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Offered by Wholesaleprice-UK
Price: £3.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Does the job!, 18 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Was a bit worried about buying this (and nearly didn't) due to some of the reviews on here suggesting it doesn't work. I am not saying these people are wrong, maybe *they* couldn't get it to work - i.e. using it incorrectly, on the wrong type of display surface (i.e. one it's not designed for?).

This stuff is for polycarbonate plastic that goes over a display. It isn't for use on glass (it works by reforming the PLASTIC to fill the scratched surface). It isn't for use on coated displays (such as the coated plastic you get on some smart phones to make the touch screen have less friction). I don't understand why people are leaving 1 - 2 star reviews for it not fixing scratches in materials it's not designed to work on. I know, I know, this is Amazon, yes, I know people would leave a 1 star review for a cure for world hunger if Royal Mail delivered it one day late to the weird lady next door... anyway...

This is sold as a repair for fairly light scratches to a display surface - not really for some serious gouging. That was the other thing that put me off. I bought this to repair my eTrex e20 screen which had fallen from the dodgy bike mount I bought, at about 18mph and hit the deck. The unit is fine, they're built to take some serious abuse these garmin eTrex things but the impact had left a nasty scratch, I don't mean just a small surface scratch but a proper deep scratch to the surface making it impossible to read any of the display under that area of the screen. Not a show stopped by any means but really annoying. I bought a tube of this stuff, honestly, not expecting it to manage anything near the damage done to the plastic. I'm very impressed with the result. Sadly I didn't take a photo of the original damage before I tried the Displex, mainly because I didn't think it had a cat in hells chance of working. I have taken and attached a photo of the finished result which I am very much amazed with. Now the spot that is left is still very much noticeable when the unit is off as the scratch was very deep, what the Displex has gone is effectively melt the plastic around the scratch back into the void leaving it glass smooth and polished, so whilst there is still a small dish effect to the surface the display is 100% visible again now. For normal scratching (i.e. keys in pocket to phone surface etc) I've no doubt at all that the results would be complete removal of such scratching. This has basically saved me from spending a considerable amount more having replacement plastic housing shipped over from the states (the only place I could find a replacement). Great stuff this.

I don't think it's stressed enough in the product details that you need a decent lint free cloth and multiple applications of the Displex for a serious scratch. Clean the surface thoroughly first, then apply a covering of Displex over the scratch, then use a lint free cloth (such as a glasses cloth etc) to rub over the scratch at right angle to the direction of the scratch for 1 - 3 mins at a time. The scratch on my Garmin was serious so took a lot of rubbing but the end result is superb. Great product. Really happy. See both photos. I couldn't read the letters "h" and "e" on the "where to" icon before application due to the scratch the road had made.
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Moon Meteor Front Light - Silver
Moon Meteor Front Light - Silver
Offered by WoollyHatShop
Price: £31.98

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4.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant value for money winter commuting light :), 10 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Moon Meteor Front Light (Sports)
The size of a box of matches and enough light to illuminate a completely unlit off road bike path in pitch black. What more do you want :)

Run time should be around an hour or so on full, charges from USB from the computer at work. (uses a standard mini USB B plug (not micro usb like a phone)).

Flashing mode to be seen in urban settings, constant mode for seeing at night. Three modes to extend battery life, full, medium and dim setting. Dim is bright enough as a 'be seen' light where street lighting exists, medium can be used for seeing if going a bit slower, I can see where I am going with it on full doing 18+mph on the commuting bike.

It's a standard rubber strap mount (although it comes with another mount for attaching to a helmet or something). I only mount it on the handlebars. Make sure to keep the strap tight though as it can tilt downward over bumps etc otherwise.

Don't be put off by the low sounding 200 lumen status. I know you can get 1000, 2000+ lights from ebay for less than this, but seriously consider that the effect of the lighting is not linear. You can see where you're going with this 200 lumen beam, I have a 600 lumen beam cateye nano shot plus for longer distance / faster off road stuff. Once you're past 600 lumen you're in diminishing return territory. I've used the ebay "2000 lumen" CREE LED models and they're not noticeably more bright than my 600 lumen Cat eye (which I run at a dim setting comparable to this moon one most of the time anyway). Also keep in mind that this is very small and the battery is integrated. I've had the lights with separate battery packs from ebay where the wire has become loose or snapped or the battery pack has given up the ghost. This is much better value for money.

