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5.0 out of 5 stars Following her own mind and making the album she wanted has delivered the goods!, 16 Mar. 2015
This review is from: FROOT (Audio CD)
I discovered Marina in 2012 with the "Electra Heart" album- an album I still listen to very regularly. A perfectly executed pop album - the effort she puts into her lyrics makes her music well above par compared to her contemporaries- that's what drew me in on "Electra....". Then I found her debut "The Family Jewels" and I honestly found it harder to get into initially- the very different production values probably the initial stumbling block . But then I got more and more into that album too and could see the quirkiness and individuality that many would have felt was watered down on "Electra" thanks to the producers she worked with.

I like both albums a lot and genuinely think Marina is a very underrated talent so I came to this album with an open mind but maybe a bit nervous.

I first heard Froot (the song) and was very disappointed with the sound of the song- it just sounded like an odd direction to take her music after saying she wanted to strip back her music to a more live instrument based sound after "Electra". I still don't care for the song much, but can take it for what it is -a fun song maybe.

When I heard Happy and Immortal , I couldn't wait for the album. I love how she writes with such depth and isn't afraid to be herself and explore themes relevant to her in her music and thank God she still writes this way.

Then Im a Ruin and Forget came and I love those songs too.

Marina has described the album as kinda a hybrid of her first two and it is a very successful sound I think. The live band sound to most of the tracks works very well and she kinda has recaptured that quirky/ edginess of her debut that maybe got a little lost in translation on "Electra Heart".

I have been listening to the album on repeat since Friday and I can honestly say I love the album and think it's a great move for her . She isn't obsessed with mainstream commercial / chart success that maybe led her down the production road for "Electra Heart" (I still love that album btw). It's like she has gotten back a stronger sense of identity of herself as an artist and you kinda can sense the confidence she has now.

Im sure this album will translate very well live which she has stated was another reason for re-examining her sound.

Of the songs, the only one I cant fully take to yet is Solitaire- just feels kinda melody-less.

But the rest of the album I love and I think the album actually gets stronger and stronger towards the end from "Better Than That" to "Immortal".

My picks for early favourites: Can't Pin Me Down, Better Than That, Im a Ruin and Happy standout to me. Plenty of strong single material here I feel and I hope, though she isn't chasing it this time, that she can get wider recognition with this album. It's just perplexing that she had a strong critically acclaimed debut and a number one second album and yet she doesn't seem to have made her presence as strongly felt in the public consciousness like she deserves.

This is a really solid album, I love how comfortable she sounds with her sound this time, the lyrics are as deep as ever and far from the throwaway norm of today's pop and she has really strong material here now for this campaign so I hope it all falls into place for her.
It's a shame pop music of this standard isn't the norm now - but Marina is nothing if not refreshingly unique in this regard.

Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Welcome return of one of the noughties best- great new album, 10 May 2014
This review is from: Resurrection (Audio CD)
This album will inevitably be compared to her career-peaking self titled 2004 album as it follows yet another successful cancer battle.
Also, the music industry has moved on hugely and when you are absent from high profile releasing habits like Anastacia has been for the last number of years, it is always gonna be an uphill battle to recapture the fans that bought previous albums in their droves.

So, Anastacia has her work cut out- especially now that she is without a strong deal/ contract with a major label

And it is a shame because thankfully she has delivered the goods here. This album sees her truly shine and return to her 2004 form - not because the album treads similar themes , but because once again her heart is in the music and you can feel it.

2008's Heavy Rotation wasnt a horrific album by any means ( i still enjoy many tracks from it) but it was a major misstep, she should have used that album to cement her rock chick image from 2004's Anastacia , not try a mish mash of styles and trying to sound more rnb / hip. )

2012's Man's World was a nice idea and a decent side project, but an album of covers rarely will excite

So, now in 2014 Resurrection sees Anastacia truly reborn, this album is a great album

Her voice sounds as good today as it was back in 2000 when she quirkily burst onto the scene.
The music and direction of the sound of the album is perfect, this is the logical direction for Anastacia , it suits her so well to rock it out, it worked it 2004 and she missed a trick by not capatilizing quickly on the success of that album

The lyrics and themes of the album are indeed similar to 2004's Anastacia- but they were always bound to be, fighting cancer once has to be life changing, but twice? Inevitably deep scars have been left on her (plus the marriage breakdown).

I actually find the lyrics on this album that bit more raw and deeper, you can sense this second cancer scare has really shook her to the core again

It has been pointed out that the album feels more downbeat than 2004's Anastacia album, i disagree with that, the lyrics are generally very pensive yet upbeat and positive and life affirming and there may be more ballads but i actually feel spoiled by that, it gives more chance to soak in those deep and rich lyrics.

