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Bionsen Stick Deodorant 40ml (Pack of 3)
Bionsen Stick Deodorant 40ml (Pack of 3)
Price: £8.35

5.0 out of 5 stars A Most Excellent Choice for those with Sensitive skin (i.e., when most other sprays cause redness after repeated application), 18 July 2016
It's an excellent but almost inexpensive stick deodorant. Which in practise means you will still perspire - just that those around you 'won't suffer'...

Its scent is very pleasant, fresh and neither particularly masculine nor feminine - so suitable for all genders.

Here's why it's worth five stars - I am a very sensitive individual. Most other deodorants (particularly spray ones) cause me to have redness after a few days of repeated application, & that's despite my showering frequently - I must add. This is particularly good in this respect - in my experience it won't cause irritation, with frequent application.

I use it after showering with 6-7 swipes under each arm; and by night-time the fragrance remains as appealing as when first worn. Which is another plus.

I don't know what's wrong with the odd person who gives this one star, but please do check their other reviews here for a true clue as to what is really going on. Sometimes a review says more about the reviewer than it does about the product they're supposed to be reviewing. Alas...

As a genuine, multi product reviewer here on Amazon, I have every delight in recommending this Bionsen Stick deodorant to persons who also have sensitive skin. Lastly, there happens to be one other very interesting/uber cool dimension to this product: I bet, in other words, that you can't find one single other product in your household which was also made in the world's oldest and smallest constitutional republic - San Marino!!!

Polaroid HD Multi Coated Glass 3 Piece Filter Kit with Case
Polaroid HD Multi Coated Glass 3 Piece Filter Kit with Case
Offered by Smart Shop UK
Price: £12.99

2.0 out of 5 stars Caution - the CPL in this set is Useless. No matter how it is rotated, skies do not darken as they should with any working one!, 24 Jun. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Caution: the CPL in this set does nothing whatsoever - no matter how it is rotated. I'm not the only reviewer to say this either. Also, I've owned several working CPLs before this Polaroid one. In other words, if you're looking for a polariser which works - the one in this set is next to useless.

UPDATE: If you need a CPL you really should consider buying this one instead, as I now know it to work just as a good CPL should:Hoya 46 mm Slim PL-CIR Filter

I will test others for my wife's 46mm lens, and edit this review when I've discovered one which simply works well, as a polariser (and any that I've owned previously!) should. For anyone who isn't aware, a true CPL filter should, when rotated, clearly darken skies and very noticeably bring out deep blues in the sea, skies etc. All that I've used previously did just that. Meanwhile...

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Pictech® Compatible ink Cartridges for HP Officejet 7510 All in one A3 inkjet printer- Replacement for HP 932 / 933XL ink Cartridges (1x Black, 1x Cyan, 1x Magenta, 1x Yellow) (1 Set)
Pictech® Compatible ink Cartridges for HP Officejet 7510 All in one A3 inkjet printer- Replacement for HP 932 / 933XL ink Cartridges (1x Black, 1x Cyan, 1x Magenta, 1x Yellow) (1 Set)
Offered by Printer Ink Cartridges
Price: £29.99

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Pictech versus Officeworld Versus HP OEM 932/933 inks: A Comparative review., 2 Jun. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I tested these inks versus both HP inks and Officeworld inks, using a HP 7510 printer.
I paid full price for all inks and no seller gave me any discount whatsoever.
I am therefore completely free and unbiased in my approach to reviewing all inks which were tested. I am not a professional reviewer, and my opinions are my own, and I do accept that while my purchases are assumed to be representative of that which you too will receive, I accept that it is still possible that QC issues might also account for my findings. Nonetheless I review all cartridges on an 'as received' basis. YMMV


