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Offered by MirMedia
Price: £4.90

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Techno Sounds!, 24 Nov. 2006
This review is from: Bathwater (Audio CD)
BATHWATER is from the album THE SINGLES 1992-2003 and RETURN OF SATURN. This title track is backed by the song IT'S MY LIFE found on THE SINGLES 1992-2003, and two videos. The songs have been mixed and remixed to have a much techno-club sound sure to please dance club lovers and No Doubt fans.

BATHWATER INVINCIBLE OVERLORD REMIX (3:07) is unlike the album version in that the introduction has the liquid sounds, less horns, trumpet and saxophone and much added beats from, synthesizers, drums, and heavy paced beats to electronica enhanced styles.

IT'S MY LIFE JACQUES LU CONT'S THIN WHITE DUKE MIX (6:59) has the similar vocals as the original yet there are more repetitive sounds like "It's my life... it never ends x 9". There are techno/trance effects, heavy booming bass, intensifying climaxing sounds, and a much longer length than the original version.

BATHWATER INVINCIBLE OVERLORD REMIX VERSION VIDEO has the styles many are familiar with from watching on the video releases however there are some extras. The remix enhancements add a nice variation as compared to the original version by enriching the sound. The wild displays of water being hosed down on each other are flourishing. Adrian Young is dressed as a woman quite often. Gwen shakes, moves, goes wild and takes each of the band members on a water quest filled with surprises! Since the video is longer there are more clips.

IT'S MY LIFE VIDEO is definitely one of the top classic videos of all times for the totally empowered, liberated person in charge! This video has many common takes already seen, from Gwen running over her date with a car, throwing a blow dryer on a tub as a guy is bathing, to poisoning a lover who gives commands.

Offered by gr8traxuk
Price: £0.85

5.0 out of 5 stars Don't Stop The Party Moods!, 24 Nov. 2006
This review is from: Promiscuous (Audio CD)
While there are many different singles for this hit song, "Promiscuous", this particular one has the non-album track "Crazy Radio 1 Live Lounge Session". If you are in the mood to experience more than just dance music then be sure to play this single and enjoy!

"Promiscuous" (Feat. Timbaland Radio Edit) carries the same beats many are familiar with which includes the high bass-lines, dance vibes, and excellent club sounds. There are the flirtatious back and forth words between Nelly and Timbaland creating a power trip of who can get who. Although, the meaning behind the word promiscuous is not nice don't get offended. This song takes the meaning to a whole new level. It is just about teasing, having fun, and nothing more. There are plenty of musical instruments that range from drums, synthesizers, bass, to added enhancements to bring about much to take pleasure in. The beats are highly energetic and the styles are distinctly catchy for sure!

"Crazy" (Radio 1 Live Lounge Session) is the exclusive cover version of Gnarls Barkley's song titled, "Crazy". It has a nice slow sounding tempo. The standout is Nelly's voice along the nice additional background vocals accompanied by the guitar playing, shift in vocal pitch, as well as emphasis on the lyrical content which is soothing, comforting, and quite romantic. While the dance feeling may not be present, the party feeling is not lost at all. This is a great song to play before you hit the dance floor. And if you are in the club V.I.P. or resting then this will be a great song to sit back, relax, and perhaps strike up a conversation with someone you might have had an eye for.

If you want to experience music to feel in the mood to enjoy your time in any place, or type of setting, then this is for you! This is a great 2-track single to add to your collection for the live lounge style. Dance lovers will also find this to be quite captivating and fascinating to listen, enjoy, and experience! Feel the party sensation, get the night club moods, or just relax and unwind to fabulous music sure to please!


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5.0 out of 5 stars Feel Sexy Through Dance Music!, 24 Nov. 2006
This review is from: PCD (Audio CD)
The Pussycat Dolls Japan Import album has repertoires that include R&B, hints of pop and hip-hop as well as excellent dance club singles like DON'T CHA featuring Busta Rhymes, STICKWITU, BEEP featuring and BUTTONS. Aside these hits, there are four bonus songs, lyrical booklet, and obi-strip. Although, it has been rumored Nicole, the lead singer, is the only one who sings, there are many interjecting transitions by the others.

The four bonus tracks definitely enhance the listening experience. They are the following: SWAY (3:11) having the Spanish influenced marimba rhythms portraying being on the dance floor hand in hand with mentions of violins, and words such as "Mi amor", FLIRT (2:57) having the much rapid beats reaching unbelievable speeds with repetitions of "I just want to flirt" and themes of how men and women think differently, WE WENT AS FAR AS WE FELT LIKE GOING (3:50) encompassing more R&B/funk with portions of Patti LaBelle's "Take Your Time (Do It Right)", and DON'T CHA LIVE VERSION making the sound less musical and more as a live audience feeling.

