reached truly nightmarish heights that wouldn't be matched on tv until years later in Hannibal. The dialogue that follows between Hollis and Watts marks the beginning of the 'recruitment' subplot that continues throughout the season. As for Frank himself, his seperate line of inquiry leads him to the obsessive chronicler Ed - someone who over the years has developed an abilty not too different from Frank's own gift. Ed is very similar to that other seemingly lone nut who had important information to share if only people would listen, Dennis Hoffman from season 1's Force Majeure, which is probably not too suprising seeing as both episodes are written by Chip Johannsen. At the climax of Skull and Bones, Ed breaks free of his mousy shell and in the proscess inadvertantly saves Frank's life. The final image of him wheeling away his life's work is extremely moving and it's a pity that like Hoffman before him, we'd never get to see this unique character again. Also, although it's great that Cheryl Andrews appears in flashback scenes her activities in Germany in Skull and Bones fail to fit together with her activities in Germany in season 2's The Hand of Saint Sebastian. This is just 1 of many times that season 3 conveniently ignores what has gone before in order to pursue the shows new direction, eg. in Skull and Bones Frank refers to Andrews as a friend, incredibly forgetting that in their last encounter she tried to have him killed ! These sloppy lapses in continuity ruin what would otherwise have been a perfect episode.

A mafia execution in December 1989 leads to all kinds of magical revelations and legal complications a decade later when Frank and Jordan visit the same area on a seasonal retreat....
This being their 1st Christmas without Catherine, the Black family are in refelective mood throughout this festive cracker which lead to a couple of heartbreaking moments as they both confess to their most hoped-for wish, that thing's could go back to the way they were. Jon Polito is given the role of his career and in return delivers a fully fleshed out character who has truly learned from his past misdeeds. What makes Omerta all the more overpowering is the beautiful choral music by Mark Snow - it truly lifts the episode into rapterous heights.

Borrowed Time
A number of unexplainable drownings on dry land caused by a mysterious stranger lead Frank and Emma to the discovery that all the previous victims had previously cheated death. As his own daughter fits into this category, ie. she should've died back in the Pilot and again in The Time Is Now, Frank becomes increasingly desperate to prevent her falling prey to the same fate....
This is an episode full of upsetting and disturbing scenes, from people choking up mouthfulls of water to Jordan herself being forced into a bath full of icy water by her father in order to save her life. Perhaps the most devestating moment though comes in the now-famous scene where Frank begs God to spare his child - rarely has Lance Henrickson shown such raw emotion on screen ! Eric Mabius does a fine job as the 'angel of death' come to collect what is now owed and there has been some speculation that this is the same character last seen in season 1's Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions. Although they both appear to be supernatural beings, wear similar clothes and even have the same name, nothing more is made of this and the viewer is left to come to their own conclusion. The only real problem with Borrowed Time is the climax when Samuel decides to save lives as opposed to taking them. This puzzling turnaround which costs Samuel his own life happens for no apparent reason - perhaps we're supposed to believe that his time on earth was now up as well ?

Collateral Damage
Peter Watt's daughter is kidnapped by a Gulf War veteran who wants the Millenium Group to admit they used him to test their virus on American soldiers during Operation Desert Storm....
The clock is ticking in an episode which reveals further secrets in the Group's sinister past and sees an internal struggle in Watts as he tries to do the right thing. The idea that the Group used the Gulf War as a testing ground for the modern day plague that they would later release at the end of season 2 is chilling to say the least, as is the torture and execution of kidnapper Swan's accomplice. The scene between Frank and Watts, their first since Exegesis, is masterfully played by both men on so many different levels - Frank's rage at Watts for having tracked him down and then daring to recite Group propoganda to him is equally balanced by Watt's attempt to be honest with Frank, which then leads to a rare and desperate plea for help - acting just doesn't get much better than this ! James Marsters also delivers the goods as Swan, who's misjudged act of compassion results in his unnecessary death at the hands - literally - of Taylor Watts. Her swift and merciless dispatching of Swan immediantly loses her any sympathy from the viewer not to mention being completely unbelievable ! Just where did she learn to break necks so effectively anyway ? Certainly not at her local self defence class that's for sure ! Being the daughter of a Group member doesn't cut it either as the whole point of this episode is that Watt's daughter's have no idea who their father really is and what he does for a living. Collateral Damage could easily be watched back to back with Skull and Bones - both episodes demonstrate just how dangerous an organisation can be when it believes that its purpose for being gives it the right to act no matter what the cost.

