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Glassheart (Deluxe Edition)
Glassheart (Deluxe Edition)
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £4.72

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2.0 out of 5 stars Another Leona Lewis album, another epic disappointment., 30 Dec. 2012
Another Leona Lewis album, another epic disappointment.

There is no denying from day one on the X Factor, Leona Lewis stood out with those amazing pipes of hers. There was always something captivating about how emotionally connected she made you feel to the lyrics of whatever she was singing. Her voice just seemed to connect with raw emotion .
And since her recording career has started, there have been a few epic successes- Bleeding Love, Run most notably.

But this is album three now, and there is something very wrong with where her career is going and has been since Spirit. That album and her career internationally was propelled by Bleeding Love and how fantastic that song was. That album was saved and given an extra breath of life with the repackage and cover of Run included. Run was spine-tingling.

But the whole Echo album was a dismal foray into dance pop in an unconvincing manner. And here is Glassheart repeating the same mistakes..

I don't know who is to blame, I suspect Leona wants to try to be edgy and current and the label want her to do safe cover songs or ballads... this album was delayed after the flop that was Collide. She should have taken heed and chucked stuff like Glassheart and Shake You Up. It doesn't work, People don't want her doing dance pop, she cant pull it off convincingly, she should stick to more live instrument based music and , dare I say, yes, ballads. They are her strength. Give her a good ballad, and she makes you feel every word.
This album is another mish-mash of poorly conceived and executed below-par pop songs and lifeless ballads.

Her label need to chuck the dance songs, and find her better writing partners and search out better songs for her. Maybe she wants to write her own stuff, but by now, the evidence is clear, she isn't really a writer. She is a damn good singer. Look at Celine Dion, she knew she wasn't a writer and still built a prolific career. She had the best song writers giving her their best songs. This is what Leona needs. Proper A &R taking a hands on approach and helping her shape a more cohesive album- this is the only way to save her career.

This album has flopped spectacularly and it is easy to know why- people don't want the music she is peddling. Everything is so wishy-washy- her forays into dance-pop are here , and were on Echo, totally unconvincing and bland. She doesn't excite when she does this sort of stuff. And she needs better ballads so her vocal talent shines through

Fireflies is the one good song on the album and even that isn't really anything mind blowing

I don't know, she seemed to have it all to play for when she won the X Factor and seemed genuinely to be different to the rest of the talent show winners before her and since, but when she keeps delivering substandard albums, she won't be around for much longer. Sad but true

There isn't a hit song amongst this album, and there-in lies Leona's problem. She needs better material and quickly......
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Electra Heart
Electra Heart
Price: £5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Pop Album of 2012?, 30 Dec. 2012
This review is from: Electra Heart (Audio CD)
Marina and the Diamonds went completely under my radar first time out with The Family Jewels....

And when I first heard Primadonna , i did think it was another Katy Perry song on the radio, i loved the song and when i saw Marina on tv being interviewed about this album , i was intrigued and decided to give her a go. she seemed to really want to talk about her songs and music in a more meaningful way than most pop stars do.

thank goodness i did buy the album, she truly is one of the most exciting new popstars to have come along in a very long time

whilst tv talent shows might throw up decent singers , even excellent ones from time to time, this girl really has it all and when she was interviewed, it shone through that she has something more than just passable pop songs to offer

this album is how intelligent , decent pop should be done.... and this album will stand the test of time unlike much of the throwaway stuff we are used to- the songs about clubbing, getting drunk and having a party etc.. the same tedious themes

the lyrics are so clever, so dark and real. on the surface, she might seem like she has nothing new or interesting to offer, but when you listen carefully, her brillance as a songwriter shines

her voice is great too

and the arrangements/ music complements her dark and thoughtful lyrics perfectly so that she ends up wth some of the best pop songs i have heard in a while

disposable pop this is not

My personal highlights are :
Teen Idle- such a great song for modern day life- the perfect antidote to today's fame hungry generation

