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Questioning Islam: Tough Questions & Honest Answers About the Muslim Religion
Questioning Islam: Tough Questions & Honest Answers About the Muslim Religion
by Peter Townsend
Edition: Paperback
Price: 8.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Islam - Quite Possibly The World's Most Questionable Religion: In So Many Respects, This Really Is An Astonishing Book!, 29 Sept. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
If ever a 'religion' opened eyes, raised eyebrows & (it's fair to say) seldom for pleasing reasons, that would be Islam. Yet to its 'believers' religion is too narrow a description: Islam is everything.

Well, this extraordinary book, entitled 'Questioning Islam', takes an in depth analysis of literally 'everything' that makes this religion - what it is, what it isn't, what came before, and what might be coming next? And, the results are more than surprising.

Having read this book, I actually have even stronger feelings about what Islam means to the future of mankind. It's certainly an 'eye-opener'. Suffice to say, I am allowed to declare that I believe in the free world, I believe in the advancement of mankind, and definitely not in barbarism, nor in the slaying and beheading of those who think differently to me. Without question, I love our United Kingdom, for we are lucky to live in the single greatest nation on this planet, bar none. Yet our openness, cherished freedoms and diversity are also some of our weakest attributes. Some even argue that our way of life, our traditional English values are under attack like never before.

But is it at all true that there is a basis in the Quran to support the contention that Muslims have come here not to assimilate with we 'infidel' non-believers, not to embrace our western ideals, but moreover, and ultimately, to enforce their ideals on us? In this book it is submitted you will find plenty of evidence directly from the Quran & Hadiths (respected Islamic tradition), to both explain and support that charge. Please believe this reviewer, when I say it makes fascinating reading.

I also believe in the progressive future of mankind, but even so, we must ask - can we really learn much of use from any seventh century ideology (let alone the one in question) which hasn't long since entered the public domain? And where are the Islamic reformists? Find out why you won't be seeing any, nor any time soon, within this book.

Sir Winston Churchill, that is, the single greatest Britain who ever lived, bar no one else, also had something to say about Islam, which he usually referred to as Mohammedanism. Rather than repeat his words here (...for what will be obvious reasons) I would ask you to seek them out for yourself (cf: The River War - 1899). It's certainly very interesting that despite his writing about Islam in 1899, so little, if anything at all, has changed. As for this title, 'Questioning Islam', please, please read this most magnificently illuminating book, and find out for yourself, why change (among many other things) is not on the Islamic agenda...

I guarantee that you will be surprised by all the things which this book explains. I wasn't bored for a moment. OTOH, you wouldn't believe how shocked I was, by the many things I discovered on reading it: A masterpiece of a book.

World's Finest Ear Plug--- (1-Pair) Sample Pack
World's Finest Ear Plug--- (1-Pair) Sample Pack
Offered by (BPI) World's Finest Ear Plugs
Price: 4.95

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars "World's best earplugs" - yeah right... I initially thought. However, now that I've tried them myself, I'm left astounded., 20 Sept. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought the trial two-pack only because I was sceptical initially: "world's best" yeah right, I mused. Still, I had to give them a go just to make sure I was right. And was I?

No. These are, quite unquestionably, the very best ear plugs I've ever tried. And, I've used the rest - from Boots' own brand, to Quies - none of which are anywhere near as effective at blocking sound out as these are.

I rolled them as instructed before putting them in, last night, and then asked my wife, who was beside me, to speak to me. To my astonishment, all I could hear was a mumble of indistinct, muffled and unclear sounds, which approximately sounded like words coming from under the room beside ours. I couldn't believe my ears! Using any other make of earplug, I can always hear her speaking to me, when right beside me; yes a little quieter, of course; But I've always heard enough, that I could easily respond to her. It was impossible to communicate with her, when beside me, with these earplugs properly in place. And that's only because they are truly outstanding. So, for this once, the claims do completely live up to expectations.

