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The "Star Wars" Vault: Thirty Years of Treasures from the Lucasfilm Archives
The "Star Wars" Vault: Thirty Years of Treasures from the Lucasfilm Archives
by Stephen J. Sansweet
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars A wonderful bundle of Star Wars memorabilia........., 30 Dec 2007
This is an absolute joy. It is postively jam-packed with little bits and pieces from 1977 and onwards. This is much much more than just a book. It is a choc-a-block full of reproduction paper memorabilia.

It also includes a couple of CDs (which I've not yet listened to), but they look excellent too. The only thing I would warn you though; if you don't already own the Star Wars NPR Radio series CD boxset (which is expensive!), I guarantee you'll want to by the time you've listened to them, as they carry adverts, cast interviews and even a couple of scenes from that spectacular series. They also contain what is billed as a George Lucas commentary (although at time of writing I'm not sure exactly what of).

Like many of us, I can be VERY sceptical of Lucas & Star Wars Inc. In the case of this item, it was my love of the radio show and the related CDs this includes that was my main reason for buying this. When I opened it up and saw the pages of wonderful pictures and inserts I can truthfully say I'd have been thrilled even without the discs. Steven Sansweet has become a complete iritant to many Star Wars fans - if that's the case with you I strongly urge you to put that one side, because you will not be disappointed by this.

I've got a housefull of Star Wars stuff, and this is right up there with the best of the things I've got.

Beautifully done.

The Lone Ranger - Colour Episodes [DVD]
The Lone Ranger - Colour Episodes [DVD]
Dvd ~ Clayton Moore

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Golden Age TV Westerns, 7 Jun 2007
I can only agree with everything the previous reviewer has said, although I'd happily give this 5 stars.

The programmes themselves are from a different age - and the attitudes are direct from the times these programs were made, but in this instance, it's a healthy (almost British, stiff upper lip style) goodness that comes over.

The Lone Ranger was a good man - probably a bit too good to be real, but nonetheless these are fun, and you can't beat a Western where the good guy always wins.

Great stuff.

"Doctor Who", Monsters on Earth (Dr Who)
"Doctor Who", Monsters on Earth (Dr Who)
by Johnny Byrne
Edition: Audio CD

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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Fantastic, 7 Nov 2006
This is marvellous!

It comes in an attractive oversized tin, which needs a sponge liner to safely house the 3 individual jewel cases. It's probably the best looking of the box-sets that have been made available . The only possible complaint you can have about the packaging is that for those of us who also own the Dalek, Cybermen & Travels in Time boxes, because of the size, it doesn't stack up nicely on top of the others.

When the BBC first got serious about releasing "missing" adventures on audio, I always hoped they'd eventually move into the "non-missing" soundtracks. They have, and they've got off to a GREAT start.

Pertwee is probably my favourite Doctor (for me personally it's between him and Troughton), and we've got 2 GREAT stories of his in this set; The Silurians (his 2nd outing) and The Sea Devils (which is one of my favourite stories!).

The individual booklets look great too; the artwork features more colour than you're used to (in some ways matching Pertwee's own colourful performances and appearances) and the linking narration is by Katy Manning & Caroline John. If I was actually choosing the 1st two Pertwee stories that were to be made available for CD, there's a very good chance I'd have gone for these two (at the very least I'd have included the Sea Devils). High quality, early 70s, classic Doctor Who.

The Warriors Of The Deep finds Doctor Davidson in good (not great) form. A lot of fans didn't like this one, and although I think there were much better stories, I've never had the issues with it that some have. Linking narration is done by Janet Fielding.

Thoroughly enjoyable stuff and a really nice packaged set.

I REALLY recommend it and am happy to give it 5 stars. Considering the current price (18.88 from Amazon, with free delivery), it's a MUST for Doctor Who fans.

Doctor Who: The Daleks' Master Plan(BBC original television soundtrack)
Doctor Who: The Daleks' Master Plan(BBC original television soundtrack)
by Peter Purves
Edition: Audio CD

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1.0 out of 5 stars Agree with the other review! DISMAL SOUND QUALITY, 24 Aug 2006
This isn't a review of the story (which is excellent), it's a review of the produce; It's rubbish.

I can't believe the BBC have made such a bodge of this (and all the other MP3 CDs they've released). They're appaling. The sound is low quality and the it's divided into 100s of sections.

This review could apply to ANY of the BBC MP3 Doctor Who CDs.

Conviction : Complete BBC Series [DVD] [2004]
Conviction : Complete BBC Series [DVD] [2004]
Dvd ~ William Ash
Price: 6.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not as good as some people think, 6 Aug 2006
I've watched this, and I've got to say I don't agree with the rave reviews this seems to be getting.

It tries to be (and succeeds in being) quite gritty, but that doesn't automatically make it good. In terms of tone and procedural style police drama, it's very similar to Prime Suspect. Where the reviewer who compared it to the "Constant Gardener" was coming from I don't know.

While I accept that TV is escapism and you've (often) got to suspend your belief a little, for something that's essentially a serious program, I found one aspect of this series so totally ridiculous that I nearly gave up (I won't spoil it). It was only because it was well acted and scripted that I stuck with it.

It's alright. I watched it, I wasn't bored and it did have it's moments; but NYPD Blue, Morse, Homicide or (the better episodes of the aforementioned) Prime Suspect, it isn't.

Superman: Animated Series 1 & 2 [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Superman: Animated Series 1 & 2 [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Artist Not Provided
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: 37.95

5.0 out of 5 stars From The Makers Of The Best Ever Batman, 7 July 2006
From the same people who brought us the truly fantastic Batman:The Animated Series, comes their version of Superman. They've done a great job.

