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Zamberlan Men's 1020 Novolao Waxed Mustard Walking Boot 1020 Mns 11 UK
Zamberlan Men's 1020 Novolao Waxed Mustard Walking Boot 1020 Mns 11 UK
Offered by LD Mountain Centre

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5.0 out of 5 stars Zamberlan 1020 Boots, 25 Feb. 2011
How do you write a review of a product that has transformed your life without it sounding like a sales advertisement? I am keen rambler of the Indian Sub Continent but have always struggled to find hiking boots that accommodate my foot width (H) and high instep and over the years have tried all the major higher priced Brands. My difficult foot size forces me to have my business dress brogues made at Trickers (London) who I would also recommend to any one with difficult foot dimensions.

I now work in the Nordics and the prevailing weather conditions this year have made the habitual wearing of boots an imperative. The Zamberlan boots were the fourth pair of top of the price range boots tried and found wanting in the demanding environment. Instantly conformable, easy to take on and off when going through security at airports, warm, and yet formal enough to not look out of place in countries where everybody wears boots to work.

I have now worn the boots continuously since purchased. Only two little niggles I wish that the boots had come with a spare set of laces and that the leather collar around the ankle was not more substantial ie. (Had more padding in the collar resulting greater depth and more hold around the ankle).
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Real World Economic Outlook: The Legacy of Globalization: Debt and Deflation
Real World Economic Outlook: The Legacy of Globalization: Debt and Deflation
by Ann Pettifor
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £70.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Real World Economics for the layman, 30 Nov. 2010
You have probably wondered like me with all the information that is available to the well educated leaders of the Banking sector how did we get into the Banking mess that prevails today. This book sets what has happened, and why. It is drafted in terms understandable to the layman. Where there economists as far back as 2000 who where getting extremely alarmed at the dismantling of the compartmentalisation of the Banking sector put in place post the Great Depression(1926)? There were and they are documented in this book all are eminent in their fields. Why did nobody listen to them?

This book draws you to concluded that post 1970 an unhealthy complicity grew between Politicians who believed in market liberalisation as a matter of faith (Regan, Thatcher, Gordon Brown) and Bankers who saw the structural changes in the market as an opportunity to earn super profits at near zero risk. The cycle of deregulation leading to super profit leading to higher Government taxation takes become so seductive that the players got trapped in their own logic.

I enjoyed this book but I have enjoyed others written by Ann Pettifor. If you are interested in the debt crisis and its cause this is a must read along with The coming First World Debt Crisis another book by Ann Pettifor. My only reservation is a bit too much time is registering the consequences for the Third World. I appreciate that it is important and even merits a book in its own right but I would rather that more time had been spent on how European Government and US Government policy has been to hold down food prices and wages whilst favouring through Taxation policy Intellectual Property which has resulted in the top 10% doubling their wealth between 1998 and 2008 and the majority of European citizens over the same period becoming 10% poorer.

Of Interest to those with a yearning for a better understanding of Social Economic policy and its consequences.

Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose [First Edition]
Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose [First Edition]
by Tony Hsieh
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Power of Ideas, 28 Oct. 2010
At some point in each of our lives we draw up a balance sheet of our achievements - What was the meaning of our life and what part did I play in the chain of being? Did I manage the trade off's? Did I find the right balance? This book is about one man that did.

Tony Hsieh book is compelling because it is clear his vocation and destiny is mapped out from the outset. He already had that extra bit of wiring that turns an individual from good into out performs.The first section of the book that maps out the early years is an important part of the autobiography but not the reason for buying the book.

However, it is the insights offered into the unique culture that is Zappos, which went on to be sold to Amazon in just 10 years after it was founded for $1.2bn, that makes this book unmissable for anyone interested in corporate culture, employee engagement or the creation of a great place to work. Above it is the way Tony Hsieh makes key transformational ideas deceptively simple as he sets them down in what becomes, through out the book, his characteristic voice - vivid, self-deprecating and bluntly realistic. His messages are compelling.

Whilst the Zappos culture is unique and not readily replicable, particularly in a large long-established organisation, it provides real insights to help you come up with your own ideas for creating a culture that is unique and special for your own business.

So if you're one of those people who thinks that going to work should be fun, loves the experiential approach to business, this is an autobiography that has a great and inspiring story to tell, from Hsieh climbing Kilimanjaro while the company was running out of cash, uprooting the entire company and moving to Las Vegas, and the trials and tribulations of managing stock the supply chain - Product availability, cost of inventory, overall cost to serve. Yes he even makes that interesting.

Like many people in business I have read many autobiographies This book is different and none of them save Jack Welch's winning and then only in places are a patch on this book.

If you're a student of business culture, responsible for customer service, a struggling entrepreneur, or someone fascinated by leadership,or somebody convinced that the holy grail to a meaningful life is getting a proper work, self, home life balance then this is a gold-mine of a source-book.

If you are a member of the BUSINESS COMMUNITY church believing that the only route to profitability is to "extract productivity under duress" and doubt that making people (customers and employees) happy is a profitable business strategy, then prepare to be convinced!

Recommended to readers of Funcky Business, Karaoke Capitalism and Superfreakonomics and other books by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner et al

Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air
Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air
by David J.C. MacKay
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £45.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air, 31 May 2009
Remarkable book. It sets out in straight forward terms the issues but lets those with a mathematical leaning understand the issues from that perspective. If you have any professional or serious interest in enviromental issues this is a good place to start developing a comprehensive understanding of the trade offs.

Extraordinarily clear and engaging I am recommending it to all my colleagues
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