Just for comparison, I tried some fresh bluetac, which may appear similar in consistency, just to see if there's no difference: chalk and cheese. There is no comparison. These definitely and most unquestionably remove greatly more sound, so anyone who suggests that blue tac is just as good, is dreaming. It's not.

Anyway, as soon as I put a full stop to this sentence, I'll be ordering more.

What to Expect When Your Wife Is Expanding: A Reassuring Month-By-Month Guide for the Father-To-Be, Whether He Wants Advice or Not
What to Expect When Your Wife Is Expanding: A Reassuring Month-By-Month Guide for the Father-To-Be, Whether He Wants Advice or Not
by Thomas Hill
Edition: Paperback
Price: 8.56

3.0 out of 5 stars Recommended for Light Relief From 'The Pregnancy Ordeal'. But, Does It Really Contain Much Invaluable Information? Hmmm., 18 Sept. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Firstly, of all the books I own, this one contains more typos and spelling mistakes than almost the rest of them combined. Whoever proofread this...

Regardless, If you like his humour (...sorry I mostly didn't) then you'll probably like this book. Basically, I wasn't particularly looking for all the jokes which were included within. Nor did I find much information which wasn't better presented in other highly reviewed, yet similar books.

I could end the review there, but then again, TW must practise what he preaches: I always ask anyone who criticises to give at least a few supporting examples. So here you go:

In the List of "What Your Wife Will Be Complaining About", you'll find this: "That you just don't believe her when she says she's pregnant." Or this: "Her College roommate[sic] who gets pregnant every time her husband looks at her" - (page 30)

The book is littered/filled with similar stabs at humour: Under 'A Couple of Things to Say to let her know you caring, sensitive...' you'll read this:
"3. Did you know that by the sixth week of gestation, the anterior and posterior horns differentiate in the spinal cord of the fetus [sic - & I presume he means 'foetus']? I didn't even know babies came with horns." (page 41)

In his advice on how a man can continue to stay married while his wife is pregnant, our author advises "matching every thoughtful act with a passive-aggressive jab. A long, low whistle when she steps on the scale ('It was just a joke, sweetie'), or cooking heavily spiced stews, chili[sic - yes, yet another typo/spelling mistake, I presume he means 'chilli'], thick pungent soups - there are a hundred little ways to needle your mate, and after a long day of feeling put-upon, coming up with them will be second nature." (page 81)

Frankly, if his advice isn't funny, it is, at times, downright idiotic.

There is still, some worthwhile writing in this book, but overall it's a mixed bag. 3/5, on a good day, is fair.

Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 824 combi boiler
Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 824 combi boiler

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars This Combi Boiler has been working 5/5 for us - Just Pls Make Sure Yours Is Fitted By Qualified Fitters and Serviced Yearly!, 15 Sept. 2015
I want to give some balance to the negative reviews here, as my experience is opposite to theirs. This is a brilliant boiler and I couldn't be more pleased with ours.

I've had mine a year now, and it hasn't given a single problem. We're truly delighted with it. Sure, as with all boilers, from time to time you will need to adjust the water pressure, but this takes less than two minutes to do, and doing so couldn't be easier. We use ours with a Vaillant electronic controller which sets the desired temperatures for both day and night time usage. And it too works excellently.

From reading the two neg reviews here, you'd think that this was an utterly rubbish boiler, but look between the lines of those reviews and the clues are there. For the Ecotec plus 824 is a great choice when it works as it should, just as ours does.

I really do have my doubts about the authenticity and/or reasonableness of these two negative reviews. Firstly, one of the reviewers wrote (and you can check this above) "it has broken at least once a year over the past 4 (less than 6 years of age). I have decided to go for the Vaillant boiler repair, and the customer service is appalling ! First they start by selling you the boiler repair warranty service, then when it comes to actually repairing it..."