Would give 5 stars as this is a cracking little unit, knocking a star off for the battery status / light status LEDs. The colours chosen make no sense. 3 diff colours for full, medium, dim power, fine. For batter status they flash or stay steady in different colours. Had to read the manual after setting off on a ride and being given a flashing red light which I instinctively read to mean it was running out of battery (like any other light would do, right). No. Meant something else. :) Read the manual :)

Overall conclusion is I can use this very well to see and be seen even on off road unlit bike tracks in winter. Will more than last the commute, charges at work, doesn't get upset by the rain and is small enough to put into a pocket (without accidentally switching it on!). Great stuff.

Cateye FA003524056 VELO7 CC-VL520 Bike Computer Silver
Cateye FA003524056 VELO7 CC-VL520 Bike Computer Silver
Offered by Dennis Winter leven ltd
Price: £10.49

4.0 out of 5 stars easy to read, 10 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Accurate, easy to read, easy to fit, no messing about, fit and forget. Only knocked a star off for the co2 offset. Why it has this is anyone's guess. Totally meaningless feature.

Display is nice and big, if you use a stem mounted bike camera you can position it in a way so that the speedo is in shot so you can see how fast you're going :)

Wheel radius is selected from preset wheel sizes or user defined in cm not mm so if it's ultra accuracy you're after then that might be irksome to you. nearest cm is fine. let's face it, you're talking 1cm either way around 2097mm for a 700c 23mm tyre, right, i.e. over 1km cycled, at very maximum 4.76 meters out due to rounding error. If that bothers you get something else.

Would definitely buy again.

Bike Motorcycle Cycle Handlebar Mount for Garmin eTrex 20 & eTrex 30
Bike Motorcycle Cycle Handlebar Mount for Garmin eTrex 20 & eTrex 30
Offered by Buybits Addons
Price: £15.49

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4.0 out of 5 stars fits solidly to the handlebars or top tube if you ..., 10 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
fits solidly to the handlebars or top tube if you have a narrower tube (steel frame etc). Holds still as far as the bottom bal joint is concerned but depending how you have it mounted the top ball joint can move about a bit over rough surfaces / bumps etc. Can be overcome by mounting the base at an angle where the top ball joint is facing down as much as possible it's correct for viewing (i.e. so bumps can't move the device down any further). Solid mount though, don't worry about the Garmin popping out.

Universal 2 Bicycle Car Cycle Carrier
Universal 2 Bicycle Car Cycle Carrier
Offered by Home Outdoors
Price: £18.43

4.0 out of 5 stars cheap and chearful, does the job. paid for itself in saved taxi fares so far :), 10 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
cheap cheerful and get's the job done. used it a couple of times so far with just the one bike on it. despite my massive paranoia about these things coming off when driving it stayed firmly attached every time and held the bike well. you'll have to take care with how you mount the bike for it to not scratch / damage the car paint mind. I did have the break lever touching the rear window which scratched it a little bit in the corner, but a bit of padding of some sort would easily sort this. everything you need is in the box, the instructions might as well not be in the box at all but the three pictures on the carboard box it ships in show it in position of a saloon and hatchback. Nothing a bit of common sense can't overcome in a few minutes. Been very handy for taking the car to the garage for work, dropping it off, folding the rack up, popping it in the boot, cycling over to work and doing the same in reverse when done. GReat stuff. Bargain.

AfterShokz Sportz S2 - NEW GENERATION
AfterShokz Sportz S2 - NEW GENERATION
Offered by Planet Gizmo
Price: £49.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars The battery run time is great - something I was a bit worried about, 7 Aug. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bone conduction technology basically involves vibrating your cheekbones with the orange rubberised pads which sit just in front of your ear holes, transmitting the noise from the headphones down into your inner ear without blocking your ear holes in any way.

The headphones run from a battery which lives in a unit between the 3.5mm headphone plug and the headphones themselves which has a clip for attaching to your shirt, etc. Charging the unit doesn't seem to take very long, little over an hour at a guess but I forgot to time it the twice I've charged these headphones so far (in 2 weeks of use). The battery run time is great - something I was a bit worried about. I used them a lot in the office and on the bike over a week before needing to be charged. There's no audible warning though for when the battery is getting low which would be useful, and they will simply cut off when in need of a charge. The charging method is via microusb, same as most phones and other gadgets these days so will charge fine from a computer, ipad USB mains adapter and such. The clip on unit also houses the volume control making it convenient to lower or increase the volume independently of the device you're listening to which might be in a bag or pocket.