Starring Role and Lies are great bittersweet love songs

Valley of the Dolls, love the beat to this song and the dark surreal feel to the song

Power and Control- a really great , dark pop song about a dysfunctional relationship

Marina is for sure a rising star, it's a shame she hasnt broken through on a larger scale (yet!) with this, she seems to be having a go stateside now, i wish her well ... she is one star deserving of the success she is yearning for

looking forward to seeing what she does into the future in her career

but yep, this is one of my best music purchases of 2012, if not the best

The Abbey Road Sessions
The Abbey Road Sessions
Offered by mrtopseller
Price: £3.10

4.0 out of 5 stars Not The One Trick Pony She May Be Written Off As, 30 Dec. 2012
This review is from: The Abbey Road Sessions (Audio CD)
Yknow, im by no means a die hard Kylie fan,

Im more the kind of person that has casually followed her career and enjoyed alot of what she has done

One thing you can say about Kylie is that she has had many, many hits and primarily she has always played to her strengths as a disco queen peddling uplifting dance pop

I would always have considered her a singles artist, but i actually purchased and enjoyed the whole Aphrodite album and really saw her in a new light then

so when i heard she was reworking some of her hits, i thought i'll pass on this, but i finally gave in after her recent performance on Alan Carr's Chatty Man... her stripped down performance of Come Into My World there was spellbinding, as it is on the album

It shouldnt work- taking songs that were huge hits and turning them on their heads into totally different ones - but it does

I would have considered her voice pretty weak, but it certainly can carry these songs beautifully

the arrangements are so beautifully stripped back that the lyrics shine in a new light that they never could have in their disco-dance formats.

All in all, this is a fine album and a great nod to her 25 years in the business. As she matures with age, a project like this shows, she actually has quite a strong career and backcatalogue to her name

It's quite refreshing to see her step out of the hotpants and disco/ dance comfort zone she has built much of her success on, many an artist wouldn't be brave enough to try something different like this if trying something different hadnt worked in the past for them,

It seems when Indie Kylie failed to fly with the general public, she didnt take it to heart too much, she is still willing to try something different,

I also love how she has been so confident in this album that she has performed so many different tracks on her tv promo appearances, she hasn't just stuck to the same song or even Flower as her single, she has confidently performed a variety of the tracks

You can certainly sense her heart and soul are in this project and it's by no means a cynical cashing-in-on-her-hits exercise that you might fear it is

Highlights on this album for me are the lush Come Into My World, the sparse yet beautiful Never Too Late, the jazzy On A Night Like This, the soulful and acoustic-sounding All The Lovers and I Believe In You and Can't Get You Out Of My Head gets a really vibrant re-working thanks to some energetic strings.

Definitely an interesting album, maybe not one for her dance-pop fans solely but maybe one for some new fans ?

Child Of The Universe (Deluxe edition)
Child Of The Universe (Deluxe edition)
Offered by wmdservices
Price: £13.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning Return To Form For Delta, 11 Nov. 2012
Delta Goodrem promised so much with her debut Innocent Eyes, she set herself apart from her contemporaries in the charts perfectly, they were peddling oversexed bubblegum pop and she offered sophisticated adult pop

Her second album Mistaken Identity was a rich and deep album born out of her cancer battle that year and it offered a huge step up again from the throwaway pop of her chart rivals

Her last album, 2007's Delta, was an epic fail , she clearly hadn't her heart in the songs (later admitting to writer's block during the making of the album) and her sound was watered down with her flirting unsuccessfully and unconvincingly with many different styles

I have been nervously awaiting this album

And after five years, im glad to say it is a stunning return to form and very much sees Delta living up to the promise of her early career

Very much a break up album , much of the album was written after her parting with Brian Mc Fadden, and yet still there is so much more to this album, the album alludes to personal betrayals amongst her circle of friends and sees her really questioning the world, her life and where she is goin... it's wistful and full of soul searching lyrics that go deeper beyond mere heartbreak songs.

As the album title alludes to, after much soul searching Delta concludes she is nobodies girl, just a child of the universe, here for the experience.

