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Nosh for Busy Mums and Dads: A Family Cookbook with Everyday Food for Real Families
Nosh for Busy Mums and Dads: A Family Cookbook with Everyday Food for Real Families
by Joy May
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £10.34

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3.0 out of 5 stars okay, 27 Feb 2014
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I've made about 20 recipes from this book. I bought it with the aim of saving time preparing food. However, recipes did take a lot longer to prepare than stated in the book. I also felt that a lot of the recipes were using the same ingredients over and over (white sauce, mushrooms, chopped tomates, etc.) and so did not feel there was a lot of variety. Okay, but there are better books out there, like Lucy's Food, although not aimed at busy parents, it does the job much better.

Lucy's Food: Minimum Effort, Maximum Impact!
Lucy's Food: Minimum Effort, Maximum Impact!
by Lucy Cufflin
Edition: Paperback
Price: £13.09

5.0 out of 5 stars Tasty food, great for budgets, 27 Feb 2014
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This is an excellent all-rounder. I love the fact that 3 course menu ideas are proposed, along with what the dish could be accompanied with. There are also tips for budgets and information for vegetarians/vegans with advice on how to adapt certain recipes. This is now the cookbook I use to plan my weekly menu and food shop. Although it's not specifically aimed those on a tight budget, I've managed to reduce my weekly shop by almost half of what I was paying previously. Much better than Save with Jamie. The recipes are delicious and easy to prepare, with ingredients that you can find just about anywhere.

The Day Louis Got Eaten
The Day Louis Got Eaten
by John Fardell
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.03

5.0 out of 5 stars Great story with a female main character, 27 Feb 2014
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My 2 year old son loves this story. I bought it because it features a heroine, Sarah, who we follow throughout as she tries to save her little brother. So refreshing to have a female as the main character, which is why I bought the book.

Faye and Lou Breastfeeding Butterfly (Blue)
Faye and Lou Breastfeeding Butterfly (Blue)
Price: £27.95

2.0 out of 5 stars fiddly and not much coverage, 18 Aug 2013
I got this for my first baby after reading all the rave reviews. I exclusively breastfed him for 1 year, but gave up on this item after the first few tries as we just weren't comfortable & it didn't seem to cover where it was needed. Also a bit of a pain getting it on & baby in, even though we were used to using our various baby carriers. With baby number 2 on the way, I'm looking to purchase an apron style cover.

Davina - Body Buff [DVD]
Davina - Body Buff [DVD]
Dvd ~ Davina McCall
Price: £11.56

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5.0 out of 5 stars The best Davina yet!, 12 Dec 2010
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This review is from: Davina - Body Buff [DVD] (DVD)
Body Buff is definitely the best Davina yet. Like other reviewers, I quite liked Davina Fit but found there was something missing - it just wasn't challenging enough. This is not the case here. All over body toning, with a particular focus on the core, is integrated throughout this dvd. Old moves are given a refreshing & exciting new twist and new moves are introduced. I've tried all the Davina workouts (except the prenatal) along with upward of 50 fitness dvds in the last 2 years: Jillian Michaels, Jeanette Jenkins, Cathe Friedrich, The Firm, Ellen Barrett, Rodney Yee, Shiva Rea, to name just a few. Yet I started off with Davina and I always seem to come back to her, Superbody and High Energy Five being my favourites before this dvd. I would highly recommend this dvd, for beginners, intermediate exercisers and Davina fans alike. For those who find her annoying, there are virtually no annoying bits in Body Buff, although there are quite a few funny moments and Mark is HILARIOUS!

This breakdown will hopefully complete the dvd info for Body Buff:
Warm up - nearly 10 minutes long, seems shorter: the moves are NOT repeated over and over (unlike High Energy Five, same length, yet seemed longer). Integrates the core.

Boxing - led by Jackie. Leaves you satisfied that you've worked your whole body and got your heart rate up. Flows very well and the routine isn't repeated, you're not left thinking "oh, I've got to do all that over again now", like in the Superfit routine of Superbody. Jackie's cueing starts off brilliantly, but could be better towards the middle and end, where she doesn't always introduce the move before you do it, or repeat her usual "punch, punch, kick, kick, etc". You march between each set, but you could run if you wanted a higher intensity workout. To make it tougher, you could also use light handweights (1-1.5kg) or weighted gloves to work the arms, back and core even more. The abs work at the end of the boxing would make even Jillian Michaels jealous. It is very short but extremely effective, some traditional crunches are given a new twist. Works the transverse really well, along with the more superficial abdominal muscles.

Cardio - led by Jackie gets your heart pumping in interval style sets. The intervals are high intensity, although the sets in between are not necessarily low intensity. There is a bit of marching (or rather standing around in the case of Davina!) between each set. The last five minutes of the cardio (20 minutes in) repeat some of the moves done at the beginning, and there is a quite funny minute of freestyle at the end where you can dance, run, fling your arms around and do whatever you like. Moves integrate back kicks, squats and lunges to work the whole body. Some dancy moves too. Sometimes easier options aren't shown, but Davina fans will know how to do this from previous dvds.