As for the sound quality, keeping in mind that these primarily for use when out and about exercising etc, it's very good. You're going to notice the difference between these and a high quality pare of earbuds, no doubt, I was taken aback by the quality of these things - so much so that I don't actually bother switching to a normal pair of earphones when I get off the bike and into the office.

When on the bike, I cycle with these one with the volume on a fairly lowish setting so that I can hear the music over environmental noise but have to say that you can cycle in these and have total awareness of the surrounding environment. Car noise and other noises are far louder than you'll be listening to music with and the fact that these headphones leave your ears open to other noises means you're still completely aware of what's going on.

Due to the fact that the sound is delivered by flat rubber pads they are far more protected from water or sweat than standard earphones too making them even more ideal for cycling or running. Even in the office they're great as I can listen to music on a low setting and have people talk to me about things without having to constantly stop and remove them from my head.

The downside to the technology, albeit slight is that at higher volumes, the vibrations from the pads can be felt as a sort of tickling sensation which may or may not annoy you. If you're getting thing on the bike though then you've probably got the volume too loud anyway. Also, if you're in a closed environment like an office or get onto a train etc, the fact that the pads have to vibrate quite a lot more than standard earphones to deliver the sound through the bone means that there's a decent amount of sound leak at higher volumes. Again, this isn't going to be a problem in the main role of running, cycling, etc. If you fancy giving it a bit more volume on the bus though be aware, it may be annoying to others. Obviously there is no way of avoiding this with the nature of the technology.

The headphones come with a 2 year guarantee card which you need to fill in to register for and a nice carry case for when they're not in use.

I can't really find fault with these headphones. Everyone who has tried them out has been impressed, other cyclists I know who have tried them or own them are raving about them too.

Again, expect a slightly different flatter sound from standard headphones but expect very good clarity. Bass won't feel as punchy as with normal headphones and the overall sensation here will be a bit different but well worth the money from a safety aspect and they'll sound better than cheaper headband earphones you'll find online too.

I can also wear sunglasses whilst wearing these - so another win there.

Overall, I'd really recommend these to anyone looking for a safe and practical way of enjoying music on the go.

Urbanz Sportz Running Sports Gym Neckband Headphones (Blue)
Urbanz Sportz Running Sports Gym Neckband Headphones (Blue)
Offered by SORK-LTD
Price: £13.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars alright but you get what you pay for..., 21 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The ear buds fit well, stay in place when moving about, are very lightweight (you'd not guess you were wearing them) and the cord comes out of one side only so wires flapping about the place like on some units. However, the sound quality is dreadful. The bass response is good, there middle is dull and muddy as anything and there's very little response at the top end. I wasn't expecting much due to the price and it's a real shame to only give 3 stars as the fit of these things is brilliant. At the end of the day though you buy these things to listen to music with and the result is a muddy horrible sound for anything even slightly textured. Even taking a phone call through them is difficult as the telephone audio frequency range is right in the place where response is at it's very worst on these earbuds. I will continue to use them for sports stuff but wouldn't buy again.

Hostey® Hostey® Mobile PowerBank Portable Battery Charger-2600 MaH iPad, iPad 2/3, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod, Blackberry, HTC, Android, Samsung and many more(BLACK)
Hostey® Hostey® Mobile PowerBank Portable Battery Charger-2600 MaH iPad, iPad 2/3, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod, Blackberry, HTC, Android, Samsung and many more(BLACK)

1.0 out of 5 stars Utter rubbish., 21 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought one, charged and used a couple of times. Red charging light which used to go off after a full charge stays on permanently, device then no longer holds any charge. Had a new one sent, exactly the same problem with the replacement unit. Only charged it up the once, recharged a device with it, put it back on to charge up again, permanent red light to indicate charging (which never completes) and seconds of charge held by unit after this. Very disappointing. Have since bought a proper brand device, works like a charm. Avoid these things like the plague.

HOTER Sportline Head Band, Terry Cloth Headband, Sweat Band, Sweatband
HOTER Sportline Head Band, Terry Cloth Headband, Sweat Band, Sweatband
Offered by Ayozen
Price: £2.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars does the job, 21 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Cheap and very very absorbent. Bought two of these to go around my head under my cycling helmet as was getting horrible problems with sweat rolling down glasses and into my eyes causing massive problems with stinging etc. Completed a quick 31 mile spin the day this came through and was perfect for the job. Reckon it will be good for a full 70+ miler when I get some more free time. Very happy with purchase. Washes well, very nice soft, thick toweling.

