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XFX P1-650X-NLG9 650W XXX Edition Modular Power Supply (discontinued by manufacturer)
XFX P1-650X-NLG9 650W XXX Edition Modular Power Supply (discontinued by manufacturer)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Good design, could be a little better, 25 Jan 2011
This is a modular PSU, meaning it has detachable cables. You only connect the cables you are going to use. Some cables are fixed, as they are on most PSUs i.e. power to motherboard. This PSU also has 1 x 8 pin, 1 x 4+4 pin, 1 x 6 pin and 1 x 6+2 pin attached to it which is far too many fixed cables for a modular PSU. Quality of the unit is very good and its very heavy. It is primarily designed to sit at the bottom of the case, if you install it in a top PSU space case then it may make the case top heavy. The other 6 cables that are included with this PSU come in a black, XFX design 'pouch' style bag and include every variation of connection you will need, 4 pin molex, SATA, 6 pin pci-e and 6+2 pin pci-e. I bought the 750w version of this PSU but had to return it because all the cables were fixed cables and I simply didn't have space, in a top fitting case, for all the cables.
Prior to buying this PSU I used a Powercool xtreme mod 750w PSU in my Crossfire setup, it lasted 1 week before it died. Even though this XFX unit is 650w and uses a single rail as opposed to a dual rail (single rail is apparently more stable) I'm hoping that the quality of the XFX unit will shine.
NOTE! Although this is a XFX product the electronics inside are made by Seasonic - World leaders of electrical circuitry.

UPDATE. Six months of using this PSU and it takes whatever I throw at it. It's powering 2xATI Radeons 5870s in Crossfire, 2 SATA III hard drives, 1x LG DVD writer and a top of its league Gigabyte motherboard. Very pleased I purchased this.

UPDATE#2. 1 year in and no problems at all with this PSU.

Akasa AK-CB002 PWM splitter - smart fan cable
Akasa AK-CB002 PWM splitter - smart fan cable
Offered by Vebox Direct Computing
Price: 3.75

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4.0 out of 5 stars At last I figured it out., 24 Jan 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My originak review is below

I was suspicious of this cable as soon as I opened the packet. PWM fan connecters have four pins and four cables. This had four cables but there are only connected to two of the connecter pins. As I expected once installed fan(s) didn't power on. Not worth the money to return so I trashed it.

What I didn't know, haven't tried it yet but happened on the info. by accident surfing, is to connect the 4 pin molex to the PSU. I didn't know it required power from PSU because the cable I received has no labels on it! I thought the 4 pin molex was a power option but it has to be connected so as not to strain the motherboard when multiple fans are connected to 1 header.
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Syma S107 Gyroscope Stabilizing System Aluminium I/R Controlled USB Helicopter- Colours May Vary
Syma S107 Gyroscope Stabilizing System Aluminium I/R Controlled USB Helicopter- Colours May Vary
Price: 14.47

4.0 out of 5 stars Once its broken don't bother trying to fix it. Buy another., 23 Dec 2010
= Durability:4.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:3.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
First thing open box. Do I have to assemble this? It looks very flimsy sitting in its box and takes a bit of persuading to get it out. Right its out let's read instructions. Who translated this? Its an obvious Chinese to English translation and a little strange but pictures help a lot. Now then what next? Nip to shop for 6, yes 6AA batteries. Got batteries open remote control battery compartment which has the smallest screw ever to fix it shut, had to use a knife. Turn on the 'on' switch on the chopper. Where is it? Opposite side to what picture shows. Power on chopper lights flashing, up, up and smash. Yep crash after crash - all my fault of course. Took 5 minutes to get hang of controls, if you played console games then this is no harder than using a console pad just a bit more sensitive on the up and down control. Takes off well from a completely flat surface, from uneven surfaces even a moderately flat carpet, it will take off and veer from side to side until its clear of the ground then it hangs perfectly in mid-air.
You will have lots of fun with this but really is not a young child's toy because of its fragility - it can take some spectacular dives and crashes and survive but the spare parts aren't available to buy without a reason. Charging is no problem from USB and gives moderate flying time. Range is limited, it is only infra-red like your TV remote (apparently the radio controlled version has a much longer range) but remember it is only for indoor use. When it gets out of range it will drop like a duck being shot-gunned.
Five star fun but am docking it 1 star because if you read the forums there are many posts about motors burning out and advice such as 'don't overcharge it, allow cool down period after charging, allow cool down period before recharging' and many people have reported an average motor life of 80 minutes. Fun, fun, fun but don't expect it to last forever or even over Christmas when all your friends want a go.
Update. Crashed this copter many times now resulting in losing the 'buckle' that attaches the top rotors to the stabilzing arm. Bought replacements from 2 different vendors and they never worked correctly. Once its broke its useless. 3.5 inch Universal Hard Drive Mounting Bracket Adapter for 5.25 inch Bay 3.5 inch Universal Hard Drive Mounting Bracket Adapter for 5.25 inch Bay
Price: 3.76

