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PES 2015 Day 1 Edition (PS4)
PES 2015 Day 1 Edition (PS4)
Offered by Smartspot Limited
Price: £30.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars PES 2015 Is The One!, 18 Nov. 2014
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Konami had 1 last chance at relevancy with the PS4 debut of PES 2015 after a quite severe fall from grace after the PS2 era due to a number of things partly because of a lack of quality in basic gameplay and partly because of Fifa finally sorting their basic gameplay out. But when the pressure was on Konami nailed it.

This is Pro Evo back to it's best. And when PES is at it's best on the pitch not only does Fifa not touch it but no football game ever in existence even comes close!

One of the best compliments you can pay PES 2015 is that it's 'PES 5 with modern graphics'. Another compliment one should pay it is that the AI is so good it will mostly go unnoticed - what do I mean by that? Full backs make overlapping runs, midfielders drop back when you lose possession, defenders push up to play the offside trap if that's how you're set up, goalkeepers don't suck, and there's no glaring mistakes from the AI.

The passing feels immense, even though the ball gets given away a little bit too much for my liking it's still head and shoulders above Fifa in that regard. Shooting is good can let fly with some real rockets and score some belters - you know that old PES magic where grown men parade around the room bellowing in their glorious goal - something you just never get with EA's game. You score a good goal in Fifa it barely raises a comment, but you score a good goal in PES and you might as well be on the pitch yourself as you find yourself physically celebrating clenched fist the whole 9 yards!

There are some cons though:

Some ground pass free kicks go completely the opposite direction to where you pointed sometimes costing you goals. Not a new issue to this game but it still exists.

Premier League is unlicensed so Man City are called Man Blue and don't have their proper kits.

Edit mode is weak sauce this year, partly Konami's fault and partly Sony's fault.

There are currently only something like 15 stadiums in the game. Not good enough.

Game modes are still behind Fifa in terms of content.

Ultimately though is this game better than Fifa ? On the pitch yes. Is this game good ? It's brilliant. And is this game Pro Evo really back to it's best ? Read the reviews and play the game it's a resounding yes!

If you don't try this game based on the PS3 era of what you assume PES to be you are doing yourself a great disservice! This is the dawn of a new day. The heat is on now.

PES vs FIFA - let the game finally begin!
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FIFA 15 (PS4)
FIFA 15 (PS4)
Offered by SeeDeez
Price: £38.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Frustrating., 10 Oct. 2014
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: FIFA 15 (PS4) (Video Game)
This is going to be a short review, it's Fifa but done worse.

Graphically and audio wise it's a work of art - really good soundtrack this year and immense commentary and graphics on PS4 with the one exception being the player models looking ridiculous! There is no way Rickie Lambert is built like Brock Lesnar and Joe Hart built like John Cena.

The pitch degradation and physics on the goal area is fantastic! Nice to see some innovation there on EAs part. Kudos to them for that and credit where it's due.

Fifa 15 starts to fall apart though on the pitch unfortunately, the goalkeepers are worse this year and not just a little bit worse they are a lot worse. If anyone ever played PES on the PS3 last gen it's not THAT bad but Fifa 15 keepers are bad ENOUGH to invoke that feeling of immersion breaking frustration... and it's just a nightmare online.

Speaking of online being a nightmare it's because the keepers are poor and the dribbling is so overpowered and tackles underpowered that players can often just quick-turn sprint score in the penalty area and the pressure whoring is far worse this year because of said issues. And the keepers are hopeless. So bad in fact that I've scored 8 out of 10 free kicks this year with Ross McCormack very much an average free kick taker and I never used to be any good at free kicks in Fifa so that should tell you something - scored 8 out of 10 and counting with a player who isn't exactly 'rated' at free kicks in the game.

So yeah EA have dropped the ball with Fifa 15 this year sadly, play it for a while and you'll see what I'm saying here....but Konami seem to have found their form with PES 2015 judging by their demo. That demo is a lot of fun, so as a football gaming fan it doesn't seem to be all bad news.