The Sound Of Snow
A deliberately misdirected cassette full of white noise leads Frank back down roads in his past and to personal issues left hanging since his wife's murder....
The only real episode of season 3 that acts as a sequel to events in season 2, the Sound of Snow feels like a reunion of familiar faces and places for the viewer - Catherine, Giebelhouse (this being sadly just 1 of only 2 appearences this season), Frank's former yellow house, the cabin in the woods etc. The scenes between Frank and Giebelhouse really do feel like old workmates getting together again and Giebs' response of, "Geez Frank, you never don't know !", shows a weight of familiarity that's been lacking for most of the season. There is also the newly-filmed flashback of Jordan running to get help after her father's breakdown, which acts as a very important bridge between where season 2 ended and where season 3 picked thing's up again. The most striking scene of all though has to be the opening teaser and the girl's hallucination of a silent snowy stretch of road which very quickly becomes an icy deathtrap. Note: after this episode Frank's hair is completely white again. Is this a result of Frank having to relive the painful events surrounding his wife's death - which is of course what turned his hair white the first time around ? Apart from the background rain which ruins alot of the all-important dialogue between Frank and Catherine this is one of the season's best episodes, with a truly beautiful final shot of Catherine fading away into golden lit woods of falling snow.

Lucy Butler returns once again and sets in motion a chain of events that will bring her face to face with Frank - who she has intimate plans for....
By pretty much bypassing season 2's A Room with No View, Antipas acts as a direct sequel to season 1's Lamentation. Sarah Jane Redmond has never been stronger and dominates every scene she's in, holding her own against Lance Henrickson in all of their electric confrontations. Antipas has some frightening imagery too, wether it's of giant snakes devouring little girl's, dog's attacking, or Butler's long-haired man alter ego just standing in silent menace. Emma Hollis has her 1st real run in with the forces of evil in this episode as opposed to the evil actions of the Millenium Group and as a result rightly plays those scenes looking unsure of herself and out of her depth. She does get to be her more confident self though in her dealings with Butler's parasitic lawyer, who does a wonderful job of winding Frank up. This is also the first time that Frank pulls a Group-style tactic of leaving Hollis out of the loop when he innitially wrestles the case from her without revealing his reasons why - sadly it won't be the last time he does this. Lucy Butler's final threat to Frank concerning Jordan nicely sets thing's up for Saturn Dreaming of Mercury.

The suicide of an elderly ex FBI agent and the words 'It Must End' written on an old photo of a young girl lead Frank and Emma back over 50 years to the rebirth of the Millenium Group....
Even though this episode is similar to The X-Files episode Travellers, Matryoshka is still an important piece in the overall arc for a number of reasons. To begin with we finally get to see how the FBI connection to the Group came about, in the procsess giving the ancient organisation acsess, cover, recruitment and ultimately a new sense of direction in the latter half of the 20th century. Then there's Peter Watts who has many telling scenes throughout - the 'recruitment' subplot of Hollis takes its next step here, plus his dealings with former Group member Barbara Bains and the Group Elder reveal much about the man himself including his feelings over having lost Frank as a possible Group member. On a smaller level we have the welcome return of the onscreen Group logo, which hasn't been seen since the end of season 2. There is a huge continuity error in this episode though when we're shown that it was J. Edgar Hoover who came up with the Uroborus symbol for the Group - wrong ! Season 2's The Hand of Saint Sebastian clearly shows that Group members were already using the symbol 1000 years earlier having tatood it upon their own bodies. The ending of Matryoshka packs a heavy punch for the girl in the photo. All grown up now and a member of the Group, she's left with the realisation that she's spent her whole life continuing the very work that led to her father's death.

Forcing the End
A pregnant woman is kidnapped by a Jewish sect intent on raising her baby as a priest in the soon to be rebuilt temple in Jerusalem....
This is very much Hollis' episode as the 'recruitment' subplot moves up a gear by having her for the 1st time follow the advice given to her by Peter Watts, much to the concern of Frank who warns Hollis that there will be a price to pay for such help - something he knows only too well ! It's not too suprising to hear from Watts that Gourevitch was once an alli of the Group's, as the rebuilding of the Temple is just the kind of enterprise that they would be involved in. What is of interest though is Watts rescuing the mother but not the baby due to his belief that a specific section of the Book of Revelations was about to be fulfilled and therefore had to play itself out. Mark Snow's music adds the appropiate flavour to an episode that not only includes a graphic stoning but also a tense helicopter finale too. Note: because the Jewish idea of the Messiah differs greatly from the christian there are a few minor errors that stand out - Jews aren't awaiting the Messiah's return as they don't believe he has come at all yet, plus the year 2000 has no real significance to Jews so the sect in this episode wouldn't be trying to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem for that particular date.