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5.0 out of 5 stars Exactly what I needed. Brilliant!, 9 Dec 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
For some time now, a couple of years in fact, I have been looking for brackets like these, not constantly but slipped into my mind a few times. Problem is most modern ATX cases still have the 3 or 4 5.25" drive bays from the days where users could have 2xCDROM/RW and 1xDVDROM/RW in those days the space was necessary, the hard drives always get dropped to the bottom of the case. I am guessing nowadays, like myself, many home users only have 1 5.25" drive bay occupied with a DVDRAM which does everything but we still have 3 or 4 unoccupied bays and hard drives sitting on the bottom. Problem for me especially with the large graphic cards now available is that there is a mess of cables and very little space to fit more than 1 hard drive around a long graphic card. This is the solution, its simple and works brilliantly. Take out hard drive(s) screw bracket to hard drive(s) and pop them in a 5.25" drive bay. There are no instructions and several ways to fix the brackets just choose which suits you best.
Now my 2 hard drives sit under my DVDRAM in 2 of the 4 5.25" bays I have available and a bonus is I can and have reversed my hard drives so the power and data cables face the front thus hiding any wiring and saving even more space. My XFX Radeon HD5870 graphic card has lots of room now, more air flows around it and there are no hard drives to obstruct it. I can even install a 2nd graphic card now the hard drives have been moved without juggling drives around.
Innovative product, cheap and brilliant.
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Alpha Protocol (PC)
Alpha Protocol (PC)
Offered by gameworld121
Price: 1.78

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2.0 out of 5 stars Horrible controls, frustrating to play, 25 Nov 2010
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Alpha Protocol (PC) (CD-ROM)
Bought this from Steam much cheaper than it is here and my God I have never had so much difficulty in playing a game.
Graphics are ok, sound is ok. The game starts pretty well, decemt story and build up to a plot. Good character building at the beginning your reply to answers or the attitude you answer them defines your character and unlocks a few perks. Terrible character creating screen, hat or no hat, beard or no beard, blue eyes or other...very basic and the end result is you look the same as you did before.
Moving around is tricky and the screen tends to 'jump' at some points, for example you'll open a door and suddenly 'jump' you're in the room looking at the ceiling! You need to re-orientate yourself quickly.
Now the worst part. The mini-games are worlds apart from super easy to almost impossible. Picking a lock can be done by an 8 year old....I know my neice did it. Hacking a computer requires 4 hands, lightening fast eyesight and to hinder it even more your movement around the hack screen is sooooo slow, it's impossible to get the correct codes using both hands on keyboard then switching to 1 hand on mouse and the other on keyboard before the seconds run out. I started on normal then restarted on easy...still frustrating. I have given up it has ruined the game for me.
What started as a very reasonable game goes downhill quickly as you grapple with the controls and frustration of never being able to progress or getting shot to pieces because you've 'jumped' into a room full of baddies.
A let down.
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The Saboteur (PC DVD)
The Saboteur (PC DVD)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Where has this game been hiding?, 19 Nov 2010
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Saboteur (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
I came across this game just browsing games on Amazon. I had never heard of it before and decided to read the reviews. It appealed to me because I like open world games so I thought I would give it a go - why not look at the price! Am I glad I did? Oh YES. This little beauty of a game has been hiding away on the back shelves it should be top shelf stuff.
Installed on my Super fast, loads of RAM, bla, bla machine running Windows 7 64bit. Some reviews have said it has problems with ATI cards, I am using a XFX Radeon 5870 and the game does have some problems - not often but does happen. Freezes happen in high speed chases where it seems the approaching view can't be drawn fast enough so there will be a little pause while the world catches up to the car speed - if you know what I mean. Patched it and it helped a little not so many freezes but still happened. Games doesn't crash just pauses a little.
Graphics are gorgeous. Beautiful landscapes with rolling hills, plush green trees, cows, farms and you can see every blade of grass. The city is drawn excellently and very colourful, buildings reflect the period perfectly. The civilian AI is a little dumb especially when you approach them in a car, its not that they dive in your way just that they seem like rabbits caught in headlights only making the decision which way to leap when your bumper is kissing them. On the other hand the Nazi AI are very good. You can walk past them wearing your civilian clothes and they won't give you a second look, start to run, sneak or climb then you wil draw their attention. When you're disguised as one of them, you're fine, regular soldiers will maybe glance at you as they pass but the more elite soldiers, SS Troopers and especially Gestapo will figure you out in seconds unless you get out of their line of sight. Using explosions as a diversion tactic works well but don't expect all the soldiers to desert their post, 1 usually remains to keep watch. Nazi AI are pretty smart.
Sound and music is very good and again reflects the period.
Game play is the only slight gripe I have. Sean the main character moves very well, he sprints like an antelope for miles, oops sorry, kilometres, without missing a breath, he climbs like a monkey on 'something' and pulls off some amazing leaps but at the same time he can be prone to fall off a ledge when there is a ladder right below him. The cover system is good and bad depending when you want it to work. Example you can 'leg it' (get used to the Irish slang its in almost every conversation) across the length of a room at great speed, reach a crate or some other obstacle, hit cover and Sean goes immedietly into a cover position with weapon at the ready. Brilliant. But also when you're 'legging it' from a horde of Nazis and come to an obstacle which you want to jump if you don't jump in time Sean goes into cover. Not so good with a dozen Nazis right behind you.
Free roaming? Absolutely! Go anywhere do anything, blow up Nazi stuff all for contraband rewards, new weapons and perks. The more stuff you blow up and there is A LOT the easier your missions will become.
Main story is like being in a movie. It is well thought out, good story line with varying missions from stealth, sneaking into castles and rescuing people to blowing up bridges. There are couple of missions which really stand out for me the mission where you're on a train rescuing a scientist approaching a bridge you previously rigged to blow and on board a Zeppelin flying over Paris - outstanding visuals on these missions.
When you finish the main mission, as fast as you like, you can go back and complete side missions and basically continue blowing the stuffing out of the Nazis.
Overall a gem of a game that has been over-looked and easily a follow up could be made. Highly recommended.