Now I'll cut to the chase: These Pictech inks, while being mostly similar to OEM inks, were, IMO, marginally less faithful when it came to overall colour reproduction as compared to both Officeworld inks, and HP OEM inks. For e.g., in a test picture these Pictech inks gave a slightly yet still perceivable pinkish skin tone on my subjects face - which was not present when either the Officeworld or the HP OEM inks were used instead.
Furthermore, there was some loss of detail in shadow areas compared to HP 932/933XL OEM inks, though in fairness, there was similar loss of detail (but sgnificantly better colour reproduction) when using the Officeworld 932/933XL inks.
Another thing which I've noticed and question is the actual weight and fullness of the cartridges themselves. You would think that all 933/932XL cartridges would contain a similar amount of ink, wouldn't you?
Well I've weighed each of the OEM cartridges, and found that even when wrapped brand new in plastic the Pictech inks appear to be somewhat underfilled. Or to be more precise - Pictech 932BK black cartridges - unused and still sealed in their plastic - weigh in at (just!) 70.7 grams. Officeworld 932BlackXL ink cartridges, even without any wrapping weigh in at (a more cheerful) 82.5 grams. That's a difference of almost 15% - at least some of which can't be explained away by their using heavier plastic, as might be argued in defence, given that a brief shake of each respective cartridge easily gives the game away...
Frankly, while their cost is still very reasonable, particularly when compared to OEM ink, this reviewer is left somewhat disappointed with these Pictech inks, mostly because there is better value, and better colour reproduction to be found elsewhere.
Having said that, if the sellers are prepared to improved both their (1) ink formula and (2) give a more competitive ink fill in each cartridge, then I would be prepared to take a fresh test of them. But for the time-being I cannot recommend them, for the reasons given.

OfficeWorld 932XL 933XL Ink Cartridges 1Set+1BK High Yield Compatible with HP Officejet 6600 6100 6700 7110 7610 [Please Note 7510 7512 Can Not Use]
OfficeWorld 932XL 933XL Ink Cartridges 1Set+1BK High Yield Compatible with HP Officejet 6600 6100 6700 7110 7610 [Please Note 7510 7512 Can Not Use]
Offered by IfreeMall
Price: £56.56

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars So... which compatible inks Should You Buy? A test of 2 leading Compatible Inks Versus HP OEM Ink on a HP O'Jet 7510, 31 May 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Firstly, please beware that I purchased all inks, without any discount, for the following comparative review, solely from my own pocket. I am not at all afraid to give unpopular ratings where my tests reveal issues that others may have overlooked. I wrote this review simply to help you, a fellow buyer. No ink seller gave me any discount whatsoever to write the following review, and so, you can be rest assured that it is indeed totally unbiased, and reflects my opinion as to the results achieved, with each of these three different sets of inks:

(1) HP OEM 932/933 original ink.
(2) Officeworld 932/933XL compatible Black and colour inks
(3) Pictech 932/933XL compatible inks

Secondly, I must say now that the sellers emphasise above that 'Officeworld' 933/932XL inks are incompatible with the “HP Officejet 7510”, and I have found, with no disrespect to the sellers, that to be a completely questionable statement. I would therefore urge the Officeworld sellers to re-test the current set of inks with the Officeet 7510. Meanwhile, you can, in other words, buy these inks for the Officejet 7510, as well as all the other listed printers, and (if my experience is representative) they will work well for you too. I hope this helps.

& Now --->The Short review:

“which to buy?”: If money is no object, the HP is still, in all respects, best.

“...But money * is * an object!!!” - then buy the Officeworld inks, as they are between 90 and 95% as excellent as the HP OEM inks. Simply the very best value OEM inks I've found.
Long review:

I printed three sets of the same photo on A3 gloss photo paper, and each time I changed the ink, (costly ...I know), to review the results achieved, with default print settings on a HP Officejet 7510 (which is a great value A3 printer with an acceptable scanner).

I've wondered which ink would be best value for money, and moreover if indeed at least one of these compatible inks could possibly be 100% as excellent as HP OEM ink, given both what most other reviewers have suggested here, and... given just how expensive it is: Litre for litre – OEM ink is now more expensive than a case of vintage Krug!

Before I say anything else I'll restate that a perfectionist with deep pockets might indeed keep buying HP OEM inks. My test results suggest that although the Officeworld ink matches the overall tone of the manufacturer's inks, so much much so, that I couldn't tell them apart, OTOH (and in all fairness) it's only when it comes to accurate reproduction of details within shadowed areas that the HP unquestionably overtakes both sets of compatible inks. That is, there is some, yet still unquestionably perceptible, loss of detail in shadows, when using either Pictech or Officeworld compatible inks.

