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:Amplicom, Powertel 702 Twin DECT Phones
:Amplicom, Powertel 702 Twin DECT Phones
Offered by DST (UK) LTD Established 1999
Price: 99.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Dreadful, awful rubbish. Better to buy cigarettes (even if you don't smoke), 12 Feb 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought these phones for my mother-in-law who has become increasingly hard of hearing in recent years. She was delighted at the thought of being able to conduct telephone conversations once again and was very grateful however, she gave them back to me a month or so later saying that she couldn't hear anything on them and that she preferred her old phone. I had to go and buy new phones for her because, by this time, I had disposed of her old ones. So I ended up with these and have been using them ever since.... until today. I have had enough of this dreadful, awful rubbish and am now going to put them in the bin.
They are the worst waste of money I have ever come across.

Bad points
a) They don't work for the hard of hearing, they make more noise but on the wrong frequency.
b) The buttons are confusing and make little difference to the operation of the phone (it really is an insult to phones to call it a phone but what to do?)
c) You will be forever pressing buttons you didn't mean to press.
d) It is difficult to hold (especially for an older person) and it keeps slipping from your grip.
e) It is impossible to hold 'hands free' between your shoulder and cheek because it will slip.
f) It gets knocked off the cradle and down the back of the furniture every time you go to answer it - very frustrating.
g) It is very difficult to grab from behind the bedside table because the shape makes it slippery.
h) It is very difficult to put in the cradle because of the shape of the damn thing and because the cradle is badly designed.
i) It will make you angry and cause disruption in the home.
j) It will dent the plasterboard on the wall when you throw it violently across the room.
k) It will make your life a complete misery.
l) It will turn the most gentle Buddhist into an axe- wielding maniac.
m) You will hate it, you will hate yourself for buying it and you will become a bitter, twisted individual with no hope of redemption.

Good points
It slides into a wheelie bin really easily

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars Top cigar cutter, 20 Dec 2011
If you smoke big cigars you can't live without this. Even though this is the basic model it is relatively expensive but if you are cutting 30 cigars with anything else and you ruin one you will wish you had bought an Xikar. I smoke Montecristo number 2's and this is perfect for them. It has never let me down, even when the cigar is perhaps a bit drier than it should be, and it always clicks back to the 'safety' position once it has done the job.
I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys, even the occasional, fine cigar.
It stays razor sharp so beware... It is not a toy - Keep it well out of the reach of children.

James Martin Digital Scales ZX774 White / Black
James Martin Digital Scales ZX774 White / Black
Price: 14.69

5.0 out of 5 stars Does exactly what it says, 20 Dec 2011
These scales do exactly what it says on the tin. Great product, best value I could find and I have not been disappointed.
I use them for estimating postage for ebay items and they are bang on. It would be nice if they weighed more than 5kg but it would also be nice if my Jimny drove like a Range Rover...
If you want accurate, inoffensive 5kg scales that weigh in grams, kilos, lbs and ounces and don't want to pay through the nose, buy these.

Amazon Kindle Leather Cover, Black (will only fit Kindle)
Amazon Kindle Leather Cover, Black (will only fit Kindle)

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5.0 out of 5 stars The best on the market, 20 Dec 2011
I searched the net and considered several Kindle jackets and cases before deciding to buy the Amazon product. I was attracted to it for several reasons, firstly (and most importantly to me) it has no closure clasp. I don't go anywhere without my Kindle and a closure clasp sticking out will definitely snag when you try to slide it into a jacket pocket. A book doesn't have a clasp and as far as I am aware this has never been an issue so why on earth should a Kindle have one? Secondly it has no straps, bungees, elasticated cords or leather corners to hold the Kindle in place like many others do. These surely wear out in time and render the jacket useless and even in the best case they don't look very nice. This cover gives you a clear uninterrupted view of the front of the Kindle, which is already well designed so why cover it up? The back of the cover has a moulded rubberised, plastic case which clicks firmly and securely in place, melds seemlessly into the device and really becomes an integral part of it rather than looking like an add-on. It appears to offer really good, robust, protection for the Kindle in case you drop it and what avid reader has ever gone through this life without dropping a book? The cover leaves all the controls available including the page up and down controls on both sides of the device, magic! I also like black leather and this jacket is extremely well made with a nicely stitched front cover and a leather rear cover which is the same moulded shape as the Kindle... How do they do that? Not a clue but it is tactile and extremely well put together, just like the naked device, it adds very little bulk to the device which again is a must when, like me, you take your Kindle everywhere. I have found that it stands up on end or on edge for 'hands free' reading regardless of your screen rotation preferences and the front folds right back out of the way should you elect to hold it. When the cover is folded back it also sits nicely on my knee because the inside of the back cover is not glossy whereas, without the cover, the device just slides off.
I cannot recommend this more highly as it does exactly what I want it to do, it not only protects but enhances the Kindle.
I am very happy to have bought this and think it is worth every penny of the thirty quid I paid.
Well pleased

Brother DCP-J315W Wireless Colour Inkjet Multifunction Printer with Media Card Centre
Brother DCP-J315W Wireless Colour Inkjet Multifunction Printer with Media Card Centre
Offered by DealsAllRound
Price: 129.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars This machine changed my life, 25 May 2011
I have been in Kodak Hell for so long I thought it was normal, until yesterday.....
Three nights ago everything changed. The existence of a Kodak in the home had lead to domestic unrest so I disconnected it and set it aside. Around bed-time I heard an almighty crashin' and a bangin' which, it turned out, was my beloved jumping up and down on what was now an ex printer, for it had gone before, it had run down the curtains and joined the Choir Invisible.
In my bereft state I turned to Amazon and to the All In One Printer reviews whereupon I discovered that there was life after Kodak, or so it was claimed. I didn't want to part with an arm and a leg but I didn't want to remain in purgatory so I settled on the Brother DCP-J315W which, delivered and with a spare set of cartridges, set me back about seventy five beer tokens.
That was at about 2 am on Sunday.
Sunday was unremarkable and Monday passed without event and without the grinding, laboured, tormented, incessant, tubercular Kodak wheeze that had become the soundtrack to my life.
Tuesday pm a cardboard box bearing the legend 'Brother, by your side' arrived by courier.
Half an hour later everything was up and running and I sit here now, at 1.40 am on Wednesday, in wireless printer heaven. The 'Brother by my side' purrs as my every command is obeyed, to the letter, without fuss or noise or hesitation and no sign of the paper which is the life blood of such devices and for some fathomless reason has to be on display in Kodak Hell.
The print is tight and flawless, the colours are the shade they are supposed to be and, joy of joys, when I don't need the printer it turns itself to stand-by with no annoying lights, no humming noises, no massive re-set and stands ready to leap into action at the slightest wireless prompt.
If you are looking for a no nonsense printer that fits neatly and unobtrusively into your life and won't break the bank you need look no farther than the DCP-J315W, it's absolutely magic.
Thank you Brother, thank you Amazon.
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