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Shopaholic to the Stars: (Shopaholic Book 7) (Shopaholic series)
Shopaholic to the Stars: (Shopaholic Book 7) (Shopaholic series)
Price: £3.66

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2.0 out of 5 stars Borrow, don't buy, 15 Jan. 2015
I have borrowed all of the Shopaholic books from libraries over the years, and I'm generally glad I haven't spent any money on them because they have become such a disappointment. In Shopaholic to the Stars Becky continues to lie to and/or ignore her husband, family and real friends because she has a chance at being "famous" - and this is supposed to be our heroine! There is very little likable left in her character. (The way the children are treated in the book is pretty shameful; they are continually getting left with random babysitters, dropped at day care or stuck in front of a dvd while their mothers go shopping or attend yoga classes.)Becky comes across as utterly self-centred and uncaring. And as others have noted the ending is VERY irritating!

However I have to admit Sophie Kinsella is a skilled writer, the pace is fast and it does have its funny moments and I could hardly put it down for the 2 evenings it took to read it. Hence I have awarded it 2 stars instead of 1.

my advice - borrow don't buy. Its not worth it.

The Return of the Mullet Hunter (The Mullet Adventures Book 2)
The Return of the Mullet Hunter (The Mullet Adventures Book 2)
Price: £2.00

4.0 out of 5 stars life-affirming stuff, 28 Sept. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I admit that I have a strong personal connection to this book because I am mentioned in it (yes me, in print!) as one of the many friends Simon visited on his adventures. So the chances are I was going to like it. However, Simon is an skilled writer and I have enjoyed the chapters about the other places he visited even more. The mysterious Mullet Island is my favourite destination I think because of the great challenges he had with it - why were the authorities so unhelpful? Is it in fact a Californian version of Area 51?

Not laugh-out-loud funny (apart from possibly the terrible joke about the Coit Tower) but increasingly engaging, this is a very worthwhile read. It not only gives an insight into some rarely-visited corners of the globe but also into a gregarious and unusual Scotsman.

Sunshine On Leith [2013] [DVD]
Sunshine On Leith [2013] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jason Flemyng
Price: £6.99

4.0 out of 5 stars surprisingly good film, 26 Feb. 2014
I had low expectations when I started watching this but was pleasantly surprised.

The plot integrated well with the Proclaimer’s thoughtful songs and was far more credible than other musicals in this genre such as Mama Mia.

Only 4 stars because it did annoy me that there were not many believable Edinburgh accents in the casting, particularly in the case of Jane Horrocks. Thankfully she did more singing than talking. And I would have liked to have seen more of Jason Flemyng. But all in all its a beautifully shot, happy film. Recommended.

by Miranda Gore Browne
Edition: Hardcover

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4.0 out of 5 stars one of my favourite baking books, 6 Jan. 2014
This review is from: Biscuit (Hardcover)
I borrow a lot of cook books from the library and this is the only one which I have liked enough to buy my own copy. I have tried 3 recipes from it so far; spekuloos and garibaldis, as these are two of my favourite biscuits and I've never seen recipes for them anywhere before, and Bakewell biscuits. They all worked out well especially the bakewell biscuits. The garibaldis were quite fiddly and didn't look very good but they tasted fine. I am looking forward to trying many more. I like the variety of styles and the seasonal sections.

Remember Me?
Remember Me?
by Sophie Kinsella
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

3.0 out of 5 stars worth a two year wait? - not really!, 16 Mar. 2013
This review is from: Remember Me? (Paperback)
I started reading this book when I found it on the bookshelf in a hotel I was staying in two years ago. I got about a third of the way through before I left and was feeling intrigued, but not keen enough to buy the book myself to find out what happened.

I have finally come across it in the local library and completed it. And... it was ok. Sophie Kinsella is skilled at what she does and like all her books it is fast paced and addictive reading. I've read most of her books, but all borrowed from the library as I don't think I'd want to read them again.

I found Lexi fairly likeable, with the redeeming feature that she is generally honest, not a serial liar like the increasingly irritating Becky Brandon in the Shopaholic books. I became a little bored of the constant questions at the start of the book, and many things were never really explained, like what actually happened after she hit her head the first time? Why was Jon "between cars"? Lexi mother comes across as a strange character - several of Kinsella's mother figures are either non-existent or completely unsupportive - I wonder if there is some deeper reason for this. And, as many others have said, the ending was somewhat rushed.

Typical Kinsella fare then - light and amusing but a lot of loose or poorly explained ends which let it down.

Tobar Flashing Rubber Duck Toy
Tobar Flashing Rubber Duck Toy
Offered by Glow-Mania
Price: £2.30

4.0 out of 5 stars one of the best bath ducks!, 23 Feb. 2013
= Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:2.0 out of 5 stars 
we have several of these ducks for our daughters and they are great! Good fun when they are flashing, but I think the best thing about them is that unlike many other bath toys they are completely watertight. That means that they don't get water inside them and go mouldy inside over a few months, as has happened to a lot of our other bath toys. So even when they stop flashing you can keep them for a long time. Shame that the batteries cannot be replaced but they are pretty durable.

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