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Road To Rouen
Road To Rouen
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 3.54

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4.0 out of 5 stars A Class Act, 22 Aug 2006
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This review is from: Road To Rouen (Audio CD)
There is no doubting the quality of Supergrass and they have slowly evolved over the course of the previous four albums. Just how far they have come since "I Should Coco" is now apparent with their fifth release, "Road To Rouen".

I find this album still typically Supergrass in many ways, they have an unmistakeable sound, but it is also quite different to their early material. The first three tracks are excellent but then the rest of the album is almost in danger of tailing off into mediocrity, but is saved by the superb production and the fact that although Supergrass have a lot of influences apparent in their music, they still manage to sound very original. Overall, I think this is a decent offering,but I fear that they may have just passed their best which would be a great pity.

Price: 4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars slightly overrated?, 21 Aug 2006
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This review is from: Eldorado (Audio CD)
I originally owned this album on vinyl and I never listened to it that much, mainly because the sound quality was dreadful (it must just have been a bad copy). Then I decided to give it another chance recently after reading all the rave reviews on here and ordered a copy on CD. Well, I was not disappointed, the sound quality on CD gave the album a completely new lease of life and I wish now that I had updated this excellent album years ago.
Good though it most certainly is,I would not go as far as some of the reviewers on here who claim that its E.L.Os most accomplished album.Personally, I would rate this slightly behind A New World Record, Out Of The Blue and the awesome Face The Music which surely has to be their finest hour. That said, it's all pretty academic really, because all four albums are great and any self respecting E.L.O fan should have the lot in their collection!

Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits
Offered by jim-exselecky
Price: 5.03

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5.0 out of 5 stars Mind blowing!!!!!!!, 31 May 2006
This review is from: Greatest Hits (Audio CD)
Quite simply, this is the best album in my collection and that is saying something because I do have a lot!

No bad tracks. Buy it!

Origin of Symmetry
Origin of Symmetry
Price: 5.70

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5.0 out of 5 stars Radiohead? Who are they?, 4 May 2006
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This review is from: Origin of Symmetry (Audio CD)
This is how Radiohead should sound. It seems like Muse have listened to Radiohead, then decided that they can do it better and succeeded.

That this album is great, there can be no disputing, but from reading some of the other reviews, it seems that there is possibly a danger of over analyzing it. Mention is made of it being a concept album and terms such as prog rock are freely used. As far as I can remember, a concept album tends to be a collection of songs which share a common theme, with tracks sometimes being linked or, conversely, subdivided, ie parts 1,2 and 3 etc etc, or there may be long suites of music containing several movements. Purveyors of this type of fayre are famously bands such as Yes or Pink Floyd. I see no evidence of anything like that with this album, there is certainly no discernable common theme involved and just because a few of the tracks are spuriously linked to each other by some electronic effects does not qualify it as a concept album. Nor does a bit of distorted guitar and bass or the old slow/fast/slow routine (which Muse have used to great effect here I might add), make it so called prog rock!!

But that is a side issue and whatever this album is, there has been precious little to better it during the last 10 years. Worthy of particular note is the single "Plug In Baby", with that amazing riff winding it's way in and around Matt Bellamys wailing and impassioned vocal. Then there's Darkshines which is a song of dark beauty or alternatively, how about the unpretentious cover of Nina Simone's "Feelin' Good"? This is the first Muse album I have listened to and it far exceeded my expectations. I have now ordered Absolution and even if it's half as good as this, I shall be well pleased.

by Stephen King
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 17.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars change of style, 4 May 2006
This review is from: Cell (Hardcover)
I started reading King around '84 when I purchased The Stand and have subsequently read virtually everything he's written.

Reading a King novel, particularly if it's been a while since the previous one, is like putting a comfortable old coat back on. Even if the plot is not all that great (and even the mighty S.K has written the odd turkey here and there),it's not neccessarily a big deal because King's prose is so entertaining and descriptive that it almost compensates for it.

Cell was different.

In fact it was so different from anything else he's done thus far that there can be no doubt that the author fully intended it to have a radically different feel from his previous works.

The style here is much more direct and economical, the characters more one dimensional compared to the almost painstaking way King usually draws his main characters, enabling the reader to feel that he/she really is getting to know each person they are reading about. It is a stripped down style that has been adopted here and it will be interesting to see whether S.K continues in the same vein with his next novel(s).

None of this changes the fact that Cell is still a great book, however. It actually makes no difference whatsoever that the author has employed a different style on this one. It's fast paced, exciting and just as entertaining as anything else he's written. Personally, I quite liked the way it finished, too. A lot of the reviews here talk of an ambiguous ending, but a book shouldn't need to be all about the ending and a large part of the pleasure in reading a good book should come from the journey involved in working toward the ending. I see nothing wrong in employing a little imagination from time to time in order to draw one's own conclusions. After all, it,s a work of fiction when all said and done and perhaps the reader should be given the opportunity to decide on their own ending once in a while, rather than have it spelt out in black and white every time.