The Pictech 933/932 compatible inks, come in third position, because in the photos I printed, which incidentally had plenty of pink in a third of the photo, there still remained an overall pinkish cast – insofar as even the subject's skin tones were more pinkish than tanned as in real life as well as in both the Officeworld and HP inks. Were it not for the loss of detail in shadow regions of the photos, the Officeworld inks are actually and remarkably close, in every other respect, to HP's inks.

So it all comes down to value. For less than half the cost, you sacrifice some slight shadow detail when using the Officeworld inks. As regards, tone and reproductive quality – there is little if anything to tell the Officeworld inks from the HP OEM inks. That, given the cost, is absolutely incredible. What's more - if you're not exactly a stickler for every last scintilla of detail in shadow elements of photographs, then this reviewer believes you'll also be more than happy to use the Officeworld inks.

The Pictech inks were just a little less faithful in overall tonal reproduction, and while still very acceptable, the presence of a slight, yet perceptible colour caste, giving less tonal accuracy, makes this reviewer wish to buy only the Officeworld OEM inks instead.

For my money, I'll be buying the Officeworld inks again, but I still wanted to let others know that if my results are indicative of what everyone else should expect, and you're prepared to pay for the OEM inks, then you will at least get noticeably better shadow detail. Otherwise there is next to nothing else to tell them apart.

I should state at this point that all three inksets gave indistinguishably excellent results, in my tests, with the each respective black cartridge.

Much as I'd love to conclude that there is no perceptible difference in quality, in every single respect, between the two sets of non-OEM inks versus the HP inks, that wouldn't be right. Still, when buying the officeworld inks, you're getting inks which perform every bit as well as the HP inks, save for one arguably trivial difference: there will, on occasion, be some loss of shadow detail. While the difference is marginal, I would think that it should, in itself, be enough to inspire any perfectionist with deep pockets to stick with the OEM inks. Otherwise, it's a no-brainer: buy the Officeworld inks - as I will gladly do!

Best value: Officeworld – 9/10. Best inks overall, regardless of value: HP OEM inks.

PS your reviewer will shortly edit this review, when uploading three cropped photo examples in the daylight, so as to support the above findings. Thank you for reading it. Any questions are, as ever, welcome below. Also, I will edit this review should it prove necessary to reflect any changes when using these inks long term. Cheers for now. :-)
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HP Officejet 7510 (A3) Wide Format All-in-One Printer (G3J47A)
HP Officejet 7510 (A3) Wide Format All-in-One Printer (G3J47A)
Price: £89.99

10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars This OJ7510 is probably best considered as a Must Buy, Excellent Budget Printer With Added Benefits ;-), 15 May 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I last bought an all-in-one, a HP C5280 as it happens, shortly after the turn of the millennium. And now, apart from feeling decidedly old, when writing this review, it's also partly because that printer is still working to this day, that my continued loyalty to Hp has been well and truly deserved. Actually let's make that a 'wow '- how things have moved on since I last was in the market for a printer. You used to pay a small fortune for 'extras' such as wireless printing from any device, double sided printing, individually replaceable inks, fax and A3 capability.


Nonetheless the main reason I'm absolutely delighted with this OJ7510 'all in one' is because of its very high print quality. IMO it's roughly about 90% of the quality of the most expensive printers, and all for what can only be described as a near bargain bin price. Frankly I'm gob-smacked at just how excellent this multifunctional printer (...which is how I take it) happens to be - never-mind the rest of its abilities. The difference in print quality between what was once a very well reviewed consumer printer, the C5280 and this OJ, is no less than chalk and cheese.


It was not all plain sailing though: The first OJ7510 I bought had to be returned to Amazon due to a technical glitch in recognizing its own brand new inks. Moreover, and apparently, that earlier printer had stubbornly made up its mind, that the inks that came with it were leaky - when they weren't! Also I'll have words to say on scanning images versus text, shortly too. OTOH, all credit to the Amazon Customer service person I called, as she couldn't have been any more professional at accepting the fault and organising a quick replacement; Which works brilliantly.