Here's my track by track

Child of the Universe- Love this, love the energy of it, love the message, it's a fantastic opener- this is what I have wanted Delta to be doing... rock out and make music that carries her brilliant lyrics convincingly... this is epic, she gets it spot on here... I always thought Believe Again could have been epic-sounding, but the music and production was too sleek and poppy to carry the message and the lyrics convincingly to me... it just sounded like another throwaway pop song, but here she has such great backing music that the song just works... the sheer energy of it is infectious. I also love the lyrics and how it starts off this chapter kind of summing up how despite all the stuff she has been through and will document deeper into the album, she is at peace and accepting that life will suck from time to time but nothing or no-one can take from your place in this world.

Touch- Oh I love this ...Seriously, It's my early favourite, I can listen to this on loop ... love the lyrics and the nostalgia it captures... I think it's very relatable and will have universal appeal.. it's a song that people could really relate to.. I love the production too.. It does have a Fleetwood Mac/ Stevie Nicks vibe alright... I think it's a great soft rock/ indie track.. I wouldn't change a thing on this track, I know some people feel it is lacking or missing something but I would hate for it to have been overproduced and I think Delta has really captured that feeling of nostalgia perfectly here... I think this was mentioned as a single choice.. I think it could work very well as a single.. it is very catchy

Wish You Were Here... When I first heard it, I really loved how sincere and heartfelt it was... I will admit I had reservations about this as a single, particularly at this crucial time leading into the album, but it obviously has just connected with people ... I love how simple and beautifully executed this track is.. Again, it's testament to her skills on the piano and how talented she is that she has written such a moving song.. the melody is quite haunting and its great to have just delta and her voice and the piano take centre stage on this track

Knocked Out- Very strong single potential is seriously catchy and I love the feistiness of it.. it really answers her critics perfectly too.. I know that I have been very vocal about disliking Delta dabbling with a more pop sound in 2007.. and it might come off that I just want Delta shackled to the piano forever more, but a song like this shows how she doesn't have to rely on the piano to drive her sound/ music all the time, though I hope it always remains an anchor for her music on a whole... I actually love how she has incorporated her newly acquired guitar skills into this album and I hope she keeps this going rather than feeling she has to pop / dance up her music to keep it fresh..

Sitting On Top Of the World - Love this song It was the perfect comeback, it was wise not to jump straight into the heavy stuff with the lead single, she cleverly sidestepped any sort of negative press to her deeper/ more personal lyrics by going with this - this showed she was back and in great form and ready to start a whole new era with renewed energy. It is a great song, it's perfect for radio and yet she didn't have to go for a sleek/ overproduced sound... she got this spot on . I hope this is the lead single worldwide because this is such a catchy song , it will work perfectly to re-establish her. The lyrics aren't bad, I know they aren't as deep as we are used to from Delta but they are pretty good.. it's just meant to be a fun song. I think she judged this perfectly for her lead single. It is a tricky balancing act to get radio friendly material that will get airplay and still as the same time stay true to herself and her deeper style of songwriting. But I think she got this spot on. . the energy and euphoria in the lyrics is totally matched by the uptempo melody.

I'm Not Ready- yknow, I actually really liked (and I think I still will) her version with Michael Bolton,
It was great to get that song last year, and we got it pretty soon after the break up, so it was a great insight into Delta's headspace at the time...I liked the big blustery ballad-style of that version and I liked the grittiness of micheal's voice.. it suited the song and the jaded feeling of the lyrics sat right with his vocal for me but this is a really beautiful simple version... she really pours her heart into these lyrics.. it must have been such a painful time for her when she was writing this, she was only coming to the realisation that things weren't gonna work out, there is a real rawness to this song. Im glad it made the album, it feels right that it is included as it probably captures THE turning point for her mentally last year.