Saturn Dreaming of Mercury
Frank becomes concerned over his daughter's growing obsession toward their new neighbours, which is a result of Jordan having frightening visions of an explosive house fire and a demonic parent....
The beginning of the so-called 7 episode story arc that was all supposed to lead somewhere - and didn't ! - this is a curious sequel to Antipas. Even though the various storylines from that episode are followed through here, Lucy Butler going after Jordan as she had threatened to and Frank continuing to keep thing's from Hollis, Saturn Dreaming of Mercury fails to get its act together until its inferno climax. The image of the contorting Butler/Lucas is extremely disturbing, making sure that one of the shows best recurring character's goes out in a blaze of glory at least. Plus the realisation by Hollis that she's missing out on thing's is perfectly played by Klea Scott. It's also interesting to watch Brittany Tiplady as Jordan, who is required to carry a number of scenes by herself throughout - something which for the most part she does very well.

Bardo Thodal
The discovery of a cargo of frozen hands by Hollis during a 'routine raid' and a cryptic message which appears on Frank's computer when he downloads one of Jordan's games, lead the 2 down seperate paths concerning a genetic researcher who has defected from the Millenium Group....
The use of the monks and some of the teachings from the Buddhist beliefs help to give this episode a unique feeling and perspective. It's also the biggest role to date for Mabius who actually gets a few lines of dialogue for the 1st time since Exegesis as he goes about his murderous Group business. The Group itself ups its ante in their recruitment of Hollis by deliberately making sure she's left to figure thing's out for herself during her investigation, which all leads to her wonderful fiery rage against Watts. "Hey, bald man !", has got to be the best line of the whole season for sure ! Even though I failed to understand the importance of the ancient bowls to the Group I still think this is a highly recommended episode. The onscreen warning of, 'We are moving towards an apocalypse of our own creation' and the continuous use of the words, "Understand and you are liberated", were both very effective. As too is the final scene which makes use of the snowy mountain location last seen in season 1's Lamentation and in doing so provides a reflective and enlightening close. Note: the arrangement of the body of the genetic researcher by the Monks is strikingly similar to that of the Old Man's back in season 2's Roosters.

Seven and One
Frank is the prime suspect in his own investigation when he becomes the target of yet another Polaroid Man - or so it 1st appears....
This is an incredibly lazy and stupid episode that's more than happy to just recycle previous storylines ! Therefore it's just the same old deal played out one time too many, ie. the forces of evil attacking Frank and those close to him in an attempt to once again push him over the edge. The unnecessary morphing of agent Boxer into Mabius only makes thing's worse and confuses the overall issue - is this Group member really a devil in disguise then or what ? This is just 1 of many thing's that happen in Seven and One which are never dealt with again - the investigation of Frank by agent Boxer plus McClaren's line to Hollis that Frank is leaving the FBI and is never coming back are all just left hanging there at the end. Worse than all of this are some truly apalling continuity errors. In their 1st meeting Frank tells Boxer that the original Polaroid Man - who we know from the Pilot was Ed Cuffle - is dead. This comes as something of a suprise then when Cuffle turns up alive and well - though not for long - at the beginning of the later episode Via Dolarosa. Then in Frank's watery flashback story he tells Hollis about his brother's - what brother's ! He only has one as seen in season 1's Sacrament and confirmed in the obituary seen in season 2's Midnight of the Century. So despite the odd good visual like Frank having some major plumbing problems and Hollis seeing double, plus the great moment when Frank flips out after recieving a letter from Seattle and order's a quarantine of the surrounding area; this is the worst episode ever by Carter and Spotnitz who deserve their very own Millenium Group-style execution for daring to cheat the viewer out of 45 minutes of their lives which could've been better spent than watching this rubbish ! The closing voiceover by Lance Henrickson was so empty and vacous that I actually lost the will to live whilst listening to it - compare it to his wonderful voiceover in season 2's The Beginning and the End - perhaps Lance's rushed reading was down to the fact that he himself was bored with this awful episode and just wanted it over and done with as quickly as possible !

