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Transformers: Classics Vol. 4: v. 4 (Transformers Classics)
Transformers: Classics Vol. 4: v. 4 (Transformers Classics)
Price: 5.96

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not what it says it is (digital copy), 30 Oct 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
What you really get is issues 47-61 in an older format release. The description on Amazon says it contains issues 39-50. Basically it's linked to the wrong, older product.

It's broken, in a similar manner that Classics UK vol 3 was. Best to wait until somebody flags it up as fixed.

Ork Stompa (Warhammer 40K Apocalypse)
Ork Stompa (Warhammer 40K Apocalypse)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Ouch! The ultimate Ork assault machine - and it's affordable, 2 Feb 2013
= Durability:4.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I picked up one of these for a younger family member for Apocalypse sized games - see the rules in the appropriate rulebook Apocalypse Rule Book 2007.

In gameplay terms, this waddling behemoth comes standard with a titan power weapon, a KillKannon, a set of three rockets and a truly-pants-wetting Super Gatling gun which cooks off all its ammunition in a single round. If you face one of these, take cover or your infantry have had it. To make things even worse, they can carry up to twenty Orks inside.

Be aware that some rules have changed for 6th edition, this can be either seen updated in Forgeworld's Imperial Armour Supplements, or if GW makes any commitment to update the Apocalypse rules on its website... but as a quick conversion "rule of thumb" consider 1 Structure Point to = 3 Hull Points, use the 6th Edition vehicle damage chart, and consider any "explodes" result to instead strip off a whole Structure point.

The kit creates a model almost 8-9" tall at the shoulder and a good foot high to the top of its exhausts. It's BIG. But what would you expect from a titan-class unit? There are a number of additional ork and gretchin models that can be glued hanging onto or from the Stompa, as well as a large number of extra spikes, plates and glyphs that can be used for "kustomising" your ride...

Assembling the kit can require a bit of patience. Two major tips: definitely get the ball-jointed rear gun glued firmly and safely into place before even considering gluing the main assembly together. I got too hasty and mine wasn't on with sufficient glue, it naturally dropped into the main model after I'd finished the kit's assembly and started handling it, so I may have to take the bottom section off again to go and retrieve it and stop that rattling (embarrassing but these things happen sometimes). Also the hull sections can be awkward to put together - the curved pieces aren't very easy to locate into place and then hold in position; any redesigned models GW might later produce will need proper pins and holes for this to make the task easier. Finally, the completed arm/weapon sections are quite heavy once assembled, and unless you want to sit there getting cramp all day holding them in place waiting for poly cement to do its work, I'd recommend superglue. Something suitably fast-acting but not so strong that you don't have time to get the parts into the position you're happy with.

Space Marine Stormtalon Gunship
Space Marine Stormtalon Gunship
Price: 43.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars Cheap flyer kit for Codex Space Marines, 2 Feb 2013
= Durability:4.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
I'll say that again: it's for CODEX Space Marine Chapters, not Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Dark Angels or Black Templars - a recent FAQ/Errata on GW's website has clarified this if you're planning to use these in your army lists. I know this because I made the error of getting one for my Dark Angels before the new 6th Edition Codex came out (dressing it as a DA chapter unit, obviously) and now I can't use it as generic Marines unit either without doing some alterations on the model I've built. Frustration! Thanks a bunch GW!!!

The kit is actually a pleasure to own and build, though; this dinky little unit is bigger and better armed than a Land Speeder and actually cheaper to buy than GW's shelf price - though a better deal can sometimes be found here Space Marine - Land Speeder 2008 - Warhammer 40K. It's a handsome little flyer and with some very simple and clear assembly instructions can be put together in just one afternoon or evening. Obviously for painting reasons, care needs to be taken with the cockpit - it's advisable to either paint the cockpit out before assembly or to leave the canopy unglued until you're ready to finish the paint job. You're going to need some masking tape to do the canopy frame - you could try this, it's worked well on my tank kits TAMIIYA MASKING TAPE 6 MM X 18 M.

The only gripe I've had with it so far is that the central spindle connecting the engine pods to through the fuselage is meant to turn both sections together; for some reason mine doesn't do that cleanly - one end appears to be connectly more stiffly than the other and I'd guess that the spindle might be getting twisted or bent as a result. If I make another I'd be inclined to just permanently glue the pods in place or maybe consider using magnets instead.

Anyway, a nice cheap kit, an entry level flyer for the many Marine players out there. It's affordable enough to buy one and try it out. Looks cool too.

Imperial Guard Basilisk 2010 - Warhammer 40K
Imperial Guard Basilisk 2010 - Warhammer 40K

5.0 out of 5 stars Bring out the big guns!!!, 20 Jan 2013
= Durability:4.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
I have a confession to make... I play Imperial Guard, and I love its artillery. The Basilisk is its mainstay self-propelled artillery piece.

