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M. Ooijer "Still a Vonnegut-fan" (Noord Holland, Netherlands)

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Soon Over Babaluma (Remastered Sacd/CD Hybrid)
Soon Over Babaluma (Remastered Sacd/CD Hybrid)
Offered by Castel Communications
Price: £19.94

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5.0 out of 5 stars My favourite album, 5 Nov 2008
This is not only my favourite Can-album (sounding very different from the oft-mentioned albums like Tago Mago, Ege Bamyasi or Monster Movie - which I also like a lot) but my favourite of all albums I own, which is a (varied) lot! It has had to compete for this honourable position with Pink Floyd's DSOTM, Zep BBC Sessions and Happy trails by Quicksilver Messenger Service. None of which come close to this album, the only one that comes close (in style) but is the slightly lesser (imHo) is Future Days.
The absolute star of this album has to be Michael Karoli, who is solely responsible for my new-found love of clean sounds, for which the Stratocaster is remarkbly suitable. Can's albums reward a dedicated listeningto appreciate all the intricacies. I absolutely dig Karoli's 2-4-1-3-4 rhythm on Chain Reaction. Such genius to come up with that and be able to play it. his vocal work is quite reminiscent of former singer Suzuki, and not a complete replacement, but it's close enough for this material (I don't think he could've replaced Suzuki on Can's previous songs, but here it works out just fine)
I play this album when I want to fall asleep, it's soothing music is not dull (in fact, I have to make sure I won't start paying attention to the beutiful intricacies of these songs or I won;t fall asleep any time soon. This is not a dull album at all, it is very soothing and when I played this to my visitors at my birthday party, other even exclaimed how nice it was - which was a revalation! I could play all other music I like, and some of my guests will start complaining - about jangly guitar noises etc. It was nice to notice others agreeing with me for a change.
the highlight of this album has to be Chain Reaction the instrumental performance on this album (not only Karoli's, Liebezeit's drumming really sem to earn him the description of having "no humanizing function"). And the vocals on Come sta, la luna (typical of the the era German-style artistically correct almost-screaming) which made me cringe at first now sound perfect for the song.

And I'm no audiophile, but in this case I think I definitely hear a difference between the SACD and the regular CD-layer. Although it could be that the CD-layer is just exceptionally bad in sound quality (I've noticed this before on other (Can-) SACDs of which I also had the regular CD. then the regular CD sounded better than the hybrid layer of the SACD.) In all, a wholly reccommended buy!

Welcome To The Canteen
Welcome To The Canteen
Price: £7.13

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5.0 out of 5 stars The 2nd best album I own, 1 Oct 2008
This review is from: Welcome To The Canteen (Audio CD)
This album should've been longer - but how much perfection could a band put on one single (live) album? All the playing on this sounds just right, by any instrument (including Winwood's voice).

The only album that I rank above this in my (large and varied!) collection is Soon over Babaluma by Can - A wholly different animal (both the band and the album) So it's no shame to come 2nd to that masterpiece.

It's just a shame that this band has remained so obscure, if only they'd been as well-known as (name some greats here) Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Cream (Non of which exist anymore, and not all members are still alive, with the exception of Cream - Some of whose members have health problems already) there'd be more material from them available, I reckon there must be enough video material in nexistence to make at least one DVD!
This album is better than any of Traffic's studio albums. There is no weak moment on it. Except when it stops, I want it to continue!

The musicians sound as if they're enjoying themselves There aren't any elaborate flights of fancy (in a way they are very disiplined, play for the music and not your own ego) just good musicianhip and good music (Gimme some lovin is arguably the greatest gig-closer)
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by Kurt Vonnegut
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.29

3.0 out of 5 stars An elaborately packaged foreword (know what you pay for), 3 July 2008
This review is from: Timequake (Paperback)
I bought this book because it was a hilarious premise, while it lay on the shelve, waiting for me to get time to start it, I started wondering how on earth Kurt could have delivered a story based on this premise. AS I began reading, I found out that he didn't: Basically, the whole story in the first chunk of the book reads like an extended foreword. This disappointment has led me to put it down again; but be aware of this before you start (& buy) and the book is actually a pleasant read. I'm now busy reading Asimov's Foundation. Don't get me wrong: Vonnegut is still one of my favourite authors, it's just a shame that not all of his works live up to my (admittedly quite high) expectations.
I gave only 3 stars because I expected a story in a book, and I didn't find one in here. (What I DID find was quite nice, so more than 1 star.)

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