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5.0 out of 5 stars Kids In Glass Houses - Dirt, 24 Mar. 2010
This review is from: Dirt (Audio CD)
Kids In Glass Houses' sophomore album, Dirt. This album is huge, and when I say huge I mean it. I will go through a track by track review:

Artbreaker I - Starts of with drums and guitar then slams right into the verse which is very catchy and very resembling of Fisticuffs from Smart Casual. The song has a massive chorus and gives us a great idea of what the album is going to sound like. Aled sounds absolutely incredible. His singing range has broadened since the first album and he also adds a couple of screams into the song [10]. The album quickly slides into the next song 'The Best Is Yet To Come'. The song also has a very chorus and verse. This track is very much Smart Casual and would have fit perfectly. The song has a really good bridge which very much resembles You Me At Six (take that how you like it) before then crashing into a higher key change of the chorus. This isn't the best song on the album, but very much single material [9]. The next song we get to is 'Sunshine' and excuse the pun but this is song really shines out from the others. Aleds vocals are incredible on this one. As it crashes into the chorus, this is really a stadium filler track. With the backing vocals of "Wuh-oh" really brings out the songs chorus. Kids In Glass Houses debuted this song on the Lostprophets tour I believe and it sounds incredible live [10]. The next song is second single off the album, 'Matters At All'. This song also shows the massive sound that this album has got with an incredible verse and a HUGE chorus. I'm not surprised at all that this was the first single. This song just seems to flow really nicely. The thing I love about KIGH is that they are just some pop band that write songs with 3 or 4 chorus. They write massive, technical and catchy songs. The ending of this song really brings is out, Aleds vocals are astounding [10]. The next song we have is first single on the album 'Youngblood (Let It Out)' with an offbeat guitar into which flows through the song. The song hasn't really got a catchy chorus but whenever played live it seems to go down really well with the crowd. The bridge in this song is fantastic, with a half time bit which then kicks back into the guitar line which is repeated until the chorus which builds up perfectly [9.5]. Next up we have 'Lilli Rose' which starts of without Aleds voice overdubbed to give an amazing haunting feeling. I personally love this, it has a really summery chorus and amazing verses. This song has a really rocky bridge which then moves onto just Aleds voice until it builds into the massive ending [10]. 'Giving Up' starts off with a slow guitar line and Aleds voice over the top which sounds incredible. The song also has a massive chorus, but is slightly let down by the second verse and it goes slow and doesn't really breakdown. The song has quite an obvious meaning of a classic love break-up. The strings in the background of the song give it that massive feeling that will leave you with goosebumps on your arms [10]. The next song 'For Better or Hearse' kicks off with a Ska-rock type intro and kicks into the verse. The chorus is very catchy and upbeat and is a great song to dance to. This song will probably get stuck right into your head. The only thing I'm not too fond of is the transition from the intro to the first verse. But there is a bit in the song where just Aled sings and is very reminiscent of Raise Hell [9.5]. 'Undercover Lover' has the guest female vocals from Frankie Sandford (The Saturdays) but she come into the track until the bridge where she's singing with Aled. The chorus is quite catchy but it sounds very much like a rocky country and western song. The reason for this is probably because of Frankie's vocals. It's a very cheesy song - probably the weekest on the album [8]. 'Maybe Tomorrow' is a much better song. Got a really funky bassline with pounding drums and catchy vocals. Again quite a big chorus but very upbeat at the same time [9]. 'The Morning After' is the slow ballad in the album. When I say ballad, I don't mean gooey vocals and cheesy lyrics. This song has an incredible vocal performance from Aled here. The first part of the song has plucked guitars and chords in the background, but then lowly builds up to a massive chorus and a really fitting guitar riff. Again the strings add a massive sound to the song and give it so much emotion [10]. 'Hunt The Haunted' was first debuted on the internet as a free download I believe and I first heard it on the Lostprophets tour. It has a massive intro with Aleds incredible vocals crashing in. This is a real stunner of a song. A real highlight on the album. The chorus is massive, catchy and actually quite haunting [10]. Artbreaker II has a very similar style intro to Artbreaker I, but starts off with Aled singing the chorus of Artbreaker I. It has a soaring guitar solo in the beginning played by Iain. They goes into a massive chant of "Wuh-uh-oh-uh-oh" with Aled singing over the top. Then crashes back into the massive chorus. Incredible song to end the album with [10].

If you are unsure about buying this album I would VERY HIGHLY recommend it. It's an incredible sophomore. If you have just gotten into KIGH and are not sure what album to buy first. Definitely buy Smart Casual then this. Smart Casual was a smashing debut too.
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Come Morning We Fight
Come Morning We Fight
Offered by westworld-
Price: £6.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars Ooomph., 18 May 2008
This review is from: Come Morning We Fight (Audio CD)
The reviewer before me said it perfectly. This album is such a great one. really worth what you are about to pay for it. It's incredible. I love every single track:

What Are You Waiting For? - Great opener, absolutely incredible.