Wait a minute, this boiler actually comes with a FIVE year warranty included in the new price, if purchased from new and fitted by a qualied GAS SAFE registered installer. Yes, you read that right - included. IF, yes IF the reviewer had had the boiler professionally fitted then he would not be reporting that they tried to sell him a warranty, as his should have had a warranty on it, IF ONLY IT HAD BEEN FITTED PROFESSIONALLY IN THE FIRST PLACE!. Frankly, it's little wonder that he's reporting problems with his, as it's looking likely that he initially cut corners on fitting costs and then lived to find out why the rest of us pay to have it professionally fitted by qualified installers. So what does he do? Well of course he shows up here to vent his frustration and gives this brilliant combi-boiler one star all for the likely fact that he compromised on its fitting (as is obvious, yet again, when he laments that they tried to sell him a warranty which he would have had on it if only he had it properly installed.

Trust me folks, get a professional Vaillant approved fittter to install yours, and you too will get the same 5 year warranty from new, that I was given. If he had it properly installed then there's no way he have had to pay extra to buy it after installing it. That's just a fact. The little extra the rest of us might have to pay to get it installed is well worth the extra, but if you do decide to cut corners on installation costs, whatever you do, please don't come here to whine about all kinds of problems with it, and being sold any after-sales warranty. Those of us who know why you have problems will be able to tell what's really going on...

As for the other negative reviewer, his worked well (not that his one star review would make you believe that for a moment) and just once it broke down temporarily (just as can happen occasionally to *any* combi-boiler by any manufacturer), yet only because it couldn't be repaired under warranty instantly, he too shows up here to dump his one star review on the rest of us. Seriously!? People can be so unreasonable in this 'i-generation' ...this 'I want it fixed RIGHT NOW generation', that I really felt this item needed someone to redress the balance, so that fellow potential buyers aren't put off by what is truthfully an excellent boiler with an excellent five year warranty thrown in too (which, I must now stress - *only* applies if fitted correctly by qualified installers!).

Lastly, my gas bills are down by around 40% since having it fitted. Nonetheless, please know that if mine should ever break down temporarily and I can't demand an 'instant warranty repair', then I can assure you all that I'll be the last person to come back here and dump an one star review on such an, otherwise, absolutely brilliant boiler. HTH

Dolce FemmeEau de Parfum 75 ml
Dolce FemmeEau de Parfum 75 ml
Offered by Acorn solution
Price: 38.99

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Coolness Hits Mid Life Crisis & Yet Somehow Emerges Unscathed. This is a winner of a perfume - The Kings of Cool, D&G are Back!, 15 Aug. 2015
[Preamble - if deliberately grandiose, OTT reviews, decadently infused with lashings of rampant verbosity - are not quite your thing , then please do excuse me. You should probably choose to read another's review, instead. Thank you.]

'Dolce ~Et~ Gabbana', once partially ruled the fashion world, as the unassumingly sophisticated belle dame of the 'black is the new black', 'fashionista set' . Dolce was for much of this past century, a doyenne of the Avant Garde. Dolce was the type of fashion house whose very name breathed fear into the very lives of the artlessly unfashionable: "All Hail thee, mortals - for WE Are D & G !!!"

But coolness has usually, and moreover by definition, a best before date. Which means that the alternative kings of Milanese cool, should now be firmly hitting the corporate equivalent of a (...gulp) mid-life crisis. Thus rolls on 2015 (and decades have passed, since Coolness was a synonym for 'D & G.'), so then what?

To my astonishment, I've learned that our chiselled jawed, alternative meisters of studied nonchalance, are now all but owned by those who 'pedal pastes to the masses' - I do indeed speak of the 'Dishwasher kings' and 'toothpaste crew'! We all better know said company as 'Procter & Gamble', of course. How times have ...changed.

So this scent has to be terrible, right? The corporatised ba&&ard child of one of yesteryear's fashion houses which once ruled cooler than thou? Right?


