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Sony XBA4iP Premium Quality In-Ear Headphones
Sony XBA4iP Premium Quality In-Ear Headphones
Price: 247.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing earbuds that are incredible value for money, 24 Nov 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
You will read many reviews about these and they vary wildly.

One of the comments seems to be about the integration of the 4 drive units.

Well I can tell you that they allow the music to be at the same time enjoyable but completely dissected so you know absolutely everything that is going on.

I mainly listen to rock music but I am currently listening to jazz and the sax sounds fantastic.

After reading one review I also ordered some Comply tips and I shouldn't have bothered. The noise isolating large tips supplied do a much better job without the fuss.

At 158 these are a steal.

Sony VCT-AM1 Adhesive Mount Pack for Action Camera
Sony VCT-AM1 Adhesive Mount Pack for Action Camera
Price: 15.13

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4.0 out of 5 stars Feel I should add a different view, 20 Oct 2013
I have used the supplied adhesive mounts on
1) a week long drunken ski trip with plenty of crashes (including falling into a road and into a tree). One crash dislodged the SD card but the camera was stuck to my helmet (and it was on a tilt mount adding even more leverage,
2) my Caterham car (stuck to the bonnet right over the hot engine) on both road and track
3) my mountain bike on trails
I have tried to remove the mount from both my ski helmet and my Caterham bonnet and can't.
I therefore can't imagine how the other users experience could be so different but I believe them.
My only qualm is the cost of replacing them - typical Sony accessory pricing!

Experimental Release: UPC 5242626272620 [Blu-ray]
Experimental Release: UPC 5242626272620 [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Kostantin Sherbakov

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3.0 out of 5 stars A mixed bag, 4 Oct 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
What you get is actually 42 discs (Chopin and Bruckner are 2 disc sets) crammed into a cd wallet. It's hard not to imagine the discs getting distorted if left in the wallet so I will probably decant them to thin cd cases.

My hi-res classical collection has always lagged behind my pop and rock collection so this is a great way to get an instant collection, even if I do already have some of the material.

I recently acquired a very good receiver and matching blu ray player but still only have stereo speakers.

Despite this, the discs are quite enjoyable and if you crave instrumental separation I think you will find they really deliver.

Downsides? Well at time of writing Handel's Water Music disc is actually a mislabelled extra disc of Mendelssohn's 4th & 5th. That would be easy to forgive except that I have received a replacement set and this one has the same problem, so clearly a batch problem.

I have discovered that the Grieg disc doesn't work in either my player or PC - and I tried one from each of the two sets.

It therefore worries me that it will be some time before I have tested all of the discs, by which time support may not be so easy.

Also these audio blu rays show no video or track information whatsoever (I have also viewed them on a PC and there isn't any) so any discs that I am less familiar with are something of a mystery. You don't even get a paper track listing. You also know nothing of who performed these.

They seem to all have 2008 dates on them and appear to have previously been available separately. Apparently some of them were augmented in the studio by additional tracks or at least that's my interpretation of what I have read. There also seems to be a mix of 48khz and 96khz sampling rates.

Despite some quirky timing here and there and occasionally unusual instrumental level anomalies (possibly due to listening in stereo) they at first seemed to justify the admission price.

However, I am now considering sending the set back for a refund as the issues are unacceptable at any price. What a nuisance.
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Polar RCX5 GPS Heart Rate Monitor and Sports Watch
Polar RCX5 GPS Heart Rate Monitor and Sports Watch
Price: 232.95 - 359.50

5.0 out of 5 stars The best heart rate GPS bike run system I have used, 26 Aug 2013
I have been through a few systems over the years; Polar S720i, Garmin Edge 305, Garmin Edge 705, Polar FT60.

The S720i served me well. I used it on my bike, on runs and in the gym. The barometric height graph was a neat way of comparing exercises.

My wife then surprised me with an Edge 305 for my birthday. This coincided with a weekend of cycling around the English New Forest. I was hooked on GPS.

Around then I sold the S720i and bought the FT60 watch, primarily for the gym as I had stopped running.

The Edge 305 was frustrating. It was buggy, would freeze, lose exercises. The base map was useless.

The Edge 705 had to be the answer. Newer, bigger screen, better mapping. I was wrong. I needn't have bothered upgrading. The screens on these devices are useless for mapping and now lag decades behind smartphone technology (I couldn't easily see where I was or where I was going on either the Topo or City Navigator maps) so in the end all it did was record exercises. Which on too many occasions it didn't. Garmin support would ask me to do a database export but would find nothing. On the last occasion I lost the last 3 recordings after which I sold it!

Prior to this I had started running again. The FT60 was really a toy and I bought the RCX5 GPS HRM. Like many I was at first annoyed that there was no height recording or analysis.
The update to the web app thankfully has addressed this.

So how have I found it? Brilliant!