The Pussycat Dolls sing many cover songs as well as make their own. Among the top favorites to reminisce, aside the one already mentioned above, are hits like: HOT STUFF (I Want You Back) sounding a bit like Donna Summer, the all time Queen of Disco, TAINTED LOVE/WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO, and BITE THE DUST. While most of the songs have a dance sensation don't be fooled, there are many slower ones as well, such as HOW MANY TIMES HOW MANY LIES, and STICKWITU. In addition, if you like featured artists, then aside the previous ones mentioned, there is one by Timbaland titled WAIT A MINUTE having much hip-hop, funk and some R&B.

Overall, when you play this album the extras included in this edition will be sure to compliment and enhance your shopping experience. Be ready to feel special, positive, confident, and filled with attitude. The lyrical booklet helps to understand the meaning behind the music better thus, enhancing the moods for the listener! The empowering lyrics, sexy overtones, and dance oriented directions will be sure to entertain and satisfy! Their second album is rumored to be in 2007 so be sure to add this one to your dance collection as these girls are just warming up!

Me And U [2 Track CD] [CD 1]
Me And U [2 Track CD] [CD 1]
Offered by Retrophiles
Price: £6.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars Experience *Me & U*!, 24 Nov. 2006
As various new artists start to make their appearances few can cause a steam of R&B sounds that have intense dance, hip-hop, and shining vocals that are sweet and soft yet sexy and strong as Cassie!

"Me & U" (Main 3:12) has an excellent dance, R&B, and hip-hop style. While the meaning behind the song ranges from various themes, the reality is that nothing is more intriguing than uncovering your own thoughts of what it could be. Experience sounds that will be sure to make you feel ready to move your body in ways you never thought possible on the dance floor!

"Me & U" (Ryan Leslie Remix 3:14) has some variation to the original version as the song has added vocals [rap style] and added instrumentations. The added rhymes in the rap part completely make this single worth the buy! The style and direction of the remix change the song by adding flairs of feeling the meanings behind the lyrics better as well as setting the mood to dance in high gear. While there are no distinct techno or trance effects, the overall feeling is definitely a trip to the night club as you glance at a totally friendly stare. There is booming bass, claps, and background electronica sure to set the stage for getting into the party state!

Nothing In This World [2 Track CD] [CD 1]
Nothing In This World [2 Track CD] [CD 1]

4.0 out of 5 stars A Catchy Blend Of Pop And Dance!, 24 Nov. 2006
As Paris Hilton, known heiress, party-goer, and socialite, launches her first album, PARIS, with an array of vast sounds, then comes the singles all different in musical styles. The first single was the hot dance club hit "Turn It Up", then came the romantic reggae-infused "Stars Are Blind" and now the fun pop favorite "Nothing In This World". This 2-track single has the album version and a remix, comes housed in a slim-line jewel case and brings much highly invigorating pop sounds. Do you want to feel energized, happy, and in positive spirits? Then this is for you! Pop and dance lovers will definitely enjoy the catchy sounds!

"Nothing In This World" (Album Version 3:10) is the typical pop song with the cute uplifting vocals, catchy hooks, and fast paced energetic beats. It was produced by Dr. Luke famous for many other top notch artists. There are nice musical accompaniments to create cheerful moods, much variation, and great dance effects. Paris does her own background vocals which is highly unusual even for big artists to do. The sound in her voice pitch is soft and sweet, yet distinct! Most notably, is her cotton candy vocal range many are familiar with that are both sensual and listener friendly. The words to the song display confidence, romantic moods, and take charge attitudes sure to please many!

"Nothing In This World" (Jason Nevins Extended Remix 6:06) has a little over 3 minutes more of the album version, a different introduction, and some variety in terms of the song's overall style. It doesn't really change too much. Like the album version, the pop sounds are highly present and the beats are somewhat catchy. The remix adds more drums, faster paced beats, more synths, percussion, and climaxing sounds that elevate and lower. The huge dance club vibes like her first single are not present. There is no heavy booming bass or electronica trance styles. Instead, there are the highly energetic beats, extended minutes of added sound enhancements, dance techno effects, and vast array of instruments. This was produced by Jason Nevins with additional production by Mark Scetta and Remix A&R by Orlando Puerta and Jeff Aldrich.