Hunters and the Wolves.. I like the tribal feel to the track in parts.. there are some production touches that are a bit overdone for me personally but I do like the song and how playful she is in the lyrics.. it's good that she addresses liking the freedom of being single on the album. I do like the track but I do wonder if it should be a single like a lot of people suggest. I don't think the verses are the kind that grab you on the radio so I wonder would this work as a single. That said, the chorus is catchy and her vocals are great.. the Florence and the machine influence is obvious. Personally, I would have preferred a different drum beat- this and speed of life have a very Ryan Tedder- sounding beat to them. That particular sound is very much overdone by now I feel. But still, despite these minor issues, I really do like the track

Dancing With A Broken Heart- I hated the radio edit, loved the acoustic , so I was very curious about this version. It is a definite improvement on the radio edit but there are aspects to the production that don't work for me, when the chorus kicks in after the first verse, the synths and the tacky, dated programmed drum just totally takes from the song... by the end, you can hear the guitars more and I wish it was like that the whole way through. Also, the piano is strangely missing here. Even on the radio edit, I could hear more piano or was that just me ?!

Hypnotised- LOVE this song... this is very much single worthy, I think it is a great song. This would be played on radio a lot I feel, it just sounds ideal and I think it would work very well as a single, it shows her fun side too, it's insanely catchy and I love the piano breakdown in the middle. The 60's vibe is very self-evident and I think that sound fits very well into the album, it doesn't sound dated or out of place, there is a 60's influence but it doesn't consume the song.. id pick this as a single for sure

Safe To Believe. I'm not sure about this one yet- the lyrics are great and her vocals are amazing, the whistle is unnecessary though I feel and as pointed out, it sounds awkwardly edited in. It kinda feels dated and I don't think it fits perfectly in with the album. Rise would be more in keeping the album I'd feel. But I don't know it's an okay song for now with me

The Speed Of Life- love the soul-searching lyrics, very relatable, great melody to the song, and the chorus is very catchy. It is a really great song. The drum / beat is very Ryan Tedder and I personally would have preferred a live drum kit to have been used in this song. It could have been really angry drums being played aggressively to give the song the same sense of urgency. But that said, I do like this song.

War On Love- love the lyrics and vocally again she is on fire.. the drums on this song fit better than the ones on speed of life for me. I love how she lets loose on here and her anger and upset really comes to the fore here.

I Lost All Love 4 You- I love the lilting piano and the guitar on this track, it builds this song, I think when it starts you feel this isn't anything special but it builds up , I love the vulnerability in her voice on this track, it's really earnest and I think this song captures how she just fell out of love

When My Stars Come Out- this is another insanely catchy song, I love the 60's vibe here again, the "baby, baby" part of the chorus is so catchy, im glad she chose to write the song like this as an uptempo, she is basically telling those that betrayed her last year that she is made of strong stuff and this past year, the tough times have given her an opportunity to show how graceful, dignified and resilient she is. She could have decided to go the piano ballad route to convey this message but im so glad she chose to go seriously uptempo because it shows how happy and content she is now. That's the one thing about this album, she has so many uptempo tracks, I expected Sitting On Top Of The World to feel out of place in the middle of a load of break up songs but she has really pieced this album together so well. She has gotten the balance perfect between the light and the dark stuff, That's why the album flows so well I think. It doesn't get a chance to get bogged down in the heavy stuff. It's just all well balanced.

Control- Love this track, though I do wish it was produced a little more stripped back. It's great to hear how confident she is in herself again, she really hammers home the message that she is back in control of her life again... this works perfectly as an album closer.

The Acoustic disc is a very nice inclusion too, Delta really strips the songs back and you can hear how they were originally written, a very interesting insight, well worth a listen

Okay, that was long winded. Sorry !

But Im very glad to have Delta back making music and more importantly making music that you can tell her heart is in

She manages to keep herself contemporary and relevant on this album but without watering down her music, the lyrics are as rich and deep as they were on 2004's Mistaken Identity, she hasn't horribly overproduced her songs either like she did in 2007 and her voice gets better with every album

What is not to like?

