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VicTsing Wireless Bluetooth A2DP Stereo Music Transmitter HiFi Audio Dongle Adapter for 3.5mm Audio Devices (Apple iPod iPhone iPad Mobile Phone Nokia Sony Samsung Motorola LG HTC, MP3/MP4, TV, Media Player) - White
VicTsing Wireless Bluetooth A2DP Stereo Music Transmitter HiFi Audio Dongle Adapter for 3.5mm Audio Devices (Apple iPod iPhone iPad Mobile Phone Nokia Sony Samsung Motorola LG HTC, MP3/MP4, TV, Media Player) - White
Offered by VICTECH
Price: 14.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Not bad but could be better, 20 April 2014
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Small compact unit. Easy to get going with, and when playing an audio source through the input jack the quality is good, but as soon as you stop playing anything through the jack it looks as if the device detects this and switches to the mic input, which is accompanied by quite audible static. So if you are using this in a system where the audio is stopped and started, but the speakers remain active you have to be prepared for static to kick in and pick up/amplification of voice and noises via the microphone.

So it won't be being used for what I bought it, but at this price it can go in a draw for possible other applications later.
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Curse and Chapter (Bonus One DVD)
Curse and Chapter (Bonus One DVD)
Price: 12.09

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5.0 out of 5 stars Hell deserve 13 out of 10, 25 Nov 2013
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Well the boys from Hell have done it again. Not satisfied with their 2011 Masterpiece Human Remains, we now have their latest story Curse & Chapter. Picking up exactly where they finished off, in a world devoid of divinity, I wonder how many fans will get busy splicing the two albums together into one uninterrupted Book of Hell (I know I did).

The album opens with the expected fully orchestrated introduction, Kev Bower showing us the depth of his musical skills, and the unbelievable power of a Yamaha Motif (no orchestra involved here). Then straight into the blistering Age of Nefarious, the first new full song of the album, taking Hell into a new dimension (if not the 5th) as their second album gives us a mix of finishing the release of the back catalogue from the first time around, and looking forwards with new material. Not that the back catalogue is anything to be sneered at, as Disposer Supreme belies its age, sounding just as vital as a song written yesterday, even though as I hear the marionettes line I can still see the mime like shrug Dave Halliday used to do back in the day.

But then we reach the summoning of the Darkhangel, the magnum opus of the album. With an introduction so tasty you might think it was seasoned with Oxo, this is just an awesome track, and one that reaches unexpected heights live (check out the bonus DVD), but doesn't lose any of that drama without the band in front of you.

Then we're back to the back catalogue, though strictly speaking not Hell's, as Harbinger of Death is actually a cover, from the equally excellent Race Against Time. This was original singer Dave Halliday's previous band, but the song always formed a popular part of the set, and this version features the surviving R.A.T members on backing vocals.

Then you get to the curiously spelt End Ov Days, the first song on the album that hadn't already been released or played live in some manner. Of course it doesn't dissappoint, and wins the prize for the most persistent vocal hook on the album. You will have "Fear your God" stuck in your head for days - trust me. It's interesting to note that this song is written by Andy Sneap and Dave Bower, who weren't part of the band first time around, yet this still captures the sound of Hell perfectly.

Then we get to the track that the album would not have been complete without. Deathsquad, one of only two of the original Hell songs to get a vinyl release first time around. This instrumental has it's sounds planted firmly in the 80s synths, and it would have been so easy to update those sounds and heavily orchestrate this song, but mercifully they didn't, leaving us with a very faithful version keeping to the original charm.

Then it's time to get all dramatic again. On the new album frontman and professional Actor Dave Bower (or Beckford in his actor guise) shows us his acting chops throughout this album, but they really come to the fore in this Shakespearean inspired Something Wicked This Way Comes. It's sometimes hard to remember you are listening an album and not the sound track of some high budget West End Gothic Rock Opera.

Then another previously unheard song, this time Faith Will Fall with Tim Bowler literally thumping the message into the darkest recesses of your head. Probably the hardest hitting of all the new songs, sure to be the headbangers favourite.

Then back to the back catalogue with my favourite song, from seeing them first time around, in the shape of Land of the Living Dead. I was gutted this wasn't on the first album, but they're forgiven now.

Then another old live favourite, and given the bass line, probably Tony Speakman's favourite as well. It sounds a little out of place on this album, stylistically, but still well done, and featuring a guest appearance from Benny Hill.

Sadly it then comes to the end, all too soon, with another previously unheard Vespertine Legacy, telling the tale of things that move in the twilight hours. Starting with a curious little warning in Romanian, you plough on into dark domains with riffs and drama galore, before the album finally plays out to a mysterious ticking clock - just where are they taking us next?

They say the Devil has all the best tunes, well Hell certainly do.

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1.0 out of 5 stars Nice idea badly implemented, 9 April 2010
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What should be a really simple device has turned out to be almost useless, unless I JUST want to present a set of Powerpoint slides that I know inside out in a "Death by Powerpoint" fashion.

Sure enough plug in the device, start your powerpoint presentation and it works OK, but if you want to use "Presenter View" forget it. Presenter view allows you to see your notes and what is coming next on your laptop, whilst the Audience sees the presentation. When not in presenter view, Powerpoint Accepts Left/Right Arrow and Page Up/Down to switch slides, in presenter view Left/Right switches slides and Page Up/Down scrolls your notes. This gizmo sends Page Up/Down, so in presenter view you cannot progress the slides. I contacted technical support and you cannot configure the buttons so that 0/10 for research and 0/10 for flexibility from the Kensington team.

Then when you point at something with the laser pointer, it also sends an F5. Which in Powerpoint will start the presentation. Now whilst I can see it would be useful to have a separate button to start the presentation, if I'm about to point at something on the screen with a laser pointer, surely it would already be on the screen? Now in Powerpoint this isn't much of an issue, but if I am presenting a live demo, or reviewing documents chaos ensues - Point at Firefox and the page reloads, point at Word and the Find/Replace window pops up and obscures what you are pointing at, the list goes on, all not terribly helpful. There seems no logical connection between the action of wanting to highlight something on the screen with a laser pointer to actually starting a presentation, they are different actions and should be on different buttons - 0/10 for common sense.
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Playing The Field [VHS] [1998]
Playing The Field [VHS] [1998]
Offered by shannon-raven
Price: 11.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars The girls show promise, 15 Dec 2000
An excellent introduction to The Castlefield Blues. A video that works on so many levels with football and soap opera combined. The characters are gritty, believable and they make you realise you know someone just like them. A nice first package of season one complete, it's just a shame for us that bought season one when it came out that you can only buy season 2 by buying season 1 again.

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