And hopefully Konami don't screw another promising demo up for the full game and if not then hopefully that will light a fire under EA regarding their game and we could have some proper competition again on PS4!

Here's hoping...

The Last Of Us Remastered - Day 1 Edition (PS4)
The Last Of Us Remastered - Day 1 Edition (PS4)
Offered by Smartspot Limited
Price: £75.04

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Last Of Us Becomes The First Of Us!, 1 Aug. 2014
The Last Of Us was the last 10/10 universally lauded PS3 game which was released in the summer of last year - The Last Of Us Remastered on PS4 is also the first 10/10 universally lauded PS4 game!

The difference ? Resolution and frame rate mostly. The Last Of Us Remastered runs in native 1080p at 60 frames per second, with the option to frame lock it at 30 frames if you so desire (all PS4 games should be this way!) which is just simply brilliant. This game really should END the 30 frames per second vs 60 frames per second "debate" more like argument! It's right there in this game, switch on Frame Lock in Display Settings and enjoy 30 frames per second SLUGGISHNESS and MICRO STUTTER - Switch Frame Lock back off and bask in the 60 frames per second complete smoothness and controller response! You WILL notice the difference between the two. That much I guarantee.

And I know which I prefer! 1080p at 60 frames please, lesser quality effects if need be! I'm hoping this is the game which starts that particular worm turning for this gen...

Back to the game though, Naughty Dog are the masters of splicing together tried and tested mechanics together and turning it into a whole that feels fresh and unique. They did it with Uncharted with combat and platform mechanics we'd seen in other games in the years previous but that game felt incredibly fresh because the end result was just that good and a breath of fresh air at the time. And Naughty Dog have done it again with The Last Of Us - except this time they've spliced stealth with *survival* horror and chose to keep the focus on the characters and the world/environment rather than actual jump scares....the results speak for themselves....

This game may not suit everyone's taste but no game ever will. The Last Of Us was truly the last of us when it came to wall to wall critical acclaim some even go so far as to say it's PS3's best game - and now the Remastered version for PS4 is the first of us when it comes to wall to wall critical acclaim and is now the PS4's best game at the moment.

If you have a PS4 you can't not pick this up.

Sony PS4 Console (Black)
Sony PS4 Console (Black)
Offered by Talbot Media
Price: £325.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars This Is Living....Again!, 30 Mar. 2014
This review is from: Sony PS4 Console (Black) (Console)
Let me start by saying the PS4 is amazing technology. There is a reason why it's cleaning up in sales the likes of which we've not seen since the PS2 days and it can be difficult to find them in stock still.

For a start it is quite a bit more powerful and also quite a bit cheaper than it's nearest rival the Xbox One. Historically Sony home consoles always deliver on game content. You might not like them all but you're bound to find something!

As for the PS4 itself there's now things like voice chat, auto updates while in standby, and what I consider to be the best most next gen feature is an absolute god send is the ability to exit out of a game and into an application and back again and pick up in game right where you left off instantly. So if you get tired of a game you can back out and head to Netflix watch something and then exit that and head back into your game where you left it without having to sit through any loading screens. Amazing!

You can also check out other gamers playing their games on Twitch live stream on your PS4.

As it's a console in it's infancy though there's a lot that is yet to come but isn't there yet - like PlayStation Now game streaming for example. Also the PSN store is thread bare at the moment with (most disappointingly at the moment) basically no demo games to check out.

With such a lack of PS4 games right now you would think what is available would have a demo and this is something Sony did say initially is that all games would feature a demo but evidently right now this is not the case.

I'm glad to finally have a PS4 and I know for a fact that this is the calm before the storm and that the games will come thick and fast once we're out of the 'launch window' period. Not that there isn't great games available right now as there definitely is - it's just scarce as the console literally only came out a few months ago and they're just starting to build.