Sure enough, if there is money in being 'avant garde' then you can be assured that the multinationals have noticed too. That is simply sooooo '2015', darling!? And isn't that right, Procter & Gamble? Yes indeed, back in the 1980's Dolce & Gabbana were the alternative kings of unspoken chic. Then, the very name Dolce et Gabbana inspired thoughts of chiselled jaws, on imposingly statuesque, pristinely suited beauties - whose bodily excretions smelled not. Only the most perfect among us, modelled for D&G. Dominance & Greatness! The rest of us could only dream of making the grade... Alas, from them till now, that is to say, from the top of the bathroom shelf to the very bottom - there indeed - where you'll find all the other products by D&G's incumbent overseers, A.K.A. Procter and Gamble: Toothpastes, hair gels, bargain soaps a plenty. Wow!

Don't get me wrong. For I very much digressed, this enchantingly desirable potion is somehow *still* brilliant.

'Dolce Femme, Eau De Parfum', in 30/50/ & 75ML is, in other words, a most alluring, flirtatious and irresistibly romantic fragrance. This is the scent to steal the appeal of any man; Much like Ralph Lauren's Romance would do likewise. For this scent is 'a must have', especially for any natural born beauty, who wishes to have men bow down at her studiously manicured feet!

Its perfume notes are indeed closest to Lauren's Romance for Women. So if you like that scent - as hinted - you'll love this! In the further distance I can detect notes inspired by Dior's "Addict 2", and perhaps even Givenchy's ever so delectable "Amariche". All down, no doubt, to the generously appealing shared bouquet of neroli and Amarynth.

Lest more be said, if you do manage to buy an authentic bottle (good luck!), you'll also find that it lasts a reasonable number hours.

Dolce, Femme is a winner: The kings of cool are definitely back.

Sonax 271141 Xtreme NanoPro Screen Wash 1:100 , 250 ml makes 25 litres, cleaning fluid
Sonax 271141 Xtreme NanoPro Screen Wash 1:100 , 250 ml makes 25 litres, cleaning fluid
Price: 6.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Sonax Nanopro Versus Comma Xstream Screenwash - So... Which Is Better?, 13 Aug. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
If Shakespeare were 'ere to roll out of his horsedrawn Bentley, no doubt he'd exclaim aloud to the all attendant crowd & sundry: "a Screen wash by any other name wouldst sweep as sleekly". But wait a minute - as highly reviewed as this Sonax potion may be, could it even be possible that there is a better one to buy?

I previously and repeatedly used Comma 'Xstream' [sic] Dilute To Make screen-wash (hereinafter - Comma) before I bought this Sonax Xtreme Nanopro (hereinafter - Sonax) - not because there is anything at all wrong with the Comma, but rather because all those 5/5 star reviews for Sonax, soon become curiously alluring. (...inasmuch as any "screen-wash may at all become 'alluring, that is!) The good news is that the Sonax is indeed a good screen-wash. Yes, good. Which means it will certainly aid with the cleaning of your windscreen, when needed. But, IMO, (and here's where this reviewer canters astray from the majority's opinions) it's just not better, in any noticeable way, than the just as highly reviewed Comma.

So, having experimented with Sonax for the past six months, I'll accept that it's good, if not overrated, but I can also quite frankly admit that my return to using Comma Xstream is also now imminent, because: Roland TR303 drum-roll please - it's indeed the better screen-wash! Indeed, I won't be buying Sonax again, or at least I won't, unless its nearest competitors ever change Comma's formula for the worse. So, I'll be sticking with that instead. In other words, on the two windscreens on which I've tried both on, the Comma provides the clearer, shinier/more convincingly clean clarity. When using Comma, for some reason I usually feel far less need to repeat wipe, because it just does the job that bit more efficiently than Sonax does. After all, isn't that just what we're seeking?