There are still some points for potential customers to note - this does not include an A3 scanner, it scans up to A4 only. Though it confidently prints up to A3 size. People who are docking a star for the fact that it doesn't scan in A3 nor indeed for the fact that it doesn't come with bucket-loads of ink, methinks are (again I say this frankly) rather expecting far too much for the price. It's no urban myth that manufacturers make hardware to lose money short term, in the hope that the long term profits will be via repeated ink sales. Indeed, that being one of the facts of consumer life, please don't expect the inks which come with it to last months; Lest you wish to be disappointed... Given that OEM printer ink is now actually more costly, drop per drop, than the finest vintage champagne, almost all manufacturers (not just HP) sell printers these days, with what are called "starter inks": They have just enough ink to last the average user perhaps a month or two, before needing replacement. Then, it's up to you whether you wish to continue purchasing OEM inks, but personally, I usually seek out the most economical compatible inks - i.e., as long as their print quality is roughly indistinguishable from HP's own inks. Fair play to Hp in that they make it easy to exercise your own choice in this matter. On that note, I may shortly be reviewing a certain brand of compatible inks versus OEM for this printer - to check out how each compares, i.e., if anyone would like, please let me know in comments below.


While on the subject of value for money, I strongly advise anyone (whether you purchase this or not) who may be reading this, to seek out and use the 100% free "Ryman Eco font". you'll save around 25% in ink printing costs, over the lifetime of any printer, especially if you'll be printing a lot of text documents, letters etc.


For the price I give this an unquestionable full marks for printing. You'd probably have to spend a couple of hundred more to get fractionally better. It's that good at printing. Yes folks, as a printer, it's worth the price of admission alone. As for scanning... Well scanning is, frankly, quite another matter. Sure most reviewers consider it as a printer foremost, but I'm still mindful that this OJ7510 is sold as a 'multifunctional'. So, before descending a little, I first want to make it clear that I'm not criticising its text scanning quality - which is every bit as good as I'd hoped it would be. Although extremely quiet in operation (if you need to scan while your partner sleeps in the same room, I don't think you could find a quieter scanner for the purpose) and very quick - perhaps 25 percent quicker than my older C5280, I must still give this OJ7510 marks of 4/5 for scanning. While results are definitely good - they just don't match the outputted excellency established by its printing capabilities. Sigh, I guess they still need people to buy their more expensive 'all in ones' and/or standalone scanners, because that's what you'll need if its nothing less than overall image scanning excellence you're seeking. I'm being very critical when I'm speaking about its picture scanning quality, mind you. in particular, when looking for faults I can see some aliasing, and vague colour reproduction in places, and depending on the colouring of the page being scanned, I've even seen the odd caste - e.g., too many dark colours, in one recent scan resulted in a slight but perceptible overall greenish hue. I found too that 'Auto settings' with certain images, came out just a little too stark in contrast. But thankfully, it's not all uninspired news when it comes to scanning: The day is saved when it comes to text scans, as mentioned. Yes indeed, at scanning text, its output is actually very good - giving clear sharp text, which is excellently contrasted against page whites too - almost no matter what source material is used. What's more, I even tried comparing a text scan from thin paper - which on my old C5280 showed some page bleed coming through. No such problems with this OJ7510 - it scanned such text just as if it were printed on regular paper. Which altogether means that its scanning abilities are more of a mixed bag compared to its other attributes: thus if it's mostly text (as opposed to images) which you'll be scanning, then fear not - the OJ7510's scanner is likely everything you've wanted, at a great price to boot! OTOH, *If* I'd paid substantially more for this OJ7510 then I would honestly have been be annoyed by its 'hearts not fully in it' picture scanning quality. Albeit, it simply must be remembered that at this price - given how brilliant it is at printing, plus its very commendable text scanning, plus all its other attributes - I'd be a snarly curmudgeon indeed, if all of its remarkably few misses weren't deftly forgiven.


Buy this, in other words, if the highest quality printing for a low price is of importance to you, and especially, I might add, if most of your scanning will be of text.Otherwise, I do not recommend this OJ7510 if your main purpose is to scan lots of photos or images.

