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Top Tips from the Baby Whisperer: Potty Training (Top Tips from/Baby Whisperer)
Top Tips from the Baby Whisperer: Potty Training (Top Tips from/Baby Whisperer)
by Tracy Hogg
Edition: Paperback
Price: 5.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Good introduction, but too brief, 9 May 2012
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This book gave me a good introduction to the baby whisperers method of potty training. However, it left me looking for more information in order to actually apply the concepts. Basically, the book is too brief and does not really give you a thorough enough guide to this unconventional way of toilet training! (Especially since a great deal of pages out of an already thin book are devoted to explaining Tracys overall methods of baby care rather than to actual potty training.) As an example, there is no guidance on what to do if your working part-time, or when your out and about, etc.
I ended up looking for more information and stumbled on 'Diaper free baby' by Christine Gross-Loh. This book was what I needed as it explained what to do for babys that are any age and for any family situation!

All in all, this is a good book if you want a general overview of toilet training 9month old babies. But be prepared to feel frustrated if you actually want to apply the methods.

I like having the book as a reference. However, it is a great shame that Tracy Hogg did not write more about this topic as I do believe potty training earlier is a good option for parents.

Typhoon Natural Dot Shopping Trolley
Typhoon Natural Dot Shopping Trolley

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4.0 out of 5 stars Much better than expected, 20 April 2012
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Length:: 1:17 Mins

(For a family of three this trolley fits most of my weekly grocery shop, plus an additional two plastic bags which I put light weight stuff into.)

I was VERY tempted to give it a 5 star, but I could see a few flaws....


1) The design is so modern and pleasant I feel great whenever I walk by anyone else with a trolley :) I don't feel like a granny with this one.
2) The handle is very soft and nice to grip, non-slip.
3) The trolley is very very light weight. I sometimes find it easier to weal around my hand-bag in it rather than have it on my shoulder!
4) The material looks very easy to clean.
5) I folds out superbly plus feels and looks very high quality.


1) A little bigger and it would fit EVERYTHING in it!!!
2) It would be nice to have a string on the flap at the top to tie to the sides as well as velcro. This would be good for extra security of the items at the top of the bag if you happen to fill it right up to the brim since the flat simply doesn't reach the velcro if the bag is filled right up.
3) The side pockets could be cut a little better (bigger), so that my mobile or other stuff doesn't get squashed when I fill up the main compartment of the trolley.

The Diaper-Free Baby: The Natural Toilet Training Alternative: The Natural Toilet Training Alternative for a Happier, Healthier Baby or Toddler
The Diaper-Free Baby: The Natural Toilet Training Alternative: The Natural Toilet Training Alternative for a Happier, Healthier Baby or Toddler
by Christine Gross-Loh
Edition: Paperback
Price: 7.19

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5.0 out of 5 stars Got me started right away!, 17 April 2012
What is EC?
Elimination Communication is a natural, additional way to communicate with your baby in order to help them meet their basic needs of elimination. You already know how to spot when your baby is tired and can help him to get to sleep...IF you could find out how to spot his natural needs to go to the toilet, why wouldn't you?
ECing your baby is very rewarding. Think how you feel when your baby gobbles up your lovingly prepared meal. Or when your baby finally closes her eyelids as you rock her to sleep... ECing is a great way to bond with your baby. Personally, I also use it as a guide to remind me how tuned in I am to my baby. To make sure that I do not miss out on those precious fleeting days.

The basics of EC:
The author has developed three basics steps to follow, for all aged babies.
1) Letting him experience wetness.
(This involves your baby making the association between elimination and the feelings of wetness. Adults are very aware of this connection, however babies can unlearn this if used to the modern ultra-absorbent disposables! )
2) Help him learn to make associations.
(This is where cuing your baby when he eliminates comes in. Your make a common-sense sound such as pssss psss when your baby is going to the toilet.
3) Guiding him to eliminate in potty/toilet.
(This is where you enable your baby to eliminate in an actual potty or toilet at or just before he needs to go.)

About the book:
I would call this book more a Manual, or Handbook for EC, since you can quickly get started ECing your baby by flipping to the correct chapter that matches the age of your baby. When you have time you may want to read the other chapters, but this is not necessary.