The instructions, I might add, which come with the Comma are in clear English. Which is always welcome for we international consumers. Whereas, you'll need a few minutes typing words into Google Translate (umlauts, graves, circumflex's, accents an' all!!) before you can even get going with the Sonax; whose manufacturers seem to believe that putting only German onto bottle which are meant for the wider European market is a splendid idea. Well it isn't. Of course, Germany is renowned for producing some of Europe's best ideas, yet the aforesaid, arguably, wasn't one of them! Besides, *if* they should respond to said charge, that space concerns (on the bottle's limited surface) mean that only one language can be entirely accommodated - then why not simply also list your instructions by means of a country's flag - Spanish, French, English etc., and then put that directly beside the relevant direct web-link to a pre-translated version? Surely that would be a better idea, than printing your instructions solely in German, and expecting customers from other countries to type same into a translation engine after purchase?

The moot issue of a uni-Language aside, I'd still quite happily continue to use Sonax - were it not for the fact that my experiences using Comma proved that the latter is, for my money, and in the ways which truly count, a more compelling purchase. Lastly, prices for both manufacturers product were roughly at the time of writing this review, within 5-10% of each other, depending on where you purchased either from.

Overall Marks - 4/5. HTH, Thank you for reading, and YMMV.

Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters: From Dating, Shopping, and Praying to Going to War and Becoming a Billionaire - Two Evolutionary Psychologis
Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters: From Dating, Shopping, and Praying to Going to War and Becoming a Billionaire - Two Evolutionary Psychologis
by Alan S. Miller
Edition: Paperback
Price: 10.54

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Buy this book & Learn Something about How the Social World We Know Is Not Exactly The World We Think We Know. & Moreover - Why!?, 28 July 2015
An unbelievably interesting book. And firstly may I just say - the "....wit" who gave this one star obviously doesn't know his elbow from his wrist.

Anybody who is capable of thinking will revel in the many, many wonders exposed by both Miller and the late Satoshi Kanazawa's most impressive work on evolutionary psychology. Actually, just writing that term, evolutionary psychology, will sound alarm bells in some, but it really shouldn't: you are here in for an instantly fascinating, and always easily accessible read. There are no generalizations here, because this book is very carefully footnoted with extensive referencing throughout.

Yet it's still a book for everyone of the few of we who enjoy thinking for thinking's sake (and I'm sure you know what I mean in saying that!).

Buy this book and learn something about how the world we know is not exactly the world we think we know. And more importantly, why!?
Because this is one of the most interesting psychology books I've ever read, I most surely give it an unquestionable 5/5

PS if you want to believe anyone who gave it less than 5/5, just read their other reviews for all the reasons why they're so very blissfully mistaken. 'Nuff said...

Samsung Extra Spare Replacement Battery Kit for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - White
Samsung Extra Spare Replacement Battery Kit for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - White
Offered by Expert-Price
Price: 24.50

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Worth paying a bit extra for the peace of mind - as it's definitely a genuine Samsung battery (..cough) not always easy to find!, 12 July 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is a one hundred percent genuine Samsung battery, together with a mini USB charging case of sorts. It doesn't come with any micro USB wire, but I've been successfully charging mine with a solar charger over the summer, and just by using free sunlight and solar charging kit, I'm managing to charge mine within 4-5 hours. YMMV.

The ultra magnificent benefit to buying this particular battery (i.e., nevermind its case, which isn't too shabby either) is the fact that you are most definitely buying a genuine battry cell from Samsung. Believe me, there are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many fakes around, that it actually makes sense to pay a little more simply for the guarantee that you are here buying an absolutely authentic Samsung battery. Those wretched fakers obviously can't be bothered to manufacture the so called "kit" surrounding this battery, and that fact in and of itself make it well worth your while to buy one which is guaranteed to be Samsung OEM.

As for performance, mine's honestly working noticeably better than that which was supplied with the Note 4. Now that's saying something!