At the risk of repeating myself, if you can accept this Officejet as an inexpensive yet excellent printer, then it's more than worth the price of admission alone. Considering its price - you may also realise that if this were absolutely excellent at everything, then nobody would want to pay more for the higher units in their range. On thoroughly testing it, all falls into place. BTW, just before I go, please feel most welcome to ask me any qtns below. My concluding scores are as follows.

Printing 5/5. Scanning 4/5. Range of Features For the Price: 5/5 Overall 4.75/5

AKA: This Officejet 7510 = Most Highly Recommended For Its Price.
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Refilled HP 350 X 2 And 351 Ink Cartridges 50% Extra Ink Treble
Refilled HP 350 X 2 And 351 Ink Cartridges 50% Extra Ink Treble
Offered by Quality Ink Cartridges
Price: £10.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Worth Buying. Definitely saves money. And The Colour Reproduction Accuracy is Surprisingly Good., 22 April 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
While I was definitely enthused by both the price and the delivery, if only each cartridge lasted as long as the original I'd award them full marks. No matter how economical these are, and they are, you will be changing cartridge more often when using these. That is, with moderate usage, I'd expect an original cartridge to last about a year before I'd need to replace it. These cartridges needed replacement in about a quarter of the time I'd expect of an original XL cartridge. But then, on a pure cost for cost comparison, these still workout at significantly more than just marginally better value.

I'm particularly impressed by the accuracy of the colour cartridge. Well done! One minor negative is that you will never know your cartridges are running low, until the ink prints poorly on the page. That's because the usual chip which keeps track of the ink usage is circumvented in these. Not that it was that great in the originals though... So I'm not exactly missing it. ;-) Even then, you (or at least an economically minded you...) still need to spend time just making sure it isn't a cleaning issue before changing each of these cartridges. Albeit, if the ink fades, I've found that it's more likely a change that is needed.

Best value of all is to look for where the same seller is offering a couple of free black ink cartridges as long as you order two sets. Now that is really great value. On the topic of saving money, here's a tip which should help you all - search for the free 'Ryman ink saving eco font', and you'll apparently save up to a third on black ink replacement costs over the course of each year! They utilise very smart invisible circles within each font letter which is not at all noticeable to the eye, on any printed page, yet still manages to save greatly on ink usage. Please do give that font a try, and please let me know if such is of use to you, as I'd be delighted to know my tip was helpful for you. Cheers for now.

TempIR Body Temperature Thermometer | Infrared for Baby Adult Child, Non-contact , High Accuracy Multi-Function Clinical Thermometers | For Surface Temperatures, Forehead, Body and Room | Ideal for Basal Temperature Readings | Stores 32 Last Temperatures taken | High Temperature Alarm | Easy to Use | This high quality no touch Thermometer allows you to take temperatures instantly. "Every Home and Workplace should have one"
TempIR Body Temperature Thermometer | Infrared for Baby Adult Child, Non-contact , High Accuracy Multi-Function Clinical Thermometers | For Surface Temperatures, Forehead, Body and Room | Ideal for Basal Temperature Readings | Stores 32 Last Temperatures taken | High Temperature Alarm | Easy to Use | This high quality no touch Thermometer allows you to take temperatures instantly. "Every Home and Workplace should have one"
Offered by TempIR
Price: £79.95

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars On testing its readings V/s Other std Ther'ters, its readings can vary alot. Some need Calibration. + Issues w/ Rechargeables, 21 April 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought mine on the strength of all the positive reviews here. My orginal review I now revise as follows:

I wrote a review before calibrating it. After all ,the manual which comes with it does state that "it is not necessary to calibrate the device when starting it up." If our experience was typical I would beg to differ. I'll spare you the details, but basically the readings it gave varied far too much - or at least they did prior to both calibration AND change of batteries.

On that point, I have successfully used Eneloop rechargeable batteries for many years with no problems, in a variety of devices.

This thermometer is the first device of which, no matter how fully charged are the batteries I use, it always shows "lo" and performs inconsistently, when even fully charged rechargeable AA batteries are used. Only by swapping out for standard i.e., non-rechargeable batteries does its performance seem to significantly improve.

