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Casuals [DVD]
Casuals [DVD]
Dvd ~ Peter Hooton (narration)
Price: £19.21

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4.0 out of 5 stars A great insight into the terrace fashion, 1 May 2012
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This review is from: Casuals [DVD] (DVD)
I have read that the film was originally conceived as a 25th anniversary follow-up to co-producer Ian 'Butch' Studdard's seminal Hooligan documentary which first aired on television in 1985. The idea of "Hooligan Revisited" was to focus less on the violent rivalry of the terraces but establish Casuals as the last working class male street fashion coming from the UK, following in the tradition of Mods,Skins, Suadeheads, Teddy Boys and Punks.
Casuals is a great documentary helped that the Production team had meticulously interviewed all the leading "faces" concerning the subject from East London Mods to Northern Soul Boys.
One of the most asked questions is exactly where did the Casuals movement have its roots? With no easy answer but this extraordinary and insightful film trys hard strip away the crap and tell the truth about a faction that mashed up the fashion industry to leave a lasting influence on the label-crazy youth of today & yesta- year.
Garry Bushell comments on his days as a journalist of Sound magazine, commenting on ginger Mikes Casual band the Accent's 15 minutes of fame when they played Stamford Bridge, that did bring back happy memories, and Peter Hooton lead singer of The Farm, who also produced The End fanzine (know in London as the voice of the "Scally") & is the film's narrator.
A bulls-eye of people where interviewed by the producers of which many are still passionate experts. The author of the fantastic pictorial book "A Casual Look" Nick Harvey sums it up best saying "It's not just about what you were wearing, but also how you wore it. Not just your clothes but your hair and even the 'manner in which you walked'. You had to have that 'attitude', saying like 'Here I am'." an attitude that is evident in every frame of this film as it tours the country meeting the key people for whom this was never simply a fad of fashion but a way of life even 30 years later.

Kindle Touch 3G, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Touch Screen Display, 3G Works Globally
Kindle Touch 3G, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Touch Screen Display, 3G Works Globally

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5.0 out of 5 stars The 3G does exactly what I purchased it for....TO READ!,, 1 May 2012
....and nothing much more than that! I can use my MacBook Pro or Iphone/Ipad to do all the other things that people are wanting out of readers/tablets.

This is the only reader I have ever purchased and have found the crispness of pages to equal that of any hardcover or paperback book but with one positive exception....I can enlarge the font size so its easy for reading small print..

I have never enjoyed using one or both hands for hours on end to hold open paperback books. The Kindle has resolved that issue along with the non-slip texture found on the back of the reader. The swipe feature for turning pages is no different than that on Androids/i pads but I don't mind tapping to accomplish the same thing.

Honestly, I'm not interested in all the other things this Kindle can do although the features are nice to have if needed. Again, I just wanted a reading device that was already pre-set and wirelessly connected right out of the box.

When I pre-ordered my Kindle in September 2011,(as Amazon UK would not deliver to Spain and Amazon ES did not offer this product..) I was very aware that it did not come with the adapter and remembered to include that item in my order. But, as others have said, you can easily use the USB adapters from your computer or mobile phone device.

The only negative I ran into so far was being so anxious to use this new device while charging it up at the same time and I know this will most likely be a one time incident. (It's very annoying to have the adapter cord attach at the bottom of the Kindle rather than the top or side as you can't have the device rest against your body since the cord extending out prevents that from happening.
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A Casual Look: A Photodiary of Football Fans, 1980s to 2001
A Casual Look: A Photodiary of Football Fans, 1980s to 2001
by Lorne Brown
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Not much about Casuals but a fantastic collection of stories & photos., 9 April 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This book is not really what you might have brought it for as it has a small amount of information about the football casual but does make for a great and informative read.(lots of photos)
This is photo journalism from the 1980's to 2001 portraying the evolving styles of the football casual, from the early Lois and Lacoste days to the CP and Stone Island dominance of recent years. Also covers in small detail the English casuals.
Stories from home and abroad, from Mexico '86 on, the rumpus on the home front, and (briefly) AC Milan's Brigate.