The only negative I can think of is that, even when charging from the mains, it actually works faster just charging the battery directly from within your phone as opposed to if you're using this kit - as it somehow charges slower when in the kit. Or at least that's been my honest experience. I'm just so pleased to be able to buy a genuine Samsung battery, without any worries about fakery, that that fact matters nothing to me. And nor should it matter to you! In other words - buy this and you won't regret it. 5/5
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Aug 30, 2015 8:59 AM BST

Galaxy Note 4 Case, Caseology [Bumper Frame] Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case [Carbon Fiber Black] Slim Fit Skin Cover [Shock Absorbent] TPU Bumper Galaxy Note 4 Case [Made in Korea] (for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 AT&T Sprint, T-mobile, Unlocked)
Galaxy Note 4 Case, Caseology [Bumper Frame] Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case [Carbon Fiber Black] Slim Fit Skin Cover [Shock Absorbent] TPU Bumper Galaxy Note 4 Case [Made in Korea] (for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 AT&T Sprint, T-mobile, Unlocked)
Offered by MODN Mall
Price: 9.26

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful Case But Simply Not Tough Enuogh - Crack In Corner Showed After Only First Drop!!, 22 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Mine's in Carbon Fibre, and it's certainly a very smart looking case. The pictures for it are accurate. However...

My problem with it is this: on the day I received it, I fitted the case (which was very easy) and a few hours later, accidentally my N4 dropped to the ground from where I was sitting. I then couldn't believe my eyes - when I noticed that the case had already, with just that one drop, cracked! Yes, cracked! Where it hit the ground, from my seated position, the corner of the case immediately cracked, and that's just not good enough. I can only imagine that the other reviewers have yet to drop their phones, before reviewing so highly, but mine cracked too easily, and far too soon.

Hence 3/5 is a fair score.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 4G SIM-Free Smartphone - Black
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 4G SIM-Free Smartphone - Black
Offered by LambdaTek ComponentShop
Price: 490.97

2 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Attention Samsung. Attention Writers - why does the Note 4 force updates onto everyone regardless of phone settings??, 19 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The Samsung Note 4 running Kitkat 4.4.4 is a work of near perfection, as far as I'm concerned. In fact I actually bought my Note 4 because I thought I was buying it to use with Kitkat Android 4.4.4., with the choice to keep Kitkat if I so chose. But no!

No matter how I much I attempt to deactivate update, no matter how many times I have to factory reset my phone, once the huge secretly downloaded update inevitably appears, the same thing happens every time - my choice as to which operating system I wish to keep on my phone is removed against my will: Lollipop downloads in the background, without my permission, and then I get repeated demands to install it.

This is wrong. Period. Wrong!

We the people should have the real choice, not the false choice, as to whether we actually want to update our Samsung Note 4's. But from my repeated & recent experiences, I have now learned that the update option on the phone is a complete sham: everyone is actually forced to update to Lollipop no matter how much you like Kitkat, and this is plain wrong.

Why should I, and everyone else, who is completely happy with Kitkat 4.4.4. (the operating system which we understood we were buying the phone to use) be disallowed from exercsing the choice to keep Kitkat and not to update? I don't want Lollipop. But Samsung fool people into thinking that updating is a choice. It isn't a choice. Anyone is welcome to test this for himself if I'm not believed.

Simply get a new Note 4, and untick any update settings you can find on the phone. Switch on wi-fi and simply use the phone for four or five days, innocently thinking that you've prevented your operating system from changing. You'll see, after several days, exactly what I've discovered too: that the phone stealthily downloads nearly a gigabyte of data, on your wireless connection and without even a single tick of your acceptance in advance.

Utterly disgraceful Samsung!!!

I give the phone 4/5 stars with Kitkat 4.4.4. only for this reason. Other than that, it's a brilliant piece of hardware, with the best camera I've ever experienced on a phone, and even most recent prosumer cameras are bested by its camera. Sound quality and screen are class leading too. But the utterly disgraceful forced updates should not be tolerated by anybody, and I can only hope more people pick up on the forced operating system update issue - so that Samsung can soon be held to account for same.
Comment Comments (8) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jul 11, 2015 6:56 AM BST

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