So it would seem that I cannot use rechargeable batteries with this TempIR which is a shame; And partly the reason why I dock a star.
The other is, because of my earlier experience with our newborn, I don't quite feel entirely confident to use it, as opposed to using a conventional thermometer. However your mileage may well vary.

Anyway if it does go to show greater consistency and solid accuracy throughout the lifetime of this product, I may well come to add another star. But for the time-being, on our experiences to date, although an improvement on my initial review, a fair rating is justified.
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No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Benchmarks very well and ticks all the Boxes - why spend more? I've finally found an android box which is a keeper!, 7 April 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Having tried several of these android boxes, and finding various faults/inadequacies with each, I recently bought this KIII (hereinafter K3) on the strength of its specification alone. There were no reviews for it when I bought it, as this K3 was relatively new to Amazon UK. Nonetheless, what's not to like about an A53 with a generous 4 USB ports, a plentiful 16 gigs of onboard Rom, microsd support *and* the essential 2gigs of DDR3? After all, those with 1 gig boxes are 'looking for trouble' when it comes to 4K content. No such problems here, I might add, the K3 plays 4K movies in its stride.

Before I say any more I must offer fellow buyers, one caveat - several of these Android Boxes (no matter the manufacturer) do not find files (using the native file explorer) from larger USB HDDs - unless such are formatted in either exfat or Fat32. I've certainly found this issue with Seagate 2TB USB drives. Albeit, smaller USB HDDs such as those of around 1TB do not seem to have the same issue in NTFS. Please bear this potential issue in mind if your main intention is to use it to play files from your USB HDDs on your tv. You'll need to use a usb HDD which isn't formatted in NTFS - *if* it's a large USB HDD. Still, most people I would imagine are more interested in how KODI works with it. And there are certainly no complaints there. Albeit, the only way I could find to upgrade Kodi to the latest version was to remove it, and simply reinstall the latest version (currently 16.2) in its place: A painless process altogether.

Now then, it's all very well saying "this is a fast box, so you must buy it." Because 'fast' is relative. What I did was run some benchmarks using my favourite (and IMO the very best) Android benchmarking tool: Vellamo benchmark.

Using Vellamo's multicore benchmark, this K3 returned a respectfully fast 1628 marks. Which is the highest score of any of the android boxes I've sampled to date that I've seen. Just to give you a direct comparison, the lesser specified Victsing 5.1 Emish box which is selling for a similar price and has been popular with other reviewers to date, scores only 1435 marks. The Victsing has only 2 USB ports and doesn't even accept microsd cards. If all that's too geeky for you, just be reassured that this K3 box should handle anything you can throw at it, while remaining stable in use too. Nor have I found it overheating, when left on for hours.

Please don't for a moment be worried about its 'quad core' processor, while wondering whether you should 'upgrade' (as it were!) to an Octa Core. The facts are that I've also benchmarked both this box and what would appear to be a higher spec'd Octacore box - the Minix U1, and to my surprise this KIII performed faster overall. In particular it had substantially faster read/write performance. Then again, in real world terms, both the more expensive Minix and this KIII have very fast user interfaces. But I can't give you a single reason why it's worth spending the best part of a hundred notes more just to upgrade to the other box. The only other potential downside is that it ships 'as is', and further - apart from the fact that you can update any of the programs or apps running on it - the K3 does not seem to support firmware updating. This is one and the only positive that the more expensive Minix U1 has over the K3. Not that I can think of any way that this K3 would be improved by a f/w update. But there you go! It's just as well, nevertheless, that this K3 box runs in a commendably stable manner, without crashing yet - in the weeks since I purchased it.

Lastly, if you do decide to buy this K3, I would strongly recommend you spend another tenner and get yourself one of these(New Released Updated Touchpad)Rii i8 Multifunction 2.4GHz RF Portable Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse , KODI XBMC Rechargable Keyboard , Multi-media Portable Handheld Android Keyboard for PC Laptop Raspberry PI MacOS Linux HTPC IPTV Google Smart TV Android Box XBMC Windows 2000 XP Vista 7 8 10 (Black). This 'mousepad' will definitely make your life much easier when using this, or indeed any other android box. Needless to say I highly recommend that you buy this box, and hope my review has been helpful to you.