As for if you should buy one or not I would say definitely, unless you really want to pay more for less and get the Xbox One instead then that's up to you. But everybody is snapping up PlayStation 4 and Sony can't make them rapidly enough to satisfy the demand....this thing is going to be an absolute beast! Jump in whenever you're ready....

BioShock Infinite (PC DVD)
BioShock Infinite (PC DVD)
Offered by games-wizard
Price: £9.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Shooter That Will Go Down In History, 18 Feb. 2014
Okay I'm going to start this review off by saying that I thought the original BioShock was merely okay, tempted to say overrated, I didn't play BioShock 2 at all, and I didn't pay any attention at all to BioShock Infinite pre release and I kind of wrote it off initially - city in the sky, mechanical hawk called a songbird, relatively simple graphics or so I thought at first from internet videos, and also the fact that I'm not a shooter genre fanatic at all.

But then I got around to actually playing BioShock Infinite...

The first thing that struck me was wow this game is one of the most artistically atmospheric games I've ever played! I got to playing some more and quickly became aware of holy hell this is one of the most gorgeous games I've ever seen! The opening couple of hours of BioShock Infinite I can honestly say is some of the best experiences I've had in gaming - and it's why I play video games. For the experience, immersion, and escapism.

BioShock Infinite has the complete opposite tone and art direction than the original BioShock. But for me it's a much better game. Not that I don't like horror slanted games but BioShock Infinite is equal part an exploration game and equal part shooter.

The setting is just beautiful, no other word to describe it. People bring up the whole games as art debate well you can add this game to Exhibit A. Seeing this game in 1080p max settings running at 60 frames per second is a real treat. And doable on modest hardware too.

The voice acting and storyline is brilliant, the way it's cobbled together and presented it keeps you guessing all the time. From new areas with new stories to be told, to the whole religion/racial oppression aspect, to the weird but brilliant vignettes from the oddball couple who turn up throughout the game crossing your path.

I can honestly say this is one of the best shooters I've ever played, I love shooters which have a point to them that's why I don't play the vast majority of FPS games out there as they tend to be low grade pointless run and gun in my opinion. And they've been done to death. My favourite FPS games are Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Half-Life, Deus EX, the original Medal Of Honour and now BioShock Infinite so that should tell you something about the shooters I like.

So yeah this game is terrific, one of the games of the year last year without question!

I cannot recommend this game highly enough, it simply must be tried. But I can almost guarantee that when you do play it you will not put the controller down for a very long time!

Simply brilliant. No other word describes this game.

PES 2014 (PS3)
PES 2014 (PS3)
Offered by APE-GAMES
Price: £6.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Can Be Awesome, Mostly Annoying!, 14 Feb. 2014
This review is from: PES 2014 (PS3) (Video Game)
Okay so I'm a dyed in the wool PES fan, I like FIFA games too but I have always preferred Pro Evo gameplay from the PS1 days right through the PS2 and on to even today. Now when I played the early demo for PES 2014 I had such high hopes - the new animations were terrific, the ball to player movement felt a lot less on rails (which meant players would mistime runs or ball too fast and goes out of play - I loved it) and it looked terrific with the new lighting effects.

However, as ever, the very promising demo leads to a lacklustre final game where just almost everything great in the demo has been nullified for retail. In the full game you realize that the players and ball are a lot more on rails, you realise that the 1 arena with terrific lighting was the 1 featured in the demo and that's it, a lot of the performance issues are still there. And you realise that the goalkeepers are improved but still crap!

Also realise in the full game that the game modes suck. Master League is nowhere near the quality career mode that it used to be, Become A Legend (or Fantasista to give it's origin name) is still boring, modes and features included in previous year taken out for no reason, and online is still a big steaming pile of freezing poo. And that is my biggest annoyance with the game - it's practically unplayable online due to the lag!

Offline play isn't exactly a boat of gravy either as stutters exist there too as well as general performance issues even on a high end PC.

And to top it all off Konami PR this year has been awful, and people think EA are bad...

Simply put this year's effort has been piss poor all around, and nowhere near good enough.

