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Christopher Cross
Christopher Cross
Price: £5.35

5.0 out of 5 stars A Wonderfully Warm and Pleasing Listening Experience, 2 July 2013
This review is from: Christopher Cross (Audio CD)
This is an album full of great melodies ,fine musicianship ( featuring several ace session people )and excellent production .Some of the aforementioned guest musicians include guitarists Larry Carlton and Eric Johnson and also vocalist Michael McDonald .My own personal favourites featured here would include 'I Really Don't Know Anymore' ,'The Light is On' , 'Poor Shirley' and my favourite song 'Sailing' .Many people will be aware that 'Ride Like the Wind' is also included on this album .There really aren't any weak tracks here and the whole album possesses a warm feel that holds things together wonderfully successfully as a well rounded piece of work.

The Wolfman
The Wolfman
by Jonathan Maberry
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars Watch out... Wolfy's About !, 22 Jun 2013
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This book by author Jonathan Maberry is described as being a 'novelization' of the film of the same name . I wasn't too sure what I would actually make of it having previously read (and enjoyed ) 'Frankensein' by Mary Shelley and 'Dracula' by Bram Stoker. With these two novels being rightly regarded as being true classics it would be very unfair to compare this 2010 novelization to them . I can ,however , report that I enjoyed reading 'The Wolfman '.The book is well written ,easy to read and follow and also quite engaging .There are a total of 342 pages in total and the chapters tend to be refreshingly short.I would recommend this book especially to fans of this particular film and also to those who are fans of the original screen 'Wolfman' as depicted in the 1940's films that were also made by the Universal film studios .In conclusion one note of caution that I will offer is that those of a nervous disposition are advised to avoid reading this book during a full Moon !

by Dave Thompson
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Possibly the Best Sweet Biography Available, 19 May 2013
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This review is from: Blockbuster! (Paperback)
This book represents probably the most comprehensive and unbiased biography about Sweet that has been published to date.Steve Priest's book 'Are You Ready Steve?' is a book that is understandably much in demand by Sweet fans but, of course , sometimes an outside observer such as Thompson will perhaps produce a more balanced account concerning all four of the band members. There are more than 274 pages in total but one thing that I do miss, however, is an index.

I found the writing style of Dave Thompson to be engaging and of a good standard grammatically .Sweet fans will appreciate the many B/W photographs that appear throughout the book's pages ( most of which I hadn't seen previously ).As a fan I could hardly put this book down ! I was eager to find out all the information concerning the lives of Brian ,Andy ,Mick and Steve and also about the complex band politics that ensued throughout their roller-coaster career.I did end up learning many things that I hadn't known prior to reading this biography .

One place where Thompson lets himself down slightly is his section about the song 'Little Willy'.He makes much of propagating the idea that the song is full of innuendo but he unfortunately makes the mistake of basing this theory on a falsehood due to the fact that he got the actual words used in the song wrong initially ! This is a relatively minor fault when weighed against the remainder of this otherwise welcome addition to pop/rock music literature .

Being a particular fan of the late Brian Connolly , I feel that there is another interesting biography that needs to be written that has also been well researched .This book does ,however, deliver plenty for Sweet fans to get their teeth into .I am confident that the majority of Sweet's fans will greatly enjoy what this book has to offer ..." Buster Buster ,Blockbuster . Buster Buster , Blockbuster . Buster Buster ,Blockbuster.........."

The Very Best Of Joan Armatrading
The Very Best Of Joan Armatrading
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £4.47

5.0 out of 5 stars Joan Armatrading at Her 'Very Best'., 30 April 2013
Before purchasing this album I was only aware of a few of Joan's hits.On giving this CD a listen I was pleasantly surprised to find that several other songs were known to me ,if only from somewhere in the back of my mind .

There are a total of 14 songs here and lots of these are genuine classics .Such is the strength in depth of this collection that it is very difficult to choose particular favourites.Along with the better known songs such as 'Love and Affection (remix)'and 'Drop the Pilot' etc , two songs that are noteworthy are 'Show Some Emotion'(for it's superb musicianship) and 'The Shouting Stage' which features a beautiful guitar solo courtesy of Mark Knopfler .

In summary this is a great collection that is definitely worthy of acknowledgement and respect.

Light Years: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra (1997)
Light Years: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra (1997)
Price: £8.01

5.0 out of 5 stars An Embarrassment of Musical Riches !, 24 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
It is very difficult to find fault with this magnificent 2 x CD set from ELO.So many hits and great songs where melody reigns and the tunes are played superbly and produced impeccably.

There are a total of 38 songs spread equally between the 2 CDs and most of the songs are classics.The music of ELO always appealed to the general music loving public because their songs were/are so infectious and melodic and essentially unpretentious .

It is so difficult to choose favourites here but some of my personal choices would include 'Evil Woman' , 'Twilight' ,'Turn to Stone' ,'All Over The World' , 'Ticket To The Moon' ,'Wild West Hero','Sweet Talkin' Woman', 'Telephone Line' , 'Mr Blue Sky' ,'Nightrider' , '10538 Overture' , 'Livin' Thing' ,'The Diary of Horace Wimp' , 'Showdown' and also 'Xanadu' featuring vocals from Olivia Newton John.There are many other fine songs in addition to those that I have listed !

In short ,this is one of the strongest 'best of' sets that I can think of. Take a trip down memory lane where songs generally had to be special to stand out and become successful .You won't be disappointed !