Stand outs are of course Stupid Little Things- a prefect radio friendly hit, if radio playlisters werent so adept to ignoring anyone over 30 something.

Staring At The Sun- so anthemic and catchy, a great single choice in the future i hope

Evolution, I love the layered vocals on this song, it really is a great song about rolling with the punches and accepting change in life

Lifeline- I love this song, it doesnt feel like a slow maudlin ballad, it;s earnest and sincere and still carries a strong mid tempo melody

Resurrection - I love the guitar laced melody to this song

The Other Side of Crazy- is the song on the album that recalls that quirky, ballsy Anastacia of old, a real "take me as i am" sorta song, love the guitar work again on this album

My only negative for this album would be Left Outside Alone, i was disappointed like others that it wasnt a new song with a follow on for her story, it actually sounds very karaoke , the instrumentation doesnt marry well with the song, if the song had been stripped back and done as really slow , earnest song, it may have worked re-working and re-telling that song, but this one falls flat

However, overall, this is the album that Anastacia should have made after her 2004 hit album (music and sound -wise) , and i actually think there is more depth and a more raw edge to this album than her 2004 one.

Im glad she beat cancer again , Im glad she is back doing what she does best, I hope radio and the media get behind her again and give this album the chance of success that she deserves , here's hoping :)

Echoes From The Underground
Echoes From The Underground
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £10.70

5.0 out of 5 stars Another Great Vertical Horizon Album, 3 May 2014
This album was a fan funded project ( via PledgeMusic). After waiting 18 months for the project to come together, this album finally arrived last October.

As an avid VH fan of all their work, I can honestly say that Matt and the band have turned in another great album.

I have been listening to this album a lot since its release and i think it's once again criminal that this album hasnt been as commercially successful as the band deserve - all of their albums seem crammed with radio friendly hits and still the guys cant seem to catch the break they deserve.

Personal favourites from this album- the sublime "South for the Winter" that closes the album - just so captivating, a song that heads to near 7 months wouldnt normally be so easy to just lose yourself in, but this song is so epic and builds and builds, and the whole tone of the song really grabs you

Half Light - a really great rocking number that would really work on radio i think, such a damn catchy song , great

Evermore- I love the darker side to this song and again it builds to the sort of anthemic and rocking finish you expect of the guys

Song For Someone- I think I have found my new all time fave VH song (previously Everything You Want) , this song is just beautiful and so though provoking and engaging, A really great softer-side song

Lovestruck- I really like this experimentation in this song, kinda a more poppy feel to this song, but the guitar solo is great

Overall, I love this album and would highly recommend it and the guys past work

This album was well worth the wait , and honestly, I think it is a stronger album than the previous (still great) Burning The Days ..... despite most of the tracks being longer than their usual 3-4 minute tracks, this whole album is a pleasure to listen to again and again

Music To Make Boys Cry
Music To Make Boys Cry
Price: £12.31

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3.0 out of 5 stars The Curse of Lengthy Gaps Between Albums- Overall a decent album but not that special sadly, 17 Sept. 2013
This review is from: Music To Make Boys Cry (Audio CD)
I Loved Diana's debut album. It was a really solid album that sold a healthy 500+ k in the UK. But after ONCE , she struggled to find a single that captured the public / radio which was a shame as the album had stellar tracks.
Her career has been frustrating to watch over the last few years. Like a lot of artists these days, she has suffered an unhealthily long gap between this and her last album. But the music industry overall is really struggling to adapt to the constant changes. Diana would obviously have benefited from having her album out sooner. Labels just seem to be so nervy and reluctant to truly invest in artists now. Look at heavyweights like Celine Dion and Mariah Carey who both have delayed and delayed their albums. Rush releasing stuff that isn't right isn't good either but surely there is a happy medium.

A gap like this isn't good for many reasons. Diana initially said she wanted to get a second album out quickly. Her differences with RCA that led to her parting with them and the delay hasn't been good as she has spent so long shopping a new deal. Her profile has slipped hugely and she is now long forgotten by the public at large.

But the real problem here is that Diana hasn't delivered the amazingly good album that I would have hoped. Sure, it has its moments and it's good in places but it all feels very half heartedly put together.

Cinderella never was a lead single. It is catchy in parts but it just doesn't grab you like Once did.
The fact that she titled the album Music to Make Boys Cry and chose a track she gave away free nearly two years ago as her second single and the lead-in single to the album launch is very telling. The goods aren't totally here. I don't hear much difference between this version and the demo that was given free in 2011 and I don't think it is strong enough for single potential either.