Here's hoping this album breaks her back onto the worldwide stage

Overall im really satisfied with this album and I think it is a strong return to her past form. Delta could have been a great album. I honestly believe the lyrics and her voice were great and it was just the production that let her down. This time, I think she has treaded a lot more carefully and struck a good balance. The music is accessible and yet it wasn't popped up to appeal to the masses. There are slight touches to some songs that I think could have been done without but honestly I think she has successfully made a very strong album which should have wide appeal and I hope it finds commercial success.

Price: £9.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Not A Bad Album, But Still Not Their Best, 24 Sept. 2012
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This review is from: North (Audio CD)
I guess after ten years of a break between albums, fans had high hopes that this album would be something amazing. But they havent spent ten years making the album and really very high expectations were never gonna be met.

I dont think this album is as horrible as many reviewers are making it out. But I can agree they have delivered better.

The best way of putting it is- Did you like Rob's solo albums or did you think he sounded like he was chasing the mainstream/ pop charts too hard on those. I actually really liked both Rob's albums so I'm not adverse to the guys trying something different on their first group album in ten years. But if you couldnt accept the direction Rob took on his solo work, then I guess this album will be a disappointment and it's best to let this one pass you by.

It does start off with that good old rock sound of old on opener Parade. It's a pretty solid opener.

She's so mean - to me, I dont find it any more poppy than a song like Disease sounded in 2002. It's quite a catchy number.

Put your hands up and Like Sugar are probably the more poppy sounding tracks on the album but they arent horrible .

Overjoyed, I will, Sleeping at the wheel, I believe in everything , straight for this life, the way are the stand outs for me

but i wouldnt write this album off , unless you are looking for a total rock album.

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Definite Progression- A Welcome Return From Helen, 24 Sept. 2012
I have been awaiting this album all year since it was flagged in the early Spring. It seems to have been forever coming but like all good things, it has been worth the wait.

This album wont win any new fans if her previous albums (Porcelain and Embers ) arent their cup of tea.... but for those that appreciate the beauty and soulfulness in her work beyond the deceptively simple-sounding compositions, there is much to enjoy here again this time around...

I have enjoyed Helen's piano music since I first discovered her in 2007 with her debut and I enjoyed her follow up Embers too.I think it is easy to label her work samey or repetitive if you arent going to sit down and invest time in the music and let it soak in. I'm sure some may label this "more of the same", "nothing new", but I'm glad to say I think this is her best album yet.

There is definite progression here. The sparse sound of her debut album was fleshed out a little on her second album. This time, there is an even more fleshed out feel to the pieces. Helen incorporates orchestral strings and guitar into some pieces more freely than before. It really gives this album a richer , more full-bodied feel. I think this is her best work to date for sure, personally.

I love the closing piece, Renewed, it feels so bouncy and uplifting.

Passes is another favourite. It reminds me of the work of Einaudi- something very catchy about the melody.

The extended The Aviators builds to a really rousing finish.. very captivating

Rainbow is a really soothing little number too that sticks out.... very relaxing piece

Free is another uplifting number that stands out. The guitar really feeds well into the piano work. A piece like this highlights the deepening in her sound this time. She doesnt rely on the piano alone to solely carry the melody and yet her fine skills as a talented pianist remain centre stage and arent overshadowed or lost in a swirl of other sounds

No, this is definitely her best album I think. She hasnt lost any of the beauty of her piano sound , she just seems to have judged it all perfectly and added light touches of strings more confidently than ever before to deliver more full bodied compositions

definitely recommended, and dont be deceived or write this off as purely background or dinner party music, really sit down and let the music soak in and you will really appreciate the depth and beauty of the fine work on show here

I hope she continues to produce fine albums like this long into the future
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The Absence
The Absence
Offered by mrtopseller
Price: £3.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars fresh and soothing, 9 Jun. 2012
This review is from: The Absence (Audio CD)
i have to admit i approached this one with caution,
like many i discovered Melody in 2009 with Baby Im A Fool and took the plunge with the album "My One And Only Thrill".. I'm not a jazz fan per se so that album took me a while to get into and really appreciate but after a couple of months, i really came to love that album and found lots to enjoy on her debut "Worrisome Heart" too..

when I heard she was taking in lots of world music influences, saw the cover and heard Mira and saw all the foreign language titles in the tracklist, I kinda thought maybe i should pass on this one...

