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Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History
Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History
by David Aaronovitch
Edition: Hardcover

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1.0 out of 5 stars This debunks NOTHING-In fact I now doubt it more than ever....., 25 July 2010
Well, I have to say I am very disappointed after reading this book....A friend sent me a copy after I had been researching 9/11 in allot of detail and being unable to find any rational answers and explanations to many questions surrounding that day....
This is the section I focussed mostly on...
I had been excited beforehand about reading this as I had been promised in some reviews that this book "puts alot of these theories" to bed....
It does nothing of the sort.
The term conspiracy theory has now become a very useful ploy and term used by the mainstream press to stifle debate and avoid answering very awkward questions that would negate their entire narrative.
With regards to 9/11 Mr Aaronovitch uses the alleged phone call from Barbara Olson to her husband Ted as definitive proof that Flight 77 was heading for the pentagon.
If David had been totally candid, and researched enough he would know that the FBI confirmed these cell phone calls "never took place". Well, the FBI reported that, and now when they, in 2006, when they put out a report for the Massoui trial, the so-called 20th hijacker, the report says Barbara Olson did attempt to call, but it didn't go through, and it was unconnected and therefore lasted zero seconds. So here we've got something really astounding that should have been screaming headlines, FBI, which is part of the Department of Justice, FBI says story told by former Solicitor General Ted Olson is not true.
This alone throws doubt on the official story.
There is also no mention of the fact that there is no footage at all that clearly shows a 757 hit the pentagon, and no mention at all of HOW it got anywhere near without being intercepted. An hour and a half after 1st tower had been hit, America under attack, yet no sign of the air force....the plane diverting ,miles off course...He also uses the ridiculous assertion that DNA evidence identified the passengers on board....We are told the plane is incinerated, yet they are able to carry out autopsies on bodies?!!!! Oh please...Multiple witnesses also report seeing something other than a 757 hitting the building which he also fails to mention, and a key witness Lloyd England has confessed on camera that he is involved in a cover up.....
Insulting also that David makes only one line of reference to Building7, and gives no rational explanation for its collapse into its own footprint.
Building 7 was 47 storeys high, and not hit by a plane on 9/11, yet collapsed at 5.20...This is a world first and defies all logic about buildings and physics...
It is THE smoking gun of 9/11 and Mr Aaronovitch barely mentions it....
The BBC and CNN also reported it collapse 23 minutes early...and to this day have never offered an explanation why they would do so...? David's book goes along the lines of something like this....This is what happened....The media and the government told us so......Shut up and don't you dare ask questions...If you do I will make the most tenuous link that you are a Jew hating anti Semite...
This book has reinforced my belief even further that we are being lied to about 9/11...
Aaronovitch also attacks the messenger regularly, trying always to link them to "hating the Jews"...A low tactic in my opinion, the mark of someone who really has lost the argument, and baseless in regard to the 9/11 truth movement.
Watch Loose Change and ZERO -An investigation into 9/11 on Google video, make your own minds up.
As for Dr David Kelly, the very fact the post mortem results have been kept secret for 70 years should tell you all you need to know. This book is a desperate attempt to defend what has now become indefensible, using smear tactics wherever possible.
The 9/11 truth movement is MILLIONS strong worldwide for a very good reason, and consists of many of the victim's family members.
To label this a "conspiracy theory" is an insult to their memory.
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