Konami have 1 last chance to show something with PES on their next gen PS4/Xbox One debuts, and if no major change then PES is dead. I don't think PES fans will tolerate another 8 years of average at best football gaming, I for one definitely won't.

So I can't recommend PES 2014 unfortunately. It's just not the game I was hoping for or led to believe it was based from the demo. Which is a big problem in and of itself.

Maybe next year, hopefully. But skip PES 2014, wait a while for the next iteration and save your money.

XFX Radeon HD 7970 DD Edition 3GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
XFX Radeon HD 7970 DD Edition 3GB GDDR5 Graphics Card

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5.0 out of 5 stars Gaming Utopia At A Fair Price!, 28 Nov. 2013
This card is a looker. Aluminium build. And it does get loud.

Getting on with the run down of this card it's got 3GB of video memory and it's a card in the upper echelon thereabouts - used to be the out and out flagship of AMD no so long ago.

Before I give my experience of this card I just want to say I don't use AA by choice where possible as I prefer a detailed image and better performance over slight edge jaggies. But here are my experiences with this 7970, all the games listed here I run at 1080p and would be the highest settings except I run without AA where possible as I mentioned a minute ago and I have dialled back certain settings as mentioned but otherwise it's as high as it'll go - and I get 60 frames per second either all of the time all the way through OR 95% of the time regardless. So then:

Far Cry 3 - (Shadows knocked down to High, can't see the difference)

BioShock Infinite - Fully maxed out.

The Witcher 2 - (Ubersampling, AA, SSAO all off, allow sharpen in the ini to keep proper detail)

Alan Wake - Minimal AA otherwise fully maxed out

Tomb Raider (TressFX off, AA off)

Splinter Cell Blacklist (Tesselation off)

This card even makes Crysis 3 and Metro 2033 extremely playable at 1080p Highest preset settings!

I could in fact probably max out all my games and still maintain a playable frame rate in all honesty, all be it say 30 frames per second, which is what most console games run at. But when ever I've a choice now I want to game at 60 frames per second as it's a night and day experience. Much more fluid and seamless in motion and animation plus tighter controls.

60 fps is where it's at and the same can be said of the 7970! Especially if you can pick it up on sale for a good price.
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HyperX 120GB SATA3 3K 2.5-inch Gaming SSD Drive
HyperX 120GB SATA3 3K 2.5-inch Gaming SSD Drive
Price: £57.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars Mega Fast Hard Drive, Mega Affordable, Stupidly Cheap SSD!, 11 Nov. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This SSD when using Windows on it is the single biggest most cost effective solution upgrade/speed boost you can ever give your laptop or computer.

With this SSD Windows boots to a usable state in about 5 seconds, installations and Winrar extractions especially large ones are 10x faster when done on and to the SSD. Thus literally saving hours in some cases. Software launching from the SSD is loaded and ready to use either instantly or within 3 seconds if it's an audio mixing or video editing suite with lots of plugins and stuff pre loaded.

Basically anything you do on the computer which involves processing and writing data will be an order of magnitude quicker when using the SSD to do it.

The only thing that pretty much doesn't benefit from an SSD really is gaming. Unless you count load times being a little bit shorter.

For £65 though I would say this thing pays for itself, it's the bargain of the year, and is the upgrade that most people will need but most people won't know to get. Whether you've got an ageing laptop or a super powerful gaming rig - unless you already have an SSD for the boot drive then you need to buy this SSD now and load Windows on it!

Best £65 upgrade you'll do all year.

Grand Theft Auto V (PS3)
Grand Theft Auto V (PS3)
Price: £22.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Grand Theft Auto Sequel So Good It's Criminal!, 19 Sept. 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
First off I'm a massive GTA fan ever since the seminal GTA III debuted in 3D on the PS2 and really brought both game and console to the big time, Vice City stands as my favorite, however I did not think much to GTA IV. Even though it was next gen it felt in many ways a step back for a series that peaked with San Andreas. Well the bar has been raised exponentially higher with GTA V!