Falling in Between
Falling in Between
Offered by marvelio-uk
Price: 8.89

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5.0 out of 5 stars Still on top form, 19 Feb 2006
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This review is from: Falling in Between (Audio CD)
I have been waiting for the release of this album for quite some time now, there has been a long build up, so when it did finally drop through my letterbox last week, I could hardly wait to put it on. After the first couple of listens, I wasn't at all sure whether I liked any of the tracks but I stuck with it because other Toto albums have taken me this way in the past. I'm glad I did because now I can see just how good this really is. The problem with this album if you can really call it a problem at all is that it is so multi layered and deep that it is virtually impossible to take everything in on the first couple of listens. The production is so deliciously lush and rich that it makes Toto's last studio album of original material, Mindfields sound almost lightweight by comparison.
All the tracks are interestingly diverse and inventive, yet still manage to sound quintessentially Toto without being grandiose or crossing that fine line into self indulgence, that was typified by pomp-rock. Having persevered, this was definitely well worth the wait.

Blue Jays
Blue Jays
Price: 6.69

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5.0 out of 5 stars Incredible, 26 Jan 2006
This review is from: Blue Jays (Audio CD)
The previous reviews have pretty much said it already, but I just wanted to add my appreciation here of a truly great album. The Moodies were good, if sometimes a little inconsistent, but Blue Jays surpasses all that, giving a fuller, richer sound with better crafted songs.I hadn't listened to this album for a while and when I put it on again recently, I was blown away by the sheer quality of it. I found myself shaking my head in virtual disbelief and smiling as I drove along listening to it. It did reasonably well on it's original release but it deserved to do much better and seems to have become somewhat forgotten about now which is a shame.

Offered by MMT-UK
Price: 7.54

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5.0 out of 5 stars Underrated, 25 Jan 2006
This review is from: Rembrandts (Audio CD)
I find it difficult to believe that the Rembrandts were never as big as Crowded House, in fact, they've never been big at all despite the success of "I'll be there for you".It's a real shame because their music is every bit as good as any other guitar pop I can think of. This album is not a one off either, all their subsequent releases are excellent too, so if you want to listen to some quality vocals and songwriting, then start collecting the Rembrandts back catalogue. This album(their first)is as good a place to start as any.

Time Traveller
Time Traveller
Offered by thebookcommunity
Price: 101.06

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good but flawed, 13 Jan 2006
This review is from: Time Traveller (Audio CD)
Up until recently, the only Moodies that I had in my collection was a very old vinyl copy of "This is the Moody Blues", a compilation of their material from Days of Future Passed up to Seventh Sojourn after which they temporarily disbanded. I also had a vinyl copy of the excellent and very underrated Blue Jays by Justin Hayward and John Lodge.

The other day I decided that it was high time that I updated these two great albums to CD and was about to place my order on this very site when I noticed the "Time Traveller" boxed set.
Glancing down the track listing I noticed that apart from the Four Tops covered "Simple Game and the often overlooked, but no less superb Ray Thomas penned track "And The Tide Rushes In",virtually everything else that is on "This is the Moodies" was on Time Traveller plus a load more. Firstly there are a couple of early singles which pre date Nights in White Satin, then there was a much larger selection from their earlier albums, a large part of Blue Jays including the latterly added track "Blue Guitar" missing from my vinyl copy, not to mention Justin Haywards "Forever Autumn" from War of the Worlds, a generous selection of tracks from the later albums plus a live bonus disc!! What could be better? I placed my order straight away, looking forward to hearing more of the Moodies back catalogue, but after I'd finished listening to all five CDs, I felt somewhat disappointed.

Firstly,it became immediately clear that with the possible exception of "Voices In The Sky",there were no noteworthy tracks on the first two CDs that weren't already on This Is The Moody Blues. CD 3 was nothing short of excellent, but then the rot really set in.CD 4 started promisingly enough, but after the three tracks from "Long Ditance Voyager", the decline into mediocrity and cliche was very rapid. With each album, the material became more and more cringeworthy until I couldn't wait for CD4 to end. How did the Moodies manage to stoop so low I wondered? Never mind, there was still a live Cd to follow, surely that would be better, wouldn't it? Sadly, no. After the 1st track, "This Is The Moment" a forgettable studio outtake, "The Story In Your Eyes" sounded really encouraging and an orchestral backed version of "New Horizons" was pretty good too, but then came the worst track by far on the whole compilation, the over sentimental and cringingly slushy "Emily's Song" UGH!! This song is just fine for Mr Lodge to sing his little girl to sleep with at home in private, but why subject the record buying public to such an embarassingly syrupy ordeal?!Anyway, the proceedings barely improved from there on and the remainder of the live tracks were barely average.
In hindsight,I'd have been better off to simply update my two vinyl offerings to CD rather than buy this boxed set but having said that, the Moodies did produce some truly fantastic music and it's still worth winkling out the gems from the filler and the sub standard stuff. 4 stars because the good stuff more than compensates for the bad.
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