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Dazzle Ships
Dazzle Ships
Price: 10.10

5.0 out of 5 stars Fresh and different- both then and now, 5 May 2013
This review is from: Dazzle Ships (Audio CD)
Where to begin about this often overlooked gem? I remember it confusing a lot of fans when it came out, with some savage reviews in the music press. (Whatever, I am with Frank Zappa when it comes to music press.) So, if you haven't got it, should you consider it? Yes. As often pointed out, it is at times disjointed, experimental, leftfield and downright eccentric. Yet its all the better because of this, those elements give it a unique personality. Its ahead of its time, a record that makes its presence felt and is most definately not background music. The title track demonstrates this. Like many other records from my teens, it was liked simply because I did, and at first got played in segments and snippits. Telegraph, Radio Waves, Genetic Engineering, these always got a hearing. As its an album that bears more fruit with repeated listens, other tracks gradually got tried and played more; I got to love Dazzle Ships as a whole. This is Helena was and remains a great alternative 'pick me up' tune. As teenagers, myself and friends loved this track. We played it loud on our hand-me-down stereos, whilst the source of the sounds, samples and ideas behind the songs on Dazzle Ships fuelled many conversations. If you haven't heard it for a while/at all, give your ears a taste of Dazzle Ships creative fare and judge for yourself. I am about to!

Raven - The Complete Series [DVD]
Raven - The Complete Series [DVD]
Dvd ~ Patsy Rowlands
Price: 8.60

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4.0 out of 5 stars Ravin' about Raven !, 20 Aug 2010
So, Raven on DVD at last. Its not quite as I remember as is the case with many of these shows that us nostalgics hanker after. Still, it was ahead of its time compared to lots of other kids TV for teenagers. Its quite well acted with some established thesps taking part, often being filmed on location; it also had (for then) quirky and advanced graphic effects sequences used to create the required 'other worldly/supernatural' feel.

Its quite a 'new age' theme and plot - it centres around attempts to dump Nuclear Waste underground in ancient caves, which locals are opposed to. The caves are currently being worked on by Archeologists due to Ancient/Arthurian artifacts and links with the Knight of the Round table.
Phil Daniels as Raven fine - a stroppy teenage orphan on probation from borstal slowly realising that his purpose in life is not quite what he was expecting. His name came from the bird which was watching over him as an abandoned baby! Why the Raven was doing this is not clear, but theres a lot of symbolistic stuff going on throughout the series, often with birds; in particular, Merlins. Plus raven keeps a stuffed Raven with him too...

The quality of the DVD is average - its straight from video though so its to be expected. However, it still has the commercial breaks sections. Why ..? The graphics are dated to modern eyes but impressed me back then. However, the plot still works, excellently; many themes raised are in essence true even now - taking care of the past helps protect the future. Overall, i enjoyed it second time around once my adult eyes stops being so old. A fun and watchable bit of TV from the past with an above average storyline. Four stars are due to the picture quality and ropy editing. (I know.. picky..)

If you liked Children of the Stones, then get this - its written by the same people!
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Square Pegs: Complete Series [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Square Pegs: Complete Series [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Sarah Jessica Parker
Price: 9.69

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5.0 out of 5 stars This year we're gonna be popular...!, 9 Dec 2008
How come no reviews from the U.S. yet?
An early eighties gem. Definately one I've purchased for nostalgic reasons.I saw most of the episodes for this on S4C in the U.K. It was on at irregularly paced slots around 1982 - 1983 and i don't remember it being repeated. Episodes were shown out of sequence, but I did get to see the Xmas 2-parter at Xmas, which was good.
Somehow its stuck quite clearly in my memory as something i liked. Easiest and simplest way to describe the show is as almost a series of bite sized prequels to some of the later John hughes films set around High school, with the stand offs between the cools/jocks and the geeks/nerds. Y'know, Breakfast Club, Ferris Beuler, Wierd Science, that kind of thing. Do you like those and STILL watch them from time to time?
You'll like this I reckon. The humour is more subtle than laugh out loud and a sometimes a little dated, but none the worse for it.
Overall, episodes stand up on their own merit due to the great casting; Slash and his phrasing still raise a smile- totally! Jennifers Valley-girl speak predicted the way a lot of females in the media would speak now too! The show was also features The Waitresses, Devo and Bill Murray to name a few.
Its a shame it never fully took off in the U.S. ( it only lasted a season) as it may have taken off over here in the U.K. and I could have had it on region 2..!
Anyhow, the packaging is fine, you get all the episodes plus modern day interviews with most of the cast apart from one who has passed away (Slash)and one who no-one mentions ( Vinnie). Good to see Sarah jessica Parker giving an in depth interview regarding the show too. The cast regard the show with what seems a fondness and a right of passage for a few of them into films and bigger T.V. work. A nice extra and worth a viewing alone.
For the price its a bit of a bargain, even if you watch it once through!
Get it and enjoy - totally!

by Julian Cope
Edition: Paperback

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1.0 out of 5 stars THIS BOOK IS IN GERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 17 April 2008
This review is from: KrautRockSampler. (Paperback)
Like other disgruntled purchasers I am totally hacked off!!!!!
I used one click to buy before checking reviews. Bad move on my behalf.
This book is the German language edition - I tried to contact the seller several times to confirm if was after reading the reviews,not an easy task. Intial replies were automatic/automated.
The eventual alleged human reply was regarding shipping with no reference to the book or my query.
So, unless you can read German avoid both the book and , frankly a dubious seller with zero level customer care.
Amazon should do something about this, as I'd expect it from other sites but not them.
I'll have to wait for the english reprint - D'OHH!!!!!

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