This puppy lobs a 5" blast pretty much anywhere on the board with a blast that will splat even Space Marines into paste. When it hits. But the hilarity begins when you have more than one gun in a unit firing as a multiple barrage. Especially if used in an Apocalypse formation. I've seen whole squads pulped in one salvo from these things ;) and they can pop vehicles pretty well too. And nobody else has artillery like you do, unless you fight other Guard players.

The flip side is points cost, vulnerability being open-topped, weak armour. So, prone to flyers, infiltrators and jump infantry then. Keep them guarded, or carefully deployed.

The price here on Amazon looks excellent at time of writing, and if I hadn't already spent a fortune this week I'd be tempted to grab a couple of boxes to finish a battery off. If your wallet or Army list points won't allow a battery of Basilisks you could try the Imperial Guard Manticore / Deathstrike - Warhammer 40k which lets you fire for four turns with potentially multiple cluster munitions - these are also fun, if variable in success.

As with all Imperial Guard tank kits the assembly is relatively simple, the parts all fit if you prep them properly, and the finished SP gun looks cool on the gaming table or on your shelf when you're not playing. Included in the kit is the sprue of tank upgrades with extra track guards, stowage, equipment etc which is also handy if you have other tank kits you want to kit-bash with. When you consider what that sprue alone costs you buying direct from GW, it's a good value purchase when you only need part of it for your Basilisk kit.

Imperial Guard Leman Russ Demolisher - Warhammer 40K
Imperial Guard Leman Russ Demolisher - Warhammer 40K

5.0 out of 5 stars The Best tank in 40k just got better in 6th edition, 20 Jan 2013
= Durability:4.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
For any Guard-playing Warhammer 40,000 players out there, rejoice - the 6th edition Leman Russ is now a Heavy Vehicle - meaning that you can trundle along and fire ALL your guns every turn (at the same target). Which means that this particular boxed kit is a very, very good addition to your force, allowing you to build the Demolisher, Punisher and Executioner variants. These are the "specialist" tanks of your growing arsenal.

To start with we'll say a quick word about the kit itself - it all fits together beautifully, provided you file down and trim the parts properly before assembly (but you were doing this anyway, right?). Even the track sections are wonderfully easy to assemble. There's plenty of weapon options for this tank including the pintle-mounted Heavy Stubber and Storm Bolter for the turret. Seeing your tank take form as you assemble it is one of the joys of the hobby, and the Russ kit has always been a seriously bad-ass looking tank. You'll love this tank as much as your opposing player will hate facing it.

My favourite for sheer cheese value has to be the Gatling-armed Punisher, gunned with three Heavy bolters and a Stubber. That's thirty-two shots on some poor infantry unit, and it simply wipes horde units off the board on its own. I'm considering having a couple of them in a unit just to see my poor opponent's expression when I pick up a bucket of dice in the shooting phase. But then for Apocalypse games uber-cheese there's always the Super-Heavy Stormlord variant of the Imperial Guard Shadowsword / Stormlord 2009 - Warhammer 40K, or Forgeworld's Macharius Vulcan kit (expensive but cool).

At time of writing the current Amazon price for this kit undercuts the Games Workshop shelf price, so it may be worth purchasing while the situation lasts.

Imperial Guard Chimera 2010 - Warhammer 40K
Imperial Guard Chimera 2010 - Warhammer 40K
Price: 32.25

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best APC in Warhammer 40,000, 20 Jan 2013
= Durability:4.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
If you're reading this I'm assuming you play Warhammer 40,000 and you've got either Imperial Guard or Inquisition forces.

This kit is a jewel in plastic form. For mechanised Imperial Guardsmen this is your mainstay - an APC with better front armour than most similar vehicles, better firepower in the form of a hull mounted Heavy Bolter or Heavy Flamer (both options included in kit), hull mounted lasguns fireable by embarked troops, a turret mounted Multi-laser or Heavy Bolter (again both options available in kit) and a pintle mounted Storm Bolter and Heavy Stubber (in the kit too). In game points terms, this costs almost the same as a decent Heavy weapons team and still gives you firepower and protection (in the Real World's cash terms it's even cheaper!). If you get hold of a copy of Imperial Armour Vol 1 (2nd edition) you can even order other turret options from Forgeworld for this beauty, in the form of autocannons, flamers and twin-linked Heavy Bolters.

The kit itself is easy-peasy to put together, a great improvement on its predecessor due to simple track-construction facilitated by well-designed lugs and slots modelled onto the track and hull sections. Why on earth did Airfix or Tamiya never try that? You can assemble a Chimera in just one evening, maybe a little longer if you're very consciencious with prepping the parts by filing and trimming properly every time.

A lovely kit, great value, a joy to own, get these before GW promptly raises the price again.