Pilot - Amazing single, very catchy. Will's vocals are amazing.

Together Apart - VERY VERY catchy, stunning song.

Res Head - I love this song. If this is a song to get stuck in your head, it's this one.

Stunning - The name says it all. It IS stunning. Very good.

Slow Dives and Alibis - Another amazing song. I love it. One of the best basslines I have heard.

Four Kids To A Glockenspiel - Very good song. A slow ballad. Amazing.

Come Morning We Fight - Intermission.

Shortcuts - A bit like 99 on Fightstars sophomore album, this was given away free for the fans. It's amazing, intense.

Vice to Versa - One of the heavier song, extremely good.

Asinine Nice catchy chorus, great vocals. Awesome.

Sink Sink Swim - One of the weakest songs, but still a strong chorus.

Boundaries - Very cool song. One of the best.

It's an awesome album. If you are thinking twice about buying it, don't. It's insane. SO good. You will love it.

10/10 Masterpiece.

One Day Son This Will All Be Yours
One Day Son This Will All Be Yours
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £13.82

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fightstar - One Day Son This Will All Be Yours, 24 Aug. 2007
This album is VERY good in it's own way, I think this album is a great follow-up to Grand Unification, although some fans may not like One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours as much, give it time and you will not be able to stop listening to it!!! Sadly though this album was leaked, but then again every single fan I have spoken to has said that they have the leaked version but are still going to buy the album when it comes out!

This is a great album and cannot be possibly put in it's own genre, all the songs are different. It has a bit of Piano, strings and everything!

The best songs on the album, In my opinion are:

One Day Son
We Apologise for Nothing
Unfamiliar Ceilings
You & I

99 - Good melodic song to get the album started. 10/10
We Apologise For Nothing - First single and very good. 10/10
Floods - Awesome chorus, lovely singing and piano and guitar work. 10/10
One Day Son - Very catchy song, with nice heavy intro riff. 10/10
Deathcar - The heaviest song on the album, and very catchy. 10/10
I Am The Message - Boring song, but if you want to give it a listen go ahead. 7/10
You & I - AMAZING! Best song on the album, it will take a long time to grow on you. 8/10
Amaze Us - Classic song, amazing intro riff, followed by great heavy chorus. 10/10
H.I.P (Enough) - Nice, but not the best. 9/10
Tannhäuser Gate - Nice and heavy. Love the high vocals from Al and Charlie. 10/10
Our Last Common Ancestor - Bit boring but very good. 9/10
Unfamiliar Ceilings - Classic song to end the album, feels like a sort of 'End of The Wold' sound. Also a guest voice from someone who I will not tell you because i don't want to ruin it. 10/10

So if you want extremely catchy songs this album may not fill that hole. If you want stomping guitar riffs, then this will definately fill the hole.

Here is a list of the catchy songs:

We Apologise For Nothing
One Day Son
H.I.P. (Enough)
Unfamiliar Ceilings
Amaze us

So you do get your fair share of catchy and heavy songs, but nothing like Build an Army or Paint Your target, they are the superiour songs and are amazing.

I would definately recommend this album though!!!

When Your Heart Stops Beating
When Your Heart Stops Beating

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5.0 out of 5 stars +44 Debut, 2 July 2007
I do agree that +44 are, to be honest, boring. But then again they are one of my favourite band and write the catchiest songs ever. The Best songs on the album (In My Opinion) are:


Baby Come On

When Your Heart Stops Beating

Little Death



Make You Smile

No It Isn't

They are very good. But the other tracks on the album are also very good. Not a bad track on the album really.

So definately Worth the money

Grand Unification
Grand Unification
Offered by Bridge_Records
Price: £6.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars Can They Get Any Better?, 31 May 2007
This review is from: Grand Unification (Audio CD)
This is a review for Grand Unification, Fightstars debut album and i must say what an album.

So the album starts off with the opening track of To Sleep and this an acoustic guitar thing, that i actually like and if you listen carefully i think you can here Charlie's voice. The album then bursts into the massive dropped tuned guitar simulator that is Grand Unification Pt. 1. Then slowly venturing into the third song on the album Waste A Moment which is the best screaming i have ever heard from Charlie on this album. Fourthly we have Sleep Well Tonight which is a good song and starts of really cool from violins then some massive guitars. And the best track (I Think) on the album, the extremely catchy Paint Your Target, this is an amazing song with one flaw; Charlie's screaming, it's a bit off to be honest with you it's a bit bad but atleast it fits. Then the stand out track Build an Army, it's a massive track with Alex and Charlie doing some combined vocals on this song, there is nothing wrong with it, this track is flawless. Then We have Here Again (Last Conversation) is a good track but probably one of the weakest tracks on the album and for Grand Unification that is very rare. Slowly into the dropped C (Guitar) tuned Lost Like tears In Rain, this is a very catchy, also with the biggest chorus i have ever heard. Then into the soft Open Your Eyes which is a track that does not sound anything like Fightstar but it is great. Then moving into track 10 we have the slow ballad Mono which is a good song with some heavy parts at the end. Then we have the amazing Hazy Eyes, this is one of my many favourite songs on the album and it has a good intro. Then we have the piano lead, narrated song that, Grand Unification Pt. 2, which to be honest is a rubbish track and the only rubbish track on the album. Then swiftly moving fast into Wake Up which i think Fightstar wanted to be a collection of all the songs on the album which makes it really good...