Corsair CWCH50-1 Water Cooler
Corsair CWCH50-1 Water Cooler

4.0 out of 5 stars Lil' bit of squeezing, twisting, wiggling and WOOHOO!, 13 Nov 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Not much to add to what other reviewers have said - its a good product and does the job. Installing can be labourious depending on your case size. Mine is a standard ATX case and it is a bit of a squash. Corsair recommend in thier video to install radiator and fan first as I thought this would be the easier part I didn't, I went ahead and installed the CPU pump first - really doesn't matter. Doesn't matter because whichever you install first you still end up bending the pipes to an acceptable angle, the pipes are very robust and will only permit a certain degree of bending. I used the 'grey gunk' thermal paste as recommended by Corsair making sure CPU was completely clear of previous paste. Once fixed it's time to turn it on. I was a bit apprehensive about this, just looking inside my case as my finger hovered over the power button to see no giant fan staring back at me went against all my knowledge as a PC builder. Power on - bubble, bubble. Weird and even frightening to hear water bubbling inside my PC but after a couple of seconds it stopped. Temp. test time. System booted at a very respectable 25c. Once in Windows I got a steady 34-36c idle temp. same as my Artic Freezer Pro v.2.0 gave me. Mmmm. Got GTAIV out and started benchmarking. As test began I could hear my GPU fan speed up as it loaded up and the absence of a CPU fan. Temp. topped out at 54c compared to 56-58c with Artic Cooler. Not big difference.
What can I say its on par with a good, big fanned cooler and will outperform any stock cooler. Is it worth it? Hard to say. If you're getting abnormally high temps. with regular air coolers than this will more than likely help quite a bit. If you're happy with you're system temps. as they are there is no reason to buy it. I was happy with my system temps. just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. It's nice, functional, noiseless and a talking point when friends come over. After the initial novelty has worn off you may say to yourself "why did I pay so much for this?" but then you'll place your ear next to your case and say "Quiet, that's why I bought it." Up to you if you think its worth it.

Update! I recently changed motherboards and removing the backplate that fixes the pump to the motherboard from my old motherboard was very, very difficult. The two adhesive tabs that hold the plate in place while you attach the pump bracket REALLY do stick solidly. Had to use a screwdriver to twist it off fearing it would break at any time.