Via Dolarosa/Goodbye to All That
The state execution of the original Polaroid Man followed by a series of copycat murder's, the ongoing deterioration of James Edward Hollis, plus the endgame actions of the Millenium Group forever change the lives of all those involved as the 3 year odyssey of Frank Black draws to a close...
The Alzheimer's storyline which began in Darwin's Eye manages to tie into the ongoing 'recruitment' subplot as Hollis turns on Frank in order to save her father. This painful but inevitable betrayal is down to the Group forcing her hand as they set about placing her in a position of power at the FBI. The presence of the Group is everywhere throughout this 2 parter - it is they who are behind the creation of the Ed Cuffle 'clone' as well as the murder of agent Baldwin which clears the way for Hollis' promotion. For the 1st time in the whole season Baldwin is actually presented as a half decent human being and FBI agent. This character turnaround is obviously down to the writer's wanting his death to carry some impact, but this can only be achieved if you gave a damn about the character to begin with ! Perhaps if Peter Outerbridge had been given this kind of range to play with in earlier episodes instead of just an unconditional jerk it might've worked, but it's a case of too little too late I'm afraid. Another character who's usefulness seems to be at an end is Peter Watts and the scene when his Group acsess is terminated genuinely made me fear for a man who over the season became nothing more than a lackey errand boy ! However Chris Carter pulls his usual stunt when offing somebody by deliberately leaving their death ambiguous. No doubt if Millenium had continued for another season Watts somehow would've been ressurrected. And finally we come to Frank himself. The man has clearly had enough of it all and other people's bullplop. Wether that be McClaren's constant refusal to act against the Group because he refuses to see them as they really are, backstabber Hollis, or ex-buddy Watts - who despite everything may well be the only real friend Frank has left. In one of the best moments of season 3, Frank almost follows through on his threat to Watts concerning Jordan from back in Exegesis. Many people have commentated that the Frank Black that Chris Carter created would never have committed such an emotional outburst. Well that Frank had Catherine and his yellow house and a deep respect for the Millenium Group to all center him. But that Frank Black is long gone now, cut loose and left to drift dangerously out of control following much personal loss and treachorous deceit. Ultimately though it is Watts' final act of friendship and warning which, although probably costing him his life, gives Frank and Jordan the chance of escape and the opportunity of a fresh start together. However ignoring the fact that this is an anticlimactic finish to both the season and the show as a whole, what really spoils this 2 parter is a huge dose of ripping off ! The situation Watts finds himself in is just a replay of The X-Files' Cigarette Smoking Man in the season 5 episode Redux 2, ie. CSM's protection of that show's main character has put him at odds with the rest of his group resulting in him being cut out of their activities followed by the old ambiguous dispatching. This is only minor though compared to the excessive plagiarizing from the movie Manhunter - who's main character Frank Black was heavily copied from anyway. Just check out the list of similarities between that film and this season 2 parter: serial killer uses night vision goggles as he parades around his victims houses, serial killer watches his victims via video as his blind girlfriend sits nearby completely unaware, plus the striking image of the profiler hero bursting through a window, It's nothing short of a miracle that director Michael Mann didn't sue ! With a moving closing scene we wave goodbye then - well not quite, as Frank Black still has 1 more appearence to make.