Imperial Guard Baneblade 2007 - Warhammer 40K
Imperial Guard Baneblade 2007 - Warhammer 40K

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant piece, good value, 20 Jan 2013
= Durability:4.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
I'm most of the way through constructing this model at time of writing, while I remember the assembly work I've just done I'll just throw out a few pointers for anybody considering buying one:

Before you set out to grab a box, I'm assuming you're already a Warhammer 40k player: be aware that the mighty Baneblade Super-Heavy tank is designed for use in Apocalypse battles - generally any big fight using over 3,000 points per side and provided your opposing player(s) are happy to use Super-Heavy units in your game. Second, remember that with the move to the 6th edition ruleset your rules in Apocalypse Rule Book 2007 will be slightly out of date - check the GW website for updates, or get hold of a copy of Imperial Armour Volume 1 (Second Edition ONLY, First edition is now obsolete!). At a starting points cost of 500pts for a "vanilla" Baneblade it's extremely good value.

Also it's good in cash value. Looking at other GW products, such as the recently released Dark Angels range, you barely get five guys or three bikes for 35. Compare this to buying a Baneblade for 70 at GW or even less for some Marketplace vendors (eg I just ordered a Shadowsword here because it's 10 cheaper than GW). In any case while it's a fair bit of cash to stump up for one kit, in relative terms it's actually not so bad in terms of what your money has just allowed you to bring to the gaming table.

The kit itself has - with one small niggle - been a joy to assemble. Assuming you trim and file parts down as you should be with any other plastic model kit, all the bits fit properly, with no wobbling. The track section plates overlap leaving no obvious seam marks, it all fits together very neatly and is actually easier to work with than other IG tank kits I've assembled.

The only issue I've had is with the "floating" drive wheel assemblies at the very front and very back end of the tracks; these only glue onto one side of the finished track assembly meaning it's very fiddly to get them into the position you want - mess up here and your track sections won't fit onto them properly, making them lopsided. I would strongly advise dry-fitting all the parts first, as far as possible, and maybe even using superglue to fit the offending assemblies into place using the track sections like a locating pin. If GW decides to rework these at any stage they'd be best to design their way out of difficulty with these parts so the parts locate themselves into place properly.

I just wish they wouldn't class these as toys - they aren't made by Tonka.

The Secret of Crickley Hall [DVD]
The Secret of Crickley Hall [DVD]
Dvd ~ Suranne Jones
Price: 5.20

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4.0 out of 5 stars Solid effort, but a missed opportunity, 20 Jan 2013
A recent TV adaptation for a James Herbert novel The Secret of Crickley Hall, this title should be a spine-chilling tale of spite, sadism, loss and dread. That's what Herbert's book was from the first few chapters onwards; a feeling of dread permeated over every night the Caleighs spend in the Hall intensifying as the truth of what happened to the orphaned evacuees in 1943 comes further into the light. But in the BBC's adaptation it feels very much muted, like a damp squib that goes "phut" instead off making a proper bang. Where does it go wrong?

It's a well-made piece in three parts, each just under an hour long, with recaps and "Next week" blurbs stuck to each episode. The on-screen talent is what you'd expect of a BBC production (notably the ever-reliable David Warner in a more friendly role than he's usually typecast in). The filming itself is good with no poor effects, shaky-camera work or shoddy dialogue.

But the screenplay hasn't done the novel any favours: The Hall is far too well lit, making it feel less intimidating than it should (I'd recommend The Woman in Black [DVD]to see how it should be done properly); the Bully facing one of the Caleigh girls is far, far nastier (and realistic) in print and it makes the end result less plausible in the screenplay (also she has a hulking brother who doesn't appear in the script); the anti-semitism and outright sado-masochism of Cribbens is never plumbed in the TV adaptation (if put on post-watershed this shouldn't have been an issue); and Miss Linnett is given a far greater role in the proceedings than she has in the book, as her actual fate was meant to be one of the greater mysteries in the novel - just showing everyone without making them guess is terrible storytelling, throwing suspense away. The well is safely grated up on TV, there's no sign of the lethal wooden bridge of the novel (which played a significant part in the climax), and the frightful rainstorm echoing the night of 1943 which concludes the novel just doesn't happen on TV (dropping half the apocalyptic mood of the finale). Far too many things that would have, *should have*, made this production a classic were just left on the wayside. A four part story would have easily been sorted and the extra source material would have made this a must-own title for sure. What on earth was the BBC thinking?