If you enjoy the sounds of pop music that have highly energetic beats, fast paced sounds, and uplifting lyrics then this is highly recommendable. Although, the huge night club sounds are not highly present this single does have fast tempos sure to get many in the moods to dance, party or feel great!

Buttons [Cd2]
Buttons [Cd2]
Offered by Hagewitt
Price: £13.09

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5.0 out of 5 stars Loosen Up ~n~ Play!, 24 Nov. 2006
This review is from: Buttons [Cd2] (Audio CD)
This single is off the album PCD by the Pussycat Dolls, comes housed in a slim-line jewel case and has 2 song versions of "Buttons" accompanied by the video and one non-album track "Flirt". If you enjoy music with great dance beats, catchy hooks, and a blend of R&B with rap then this will be a good choice!

The first song, Buttons featuring Snoop Dogg (3:52) has a different introduction as compared to the regular album version since Snoop Dogg lead the opening and raps in between. The rhymes are tight, and the rap sounds fresh. The sounds are funky, R&B, and highly energetic! Although, the words to the song may seem controversial, the reality is that any listener can make his or her own interpretation.

The Buttons Album Version (3:46) has a different introduction as Snoop is not featured. Instead, Nicole starts off with the other girls. This has the same styles as the previous song yet there are no rap breaks and the song is a bit shorter in length. There are Middle Eastern sounds heard in the background adding much cultural value, pleasant sounds, and variety of styles. Again, this has the catchy hook, excellent dance beats and highly charged lyrics with fast paced tempos.

The third song is the Non-LP Version, Flirt (2:57) having a lot faster sounds than the previous 2 songs. The beats take off full force exerting much rapid musical beats, faster singing, and style. The lyrics accentuate, "I just want to flirt" repeatedly. The lyrics can be interpreted to mean that while men think women are a certain way the reality is not every move or flaunt is how a man truly interprets it. The music has great styles of R&B blends with pop, dance, and highly energetic beats sure to please many.

The fourth track has the Buttons Video clocking at (4:04) with Snoop Dogg singing in the beginning and in between as well as dancing with Nicole and the girls. There are plenty of choreographed dance routines by all the 6 girls. If you love to watch Snoop Dogg with the Pussycat Dolls, and great choreographed synchronized routines then this will definitely be an eye-opener!

My Love Pt 1
My Love Pt 1
Offered by remypat
Price: £2.39

5.0 out of 5 stars Romance Your Moods To Dance Sounds!, 22 Nov. 2006
This review is from: My Love Pt 1 (Audio CD)
Justin Timberlake may have taken some time off but when he made his come back it was anything but ordinary! His style has vast appeal to many of all ages, as there are more mature lyrics, and excellent R&B dance tracks sure to make many desire for more!

This single has the typical moods of the nights at the club, party, or other pleasant setting. The German Import single comes housed in a slim-line jewel case, has 2 versions of "My Love" and is from his second album titled, FutureSex/LoveSounds.

Track 1, "My Love" featuring T.I. 4:43 has the nice techno effects common to many who visit the clubs often. This is not like the album version. There is the chirping sounds, nice thumping bass, climaxing synthesizers, and remarkable drum percussion, all producing different frequencies sure to enhance the song! Justin's voice is high in pitch at times as it later takes a dive to a lower sound both creating a uniquely varied effect! Additional vocals are by T.I. and background vocals are both Justin and Timbaland.

Track 2, "My Love" Instrumental 4:38 is somewhat similar to the previous track but the introduction is different, there are no rap breaks or singing, and the length of the song is a bit shorter. The heavy drums, clapping sounds, and techno effects are still vastly present. Since there are no words the beats are a bit more repetitive yet quite enjoyable. If you love to sing then this will be sure to please.

Offered by Popshop
Price: £0.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Music With Attitude! Forget Being Serious!, 21 Nov. 2006
This review is from: Beep (Audio CD)
If you love dance music and highly energetic sounds with positive vibes then this single will be sure to get you going! The breathy and non-breathy vocals combined with the R&B club elements, spicy flairs, and sexy undertones make this totally off the charts, wild and fun! Experience music with attitude, roots from the past, and sounds of today and the future!

"Beep" (Album Version feat. Will.i.Am) held the #13 spot in the U.S., the single hit #2 in the U.K., and #3 in Australia. The rap accompanied with the back and forth talk between Nicole and Will.i.Am make this catchy, fun, sassy, and fun! If anything is true, this song has a nice attitude style that can make anyone feel sexy, alluring, and irresistible! The beeps step in instead of the actual words adding much mystery and anticipation. That combined with the melody just enhance and reinforce the feeling of how men and women think so differently sometimes.

