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5.0 out of 5 stars Strongest album to date?, 13 May 2002
This review is from: Maladroit (Audio CD)
Maladroit, Weezers fourth offering, is certainly a much stronger album than their previous Green Album. Don't get me wrong, the green album was brilliant itself, yet maladroit sees weezer really showing the fans what they are capable of. In general its a much more evolved sound, the songs cover a wide range of styles (each with a unique weezer twist of course)and are incredibly well constructed. We get to hear weezer do that oh so catchy pop rock they do so well, particularly in the form of Dope Nose which easily surpasses Hash Pipe. Yet we also get to hear rock (Take Control), punk (Possibilities), emo (Death and Destruction) and more mellow sounds (Burndt Jamb and Keep Fishin').And of course everyone is able to indentify with River's sentiment.Although maladroit is not as easily accessible as the green album, with listening you will find it a far deeper and much more rewarding album. If you enjoyed the green album yet always throught there was something just underneath itching to be let out then this album will not dissapoint. Weezer are truly realising their full potential, and theres still that feeling that even better material is yet to come. Yet I would still always direct any weezer fans to their debut Blue Album which i still consider thier finest work, yet whether this is truley the case or simply sentiment i can not say. But one thing is for sure, if the Blue Album is not thier best, then Maladroit certainly is.

Black & White
Black & White

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3.0 out of 5 stars A Correction to my ealier review, 2 Jun 2001
This review is from: Black & White (Video Game)
I would like to correct my earlier review of Black and White in which i gave it 5 stars. At the time there was not doubt in my mind that the game was completly worthy of those 5 stars, yet now im not so sure. When first playing you become entranced by the amazing graphics and the incredible AI, and whilst these are superb acheivments one Lionhead's part there is a hugh problem with the game: its's boring. As soon as the initial amazment wears off you are left with repetitive gameplay and nothing which really kepps you coming back to play. This game is certainly worth buying, and is surly a gaming landmark in many respects, yet after a couple of weeks it will now longer draw you back. If you are going to buy this game dont make the mistake so many did at first, dont play it non stop until you collapse from lack of sleep, this will only mean that it will get discarded all the more quickly. SUMMARY: an incredible step forward in gaming technology and ideas, yet this is not a game to keep the average consumer content for long.

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