I don't think the album works as a body of work . Diana described it as all 80's and stuff. Yes the first two tracks and tracks like Boy In Paris and Mad at Me sound very 80's-like but tracks like Dead Heat and Lightning Strikes sound very contemporary and have no 80's-esque elements in my opinion. It just doesn't all work. None of the tracks are seriously stand out to warrant single material. The stand out moment is the great Mad at Me. It is such a great song but I can't see radio taking to it. It actually sounds too 80's if that makes sense at all to work on radio right now.
Mr. Postman is god awful and wouldn't have made her debut album. Cheese personified me thinks.
The rest are fine and are fun but they kinda float over you.

I love Diana and her voice but I just think this album was a bit of a messed up project. It doesn't work or flow well. Single material is sorely absent . I also think her unique voice shines more away from the electronic dance music stuff. I'd love to see more live instrument based music from her to be honest. I heard she was working with John Shanks and some of the early material from this album's making (Colours etc) kinda suggested she was going in that direction. She left RCA because they were pushing her to make poppy music and she didn't want to but it kinda feels she left them, then made the sort of album they were looking for . Perplexing

I don't mean to be scathing but I am disappointed. Her voice shines through on the acoustic tracks on the deluxe edition. This pseudo 80's dance stuff just hasn't come off as well as I would have hoped and I feel she kind of is struggling to find her niche and identity. Still a decent enough album - just nothing really special to me sadly and I cant see it getting much public attention. The material is fine but nothing to get excited about and that is sad because I feel she should be far more successful than she has been .

Apple iPod touch 32GB 5th Generation - White  (Latest Model - Launched Sept 2012)
Apple iPod touch 32GB 5th Generation - White (Latest Model - Launched Sept 2012)
Offered by SMN TRONICS
Price: £192.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great product, great service , happy customer :), 11 Aug. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I previously bought an ipod touch 32 gb 4th generation back in autumn 2010 when it was released - from amazon as well- that ipod still works perfectly fine but i have noticed the battery life has waned a lot lately and needs more frequent charging so i decided to treat myself to a new one.

I have gone with amazon again and im delighted i have. In the past , i would have been wary of ordering electronics from abroad and delivered through the postal service to me in Ireland , but i have found such concerns arent warranted. The goods always come well packaged and work fine from amazon.

Plus, the pricing is a no- brainer on amazon. I could have paid 345 euro for this at argos here in ireland or ordered from for 330 euro but why would i when i can get it for 250 euro delivered from amazon. That's pretty much an 80 -95 euro saving - so big saving there.

I am really impressed with amazon's service and delivery . The product was ordered monday and i had it thursday despite it not being due to arrive til monday or tuesday next week. excellent service

As for the ipod itself, well it exactly as you'd expect- a great piece of apple kit. The design is sleeker and very like the iphone 5. Alot less bulky than the previous 4th generation model i had. the screen is definitely sharper too. The camera is a huge step up and the sound quality is a bit sharper than the last too.

Overall , im very happy with the product and amazon's excellent service and the huge saving i have made

Offered by Blacksheep Mobile
Price: £3.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars These just dont last, 6 July 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Well, in fairness, nothing seems to be built to last anymore, but i only had the Galaxy Ace for 2 years and i swear , i went through about five chargers... they just are so flimsy and they dont withstand much... i honestly can say i didnt chuck any of these around. they just dont seem to withstand very much carrying around/ usage.

But as a cheap and easy replacement, they do work and do the job nicely . just it wont be too long before you will be replacing again, and again, and again .....

Believe Again: Oz Live Tour Box
Believe Again: Oz Live Tour Box

4.0 out of 5 stars Delta Live - Great show, 6 July 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Delta may not be putting on a huge big show/ production, but this certainly works... her, the piano, her backing band and some of her biggest hits...

Her voice has consistently improved over the years since her debut in 2003 and she certainly delivers a great show and strong vocal performance at this show...

The only thing i could criticize is the inclusion of bloody Brian Mc Fadden ... the damage that guy has done to her career is immense , but at least they have parted since this tour.. i just would have preferred as a support act not to have to sit though him, but he is so involved in the latter stages, it would have been hard to edit him out

The only other gripe , she covers quite a bit of other people's material and side steps most of her album tracks that didnt make it as singles... it would have been nice to hear more album tracks/ interpretations of her own work

Still, an all round good show for Delta fans, the familiar hits are here and she comes across very well in this show

Sony MDR-E818LP headphone (MDR-E818LP)
Sony MDR-E818LP headphone (MDR-E818LP)

5.0 out of 5 stars Great set of headphones compared to the newer Sony ones, 6 July 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Like a lot of people who have reviewed these headphones, I bought the inferior newer Sony ones from Argos and thought they were replacing these ones...