Casuals: Football, Fighting and Fashion - The Story of a Terrace Cult
Casuals: Football, Fighting and Fashion - The Story of a Terrace Cult
by Phil Thornton
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars Definitive book for football, music and fashion obsessives alike, 9 April 2012
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At first came the Teds, then the Mods, the Rockers, the bloody Hippies, Skinheads, Suedeheads and then the Punks. But by the late Seventies early eighties a new youth fashion had appeared in Britain. Its adherents were often linked to violent football gangs, wore designer sportswear and made the bootboys of previous years look like the dinosaurs that they had become.
They were known as Soccer casuals, scallies, Perry Booys, trendies and dressers. But the name that stuck was Casuals. (So I am lead to believe from West Hams ICF of Millwalls Bush wakers)
And this grass-roots phenomenon, largely ignored by the media, was to change the face of both British fashion and international style.
Casuals recounts how the working-class fascination with sharp dressing and sartorial one-upmanship crystallized the often bitter rivalries of the football/hooligan firms and how their culture spread across the terraces, clubs and beyond.
For a long time they went unnoticed by the police as they were still hunting the skinheads & boot-boys.
It is the definitive book for football, music and fashion obsessives alike.
As you get further into the book it goes into the Acid house scene and even the heady days of Ibiza in the mid later 80's (Oh memories) and then into the Club scene where you had to dress like a "Chino Charlie" to get in.
Its Well worth taking on holiday and reading at a great beach bar...while the better half and Kids are doing there own thing .... Happy daze!

Bloody Casuals: Diary of a Football Hooligan
Bloody Casuals: Diary of a Football Hooligan
by Jay Allan
Edition: Paperback
Price: £4.95

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3.0 out of 5 stars You can understand it's one of the first publications, 9 April 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is a great book for any football loving supporter, as it looks at the life of a football supporter/casual during one of the most violent periods in British football history. (Based mainly in Scotland with Aberdeen's firm).
Throughout the autobiography, Jay, describes the life of a soccer casual, from the short journeys to the Schooner (pub) before home games, to the long distance ferry to Gothenburg for the most famous game in Aberdeen's history.
The book is full of escapades, described in such a way, that you can image the exact scene, hiding in a pub waiting for the moment that the Motherwell casuals are just passed the entrance waiting to be ambushed by the Aberdeen soccer casuals.
A good short read that will have you crying out for more!

The Fashion of Football: From Best to Beckham, from Mod to Label Lover
The Fashion of Football: From Best to Beckham, from Mod to Label Lover
by Paolo Hewitt
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars A groundbreaking book, 9 April 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The Fashion of Football is a groundbreaking book that examines for the first time the link between football and fashion.
Featuring a selection of rare photographs which enliven the text, the book divides itself into a work of two halves - the first depicting how fashion has influenced the players and the second showing how it has been represented in the stands. We begin in 1962, when restrictions limiting earnings from professional football were lifted and footballers started to splash out on looking good.
First we visit George Best's boutique in Manchester, try on the Terry Venables wig and reveal how the 1970s Chelsea team used flamboyant King's Road boutiques to gain the upper hand in psychological battles with fierce rivals Leeds.
We then move on to the '80s to consider the influence British black footballers brought to bear on fashion, leaving room to mention the hairdressers and the mullet. Into the '90s and, well, we're confronted with Liverpool FC in white suits and David Beckham in a skirt...Back in the stands for the second half, The Fashion of Football describes how football fashion has been influenced by the world around it - from the '60s working-class Mod look to ski

Michel Bras Essential Cuisine : Laguiole, Aubrac, France, édition en langue anglaise
Michel Bras Essential Cuisine : Laguiole, Aubrac, France, édition en langue anglaise
by Michel Bras
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £34.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Does not get much better than this, 24 Feb. 2012
The title, `Essential Cooking' gives the impression of being about basics. The book is about as far removed from being about basics as you can imagine. Unfortunately, it is also devoid of much insight about professional cooking

The very first thing which appealed to me was the somewhat quirky, but highly effective method of laying out the ingredients and procedure for each recipe which typically appears on the left side of a two page spread dedicated to each dish. The translators have done a serviceable, albeit somewhat gross translation of metric measurements into familiar English units. I can't complain too much about these, as even the equivalencies in Patricia Wells' excellent books are often off by about 20%. But, in the world of savory cooking, 20% difference doesn't mean a whole lot.

Other especially good features were the basic advice and basic recipe sections. The basic advice has not nearly enough content to come even close to being a tutorial on cooking, but it does include a few rare pointers centered on taking your time, paying attention to taste, and being organized. The basic recipes are not just your typical stocks and vinaigrettes, as Monsieur Bras' recipes require several unusual pantry preparations. There are some less common but still familiar preparations such as beurre noisette, pate brisee, pate sablee, Italian meringue, and French meringue. There are also some preparations I have never seen before such as aigo boulido, gomasio, grilled lard, huille rance, kefir, long jus, short jus, and nougatine. Some of these preparations are simply unfamiliar names for common cooking techniques. Gomasio, for example, is simply toasted sesame seeds crushed with sea salt. Some preparations are totally familiar to every cook, yet they are generally thought of as nuisances, such as milk skin, that skin that forms on the surface of heated milk.