Each volume has 18 episodes, spread over 2 discs. In both sets, the 2nd disc is double sided.

As with the Batman boxsets, these comes with some wonderful extras. The commentaries are good and interesting, the other features are great too. The extras are definitely worth it.

The Superman character is very much in the role and shape of Christopher Reeve's portrayal of the Man Of Steel - even as Superman he remains a little square.

One of the areas where these stories REALLY excel is the way they've portrayed Lex Luthor. He's menacing and nasty looking. Infinitely more intimidating than the Lex of film and TV versions. The commentaries say he was loosely based (appearance wise) on Telly Savalas, and it's definitely a good description - but bear in mind that this Telly Savalas is built like Tony Soprano! Lex is fantastic.

Lois Lane is gorgeous and sassy! Much more so than any film or TV version I can think of!

In many cases, the stories are spread over 2, and sometimes 3 episodes. There are a couple of 3 parters that are worth mentioning;

The opening episodes on volume one is a 3 part story called "The Last Son Of Krypton". It's basically a story telling how a young child made it here from his doomed planet and became SUPERMAN!

"World's Finest" - is a 3 part story arc (on volume two) and it brings in none other than Batman and the Joker! It's got a great beginning where Harley Quinn actually kidnaps Lex Luthor and takes him to meet the Joker. The 2 mighty Superhero foes clearly havent a lot of time for each other, and a strained working partnership evolves; basically Joker will be paid $1,000,000 to kill Superman (he's pinched a load of kryptonite and is going to use it!). It's got to said however, Lex & Joker get on better than Superman and Batman! As someone who is first and foremost a Bat fan, Bruce is really dislikeable in this story.

Although these shows probably won't go down in history in the way that Batman Animated did, they've still got to be considered excellent versions of the Man Of Steel.

No Superman collection could be considered complete without these.

Batman Animated
Batman Animated
by Chip Kidd
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent companion to the DVD boxsets, 9 Jun 2006
This review is from: Batman Animated (Hardcover)
This book is an excellent companion to Batman - The Animated Series (the BEST on screen version of The Dark Knight ever! I don't care what anyone else thinks!)

It tells the story of the show told in both words and pictures, and the pictures are wonderful. Lots of them, in glossy colour.

Includes lots of raw sketches of scenes that you'll recognise as the early, formative thoughts of what was actually on TV.

It's got a couple of fold out pages (ie a double page becomes 4 pages across) - one of them features all the individual "title cards" from show. It's great!

Definitely one of the best BatBooks I own (and I've got quite a few!)

Cursed With Insincerity
Cursed With Insincerity
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 7.57

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Man Who Provided The Beat - Cheers Mate., 21 April 2006
This review is from: Cursed With Insincerity (Audio CD)
I've just read on the Room 512 message boards that Martin Gilks, Wonder Stuff drummer, has been killed in a motorcycle accident - and it's left me choked.

This is a BRILLIANT live album. Genuinely essential, and the best place to start a Wonder Stuff collection. In many ways, Its recorded a few years after the event (a re-union get-together 6 years after they called it quits at the Phoenix festival), but the magic that took over when they took the stage is captured brilliantly on this (seemingly budget!) double disc set.

All the favourites are here. Maybe there's a couple missing - but when you listen, you'll be more pleased at what you get than what could've been (Dizzy springs to mind as an notable absentee).

At time of writing, I'm 37 years old. From the late 80s thru to the mid 90s, I saw 100s of bands, many of the best ones on numerous occasions. New Order, PWEI, Prodigy, Pixies spring to mind as being genuinely great, but the Wonder Stuff are the only band I've seen 3 nights running. They were responsible for some of the most glorious nights of my life.

God bless Gilksy - you were the man. X

Chelsea FC - Chelsea Centenary [DVD]
Chelsea FC - Chelsea Centenary [DVD]
Dvd ~ Chelsea Fc
Price: 5.75

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Worth Watching, 16 April 2006
I'll keep this short - it's similar to (but nowhere near as good as) the BBC Official History of Chelsea - An updated version of that would've been a LOT better!

The Television Companion: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to "Doctor Who" (Dr Who Telos)
The Television Companion: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to "Doctor Who" (Dr Who Telos)
by David J. Howe
Edition: Paperback

19 of 19 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Doctor Who Encyclopedia Type Thing, 4 Feb 2006
I am really surprised that no-one has bothered to review this EXCELLENT book - I have a lot of Doctor Who books, and this is definitely the most informative and useful. I would recommend to everyone.

It does exactly what it says on the cover, giving you a run-down of every one of the stories, in correct order, from the outset, upto and including the McGann movie.

Its a BIG read. It isn't something you'll go cover to cover on; you pick it up, dip in & read about a story.

It gives you a decent sized mini-biography of EVERY Who story, and they are divided into sections (names, actors, dates, trivia, myths, things to look for, things you might not have known etc etc).

One of the things that I REALLY like about this book, is it contains analysis and opinion of every story, and it remains FUNDAMENTALLY POSITIVE throughout!!! Thats quite unusual in the Who world. Most Who critics seem to spend most of their time moaning about flaws (just check out the web reviews of DVDs, CDs and books - I'm right). I'm often left wondering why some people even bother! David Howe & Stephen James Walker clearly adore the show and the book is a labour of love, but it's not mindless sappy gush, its positively slanted critical review and analysis. Sure, there were things written that I didn't agree with, but I found myself respecting the opinion, as opposed to just being annoyed. It's genuinely quite refreshing!

If I've been watching a DVD, or listening to a BBC lost story, this book is excellent to pick up and find out more about the story in quesiton.

If you look, there is also a special edition leather bound version. Its quite a nice thing.

As I said, an excellent book, and by far the best Dr Who book I own.

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