Im glad I decided to give it a go... I downloaded it and my immediate reaction was maybe this isnt for me, it is quite removed from the orchestral-led music of her last album... But i presevered and gave it a couple of days to really appreciate it and I have to say I'm really enjoying what Melody has brought to the table this time

I was sceptical about her tampering with her sound after the breakout success of her last album, i kinda felt it was too soon but now i can see where she was coming from... this is authentic music, heartfelt and sincere, raw and beautiful ... there are many splashes of world music influences throughout yet it still feels like Melody of old... the music may be critiqued for being all very mellow and slow in tempo, but it works, she makes you feel every word in the lyrics... the songs dont drift over you as bland , you really feel like you are being carried away to exotic places and yet still you feel the sincerity and heartfelt emotion in her lyrics...

I think Melody has really done a fine job here and this, like her last album, is gonna be one im gonna listen to for a long time to come i can feel already

Personal faves are the lively and lilting Imenja , the beautiful Amalia and the heartfelt So We Meet Again My Heartache...

If you have enjoyed Melody's work to date, Dont be put off by the idea of all sorts of world music influences or some foreign language lyrics, Melody has stayed true to herself and you know every word comes from the heart and the music itself is soothing and relaxing like the albums before but in a slightly different way... yes , there is a different feel to the music than straight up jazz but it works, and it works well

Also, Many people say track 3 is ruined by the clicking noise that seems out of sync with the rest of the music, I personally dont find it so... yes it seems a little quirky on first listen but it still is a beautiful song that can be enjoyed regardless

also, i downloaded the album and there is no time gap of 14 minutes on my version between track 11 and 12...

I highly recommend this album

I cant believe i was thinking of passing on this glad i gave it a go and had patience to really try to appreciate the music...

Laws Of Illusion (Deluxe Version)
Laws Of Illusion (Deluxe Version)
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £7.90

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4.0 out of 5 stars thankfully alot better than people would have you believe, 3 April 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Well i picked this up last week for a bargain of 3£.. I actually almost feel like it is criminal to get such quality for so little..

I was wary after reading so many negative reviews ... I will admit i dont have any of the rest of her studio albums.. Bar the tracks Angel and I Will Remember You from Surfacing... And her stellar live album Mirrorball which really set a great example of how a flawless album can be done...

But if this isnt up to her older albums like many say then im really curious and tempted.. Because i actually think this is a great album..

Her voice is as soothing as ever.. Her melodies are rich and interesting.. The lyrics are fine.. I dont understand how she is accused of being lazy and cliched on this front.. Lord knows when compared to the lyrics of some songs that are massive hits today, she certainly isnt scraping the barrel...

The problem really is this isnt as etheral as some of her past work.. This is a break up album.. And i think she was entitled to pursue such a theme after her personal life / marriage break up. So inevitably , the songs are about love and losing it.. The almost gothic, other worldy feel is not really present here..

Of course im no sarah expert but i think this sits fine along side Mirrorball..
It really has some fine adult contemporary songs and they actually mean something and i dont doubt her sincerity .. This doesnt sound like a punched in lazy album.. The two songs from her greatest hits is lazy though i will say that...

So stand outs: i love the lilting Out of tune.. It just washes over you... I love it..

Forgiveness is a great song too.. How can anyone question the effort in this album with a song like that.. The lyrics are so heartfelt..

Rivers of love is a really nice and hopeful song too.. You just drift away with that melody..

I love both versions of love come.. The strings on the original.. And the spare simplicity of the acoustic piano one.. The lyrics again just shine through...

Heartbreak is another stand out too..