Other nice features are the short glossary of terms, the very necessary table of substitutions, and the totally unique page of stencils, templates, and diagrams of unusual equipment. The table of substitutions, like many of the pantry preparations is not your everyday sour milk substitution for buttermilk. These recipes use lots of exceedingly uncommon ingredients such as agar-agar, amaranth, bee balm, rau0ram, tansy flowers, and yellow bedstraw flowers. Fortunately, all the stand-in products are very common, such as spinach, gelatin, celery, and basil
The recipes in this book are totally impractical for the home cook. There are many ideas here which, with a fair amount of practice, can turn up on your table when you entertain to impress. The chef author is very fond of soft-boiled eggs;The soft-boiled egg recipes appear under the unfamiliar rubric `mises en bouche', a variation on `amuse-bouche'.

Many other recipes also start with very common ingredients to give us fried bread and Mediterranean tuna with a presentation which would knock the socks off of the most jaded brunch guest. But then, the author goes off the deep end by giving us recipes requiring Banyuls sweet wine, venison, potimarron squash, demerara sugar, candied orange, and juniper berries to yield a leg of venison with licorice-like lemon puree. The presentation of this dish, like all the others, is a knockout.

The texts surrounding the recipes are a combination of childhood memories and somewhat mystical ruminations on things that inspire the chef's cooking.

The bottom line is that this expensive book is totally impractical for everyday cookery, but it does give us a look at the substance and inspirations of French haute cuisine. And, unlike Charlie Trotter's book `Raw', it is not totally impractical. The 5 stars I give are a compromise between a warning to look before you lay out your cash and a recommendation of the book as very good eye candy and a source of inspiration.

Classic Vegetarian Cookery: Over 250 Recipes from Around the World
Classic Vegetarian Cookery: Over 250 Recipes from Around the World
by Arto Der Haroutunian
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £14.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Another great-value "classic" from Grub Street, 21 Feb. 2012
"Classic" in culinary terms is often fussy, dusty and boring. We think of a battery of sauces, egg dishes and poached white fish. Combine that "classic" with "vegetarian" and the future reading opportunity is looking gloomy. There is bound to be a cauliflower cheese and roast potatoes and a slew of other dishes that we probably trot out week after week.

OK, that's the assumption, but it's wrong. Arto der Haroutunian has collected recipes that truly are classic but they are not from the usual culinary traditions. There are vegetable dishes from Nigeria, Finland, South America, Bulgaria and many other countries, each with their own "classic" but unique recipes.

It's true that there are a few familiar favourites such as stuffed vine leaves but even that standard is offered with a couple of filling options. French onion soup is listed along with an Iranian alternative. Yes, the cauliflower is here but sans cheese sauce - South American Midnight Cauliflower takes advantage of garlic, black olives and a little chilli powder to elevate this unloved veggie into dinner-party fare.

Although these dishes are striking they are also simple, and use, for the most part, few ingredients. We know we should eat more fresh vegetables and that prospect is becoming more attractive now that meat has become so very expensive. Vegetables are not as cheap as they once were so we need to present them in a fashion that befits their elevated status. Arto has suggestions for our most common produce, but he also introduces his readers to some of the more exotic veggies that are now available in larger supermarkets as well as in ethnic food shops.

There is plenty here that will help those of us who are strapped for cash. Baked Beans. No, not those tinned teatime treats of childhood memories (or my more recent recollections of dinner when husband is away). These are robust and thoroughly adult, a winter warmer for a crowd served with some crusty bread. This is a simple recipe but the simmering takes an hour or so. This process can be speeded up if one has a pressure cooker.

Plantain Curry is well worth trying. A plantain looks like a large green banana and is a staple of West Indian cooking, and this is indeed a Caribbean recipe. It has few ingredients and the spices are from the Indian palette so you'll have no trouble finding those. It's thought that this dish was brought to the West Indies by Indian immigrants.

If you are not a full-time vegetarian then you can peruse some of the versatile sauces included. Harissa is a vibrant North African preparation that works well with lamb and chicken as well as with vegetables. Yoghurt and Garlic Sauce might not sound riveting but it's made in moments and is a delicious garnish to roast chicken.

Kickers Men's Kick Hi M Lthr Am Dark Red & Yellow Lace Up Boot 1-11090 9 UK, 43 EU
Kickers Men's Kick Hi M Lthr Am Dark Red & Yellow Lace Up Boot 1-11090 9 UK, 43 EU

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great value for money, 17 Feb. 2012
Just had to get my grubby little hands on a pair of Ox Blood Kickers as at my age I would look a little out of place buying a pair of Ox blood Dr Martins....and as always the kicker brand has never let me down..Respect...
And as I was purchasing a special offer appeared for a pair of sand coloured kickers as well so I just could not refuse.....Thanks Visa..

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great for tennis and down the pub, 17 Feb. 2012
30 years of happy purchasing from Tacchini thanks the mighty MacEnroe...Style guru and great guy..respect.. always thought Fila was 2nd best and Mr Borg except the great Elite trainers

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