X-Files episode 'Millenium' - to be found on extras menu
Following on from the events of the season 3 finale the Millenium Group have mysteriously disbanded leaving no traces behind of any of its members. All except a splinter faction of 4 who have taken their own lives and now with the aid of a necromancer intend on forcing the end of the world themselves. Given the task of investigating these suicides and the subsequent dissapearences of all 4 bodies, plus because of the FBI connection of most Group members, are agents Mulder and Scully - who with just days remaining until the dawn of the new millenium turn to the 1 person who may hold all of the answers concerning the Millenium Group, Frank Black....
After the happy ending shown in the closing moments of season 3 it's sad to see, though not too suprising, that Frank's world has once again turned to crap. Involved in a nast custody battle for Jordan with the parents of his late wife, he has signed himself into the nearest nuthouse for evaluation in order to prove he's still a fit father. All of this of course makes it easy for Mulder and Scully to track him down, but because of his current situation he's more than abit reluctant to get involved in anything concerning the Millenium Group. Ultimately though Frank realises that no matter what he does he just can't escape his former colleagues and the fallout from their activities. The scene where he chooses to once again risk all that he holds dear in order to do the right thing and make 1 final stand against the Group is a supreme example of Frank's selfless nature as well as a beautifully and typically underplayed moment by Lance Henrickson. Also it's highly unlikely that the Group have simply disbanded so close to the actual millenium but have instead gone underground again as they did 1000 years ago in order to avoid any unwanted attention and ensure its own survival - see The Hand of Saint Sebastian. Also quite what the 4 Group member's thinking is in this episode I haven't a clue. After all if a biological plague didn't bring about the end of the world how 4 zombies are going to manage it who knows ! A couple of cleverly written exchanges between Mulder and Scully and their boss Skinner manage to sum up key points concerning the history of the Group and Frank's life over the last 3 seasons - for all of those folks unfamiliar with the show and to act as a neat bonus of rare continuity for all of those who are. Other top scenes include Frank's encounter with the necromancer, plus Frank and Mulder fighting off zombiefied Group members in their basement layer - a knowing nod to the evil dead films. However there is definately a case of missed opportunity concerning Scully's tatoo - which is of the Uroborus ! This could've been used as a major plot device within the story or at the very least as a passing gag between Scully and Frank. The only major downer though comes in the episodes closing moments as the countdown to 2000 finally arrives and Frank and Jordan - reunited at last - are all-too quickly shoved offscreen just so Mulder and Scully can get jiggy with each other ! What the hell kind of social services gives child custody back to a parent on the evening of a new millenium anyway ! At the end of the day it's important to remember that this is an episode of The X-Files and that Frank Black and all things Millenium related only appear in that particular context. Even so this crossover does provide a more fitting and stronger close to Millenium than the feeble season 3 finale, recreating some of the apocalyptic urgency of season 2 and making sure that Millenium itself did eventually reach the big 2000.
Farewell to a flawed but truly excellent series....

Northfork [DVD]
Northfork [DVD]
Dvd ~ James Woods
Offered by Global_Deals
Price: £3.66

5.0 out of 5 stars THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE, 28 May 2015
This review is from: Northfork [DVD] (DVD)
A truly beautiful visual poem of a film that's all-but impossible to review because it's so many different thing's at different times, eg. is it a Twin Peaks homage ? There's the diner with the weirdo waiter/ress - I'm still not sure if that's a man in drag or a woman - and the Kyle Maclachlan cameo. Is it an exploration of a young boy's near death encounter with angelic beings ? Is it a parody of the Old Testament book of Genesis - there's a man, an Ark and an approaching great flood ? Or is it a moving account of father's and their son's - wether that be James Woods' relationship with his or the one Nick Nolte has with the dying boy entrusted into his care ?
So is Northfork all of these thing's or none of the above - you decide.
In my humble opinion, James Woods has never been better than here, completely underplaying it for once as opposed to rabidly chewing up the scenery as he usually is prone to do. The scene at the end of the movie where he speaks to his dead wife telling her how he didn't forget her is soulfully played by Woods - who manages to produce real tears - which itself is nothing short of brilliant considering that on the making of documentary the director himself was joking around with Woods by kicking cow dung at him only moments before !
Speaking of which, the making of documentary is a worthy companion to Northfork, showing how the Polish brother's dad is quite clearly the real hero here - building all of the sets for his boys with no budget - plus the real life drama of the filmaker's never really knowing if Nolte was going to turn up for his scenes until the actual day itself; plus the priceless moment when Wood's loses his cool when he's hit by icy blasts of freezing winds as he tries to make his way to the location to film.
Northfork just has it all, with a truly beautiful ending of wintery landscapes and poignant music that plays throughout the whole movie and which sadly was never released as a soundtrack.
A required taste for sure, but a highly recommended one even so.

Birdman [DVD]
Birdman [DVD]
Dvd ~ Michael Keaton
Price: £6.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE, 15 May 2015
This review is from: Birdman [DVD] (DVD)
One of the greatest films you will EVER see in your entire lives - a towering achievment in cinematic filmaking, showing just what's possible when you truly are a visionary filmaker - and yes, Michael Keaton was robbed of an oscar ! The same old story, do you want an acedemy award, then just play a disabled person and it's automatically yours - you don't even have to turn up on the night, it's already in the post !
Birdman is simply faultless from start to finish.
I defy you to find a more original movie in the next 10 years, because if you can I'll eat my own feet !