Loving You is Easy.. I guess this is the one that jars the most with her die hard fans.. Its just a fun song.. Nothing serious here.. Which is no crime really.. But i like that she changes it up here.. I guess picking this as lead single really left her die hard fans with a first impression that she was delivering a less serious and meanigful album.. But the opposite is true.. The rest of this album is a great relaxing listen..

I for one am glad i judged it on its own merits .. The multiple negative reviews really make it seem like this is lazy and banal rubbish .. But i think this is a beautiful record

All Things Bright And Beautiful
All Things Bright And Beautiful
Price: £6.42

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3.0 out of 5 stars a good album if you are a fan , nothing really new here though, 14 July 2011
I loved Ocean Eyes .... it was a great album to just chill out on the beach last summer with.

I heard about this album and looked forward to it- i was especially keen when i heard Adam mention in an interview that he was going for a more live instrument based sound this time- i was curious, it sounded like he was going to mix things up a bit.

Strangely, there is no evidence of this at all on the album. It is very similar to Ocean Eyes. No bad thing if you liked that album and i did.... The electronic influences are over-riding and there are without doubt some exellent songs here, but for me i found this album a step too much- i know Ocean Eyes was accused of being samey, but i could listen to that album right through without complaint, however i find this album too similar to Ocean Eyes.

Even the order of the tracks and everything suggests trying very hard to remake Ocean Eyes. i get it, if it aint broke dont fix it. But it is very hard to stretch such a narrow and individual sound out for another full album without sounding like you are repeating yourself.

That said, there are some gems here.
Kamikaze- A standout track for sure, should have been lead single, very anthemic, could be massive club hit, hopefully will be future single

Deer In The Headlights- There are hints of more live instruments here, the piano, the drums, some guitar but all with his trademark electronic touches - a very infectious melody though

Angels- A real stadium anthem- the "wake me if you're out there" refrain is very rousing

Dreams Dont Turn To Dust- a very lilting, bouncy track- love the strings

How I Became The Sea- very atmospheric

But some of the songs tread too familair ground
The Real World sounds very like Cave In off Ocean Eyes,
Honey and The Bee is executed just like The Saltwater Room- right down to the guitar and the female vocalist

The melody of Hospital Flowers sounds very familiar from Ocean Eyes too

Aligator Sky tries too hard to recapture the magic of Fireflies too.

It's not a bad album by any means but Adam did say he was tryin to mix things up here and really it is Ocean Eyes - part 2. Forgiveable and understandable but I love Ocean Eyes and cant see this album as a whole becoming a favourite of mine- though there are some cracking songs here without doubt too.

Next time, it would be nice to hear Adam spread to a wider sound for a whole album

Together We Were Made
Together We Were Made

4.0 out of 5 stars Much better than Join With Us, 13 July 2011
This review is from: Together We Were Made (Audio CD)
I cant understand why this album hasnt done so well, they may have been away for three years but this album deserves more success..

I personally loved their debut, but found album 2 more than disappointing... i think this album is a return to form...

I suppose the slight electronic influences this time are not every indie fan's cup of tea but they are very slight electronic touches... it is not like they have murdered their old sound with an overly glossy and poppy sound...

These songs still sound undeniably like The Feeling of old and I think the band are right, the time away was well spent crafting better songs than were on Join With Us which did smack of being rushed out to cash in on their early success.

Stand out tracks:
Set My World On Fire- love this song, very like the feeling of old

Another Soldier - really sticks in your head,

Leave Me Out of it- i love Sophie Ellis Bextor's voice and music so this duet is heavenly. Her voice sits very well on this song.

A Hundred Sinners- a great song, very like the stuff on Twelve Stops... uptempo, catchy song

Say No/ Love and Care- two great ballad songs, soaked in piano

Undeniable- very lively, jaunty number - laden with lush strings

Im glad i bought this album, i was a little unsure after Join With Us and after seeing this perform poorly in the charts so far, but i am glad i took the chance... i definetly think it is as good as Twelve Stops and tops the weak Join With Us...

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