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How to build a show stopping Gingerbread House
How to build a show stopping Gingerbread House
Price: 4.10

5.0 out of 5 stars Hansel and Gretel has nothing on Ms Clarke, 12 May 2013
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I got this ebook to help support its creator, and its guide is simple yet intruitive. My gingerbread house did not come out as good as the pro, but a damn near good effort, and with more practice i am sure i could get one as good.

I hope to see some more ebooks from the author as she is amazing at cakes and a few would be worth seeing.

Mass Effect Trilogy (PS3)
Mass Effect Trilogy (PS3)
Offered by Bargain Games UK
Price: 39.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Keelah'Selai", 12 May 2013
In 2007, Bioware released Mass Effect for the Xbox 360, its story telling and excellent RPG aspects made it a sure fire hit, roll on 2010, and ME2 was released, and then came the news PS3 fans had hoped for.

ME2 was coming, and it came indeed. It included all the DLC packs made available at the time on disk free of charge (minus arrival which was released after the disk went to print) and PS3 players were overjoyed.

As ME1 was originally a microsoft studios property fans were givin a motion comic to help bring over some of the choices that players had to make in the original, but soon enough fans realised that some of the more interesting sidequest characters were missing from their faithfull game and for years gamers wanted to see ME1 on their PS3.

Cut to 2012, Mass Effect 3 came and passed, its amazing gameplay and lack of a better word... "ending" has been much discussed and i wont be getting into it, as i am quite happy with what we were supplied with, and to this day i STILL dont know which ending i want to have as cannon.

But yes, 2012 came and out of the blue we were hit with an announcement that shook gamers to the core. Xbox and PC were getting a Trilogy box set, "where is the PS3 version" gamers cried out, and finally we got it. Mass Effect was coming to PS3, 5 years after it initially was released for the Xbox. Finally we were able to play the trilogy the way WE wanted and not how a motion comic made us pick some very linear choices.

My only complaint was that the PS3 did not recieve the hyped "glossy cardboard box with exclusive art etc etc" style boxing, instead we recieved the 3 games in their own seperate PS3 cases, which while it is nice to be able to display ME in a PS3 box, it just doesnt have the same feel as a collectors item.

Mass Effect has been ported in a very good and capable condition, it suffers from long autosave times which are not really that annoying, but does disrupt the flow of the game somewhat. The only DLC available is "Bring down the sky" which is on disk, and "pinaccle station" which is actually more like a beta to what became the ME3 multiplayer was unavailable as the original code for the DLC was corrupt and unable to be ported.

The graphics are on par, and upon going back and playing ME i noticed how much the games have forgotten their roots and became more of a "gears of war" 3rd person rather than the amazing RPG the original had. It had charm and made you play multiple times if you wanted to unlock everything in the form of weapons and armour.

Mass Effect 2 is unchanged, but i was a bit dismayed when i noticed that there was no cerberus code available in the box for the downloading of the DLCs.

Mass Effect 3 is also unchanged except although minor, the game sleeve is no longer reversable, and hurrah, the Mass Effect 2 and 3 online passes where located on one sheet in the ME3 box. So all available DLC (minus arrival for ME2 and the ME 3 dlc character) are indeed available.

Now the question asked is; "is this pack worth the money" when it is a collection of games for the ps3 which used can cost no more than 10 each. My answer is yes.

Yes we can go onto the PSN store and buy Mass Effect for 15, but then it lives on our Hard Drives in obscurity, forgotten, lost. I am a firm believer in owning a physical copy of my games, and having all three amazing games in one box for 40 is worth it. Hell, the combined DLC price for ME2 i belive is over 20 is buying seperate.

Yes it isnt the complete super dooper everything included definative mark 2 special edition that we had hoped for, but it is what it is. They have just released the last DLC for ME3 and it would have been nice for them to release the trilogy now so that those were included, but lets be honest, Bioware knew peoples interest in ME3 was waining due to the endings and they got the pack out in time for Christmas knowing people would want Mass Effect, the real reason we all bought this pack.

I should note, shop around, the game varies in price everywhere, my local game has it for 39.99 and the resell value is unreal, as for some reason there was not alot of copies produced.

Metal Gear Solid HD - Collection (PS3)
Metal Gear Solid HD - Collection (PS3)
Price: 15.85

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4.0 out of 5 stars Metal Gear, but not so Solid., 23 Feb 2012
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
Metal Gear Solid was hit game of 1998, and obviously a sequal was bound to be released.

Cue 2001 and we have Metal Gear Solid 2.

But this is 2012, and we have an 11 year old game being re-released for the PS3, and the substance edition no less.

What can i say, the pictures are stunning in 720p and the redrawing of the game into 16:9 is marvelous, gone are the anti alising issues that plauged the original incarnation of the game.... But there are still some nagging issues.

The gameplay has not aged well. We live in a time where games rely on 360 degree cameras and such to make it through the simplist of games, the static camera and aged control system makes the game hard to play, but at the same time it doesnt distract from the cherished memories of successful ability to sneak up and torture the guards.

Overall i would give the game a 7/10 soley on the control system.

MGS3 graced us in 2006 as this is the revamped subsistance edition with the much praised 360 degree camera.

Again the 16:9 visuals are beautiful the gameplay brilliant and everything about this gem is perfect, if anything i would rank this as the series high point, with MGS4 being a conviluted mess of trying to tie up loose ends.


Then we come to Peace Walker which was released in 2010.

As this is a PSP based game the graphics will obviously not be up to par with what we have come to expect with its console big brothers, but the HD upgrade has made it quite good to look at, and finally we have what the game needed.

A second control stick.

Gone are the stupid controls of having to use the X,O,Tri,Sq to move the camera.

The game has a plot, but it is broken up with smaller mission based levels to collect soldiers for your army which helps unlock better weapons etc.


Overall its a nice collection, but is clearly missing the inclusion of the original MGS, which is soley because a PS1 game will not look nice upscaled to HD, and Nintendo hold the rights to Twin Snakes so that cant be used either.

It wouldnt have killed them to throw in a DLC code for the psn version of MGS but lets be honest if we are buying this collection, it is because we already have MGS on disk from the PS1 and can use it to complete the series.

The controls and dated gameplay is a bit of a downer, but for the ability to play the game on our shiny HD tvs without having to look at shoddy resolutions and graphics its a must.

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