Left Behind: Box Set [DVD]
Left Behind: Box Set [DVD]
Dvd ~ Kirk Cameron
Price: £9.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE, 14 May 2015
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This review is from: Left Behind: Box Set [DVD] (DVD)
Christian's deserve something better than this drivel concerning their 'end time' beliefs. In fact these 3 Left Behind movies are so bad that they make the Nicolas Cage version seem like a cinematic masterpiece by comparison !
The acting is just terrible - I don't know who's worse, the chick playing the daughter of the airplane pilot who's so irritating you just want to strangle her, or the truly awful Kirk Cameron; an actor so bad that he would've failed an audition for an Edward d. Wood Jr movie !
Their childish romance sinks the whole storyline into the depths of pure tedium - who on earth starts a romance anyway when they know that not only are they living during the reign of the Antichrist, but that God Himself is about to pour His wrath upon the earth and millions of people are going to die - get your priorities straight why don't you !
Cameron's conversion scene has got to be the most unconvincing Christian conversion ever to be put onto film - if you want to see it done right just watch the end of Robert Duvall's movie The Apostle. He merely says he's sorry to God for having not bothered praying to him before followed by some terrible pop song and hey presto, he's a Christian - what the hell kind of a conversion is that ! No mention whatsoever of him actually accepting Jesus as his Lord and Saviour who died for his sins, I thought these movies were made by Christians ? If that's how they think a person truly comes to Christ, they're sadly mistaken !
The scenes set in Jerusalem in the 2nd movie have so obviously been filmed in some studio with a whole bunch of white looking actors with towels on their heads trying to pass themselves off as Arabs. Even worse, the guy playing the Antichrist, with his seriously dodgy European accent which is even worse than Tim Curry's in Congo and at times sounds part Klingon, comes across as less scary than a Scooby Doo villain !
The Antichrist is supposed to be a terryfying representation of pure evil, not a joke !
Sam Neill's potrayal of the Antichrist may've been scriptually baseless, but at least it had power - who can forget the chilling scene where he addresses all of his followers.
I take no pleasure in saying this but there's just nothing to recommend here.
The worse crime of all though has to be that these movies become less and less faithful to the books on which they're based, which has got to be the ultimate insult.
In fact these 3 movies are just so bad that Christian's everywhere ought to sue the film makers for potraying their faith in such a shoddy, amateurish and monotonous way.

Sons Of Anarchy: Complete Seasons 1-7 [DVD]
Sons Of Anarchy: Complete Seasons 1-7 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Charlie Hunnam
Price: £69.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE, 6 May 2015
Oh dear - what passes as entertainment these days !
The idiotic fans of this series will tell you it's all about a bunch of cool guys on bikes, who demonstrate their cool behaviour by killing, whoring and breaking any other laws that are going with their depraved lifestyles - when the truth is that these people are nothing but gutless cowards who never had the inner strength to live lives of moral decency towards their fellow man or each other !
The lead character Jax Teller - or Wobble Head - seeing as he spends the entire 7 year run copying Er's George Clooney's bad habit of being utterley unable to keep his head still whilst talking to anyone, is nothing but a weak-willed momas boy who lacked the strength to severe the umbilical cord that connected him to one of the most vile, immoral women who ever had the misfortune to put her repulsive face onto a television screen !
The series itself has got to be one of the most "I'm so in denial about my homosexual feelings towards you," comedies I've ever seen - with endless scenes of grown men hugging each other whilst proclaiming in choke-filled voices, "I love you, man !"
Absolutely hilarious !
Kurt Sutter has obviously learned nothing from his time working on The Shield and thinks that the only way to write a tv series is to cram it with endless, monotonous musical montages throughout, and then gives us one of the most absurd finales that simply beggars belief !
Old Wobble Head is now wanted by the law for all of his cowardly acts of murder, yet when a police officer has him cornered talking to dear dadsy by his roadside memorial, he makes no attempt to arrest him but leaves him there yakking for about half an hour before then letting him ride away - cop of the year this guy aint !
This of course has to happen so we can be given an even more ridiculous scene of about 100 cop cars pursuing Wobble Head in what has got to be THE slowest police chase EVER as Wobble Head is only doing about 20 mph and yet at no point do any of the police attempt to simply overtake him !
Kurt Sutter is so desperate to give his leading man a moving send off but instead merely shows us what a moral weakling Wobble Head was all along, by being utterley incapable of living with his degenerate actions over the last 7 years - like destroying the lives of his wife and eldest son - he takes the cowards way out instead !
Gee, what a hero !!!
So, if you want to waste your time and money watching a show that contains the worst examples of humanity, then Sons Of Anarchy is clearly for you. (I myself only watched it because I'm a big Ron Perlman fan and will check out anything with the great man's name attatched to it)
If however you're expecting a tv series that has any kind of moral decency whatsoever to it, then I suggest you dump this boxset into the nearest rubbish bin where cheap trash like this so obviously belongs !
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The Survivors [DVD] [2002]
The Survivors [DVD] [2002]
Dvd ~ Walter Matthau
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Price: £18.99