The book contains 9 chapters in total. Only 6 main ones and 3 'extras'. Each chapter takes about an hour to read, thus this book is a quick and easy read. Most of the chapters are a guide on how to EC a child of a particular age. This is because your approach varies slightly depending how old your child is. There is a chapter that explains the benefits of EC and gives a brief history. Another chapter describes how to find a support network for yourself. This can be important given that many people around you may not even have heard of EC!

Key content of the book:
a) This book is for everyone no matter how much time they have to spare to do EC. Whether your working full-time or a full time mum you can practise EC. In fact, the book talks about three different types of ECers. Occasional, part-time and full-time. It also does not matter what age your child is!

b) The book has useful tables listing the sings to look out for telling you that your baby is about to eliminate or is.

c) Each chapter has dozens of comments from other ECing parents sharing their experiences. In effect, you can use this book as your EC companion or support group!

d) Many chapter contain trouble-shooting guides covering possible difficulties and solutions.

e) Potty pauses, where your ECing progress seems to have reversed, causes and solutions are explored. As well as nigh-time ECing and out and about ECing is discussed.

Me personal experience,
I very much enjoyed the read. I started off with reading the Baby Whisperer because I wanted to know about all the options I had when it came to toilet training in order to make an informed decision. The idea of pottying earlier simply very much clicked with me. However, I did not find very much practical advice in Tracy Hoggs book about how exactly to go about doing it! By luck I found it at an NCT sale for 1.50. After reading just one chapter I felt equipped enough to have a go. I've loved it ever since. We are now at the stage where we are catching every morning poo. ( my son is 13months old) And most of the other poos as well as a few pees. My little baby waits for us to put him on the toilet in the morning because ever since he released that we are going to put him on the toilet, he waits patiently for us to do so since he doesn't seem to like sitting in his poo even for a few minutes...!
In future I would like to find out more about EC to improve my skills. There are a few other books and DVDs on the market.

1. Some of the chapters repeat themselves quite a bit about how to EC a baby. If you are reading the whole book it can get quite annoying and boring. Perhaps the book would benefit from more structure and less repetition.

2. The book is fairly thin and fast to read. Simply more information would be better. Since even with the trouble-shooting guides, there are still many nuances and scenarios that come up that are not covered. So although the book gives you confidence to get started, it could be even stronger.

I whole heartedly recommend this book to anyone interested for any reason in EC. It's well written, comprehensive and coherent. It's especially good for beginners and anyone wishing to just get down to business quickly.

What Every Parent Needs to Know: The incredible effects of love, nurture and play on your child's development
What Every Parent Needs to Know: The incredible effects of love, nurture and play on your child's development
by Margot Sunderland
Edition: Paperback
Price: 10.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Truly a must read for the knowledge hungry parent, 13 May 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This book is a handy manual that takes you from essential advice during babyhood right up to school age children. The great majority of the book is geared towards toddlerhood, but parents with babies will also find they can read a few chapters and find some useful advice for the future, such as child-care which usually needs to be planned well in advance.

All the advice in the book is taken from the latest scientific evidence on the subject. In fact, similar to a real scientific paper, the book backs up most of its claims on right and wrong, with specific papers, which you can look up in the references section at the back of the book.

The book is easy and fast to read. You can pick and choose the chapters, and even the pages, which are relevant to you, as each point in the book is pretty much self-sufficient.

In summary of most of the chapters, the book can be split into two main sections. One talks about how to best deal with crying/tantrums, and the other, how to love/play with your child. The other miscellaneous topics talk about sleep and looking after yourself.

The overall philosophy of the book can be easily summarised in the following way: Always respond with love and kindness to your child, as it is crucial for their brain development. Parenting which is unresponsive or doesn't take the child's feelings seriously, can result in problems in later life, such as an inability to deal with stress or drug and alcohol abuse.

Kenwood JE550 Electronic Juicer
Kenwood JE550 Electronic Juicer

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4.0 out of 5 stars Does what its ment to do!, 21 Aug 2005
I found this juicer a perfect machine as it did its job well. The machine is easy to clean and use, perfect for beginners! Its very durable as has lasted me 3 years so far! Now thats what i call good value for money.

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