So this album has some of the best tracks i have ever heard in my life, believe me. It is great and that is the reason i gave it 5 stars. I don't think Fightstar can get any better but lets see what they can do with their follow up album "One Day Son, This Will be All Yours" i hope that will be as good as this as they had to switch record companys, which is always hard. So i would reccomend this album to Funeral For A Friend and Taking Back Sunday, and even Sepultura. So buy this album and you will not regret it.

Minutes to Midnight
Minutes to Midnight

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4.0 out of 5 stars WOW, 14 May 2007
This review is from: Minutes to Midnight (Audio CD)
This is a very good album whatever the other people say about it thats bad. it is amazing just not good enough for 5 stars.

Track Listing and Ratings from me:

1. Wake - It's an Intro. 5/10

2. Given Up - Very Catchy song with good screaming parts. 10/ 10

3. Leave Out All The Rest - Good slow song. 8/ 10

4. Bleed It Out - Quite a cool song. 10/ 10

5. Shadow Of The Day - Wierd But good. 8/ 10

6. What I've Done - Good Song. 10/ 10

7. Hands Held High - Good Song. 9/ 10

8. No More Sorrow - Quite Good. 9/ 10

9. Valentine's Day Nice Song - 9/ 10

10. In Between - Mike Shinoda sings this whole song. 10/ 10

11. In Pieces - Nice Song. 8/ 10

12. The Little Things Give You Away - Quite a long song for linkin park. 10/ 10

So good album overrall.

Buy It!!

Welcome to Loserville
Welcome to Loserville
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £5.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars This Is Amazing, 6 May 2007
This review is from: Welcome to Loserville (Audio CD)
This CD is amazing. it's a shame that people think they are Busted copy's they are not they are a pop- punk band that are amazing in their own way. This is a good CD that has catchy tunes in it. There are some flaws:

Holly... I'm the One

Wear me Down

These are probably the worst songs on the album but are still worth a listen.

The best songs are:

Ticket Outta Loserville

Eddie's Song

Party's Over

Murdered In The Mosh

They are the best songs on the album but the definate highlight of the album is Boyband as it is probably the heaviest song on there.

Great album with the songs that i haven't mentioned are just as good. They are worth a look even if you weren't the biggest busted fan in the world.


Price: £2.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brigade - Lights, 6 May 2007
This review is from: Lights (Audio CD)
Phoarrr... This album is brilliant. From upbeat rock tracks like Queenie, Null and Void and Meet Me At My Funeral to heavy guitar riff-lead songs like Assemble/Dissemble and Made To Wreck. Also with the slow but extremely powerful and heart-sung ballad; The Hits The Scrapes. This album is FULL of heavy riffs, brilliant vocals, great basslines and pounding drum beats. The best album of it's year. Will (Simpson), Naoto (Hori), James (Plant) and Nathaniel "Fim" (Finbow) should be proud with this cracker of an album.

There are some stunning songs on this album. None that I don't like. Here is what I think of them.

Magneto: First single, brilliant intro riff and some great drumming. The perfect promotional single.

Meet Me At My Funeral: Awesome intro riff. Brilliant live and a great single, also.

Assemble/Dissemble: One of my favourite songs of the album. Brilliant intro, great guitar riffs. Insane breakdown and great ending. The perfect song.

Made To Wreck: The title track of their 2005 EP Made to Wreck. This track is brilliant. It has the best Brigade breakdown ever.

I'll Be Your Emergency: It is the perfect Brigade song. It is the albums highlight. Brilliant riffs, never gets old, awesome sing and great lyrics. I absolutely adore this song.

Go Slow: Very catchy song. It's got such a hooky chorus. it will stick in your head for the rest of the day. Brilliant.

Adjust: Not my favourite song on the album. It's probably my least favourite. You may like it. I don't.

Guillotine: I love this song too. In my opinion, Singles get old quite quickly, but not this one. I love this song.

Null & Void: Brigade have recently started playing this song live a lot more and that makes me happy. This song is a highlight of the album.

Queenie: Ahhh... A fan favourite. I'm not suprised. Another perfect song.

The Hits The Scrapes: I cannot describe this song. It's so life changing. It always makes me think about what i'm doing. This song really shows brigade tender side. Absolutely incredible.

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