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Boys in the Band [DVD] [1970] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Boys in the Band [DVD] [1970] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Kenneth Nelson
Price: 12.19

5.0 out of 5 stars Long live the art of film!, 13 Aug 2012
Let me first say that this is a high quality film in every respect. The script is excellent, the cast is superb, and no one could have directed it better than William Friedkin. Every shot is driving the plot forward, and Friedkin's attention to detail ensures that every little nuance drives the point home. Every scene is taut and poignant, and the quality of the art direction, cinematography, and sound production leaves nothing to be desired. Great craftsmanship. And a great work of dramatic art.
It is a big puzzle to me that this film is not currently available in the PAL/Region 2 DVD or Blu-Ray formats! This is both a humourous, dramatic, thought provoking and entertaining piece of cinema that should leave nobody untouched.
Perhaps unlike most of my fellow reviewers, I do not see this as a "gay" film. To me, it is a film about the human condition - gay or otherwise, and of complex human relationships. It is also a film about the problem of suffering. It is interesting that a couple of reviewers refer to the structural similarity between "The Boys In The Band" and "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf". I think there are thematic similarities as well. In my opinion, both films deal with human suffering in relation to the concept of being "unnormal". (Let me rush in to say that this statement does not express my personal opinion of what is "normal" or not. I am just attempting an analysis based on character interpretations from the two films.) Martha and George in "Virginia Woolf" are "unnormal" because they are unable to produce children in their marriage, and channel their suffering and frustration by cruelly tormenting each other. Michael in "Boys In The Band" seems equally unable to come to terms with the fact that - in his own opinion - he is also "unnormal" i.e. gay. He is also full of frustration and self contempt, and he too projects his contempt on the others at the birthday party. In both cases we are witnessing damaged, suffering people fighting for their lives - almost with their backs against the wall. It hurts to be a witness to this suffering.
See this movie. And judge for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Eagle's Wing [DVD] [1979]
Eagle's Wing [DVD] [1979]
Dvd ~ Martin Sheen
Price: 5.70

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4.0 out of 5 stars Pure cinema., 14 Sep 2011
This review is from: Eagle's Wing [DVD] [1979] (DVD)
I will not go into detail about the plot of this film, since other reviewers have already done so. I want to celebrate it as a magnificent visual experience. The cinematography is outstanding! Stunningly beautiful in every aspect: lighting, colour, camera angles and movement. And movement is a key word here. Film is by definition movement, and in Eagle's Wing, every scene and image is alive with movement: The movement of people and horses within the frame; the effect of the constant wind that sets clothes and hair, feathers, grass, branches and leaves of trees, and clouds of dust in motion. Combine all this with superb costume and makeup design and breathtakingly beautiful locations, and you are in for a visual feast. I love this film, but there are a couple of things which disappoint me: First of all: the original aspect ratio of 2.35 : 1 has been cropped, and the film is presented in 1.85:1. I think that is a shame, because it is very evident that image composition suffers severely. I think it is a violation of a work of art! In my opinion, all films on DVD or Blu-Ray should be presented in their original aspect ratio. My second complaint concerns casting: Why is the role of White Bull played by Sam Waterston instead of being played by a Native American actor? Sam Waterston does a great job, but the fact that I know he is white, distracts me. It would probably not have been done today. Nevertheless, I recommend this film wholeheartedly. Sit back, and enjoy!

Becket [1964] [DVD]
Becket [1964] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Peter O'Toole
Price: 8.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars At last!, 20 April 2007
This review is from: Becket [1964] [DVD] (DVD)
I have been waiting for this release for years, and I just can't wait to watch "Becket" again, in all its widescreen splendor. This film simply has it all: Great human drama, complex characters interpreted by superb actors; impressive cinematography, evocative music, and an exciting plot. I think "Becket" is indeed one of the best films ever made, notwithstanding that its screenplay sticks very closely to Jean Anouilh's original stage play. I highly recommend this film to everyone who prefers films about human beings rather than nonsensical special effects.

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