Legs & Core - led by Mark with cardio intervals. Jackie shows the low intensity cardio for most but not all of the intervals. Extremely effective, no over the top repetition (Mark admits the 200 pliés in Davina fit was a bit too much and I can only agree). A mix of leg & bum work with core, you'll do a side lunge swinging your arms above your head & balancing on one leg as you come up. Some good plyometric moves, but without a lower intensity option, which could put a few beginners off (3 rep lunge then jump & change; ski squat jumping).

Arms - no intervals here, but some low intensity cardio is mixed into the arm moves (marching or stepping back). You'll find some of the old style moves at the beginning, with balance and core moves mixed in after this. Legs & bum are also worked in some squat moves. Mark leads us with HIS right, which is OUR left(again!) , but if you're used to this it's not a problem. Definitely gets you sweating.

Abs - pilates inspired and I loved it. Although I liked super sixpack from the Superbody workout, that was nothing compared to this. The moves are again designed to work all the core muscles and especialy the tranverse, and so flatten your tummy, rather than build bulk. This would be made even better if beginner advice was given - keep the legs higher off the ground rather than lowering them all the way down (for some pilates style moves), or perhaps tips for the more advanced (head & shoulders off the floor for the single straight leg stretch).

Stretch - the 1st five minutes is the usual standing stretches, followed by a deep yoga inspired stretch starting on the knees. No sun salutations or yoga breath here. Yoga fans will find crescent-moon pose, child pose, a warrior style pose, down dog & up dog as well as some twists. No yoga terminology used. It's just a really deep and effective all over body stretch and is particularly nice on the back. Beware Mark's right is our left! (could complicate the sitting twist at the end!)

Nutrition - extremely refreshing attitude from Davina, it's not about being skinny but about feeling good & being healthy, so different to many fitness dvds where the emphasis is mainly on fitting into a size 10 pair of jeans. Davina goes to visit Meg Mathews and shows you around her house (you'll either love or hate her style). Not sure whether Meg Mathews represents the typical working mother, there's definitely a lot of botox & lip work going on there, but her nutritionist looks healthy and beautiful, and not stick thin. The advice is DO NOT DIET, just eat healthily and don't skip meals. All foods are superfoods and you need a bit of everything in your diet. Very refreshing.

I was a bit disappointed at first that there was no matrix option to choose & play the routine you wanted, but find now that it's better like this - you come back to the workout menu after every workout and then choose what you want to do next. So instead of being over/under ambitious, you choose what you want to do next depending on how you're feeling AFTER each part. There is a mostly music option, so you don't have to listen to the chit chat.

The set worried me at first, with the light sabres and screens (similar to Power of three set). Yet the lighting is perfect and the set fits well with the selected (quite dancy) music. I wasn't too keen on some of the songs before, but found they worked extremely well with the workout and got you motivated. The theme song of the dvd is Taio Cruz Break your heart (Paul Thomas Remix), which is also used for the warm up. The other songs are:

- Flashback, Calvin Harris
- Nothing better, Eddie Thoneick & Erick Morillo
- Blackwater, Carl Kennedy & Tommy Trash
- Hey Hey, Dennis Ferrer
- Afterlife, Black Iris
- Let the Bass Kick in Miami Girl, Chuckie & LMFAO
- I can't stop (David Penn Remix), Sandy Rivera
- Remedy, Little Boots
- I feel love (original Club Mix), MYNC & Rhythm Masters
- I wish (Radio Edit), Mini Viva
Legs & Core:
- Om, Danism
- Toda menina Baiana, Gilberto Gil
- My baby left me, Rox
- Ridin' solo, Jason Derūlo
- One Drum, Copyright
- Desire, Michael Canitrot
- Down River, The Temper Trap
- Sweet Harmony, The Beloved
- Sao Paulo, Morcheeba
- The Ballad of Paul & John, Torch Song
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Fertility Flow Yoga with Mercedes Ngoh
Fertility Flow Yoga with Mercedes Ngoh
Dvd ~ Mercedes Ngoh
Offered by Beyond The Mat Ltd.
Price: £19.95

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Good moves, but some production problems, 18 Nov 2010
I've got several yoga dvds and I do enjoy the syle of this flow yoga. I've done it three times now, and I find that the main problem is that the left and right directions don't mirror what you see Mercedes doing, she talks about her right, which is on the viewer's left and vice versa. I find that this causes confusion and a few times you can find yourself with your back to the screen, not sure what you should be doing. This will probably get easier though after getting used to the practice. The only other problem is that the voice is slightly behind the movement on screen, so, as another reveiwer has stated, you feel like you're trying to catch up, which may leave you feeling quite frustrated!
There are a lot of moves to open up the hips and you do feel like you've had a good strtech at the end, but due to some of the production problems, there just isn't that relaxed warm feeling of contentment that you'd usually get after a yoga practice.

Easy Baby Knits
Easy Baby Knits
by Claire Montgomerie
Edition: Paperback

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2.0 out of 5 stars Beware, Debbie Bliss wool is expensive!, 28 Feb 2010
This review is from: Easy Baby Knits (Paperback)
This book gives no information for those wishing to substitute the debbie bliss brand of wool for other wool. Yes the designs seem simple enough for those who are new to knitting/haven't knitted for a while, but Debbie Bliss wool is very expensive and the author doesn't tell you how to substitute the wool with cheaper brands. I planned to make the lovely baby blanket, but might wait a while as I'm not prepared to pay over £50 for the wool, especially as I haven't knitted for a while & so might make a mess of it!

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