I can barely give this effort four stars because its production quality is so solid; but it's barely frightening enough to stop a ten-year-old watching it because all its James Herbert plotlines have been so seriously pulled in the screenplay. It should have been so much better...
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Witchblade Complete Collection [DVD]
Witchblade Complete Collection [DVD]
Dvd ~ Yoshimitsu Ohashi
Price: 23.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Devastating, 30 Jun 2011
I haven't written any reviews here for many years, but having just seen the concluding part of this anime series I have to write something about it. Witchblade has been adapted from the original graphic novels for Japanese markets, so many people will look at it unfavourably because it differs from the original source material. I've never seen the originals, so I'm looking at this freshly and unbiased. People, if you like powerful stories, then this is one for you, but be warned that it will tug at your heartstrings because the Japanese are not afraid to give you a shock ending...

It's a story of a woman and her young daughter trying to get by after losing their home and their living following a horrifying and destructive incident. Pursued by child welfare agencies she struggles to keep and protect her daughter as all they have is each other. Eventually she is caught and arrested; but in jail she finds herself under attack from an appalling and relentless creature that was once a man. And a remnant left in her from the original incident makes its presence felt in an awesome transformation... she is now a pawn of the Witchblade, the ultimate bio-weapon. Under the mentorship of a powerful corporation she fights the biological abominations set loose by competing weapon firms, to provide for her daughter and protect those she cares about... but ultimately, the Witchblade may drain her very life-force away.

Graphics-wise, it's not Appleseed, there's not much in the way of extras, and there's a lot of fan-service of typical anime proportions (it even makes fun of itself for it). But the series has a genuine emotional level to it that makes you *care* for what happens to its characters, they are very human and when things happen to them after the many hours of viewing you've invested, it hits home hard. It's worth a good four stars based on its story content alone - the best series I've watched since Noir - The Complete Collection [2003] [DVD] or Full Metal Panic - Complete Collection [DVD]. It's not bad value for a whole series in one box. What a shame there won't be another series.

Tomb Raider: Underworld (PC DVD)
Tomb Raider: Underworld (PC DVD)
Offered by GeeksWholesaler
Price: 8.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Almost a masterpiece - but not quite, 23 Nov 2008
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
It's Christmas 2008 and Crystal Dynamics have presented their latest offering, Tomb Raider: Underworld. We had high expectations, so how has the resulting title measured up?

Crystal Dynamics have previously produced Tomb Raider: Legend and Tomb Raider: Anniversary, the resurrected version of Lara's first adventure; both were highly polished, well finished games with a strong backstory. Underworld has continued in exactly the same vein, and slots seamlessly into the earlier episodes as if they had been pages from the same book.

Indeed, two of Lara's previous antagonists feature heavily in this story, in which Lara begins a desperate search into the Norse underworld in an attempt to find her lost mother, last seen pulled through a portal in Tomb Raider: Legend. The game progresses more like a film than a standard action game; the characters are very well realised, are every bit as well animated as Lara herself and the voice-acting is pretty good too; the script is strong and well thought-out. And as for the soundtrack it's top-class, almost good enough to compare with John Williams' classic soundtracks. Make no mistake, this is quality material.

The details everybody always talks about most are of course the graphics, which Crystal Dynamics has again done a masterly job of; Lara could well be the pin-up girl of your local games shop all over again, looking good and excellently animated in all her movements. I had only a single glitch in the whole time I played this (although the nVidia 8800GT probably helped). This was when Lara sometimes slid into a narrow gap between objects and took a second or two before she could move again. Otherwise, it was fine and worked first time it was installed. However, I would suggest that a higher end graphics card is a must for this game if you want to see it at its best.

Actual new features for Lara's combat skills aren't so important though. I never needed to deliberately split targets or shoot from walls; though the focussed mode was useful every so often until a better weapon (SPOILER) becomes available. With such readily available skills, and with a choice of which secondary weapon you want to take along (Uzis, Shotgun, Harpoons, Assault Rifle, Tranquilizer) there isn't the feeling that you can be rewarded for your searching by getting your hands on a really cool weapon. The joy of getting my hands on the Desert Eagle in TR3, or the M16 in TR2 just doesn't feature in this latest game.

The other problem, though only "old hands" are likely to feel this way, is that it feels like it's over a bit quickly. TR2 was a genuine epic that took days to complete, and The Last Revelation (TR4) was almost like a death-march with sand and goodies thrown in. I managed to complete the main story in just a day, and without hurrying much. It is really, *really* good stuff but it just ran out so damned early. Hopefully, Crystal Dynamics will be listening, will really go for it and make an epic next time, because they are *so* close to making a masterpiece.

So, a five star rating is in order for this brilliant title. It's not just a game - it's an experience; make sure CD can make that true epic next time, help them survive the global recession and buy your copy of this game if there's one thing you buy someone this christmas (and if you can manage two, add Fallout 3 to your christmas stocking, too).

Earlier episodes, and similar items to this include:

Tomb Raider: Legend (PC DVD)
Tomb Raider: Anniversary (PC DVD)
Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Edition (PC)

And if you like a really well-made game I'd also recommend:

Fallout 3 (PC)

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