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Perfect Blue [1999] [DVD]
Perfect Blue [1999] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Junko Iwao
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Price: £19.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Why Is This A Worthwhile Film?, 31 May 2005
This review is from: Perfect Blue [1999] [DVD] (DVD)
I think it is near impossible describing the feelings that the film puts you through. A range of emotions sweeps at you once that disc is in your DVD player. Is it crap? Is the story good? What are the animations like? These won't be the last questions you'll be asking once the film starts and finishes. This movie is no pushover; it is a serious piece of work about the life of celebrities (though a bit exaggerated with the illusions and all) and is focused on one individual. Mima, who decides to have a career change. Her actions are explained but vaguely. The story revolves around her and her fans. One of the fans is an obsessive person willing to do anything to protect her image which leads to catastrophe. Mima has to combat her own 'ghost' and 'doubt', she worries about her actions and how it will affect other people's opinions like all the other celebrities that we see and thus leads to her doing almost anything to try and not disappoint the people around her.
The special features are different to the usual DVD format. It is styled into Mima's Room a website in the film. It includes a studio clip of the Cham singing and a music video with clips from the actual film itself. Interviews with the English voice cast gives a better picture of the whole plot and it contains some pretty good trailers of other animes too. Other features include links, credits and gallery.
The film succeeds in conquering the world with its influential aspect (everyone wants to know about celebrities nowadays), it is the general interest that attracts so many viewers to its attention and aura. Plus it is animated with an excellent cast of voices bringing the emotions of the situation to you strong and inevitable. No one should leave this anime out of their mind. If you aren't 18 yet then turn away quickly as the temptation to see it is overwhelming, but if you are allowed though with parental permission....... WATCH IT NOW! DON'T WASTE TIME!

Ghost In The Shell [DVD] [1995]
Ghost In The Shell [DVD] [1995]
Dvd ~ Atsuko Tanaka
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Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Ghost in the Shell- a true master piece, 5 May 2005
This anime is one of the most unique films around. Not only is the animation realistic, it is mindblowing. You can tell that the producers,sound directors,artists and anyone else involved in the project really took great care to make the film properly. Not rushed and well planned the way that everyone likes. The plot is gripping, especially when you yourself is trying to figure out who the hell this 'Puppet Master'is (revealed near the end of the film). That is why the film is so brilliant. It involves the audience to participate a bit. The story involves Section 9 Public security in an investigation to find the Super hacker and nail him for ghost hacking and all other sorts of crimes. But there is a twist which I will leave for you to enjoy. After watching the film you are tempted to watch it again and again and again, not because of the story but the action sequences portrayed at every 10 minutes, living up to its name of action-packed sci-fi anime.
However you will be thrown into a fog of confusion if you do not read the glossary in the special features. Having knowledge of the terms used in the film really does simplify the story a lot.e.g what'ghost'refers to etc. Once this is out of the way though start bracing yourself for non-stop,action packed scenes and phenomenal dialogue in English or Japanese. A true master piece,Mamoru Oshii has done Ghost in the Shell justice of which it rightly deserves.
The DVD, features some previews of other Manga films and an in-sight to the charactors,(charactor profile).The 'making of' Ghost in the shell is interesting but optional to understand the story. If you are into special features then I suggest getting the special edition instead but be warned you need a region 1 DVD player or Multi-regional player wtih an NTSC tv to see it. Nevertheless the special feature is sufficient to feed your hunger for the knowledge and wisdom concerning G.I.T.S.
If you were blown away like me by its powers then I suggest you get the series aswell(G.I.T.S: Stand alone complex). Check out G.I.T.S 2: Innocence too if you really want to own everything that belongs to G.I.T.S. Enjoy!

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