4.0 out of 5 stars THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE, 22 Aug. 2014
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This review is from: The Survivors [DVD] [2002] (DVD)
I've been a big fan of this film ever since I came across it in my local video store - remember those ! - back in 1990.
3 strangers lives come together - Robin Williams, Walter Matthau and Jerry Reed - when it seems they all lose their income on the same day. All 3 can be seen together in the employment office - this is one of those movies where there's alot happening in the background so you need to pay attention - after which Reed decides to go and rob the nearest diner where Williams and Mathau just happen to be. All of this leads to a short-lived love affair between Williams and firearms, which then leads to him leaving behind civilisation's 'the big cespool' and heading off into the snowy mountains to live with a bunch of other survivalists.
This isn't a perfect film by any means but the ending contains what is probably the most moving piece of acting that Robin Williams ever gave and is now all-the-more poignant following Williams' sad death.
Having realised that his survival stint has been a complete waste of time and knowing he's lost the woman who truly loved him because of it, Williams in despair removes nearly all of his clothes out in the snowy wilderness - if this movie was made today this scene would be filmed in front of a green screen in a central heated Hollywood studio ! - then turns to Matthau and in a truly universal moment of 1 human being looking to another for solace, asks him what he's going to do now and for Matthau to tell him that everything's going to be alright.
Robin Williams has never been so hearbreakingly genuine and honest in this moment; it moved me when I first saw it 24 years ago and its all the more powerful now, knowing how the great man himself sadly took his own life.
Where else can you find a movie where Williams accidently destroys Matthau's livelihood without a moments notice, where you can spot an early appearence by John Goodman, where Williams asks the immortal line, "what kind of a man gives cigarettes to trees ?", and what now contains one of the most moving endings ever put on film ?
The Survivors, that's where !

Visions of Glory: One Man's Astonishing Account of the Last Days
Visions of Glory: One Man's Astonishing Account of the Last Days
by John Pontius
Edition: Perfect Paperback
Price: £11.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE, 16 May 2014
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The mormon version of the Left Behind books, ie the Second Coming of Christ and all the events leading up to it told from the Latter Day Saints point of view. Wether you're a member of that church or not this book certainly gives the reader hope for the future - with the message that no matter how a person suffers or how terrible thing's get in this world, our Heavenly Father and the Saviour are in complete control of it all ! At the end of the book, John Pontius states that he finds nothing in 'Spencer's' acount that goes against Latter Day scriptures. However earlier in the book we have the section with 2 different kinds of evil spirits who visit a man watching internet porn - the 1st are those who fell with Satan and will be forever denied a body, the second are evil people who have lived and have died and are now just looking to recreate their own lustful desires through the living. The only problem with this account is that in the Book of Mormon, Alma the Younger clearly stated to one of his sons that when a person dies, a good person goes to paradise whilst an evil person goes to spirit prison or outer darkness. Nowhere does Alma state that evil people are allowed to hang around on the earth to carry on their evil desires through other people. This is confirmed in the bible in Hebrews, where it states that a person dies then faces judgement. As experienced a Mormon as John Pontius was, how could he miss out on such a contradiction in what Spencer has told him and what the Mormon scriptures tell him - they both can't be right !
This 1 gripe spoiled what is otherwise a glorious vision of hope and faith for everyone,which doesn't overlook all the evil in the world and because of that, Visions of Glory is a superior read.