The Voice Of ABBA
The Voice Of ABBA
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £6.28

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4.0 out of 5 stars A Collection that Improves and Grows, 24 April 2013
This review is from: The Voice Of ABBA (Audio CD)
Agnetha and Frida appear on alternate tracks and have contributed seven songs each to this collection.I have found that my fondness for this collection has grown significantly as the years have passed .There are a couple of factors , however , that incline me to award 4 stars rather than a perfect 5 stars rating .So then ,please bear with me as I get the negatives off my chest first !The first song is 'The Heat is On' featuring Agnetha.The problem that I have with this recording is that it represents my least favourite vocal that I have heard from the usually superb Agnetha .She simply seems to be mimicking the vocal style and delivery of Noosha Fox (another personal favourite of mine) who had recorded this song before Agnetha.My only other real gripe is the presence of Phil Collins's rather grating vocals during Frida's 'Here We'll Stay'.

I am pleased to report that the majority of the standard of the material that makes up the rest of this CD is much stronger .Listeners may be surprised to hear that both ladies have experimented in terms of their vocal registers .On several songs Agnetha has significantly lowered her pitch whilst Frida has adopted a higher pitched tonality on most of her songs.Both sound great in general.Frida's songs are more modern sounding and represent a more defined departure from the ABBA sound whereas Agnetha's songs generally tend to sound more traditional in terms of how they were recorded .Each of the girls have their fair share of highlights and ,as far as I am concerned, the honours are pretty evenly spread here. My favourite Frida songs would include 'I Know There's Something Going On', 'Shine' and the rather inspired (Stuart Adamson of the group Big Country penned) 'Heart of the Country' .My favourite Agnetha contributions would consist of 'You're There' ,'We Should be Together' and also 'Wrap Your Arms Around Me' .

Other worthy songs are also to be found here for those who are prepared to give this collection a fair listen .

Stepping Out: The Very Best Of... [Slidepack]
Stepping Out: The Very Best Of... [Slidepack]
Offered by rbmbooks
Price: £13.86

5.0 out of 5 stars Superb Joe Jackson at his Best, 29 Mar 2013
This collection of 15 classic Joe Jackson songs makes for a fantastic set . The songs are delivered in chronological order and capture the essence of Joe Jackson at his brilliant best .

It is quite difficult to pick out particular favourites because there are so many candidates for honours ! Having said this, a few of my personal choices would include 'Beat Crazy','Slow Song (Live LP Version) ', 'Right and Wrong', 'Down to London', 'Nineteen Forever' and perhaps my favourite 'You Can't Get What You Want ('Till You Know What You Want)'.

If you are interested in music that is rich in melody, accomplished musicianship, mood, energy and thoughtful lyrical content then do yourself a favour and checkout this superb gathering of the songs of the (too often) criminally under-rated Mr Joe Jackson !

The Show Must Go On: The Very Best Of Leo Sayer
The Show Must Go On: The Very Best Of Leo Sayer
Price: £7.43

5.0 out of 5 stars The Versatile and Talented Mr Sayer !, 28 Mar 2013
This 2xCD collection contains a total of 36 songs.Many of these songs were co-written by Leo .All of the hit singles are included and are augmented by choice album tracks. Leo demonstrates here what a fine vocalist he is.Many of the album tracks are easily as good as ( if not actually better than) the better known hit singles.This is one of the superior 'Best Of' collections that I have had the pleasure to listen to .There are the old favourites plus the others that also deserve our attention and a few surprises included for good measure .Recommended !!!

The Ragpicker's Dream
The Ragpicker's Dream
Price: £7.14

4.0 out of 5 stars A Fine Slow Burner ., 22 Feb 2013
This review is from: The Ragpicker's Dream (Audio CD)
This album had a lot to live up to arriving, as it did , directly after it's predecessor 'Sailing to Philadelphia' .The album starts strongly with the up-tempo 'Way Aye Man'.This is a very clever song in that it successfully morphs the Geordie dialect with an imaginary Native American styled chant to great effect .My favourite songs on 'The Ragpicker's Dream' appear during the first half of the album .They are 'Hill Farmer's Blues' and 'A Place Where We Used To Live'.These two songs would definitely make my top list of Knopfler songs.I feel that the quality tends to dip slightly as we reach the latter stages of the album (otherwise I would award 5 stars) but an interesting song that appears during the second half of the album is 'You Don't Know You're Born'.The songs that I have mentioned (along with a few others such as 'Fare Thee Well Northumberland') make this an essential album for fans of Mark Knopfler's music. Also included is a second bonus disc containing live tracks .

MK has proven , yet again, that he is not only one of the very best guitarists in the business , but also that he is one of the finest song-writers around .Add to these qualities that Mark is also unsurpassed as a story teller and lyricist and my conclusion is that 'The Ragpicker's Dream' is worthy of serious attention and consideration ...

The Ultimate Collection.
The Ultimate Collection.
Offered by rmdcoleford
Price: £16.99

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Comprehensive T.Rex Collection, 18 Feb 2013
All of the hits are included on this 'Ultimate Collection'. Also included are four bonus tracks that include a previously unreleased song called 'Plateau Skull' making a total of 24 songs. This CD collection is difficult to find fault with. My only two minor criticisms are firstly that the songs are not delivered in chronological order and secondly that a photograph is used on the back (and also the inner notes leaflet) that was taken from a TV advert that had featured '20th Century Boy'. I find that the use of this photograph cheapens the presentation to some degree .These are very minor quibbles but listeners can be confident that this CD presents a brilliant set of classic Marc Bolan / T. Rex tracks that convey the excitement and creativity of the Glam era when TOTPs ruled the airways here in the UK and music was melodic ,flamboyant and fun .

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