"Hot Stuff (I Want You Back) Remix" has elements from the song "Hot Stuff" by the all time Queen of Disco, Donna Summer. The song sounds somewhat different and adds a spin of its own. The unique style alone makes this worth listening to! The remix combines the soulful disco days with a modern dance type twist thus creating a great sound sure to get anyone feeling uplifted and great! The mix of the past music with the new blends nicely by bringing back music to its original roots. The music has dance styles, R&B, chirpy, swirling type effects, and much club vibes. The pounding, thumping bass elevate and lower as the vocals shift with the sounds thus creating a phenomenal feeling. This song will be sure to get you in the mood to feel sensational! Forget being serious, give in and feel hot!

Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: £22.83

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5.0 out of 5 stars Dance, Party And Get Crazy!, 20 Nov. 2006
This review is from: Maneater (Audio CD)
As Nelly Furtado causes a stir of mixed reactions, it is apparent her dance songs are causing a storm in the clubs, parties, and bars. She has undeniably grown as a music artist. MANEATER is from Nelly's album LOOSE and is backed up with the Josh Desi Remix, Maneater Video, and non-album exclusive cover song CRAZY.

MANEATER Radio Version (3:17) has plenty of bass, synthesizers, percussion, vocals, and catchy dance hooks. The varying beats with sizzling pounding swirls, and drums make this great to listen to. Aside the musical sounds, the words to the song will be sure to make it even more worthwhile and enjoyable. Apparently, the song is about a lover who has made her guy go crazy by having him spend too much, work like crazy, and drive him into madness. The song ends with "You wish you never ever met her at all."

CRAZY Radio 1 Live Lounge Session (3:23) is the exclusive cover version of Gnarls Barkley's song titled CRAZY. Nelly sings this in a nice vocal pitch range accompanied by additional background vocals, guitar, and much mellow sounding tones. The club sounds are not present nor are there techno/trance tempos. This has the laid back lounge style great to let loose before going wild on the dance floor or great for unwinding.

MANEATER Josh Desi Remix (4:24) begins with a Middle Eastern tribal style and Nelly singing "You wish you never met her at all [x3]" There are a lot of Spanish style hints in sound, singing and instruments. Unlike the radio version, this has faster beats, more rapid drums, Latin flairs, and vast Mid-Eastern styles. Not quite the club techno trance moods yet more in the dance party sensations!

The MANEATER VIDEO is approximately 5 minutes long. It starts off with Nelly looking for her dog who has strayed away chasing a female dog. As she begins her search she decides to go down some stairways that lead to a room filled with people of all cultures. When she gets there all eyes are on her. Next, there is a man who stares at her and his eyes look *wild* like her dogs. Nelly starts to go crazy dancing, shaking her body to the beats and telling the crowd to get on their knees. Then the crowds go out of their minds moving to the beats and enjoying themselves. In between these scenes there are clips of Nelly dancing behind some flames looking in fabulous shape. This is an excellent video to enjoy for the party atmosphere. This will definitely get you in the mood to dance, party, or just feel energized!

If you are looking for variety, dance club sounds, tribal Latin flairs with Middle Eastern hints and laid back lounge styles then this will be a phenomenal purchase! Feel the party sensations, get into the mood, or enjoy the feeling!

Price: £2.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars *Fun, Flirtatious, Fantastic, Flairs Of Dance*, 20 Nov. 2006
This review is from: PCD (Audio CD)
The dance styles combined with the flirtatious and overflowing empowering "filled with attitude" lyrics make this a total smash! When listening to this album, there are no moments of feeling down since confidence shines throughout!

The soulful singing, back to disco sounds, and musical accompaniment make this a more than pleasurable experience. Above all, the tracks can get one feeling liberated, free, and happy to take on anything. Overall, there are great dance beats, catchy hooks, positive vibes, and much more to enjoy! The words, the melodic dance beats, and the romantic moments can cause empathy to many who have been through a spiraling roller coaster with vast lovers. While the long ride and journey can be wild and tough, the songs prove that you are what your experiences make you: SPECIAL and HOT!

There are many excellent selections to take pleasure in but among the top songs recognized as hot dance club singles are "Don't Cha" (featuring Busta Rhymes), "Beep" (featuring and the catchy "Wait A Minute" (featuring Timbaland). Aside those excellent songs, my other favorites would be "I Don't Need A Man" for the attitude lyrics and soulful singing, "Hot Stuff (I Want You Back)" since it reminds me of the disco Donna Summer days, "Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go" and "Bite The Dust" for the fast paced, energetic dance styles.

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