Homeland - Season 3 [DVD]
Homeland - Season 3 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Damian Lewis
Price: £9.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE, 1 April 2014
This review is from: Homeland - Season 3 [DVD] (DVD)
After 2 excellent series, Homeland seriously loses its way during its 3rd year mainly due to the fact that all of the main storylines were resolved by the end of season 2 and the show now has nowhere to go.
So let's have Carrie back in the nuthouse with her mental health problems and let's have Brody locked away from the world all over again. Talk about the writers starting to repeat themselves - and it's only season 3 !
Worse than this, let's waste endless valuable screentime on dana brody, Homeland's equivalent of 24's kim bauer, ie the idiotic daughter who's got nothing to do with the main plotline, so let's keep coming up with more and more absurd stories to justify her even being in the series at all instead of just dumping the irritating brat, or at the very least keep her in the background where she belongs like they did with Brody's son all season long !
Going on the run with her boyfriend only to realise she's with a complete lunatic - they've been using that tired cliche going all the way back to Terrence Malick's Badlands !
There was talk of killing off Brody at the end of season 2 by the writer's. You get the feeling they later regretted not making that call with the character because Brody quite clearly no longer has a storyline anymore - this goes some way to explain why the 2nd lead of the show is missing for more than half the season !
So what are we left with instead ? Endless scenes of Dr Geiger and the guy from Amadeus in rooms talking plot - what the hell is this, Death of a Salesman !
The final insult is the way the writer's bungle Brody's death, in fact it's so badly written that for awhile I truly believed Brody was faking his death and was going to turn up alive and well in season 4.
Knowing he's about to die, why in his final conversation with Carrie doesn't he tell her he loves her or for her to take care of their baby ?
Brody's faith in Islam has always been on shaky ground, ie as a Muslim he commits adultery on his wife and downs bucket loads of alcohol - hardly the behaviour of one of the faithful ! Despite this I still believe Brody was genuine in his faith, so why as a Muslim knowing he's about to die don't we see him ever making peace with Allah - even Saddam Hussein did that at the end! His entire death is just so badly written and not a remotely credible potrayal of a man facing his end - as one of the central characters of the series he clearly deserved a more believable exit than the one he got !
All in all a tired, lazy and sad effort for a series that quite clearly has ran out of steam - season 4 is no better in it's lousy finale which cheats the viewer by refusing to resolve any of its storylines and instead ends with Carrie reconciling with dear mumsy - a storyline so awfully cliched that even The Waltons would have thrown it out !
If this is the best the writer's can come up with, have the decency to quit now and stop wasting the viewer's time once and for all !

September Dawn [2007] [DVD]
September Dawn [2007] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jon Voight
Price: £5.24

1.0 out of 5 stars THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE, 20 Feb. 2014
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This review is from: September Dawn [2007] [DVD] (DVD)
The so-called christian's in this film are all presented as pure, goodie-two-shoes saint-like angels - each with their own personal halo they're all just so perfect.
The Mormons on the other hand are all presented as degenerate savages who are all-but missing a pair of horns and pitchfork !
The idiotic message of this turkey being: christians GOOD, Mormon's BAD !
Complete propoganda all-round along the same lines as the type that Hitler and the Nazis used to come up to spread hatred against the Jews !
No doubt if you picked away at the scab of this film to uncover the puss underneath, you'd find that it had been funded by some pathetic fundamentalist christian organisation who've got nothing better to do with their time and money than to slander people of other faiths just because they refuse to believe as they do !
There's a name for that kind of insideous behaviour - BIGOTRY !
The fim itself is apallingly acted - Jon Voight seems to be trying to out-ham his over the top performance in Anaconda here - with a tediously lame romantic subplot, none of which is even historically accurate !
No I'm not a Mormon as various idiots have suggested, just somebody who has spent time with them in the past and has seen with her own eyes how they behave in a far more christian manner towards each other and people of different faiths than those sickening self-righteous charlatans who have the audacity to use the word christian when describing themselves !
History after all is ALWAYS written by the winners and the so-called history books concerning the Mountain Meadows massacre are usually written by the same bigoted christians who hounded the Mormon's out of every state they tried to live in, and then went on to MURDER men, women and children of the Mormon church - including Joseph Smith and his brother - for the simple fact that they refused to to believe the same doctrine as themselves and chose to practice a different one instead !
Now where's the movie about all of those massacres ?
You'll never see it being made by the bigots behind this farce because such a movie would hurt the one-sided image of evil Mormon's that the filmakers are clearly trying to push here with September Dawn.
So much for "Not bearing false witness against others" !
These are exactly the same type of bigots who continue to attack this review because it exposes them all as the hypocritical frauds that they so obviously all are - who are always the first to judge others and the last to forgive anyone who dares to not believe as they do !
So if you laughably so-called christians don't like what I've said in this review, try practicing what you pretend to preach by turning the other cheek and forgiving it - instead of continuing to leave your worthless comments that I'm not remotely interested in and where they are not welcome.
But by all means don't respect my wishes and keep sending them in, because I will take great pleasure in deleting them all as the worthless trash that they so obviously are !
You've been warned !

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