I have used these headphones since the late nineties and i keep buying them because the sound quality is great, they arent overly expensive and yet they last a good 2-3 years for me (with daily use) every time

Could not get these in ireland as most shops seem to stock the crappy newer Sony ones that Argos duped me with.... those were awful, i just put them in the bin- you wouldnt believe now awful tinny and weak the sound was

Very happy with this replacement set and the service from the seller on marketplace

Offered by MediaMerchants
Price: £7.75

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4.0 out of 5 stars Another great album, very underrated band, 28 Mar. 2013
This review is from: Native (Audio CD)
When you have one of the world's hottest and most in-demand writers at your disposal, it's perplexing to be a band that hasn't quite garnered the public attention you deserve.

Sure, Apologise was a mega worldwide hit, and maybe Stop and Stare drew some interest.
But really, only All The Right Moves and Good Life made some minor impact in the states and these guys should be bigger.

Their first album - Dreaming Out Loud had some fine songs, but they kinda didn't sound very unique or exciting on a lot of the tracks.
Waking Up really saw the band flourish and find a more individual sound and identity. It was too bad the album didn't break out more.

This album follows on very well from Waking Up and moves a little more boldly forward.

So, all in all, this is a fine new album from the guys and hopefully they will get more recognition. They aren't just another indie, soft-rock band peddling Coldplay-lite songs.

These guys have their own unique sound and identity and they have some really great songs.

This album is a lot more upbeat in tempo and tone, Au Revoir being the only real ballad and a stand out one at that.

More electronic influences have crept into their sound, very comfortably so too. If I Lose Myself and Feel Again - as leading singles- showed this very well .

Standouts for me- the more stripped back Counting Stars is really vibrant and toe-tappingly infectious, great opener,

I love What You Wanted and the catchy guitar riff the song is built from,

I Lived is very catchy and screams single potential - such a great song and a great message too.

Burning Bridges is unmistakably Tedder work , just shows he doesn't always hold his best stuff back for other artists, if some big pop star was given this melody it would be a HUGE hit, it would be great this time if this could be a hit single for One Republic maybe.

Preacher is another inspiring upbeat number , again flourishes of more electro touches but this all just goes to show the boys are moving in a good direction. Maybe, this is gonna see them push forward more successfully as a commercial act.I wish them well, Waking Up shouldn't have gone below the radar as much as it did, let's hope the guys can garner a wider audience with this record.

Certainly nothing here that disappoints, another fine album turned in by some very talented musicians here.

Offered by mrtopseller
Price: £3.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Another Leona Lewis album, another epic disappointment, 30 Dec. 2012
This review is from: Glassheart (Audio CD)
Another Leona Lewis album, another epic disappointment.

There is no denying from day one on the X Factor, Leona Lewis stood out with those amazing pipes of hers. There was always something captivating about how emotionally connected she made you feel to the lyrics of whatever she was singing. Her voice just seemed to connect with raw emotion .
And since her recording career has started, there have been a few epic successes- Bleeding Love, Run most notably.

But this is album three now, and there is something very wrong with where her career is going and has been since Spirit. That album and her career internationally was propelled by Bleeding Love and how fantastic that song was. That album was saved and given an extra breath of life with the repackage and cover of Run included. Run was spine-tingling.

But the whole Echo album was a dismal foray into dance pop in an unconvincing manner. And here is Glassheart repeating the same mistakes..

I don't know who is to blame, I suspect Leona wants to try to be edgy and current and the label want her to do safe cover songs or ballads... this album was delayed after the flop that was Collide. She should have taken heed and chucked stuff like Glassheart and Shake You Up. It doesn't work, People don't want her doing dance pop, she cant pull it off convincingly, she should stick to more live instrument based music and , dare I say, yes, ballads. They are her strength. Give her a good ballad, and she makes you feel every word.
This album is another mish-mash of poorly conceived and executed below-par pop songs and lifeless ballads.

Her label need to chuck the dance songs, and find her better writing partners and search out better songs for her. Maybe she wants to write her own stuff, but by now, the evidence is clear, she isn't really a writer. She is a damn good singer. Look at Celine Dion, she knew she wasn't a writer and still built a prolific career. She had the best song writers giving her their best songs. This is what Leona needs. Proper A &R taking a hands on approach and helping her shape a more cohesive album- this is the only way to save her career.

This album has flopped spectacularly and it is easy to know why- people don't want the music she is peddling. Everything is so wishy-washy- her forays into dance-pop are here , and were on Echo, totally unconvincing and bland. She doesn't excite when she does this sort of stuff. And she needs better ballads so her vocal talent shines through

Fireflies is the one good song on the album and even that isn't really anything mind blowing

I don't know, she seemed to have it all to play for when she won the X Factor and seemed genuinely to be different to the rest of the talent show winners before her and since, but when she keeps delivering substandard albums, she won't be around for much longer. Sad but true

There isn't a hit song amongst this album, and there-in lies Leona's problem. She needs better material and quickly......

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