The setting is miles better, Los Santos, really feels like LA. And it's frighteningly big! I love driving from the Hollywood hills all the way downtown past the motorways and flyovers into the hood and you can really see the difference in social class and the disconnect. Regardless the game looks phenomenal!

The characters are much better this time around, as is the humor. 3 very different characters but all compelling. Franklin reminds me very much of CJ from San Andreas, Michael reminds me of Tommy Vercetti, and Trevor is just insane.

The missions are great fun right from the off. Varied and much more involving.

The soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal, on the hip hop radio stations you have classic Dr Dre hits like Still Dre and Next Episode, on the pop station you have classic hits from All Saints like Pure Shores, and oddly you have dance club classics on the same station such as Stardust Music Sounds Better With You, and Modjo Lady, and Mis-Teeq Scandalous, plus others like Rihanna Only Girl, Corona Rhythm Of The Night - just tons and tons of awesome and varied music!

As a result the game feels really does feel like a modern day, living breathing world Los Angeles and you are slap bang in the middle of it. Able to flip from Franklin to Michael and Trevor at will and driving from the Jungle all the way up to the Hollywood hills overlooking the city lit up at night is just amazing to behold. And the driving takes some getting used to coming from GTA IV but I think it's better for it. It's supposed to be arcade driving!

This game is truly a masterpiece though. A proper GTA game! And it's arguably Rockstar's finest hour.

It cost them something like $200 million to make, you can see why! They made back $800 million on the first day, you can see why!

Most likely you already have this game, but if you're reading this review and unsure about getting it all I need to say is this is a true Grand Theft Auto game and a real return to form. Nuff said!
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Apple iPad Mini 16GB Wi-Fi (White)
Apple iPad Mini 16GB Wi-Fi (White)
Offered by Digitalab
Price: £189.12

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5.0 out of 5 stars My First iPad - Well Worth It!, 7 Sept. 2013
I had only previously briefly used iPad's at a friends house and my mobile is an old Android, but I'd decided I wanted a smaller tablet but something much bigger than a phone - obviously this opened up a LOT of doors in the £250 range not least of which the Nexus 7 or the iPad Mini.

One of my main shopping points was build quality, I didn't want to spend £250 or anywhere near that for a plastic tablet! I wanted something that felt like it was worth the money every time you picked it up. So iPad Mini never left my mind, but I had to also consider the fact that spec wise and resolution wise you do get more for less with Nexus 7.

In the end I decided to go with my original choice of the iPad Mini for it's build quality and ease of use and I am so glad that I did! It is easily worth the extra you pay on it. The build quality is second to absolutely none being all metal and bloody seamless! Physically it's a work of art and it shows.

On the inside iOS is very intuitive and very pretty, I've noticed a lot of little details that I didn't get with Android that just makes using it that much easier. I've even got Flash player working on my iPad without the need to jailbreak it.

Games work flawlessly on it too. Playing Monkey Island on the iPad is an absolute dream with the touch screen!

Speaking of screen it's the perfect size, it is in no way small or cramped, when I say it's spot on I really mean it. It looks a lot smaller in the pictures than it is in real life, the pictures do not do it justice! The screen itself does not have retina display and to say it's 1024x768 sub HD resolution I have to be completely honest and say it doesn't look it - to me it still looks HD because the clarity on it all is completely pin sharp! It can go very bright too, and colors are excellent.

I mentioned little things with Apple earlier, one of them is coming out of the box with almost a full charge so you can use it immediately and as for battery life I used mine all day and all evening before it needed a charge. And when charging I like how it displays a percentage rising to indicate how much it's charged up to at the moment which is s a lot better than a bespoke charging animation which tells you nothing other than the fact it's charging.

Overall I'm delighted with the iPad Mini and I have to say it's easily worth the extra you pay on it vs the competition. And it feels like it's worth the money you spend on it.

Job done!

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