Oh... and the 'last' lastly - please note that I spent my own money buying the above box, and have no affiliation whatsoever with any seller of these android boxes. My opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anybody else. If you've any questions please feel welcome to ask me, and I'll do my best to answer when I see it. Cheers for now.
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MINIX Neo U1 Android Lollipop 5.1.1 Smart TV Box Kodi Amlogic S905 Quad-core HDMI2.0 4K 2GB/16GB 2.4/5GHz 2x2 MIMO WiFi Gigabit Ethernet Bluetooth 4.1 (UK Plug) / Minix A2 Lite Double-sided Air Mouse
MINIX Neo U1 Android Lollipop 5.1.1 Smart TV Box Kodi Amlogic S905 Quad-core HDMI2.0 4K 2GB/16GB 2.4/5GHz 2x2 MIMO WiFi Gigabit Ethernet Bluetooth 4.1 (UK Plug) / Minix A2 Lite Double-sided Air Mouse
Offered by Plater
Price: £145.90

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2.0 out of 5 stars Problems with the "File Browser" and browsing folders after returning to the root of the drive, on all my 2 TB USB drives!, 1 April 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have two minds about this android Box. Its File Browser was not working correctly with my seagate 2TB USB drive. Using the File Browser it all too often started in the last opened folder, even after rebooting, then to change to another folder from the root of the drive, it crashed back to the homescreen. Sometimes by asking it to arrange the folder icons by date or size, it was possible to change directory from the root of the drive, but eventually even that 'workaround' stopped working, and it become a pain trying to change to another directory when one exited a folder to the root of the drive. briefly the message "Please wait while loading would appear" and then instantly it would crash back to the homescreen. This problem started intermittently but became much worse over the week that I owned this box - until I could not properly browse my USB drives using this U1. I tried another USB HDD and the same problems with the File Browser happened.

I have other Android Boxes including the Emish, and no such similar problem occured, so I now very much believe that it is a problem with my box and/or all of these U1's. when it comes to browsing USB drives.

Before anyone wonders, yes, I updated to the very latest firmware for the box, but no such luck.

Apart from that I found it to be extremely responsive, when working well. And it's online capability was absolutely excellent. IN all truth, *if* it were not for the repeated problems in trying to get the file browser to work correctly with my 2TB USB drives, then there is no way I would want to return it. But as things stand, I have had to return it and regrettably, for a full refund. My search for a better Android box than my sluggish Emish continues...

Quaker Oat So Simple Heaps of Fruit Apple & Cherry (8 per pack - 289g)
Quaker Oat So Simple Heaps of Fruit Apple & Cherry (8 per pack - 289g)
Offered by British Essentials
Price: £5.14

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5.0 out of 5 stars Apple & Cherry Porridge Is The Most Delicious of the Whole Range. Makes me look forward to breakfast, just by writing this! :-), 25 Feb. 2016
I've tried most of the range and apart from 'Strawberry & Banana' (my second favourite) this 'Apple & Cherry' stands out as being the most utterly delicious porridge. The moment milk is poured onto this one the sweet sherry smell aroma becomes utterly tantalising. Believe me, you really need to just take in the beautiful aromas, before setting those 2 mins on your microwave... Also, unlike others in the range, such as 'Apple and Blueberry' and/or 'Apple and Blackberry', this one actually features far more real apple pieces - which you can actually see. Take 'Apple & Blueberry" by contrast, which contains less than 1% Apple and less than 1% Blueberry, that it's a wonder they can get away with calling it that at all. You almost need a magnifying glass to find any evidence of fruit in those varieties. No such problems here, as there is just enough of the good stuff! Albeit Quaker if you're reading this - please do give us as much fruit as possible!

Quaker Oat So Simple 'Apple & Cherry' is most Highly recommended, especially for those looking for an alternative to Quaker's 'Strawberry & Banana'. And I totally agree with the other 5 star reviewer here. Come to think if it, I almost can't wait for tomorrow's breakfast - just writing this!

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