Fallout: New Vegas (PC DVD)
Fallout: New Vegas (PC DVD)
Offered by Game Trade Online
Price: 4.99

11 of 16 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Most engrossing, lengthy game ever., 25 Oct 2010
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
This is my 3rd edited review of this game, as I am approaching 100 hours playing it I can make more detailed comments - still haven't finished it yet.
Installation is from disc or downloading using the key inside the box. In both cases you will need to have/sign up for a Steam account. Once installed you only need to log on to Steam to start the game after it has started you can disconnect if you wish. I ain't gonna bang on about Steam, I am a fan of Steam and its here to stay like it or not.
The scalability of this game is excellent. I have it installed on a Win7 64bit OS, Quad core using a Radeon 5870 and a WinXP OS, single core with a GeForce 9400GT (5 yrs old card). Minimum graphics card required is a GeForce 7xxxx series card which were released in 2003-2004. The game detects your system at first start and alters settings accordingly - in my case Win7 machine was set to ultra high and WinXP to medium. There is a graphic glitch regardless of the spec. your machine is, in 'screen busy' situations (many AI present) you'll experience frame rate drops. stuttering. The developers are working on a patch but for a quick fix there is a 104k file available online, check Steam forums for links to it, which completely eradicates the bug. It doesn't overwrite any game files so when the patch arrives all you have to do is delete the file.
UPDATE - As of November 30th the graphic glitch has been fixed. When you start the game connected to Steam it should automatically fix the error. Personally I completely reinstalled the game as a download from Steam and all is good.
First impressions - If you have already played Fallout 3 when you first enter the Wasteland it will feel very similar. It's hard to say there is anything new at the beginning, similar desert, mountains and buildings but because this game is set on the West coast of USA as opposed to the East coast of FO3, plants and animals are different. As you discover more places you'll notice the colour palette is much more diverse and richer than FO3 especially underground there are some amazing blues, greens and ultra-violets which look great on a big monitor. The sky is artistically drawn and reflects changing weather patterns very well (I know it's the desert but would have been nice to see a little rain). Sandstorms. mini-cyclones and tumbleweeds add to the feel of the setting. If you can max. out the settings on this game the desert, woods, rocky mountains, snow capped mountains and caves are a treat to behold. The AI don't appear to be drawn any different from FO3.
Sound is very similar to FO3 with the occasional Western theme thrown in.
Game play starts off simple enough, a few quests are thrown your way which are not hard to complete. As you travel and meet people you learn through conversations that the situation is not as grim as on the East coast, clean water and electricity is available here albeit in limited supply. What slowly emerges is that a battle is coming and you are expected to support one or more factions. Each faction will try to convince you there cause is correct. As you complete, fail or simply refuse to do quests for factions your 'standing' with that faction will change. In some areas I am idolized for my good deeds in others I am hated because of the good deeds I have done for other factions meaning in some places I am given gifts when I arrive as opposed to 'Shoot him on sight' in others. Its a difficult balance amongst the factions of the Wasteland which gets more complex when you eventually get into The Strip. On The Strip there are more factions or rather gangs competing for control of The Strip and to complicate things even more the gangs have ties to one or more of the factions of the Wasteland. Whoever you upset or help here will have impact across the Wasteland. That is the game put simply, I have even considered buying the guide as this game is very, very deep and complex.
As you progress, in my case trying to keep everybody happy or at least not trying to kill me, there are specific points where you have no choice but to choose a side. Each major choice you make and even some minor ones will steer the game in a different direction and there are many choices to make. I always save before any big decision just to see the immediate results which vary from nothing obvious to failing five to eight quests that I haven't even been given yet. When I meet my brother who is also playing this game every few days we compare notes on what we have done only to find out he has items I haven't, he has been to places I haven't seen, done quests I haven't been given, it is like we have been playing different games, He asked "Where are you in the game?" and all I can say is "I dunno!" I could be midway through the game or nearing the end it is impossible to say.
In FNV you are allowed two companions and there are a few to choose from, you can have one human companion and one non-human at the same time. I chose a sharp-shooting, whiskey drinking gal who regularly spouts "I could do with a drink" and a flying robot who can carry the same amount of equipment as I can fit in my backpack - both are invaluable in fights with multiple enemies. You can dismiss and find a new companion if you wish.
Conclusion - What can I say, it's the longest game I have ever played, I don't know how many hours I will put in to reach an end and which ending I will reach. The diversity of the game is enormous - put 100 people in front of their PCs with Fallout New Vegas and no two stories will be the same and this is without any DLC which will be coming. Replay value is immense. Game of the year 2010? I really think this could be the game of the decade.