Cateye Nano Shot Plus - 600 Lumens
Cateye Nano Shot Plus - 600 Lumens
Offered by GsportsUK
Price: £65.00

5.0 out of 5 stars see and be seen. perfect for my completely unlit pitch black country road night jaunts, 2 April 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is a great light. It's smaller and lighter than I expected. I am the owner of a couple of these eBay (and amazon) cheap CREE LED things which have a separate light / battery pack set up. The one I have from ebay claims to be some ridiculous number of lumens (like 2000+) by adding up the rather exagerated output of 3 x LEDs in a round metal chassis which clings to the handlebars with an O ring and invariably needs re-pointing and spills too much light up in the air and annoys motorists. Well to cut a long story short, the battery pack on one of them went kaput and the wire from the battery to the light unit wore, you get what you pay for, BUT they were very bright. Seeing the 600 lumen figure here I was a bit sceptical, doesn't sound anywhere near as bright and the unit is more expensive etc etc... well you get what you pay for (i.e. good build quality and not lied to about the brightness).

The other reviews on here mentioned this was bright enough for completely unlit roads, but you never know until you've tested for yourself as reviews are subjective. Let me tell you this. On full power I can see as well with this as I could with the (2000+ lumen, honest gov) eBay CREE LED unit. To put this in context, I use these lights for cycling on my road bike. On a 25 mile spin I'll end with an average speed of 19.8 mph. I'll hit just under 30mph in a couple of places (as it's not a particularly hilly circuit). The roads from half way in are completely unlit and if I switch the lamp off it's total darkness. The cateye lamp on full power means I can cycle confidently on these potholed roads at that speed. I don't run it on full power all the way around so as to make the battery charge cycle less frequent. I tried the whole circuit last night with the lamp on half power. I was able to see sufficiently all the way around. for comfort I'll be popping this onto full beam only for very fast or very potholed stretches of road.

Make sure you aim the light down at the road so that it illuminates the road a good distance in front of you so you can see the potholes. Other drivers will see both the light bubble that surrounds you on the road and light from the beam. Please, please, try to not just buy one of these lights, stick it on your bike aimed directly forward, blinding other cyclists and motorists. There is no need. If a driver doesn't notice you with this light on, aimed accordingly toward the road, they won't see you, they are not looking.

The unit is about as big as a packet of cards but a little bit thicker. The unit comes without a charger, just a USB lead so you can charge it from a computer or any other mains to USB adapter you might have.

The battery indicator is the button you press to control the lamp. This is useful as it means you can see where the button is on a night when riding so you can easily drop from full power to half power when oncoming motorists appear. The indicator will go from green to yellow at about 50% battery power and then red when it's time to recharge it.

The mount is a standard Cateye H34 Flex Tight Bracket. You get one with it. You can get another on Amazon for about 7 quid. The bracket supplied fits from standard handlebars right up to the big 34+mm bars on a modern race bike. When tightened up it's solid. No more lights falling off or tipping down when going over bumps. This is a big plus point. The fact you can just get another bracket makes it dead easy to switch between bikes.

The light also has a "hyperconstant" mode. This is basically the light on in the low power setting but flashing into the full power mode on and off. The idea behind this is that you can use it to see but the flashing helps you be seen. Something I won't be using but handy if you like that kind of thing.

The beam spread is good. I can imagine you'd want it wider maybe? for mountain biking? maybe? For road or commuting use it's a more than adequate spread. Unlike the cheap CREE sets on Amazon and eBay this doesn't throw loads of wasted light into the trees etc.

I can't recommend this light enough. It's a doddle to use (push and hold to turn on, push to switch between high and low and double click to go "hyperconstant"). It's small and light and no fuss. No wires to wear off or dangle about. It's small, self contained and very bright. I know there are more powerful lights on the market but I don't think I'd even consider one. Sometimes it's good to know when enough is enough and this is already more than enough. I'm not into the brightness for the sake of it - like I say I'll be using this most of the time on low power mode, which is adequate for some unlit roads and more than enough for roads with even modest streetlamps.

The battery life is about that stated on the box. 1 1/2 hrs full, 3+ hours low. I am glad I bought this lamp and I won't be touching the cheapo CREE things again...

(when I say CREE ones I mean the unbranded magicshine clones with li-pol battery packs - I appreciate that the LEDs in this and other reputable units are actually CREE LEDs :) )

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