I like having a watch that doesn't need recharging. I have endless profiles and displays that I can set up. Heart touch is fantastic. On evening runs I use a night profile where I can turn the backlight on with heart touch. My club runs tend to be pace oriented so my club profile shows pace whereas my own profile shows speed. Changing display size mid exercise is great too if your middle aged eyes have started to struggle with near sight.

Separate GPS? I have never had a problem with it. The arm band is totally unobtrusive. If you charge it at the end of a single run it only takes minutes but doing a marathon is no problem for the amount of charge it stores. Time to lock on satellites is no more or less than any other device.

It is now the only device I have and has covered many miles and exercises.

Scope for improvement? I am hard of hearing so the audible alarms are barely that. The back light is dim. Some kind of point recording so you can find your way home would be useful.

If you have the old cloth based wearlink strap, change it to the new plastic backed ones for a more reliable HRM recording.

But generally this system does everything I need and I often wear the watch on it's own. The web app is great and has improved a lot over the last year.

I have probably overlooked other cool features but anyway, as you can tell, I love the RCX5 and if I lost it there is nothing else out there that I would change it for.

Price: 38.61

5.0 out of 5 stars Very happy with this version of Alf, 24 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Alf/Raindancing (Audio CD)
Every so often I risk buying a later version of a CD in the hope that it sounds better than a generally pretty awful first version.
I was really delighted to hear Alf in this (used and cheap) package. It sounds far more open and less middley and aggressive.
just note if you buy used, its essentially a cardboard sleeve that houses the 2 CD's so might be tatty.
Very happy.

Price: 8.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars OK but nothing special, 1 Mar 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: 21 (Audio CD)
Her voice is great - no question. The songs vary from good to mediocre.
This could still have been a great album if someone actually knew how to play the piano.
The piano thoughout sounds like it was programmed into a crude sequencer or played by a 6 year old. It really is that bad!
This album will have its moment of glory then fade into obscurity.

Gary Moore & The Midnight Blues Band - Live
Gary Moore & The Midnight Blues Band - Live
Dvd ~ Gary Moore

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3.0 out of 5 stars Don't write this off to quickly, 1 Jan 2012
I put this on, skipped through a few tracks and decided I had been ripped off due to the poor video quality so I put it away.
A few years later and I put it on while I was working and realised that this is a pretty good series of performances, with a historic line up and actually very good sound quality.
Since then I put it on like I would put on a CD and find myself watching most of it anyway.
So the choice is yours, overlook this because of the video quality or enjoy what's there.
There is certainly much to enjoy and do note that several cameras were used with generally good angles.

The Beatles In Mono
The Beatles In Mono
Price: 161.13

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Beatles as they should sound, 29 Dec 2011
This review is from: The Beatles In Mono (Audio CD)
I am having to review this review after having significantly upgraded my amplifier.

My system previously muddled up the mono detail to the point where it just couldn't compete with the Stereo box.

Now I have to say they sound brilliant and the differences between them are far greater than I had imagined.

I now have the USB Stereo set also and plugged directly into my amp the 24 Bit mixes also sound great. Which leaves me to only enjoy the packaging of the Stereo box set. I am keeping th comment below that I wrote about the supposed Limited Edition status of the original release.

Much less desirable is EMI's handling of this release. It's all very well setting a price and claiming a limited release but when the price subsequently drops and drops and drops (around 65 in some US outlets), to further squeeze the lemon for more and more sales, all that is achieved is a serious devaluation of the boxed set market.

Band on the Run
Band on the Run
Price: 64.06

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5.0 out of 5 stars The real gem is the included hi res download, 23 Dec 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Band on the Run (Audio CD)
Look, once something has been well remastered, as in the 25th Anniversary edition, then you can't expect much of an improvement.
In the end CD is a limited medium.
The hi res download however, especially the uncompressed one, takes this album to another level.
A word of warning though. It is a painful process to get to the point where you can listen to it.
First of all you need a player that has DVD-Audio playback.
Then you may find as I did that windows fails to uncompress the file. I downloaded a third party unzipper. The support line did provide another link but it wasn't any better.
Then I expected an ISO that I could just burn to a disc but no the download just uncompresses to individual track files.
The really painful part is then to download a free trial of a DVD authoring packing and then learn to use it - including having to make menus.
Fortunately at the end of this process I have a disc that auto plays and sounds great.
Good luck!

Offered by Sent2u
Price: 7.25

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5.0 out of 5 stars I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't think this is the best remaster ever, 1 Dec 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Graceland (Audio CD)
I have confined my original artificial sounding antique to the loft.

From the explosive opening drums to the beautiful mids and tight powerful bass throughout, this is a treat.

Instruments whether guitars, wind, bass or drums all sound better with and greater separation.

Similarly the vocal only intro to Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes sounds like you are there with singers - and then when those drums come in. This is demo material!

I would bet that the engineers, blessed with good ears and matching equipment, were mighty pleased with the remastering.

Many remasters leave me yearning for an SACD release but this remaster seems to transcend the limits of CD.

I am delighted with this issue. I can now enjoy the music rather than a merely sounds.
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