Update, Nov 9th - FINISHED MY GAME...*No spoilers here* in fact it would be hard to spoil anybody else's game because your game will be different to mine. Total time played 85hrs, 4 minutes and still remaining four or five places I simply couldn't get to or got wasted every time I tried. Ending is excellent I chose to "Win" I am in charge of New Vegas. Depending on who you interacted with, who your companions were and the good and bad things you did the ending gives you a "So what happened to..." epilogue. For example "The courier's (you're the courier) companion X went on to....", "the people of town X prospered/disbanded....", it is quite emotional to see a lot of the people who you have encountered, helped, inter-acted with in the game, their stories being "wrapped up".
I am going to leave it a while before I replay this game but guaranteed I will. Epic, simply epic.

Note! Can you guess who does the voice for the charcter Benny in the game? I didn't know till the end...a clue? He was 1 of the 3 male charcters that starred in probably the most successful sitcom made in USA and set in NYC.
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LCD/Plasma Screen Cleaner Fluid 4oz
LCD/Plasma Screen Cleaner Fluid 4oz

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Product, 9 Aug 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have two LCD monitors which I previosly cleaned with various types of cleaners from baby wipes, furniture polish and just water. Nothing really worked especially the water because the minerals and salts in tap water leave a white smear deposit on the screens plus the little finger prints where my neices have poked the screen "look at that, its there, what's that?" poke, poke, poke as kids do wouldn't shift at all. This cleaner and cloth package did the job. After 1 use I could see a huge improvement. My screens actually looked factory new and now dust isn't attracted to the screen. Good price, good product. If you haven't cleaned your screen EVER then I suggest using this product twice as soon as you recieve it, you'll be glad you did.

TIP: I've noticed that I need to use quite a bit of this solution to get a good clean, smear free screen on a 23" monitor and it ain't cheap to buy so if you're using it on a 40" TV it will soon get used here's a tip. First wipe your screen with a damp cloth that has been soaked in mildly soapy water, this will remove a lot of the grease and muck but will leave smears. Let your screen air dry for some minutes then use the product. Works even better and you don't need to use as much.

Transport Giant: Gold Edition (PC DVD)
Transport Giant: Gold Edition (PC DVD)
Price: 1.99

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Laying track was never so hard., 15 July 2010
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
First off, which was surprising for me, it worked out of the box on Windows 7 64bit and XP 32bit. After patching (no reason to patch it just wanted to see if it added anything) it stopped working on Win 7 - kernel conflict. Started a new endless game and plunged right into it. I have experience with Sim games and JoWood games. Interface was self-explanatory but after 5 mins I needed to read the manual - manual is on the disc in PDF format. I followed the tutorial and built a simple single track route. Ok let's try the big stuff. New endless game, starting year 1850, easy level and no competitors. Gotta be a breeze yeah? No. I got 5,000,000 credits (dollars I think never really looked) lot of cash for 1850 and all I wanted to do was buy a horse. 200,000 for a horse!!! Add on 2 stations/terminals and length of track and I was borke! Then I got to watch my horse and cart go back and forth between the terminals making $100 a month for the next 50 years.
Checked the JoWood website for this game and found the editor, downloaded it and began making my own map hoping to make it an easier, more enjoyable game to play...also found a cheat which made me a billionaire with a few key strokes. Editor doesn't work on Widows 7 64bit so I made them on XP 32bit and copied them over.
Back to the game richer and more prepared. Laying tracks is a nightmare. You get straight, a series of different grade curves and what's called a 'switchover'. A 'switchover' is not in UK what we would call a point where a single line splits to two. A 'switchover' is 2 connected 'points' (1 inverted) which allows 2 straight tracks to be connected. This is unnecessary and causes more problems. Every time you want to add a new length of track it requires you to lay a complete loop. Adding multiple routes to the same terminal will take you ages to work out. Trains will pass each other in opposite directions even though the track you lay is only single track. Bridges and tunnels are irritating to build but necessary because the lack of 'points' makes it impossible to connect tracks. All in all game play is frustrating.
Graphically - ok. Sound - simple music.
Industry Giant 1 was much more fun. I spent days playing that game and it was much easier and enjoyable to play. As with all JoWood games there is no support except from the fan base.
This game is well below the par of the Industry Giant games. For the price it may give you a couple of days experimenting fun but for me it isn't a game that will keep drawing me back because of its frustrating mechanics.

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