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Downloader for YouTube
Downloader for YouTube
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5.0 out of 5 stars perfect, 20 Oct. 2014
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Just what I needed

Price: £5.19

4.0 out of 5 stars Great to see Mr lamontagne sustain happiness through almost an ..., 28 Aug. 2014
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This review is from: Supernova (MP3 Download)
A warm delightful album, with rose tinted retrospection. Great to see Mr lamontagne sustain happiness through almost an entire album. Could have been longer thing l tHough.

Battle Born
Battle Born
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3.0 out of 5 stars Have they missed an album out?, 20 Sept. 2012
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This review is from: Battle Born (Audio CD)
Ive been spoilt by the Killers. I admit it. I also admit that I came to them late, when they started I was still traumatised by my memory of bad 80's music. In my head I had painted all 80s synth pop with a Kajagoogoo sized brush. I had only started to come to terms with my hurt with doses of new order depeche mode and Yazoo.So I then heard "Smile like you mean it" and was smitten. so we go forward in time to Battle born
After what I consider to be 3 almost perfect albums- the protoform opus of snythpop that was ""Hotfuss", an album overflowing with electroswagger wit and lyrical honesty. To the dark self searching masterclass in songwriting and succinct band synergy of "Sams Town"- an album whose production belied touching songwriting, aching with soul and loss. Then, the wonderful playful pop of "day and age" that proved Brandon Flowers skill in lyrical imagery with a voice now sounding like Orbison and a tighter than tight band with expert hook infused musicianship. . . . .I then downloaded Battleborn. Im not afraid to say I was hoping for great things but it seems that they have a taken a step backwards or missed a fourth album - . . is this their fifth?- (I had to check if Id been asleep, brandons excellent solo effort doesnt count) I am relucatant to attempt to predict a bands development as I have failed so many times and every artist loves to throw a curve ball, but they dont even seem to have done that here, It seems to be an album lacking in any real standout moments, they have always been a band prone to a degree of subtlty in some respects ( Their albums ALWAYS grow on you)and that beckons and rewards repeat listening. but I did not get caught on any hook. I managed to complete a long report for work without deviating my concerntration, 2 songs fled by without me noticing on a first listen that is a bad sign.
Yes its professional and the production is slick, but it seems to be without theme or crescendo.Theres no fey heartbreak like "'moon river what you do to me, but "id dont believe you .."(Dustland fairytale), instead Brandons mostly still excellent lyrics get lost in meandering melodies that become lost sometimes because of a lack of recurring refrain. an example would be "flesh and Bone" an opener that should do more work to keep you than it does. Chanting "flesh and Bone" like a chorus of Zombies doesnt qualify as interesting -I hate the first track and that put me in a bad mood. In later efforts, it seems that the guys are nodding too much to the wrong sort of 80' influences , when in "day and age" they seemed to have shaken alot of it off and were doing their own thing. there are elements of Middle road 80's AOR that im not sure I like ( "the way it was", "here with me"). Its strange because in othr tracks it seems to work so well ( the Queen-ish title track "battleborn")A soaring anthem of a song. Which lead me to say that its NOT ALL BAD NEWS!
"Miss atomic Bomb " Is great. Lyrically masterful ( "The future is like a dagger buried deep in your back you can recover but you wont excape the second atack)")with an uplifting instrumental The whole package is a joy forcing the listener to reach further and further into the music. Its a taste of bittersweet reflection that I love the killers for so much.
" Runaways " is my stand out track, if remiscent of a bit of Dire straits ( Romeo and Juliet). The innocent romance would touch even the coldest heart, the drive of the song gets your blood up. If you ever wanted to say "Screw you all" and take your wife to live as far away as possible, this is the song you will love. it throws up identifible images of you and your girl agaionst the world and give you they keys to the car, Brandon tells you its ok and you go.
I have given it 3 stars because, its not all doom and gloom and I may be wrong, I may write a different review after 5 listens and often those kind of albums are the keepers,albums with too many "Hear This" moments can tire very quickly.Their longevity is one of their appeal points and I have enough here to carry on with , I'll just have to remember to play all the way through not playlist the best ones.
This should have been their fifth album because it doesnt seem to have any new ideas or be going anywhere, wonder what the fourth should have soounded like,

thickfreakness LP
thickfreakness LP

4.0 out of 5 stars Still Astounding, 24 Aug. 2012
This review is from: thickfreakness LP (Vinyl)
I bought this album on CD way back when, after hearing "No trust" on a free Mojo Magazine giveaway.I thought I had heard a cross between John Spencer, Canned heat and the white stripes. The Stripes being my favourite at the time, my head was blown and there was no going back.
"No Trust" is probably still the stand out track on this album,but set you free" is a close contender and the cover of "have love will travel" is probably better than the original. Surfice to say that "Midnight in her eyes" is very remaniscent of Jack Bruce and Cream. I cant hep but feel that this is the band my highly regarded White Stripes can never be.
Its because of this band that the Stripes,can never fulfill potential,I hate to draw the obvious comparison but it is unavoidable, sure you can listen to white blood cells and tap your foot a bit. Thickfreakness Drags you up by the jock strap -you were unaware of wearing, Throws bourbon and marlbrough down your throat, sends you to work in a vulcanisation plant and then throws you into a tar pit afterwards. Its Blues, Its raw, its Astonishing in its musicianship and it has attitude in tanks.It some how manages to retain the energy of a one hit take with overdubs yet displays a tightness and mutual symbiois rarely seen from a duo act in this genre. The Krankies it aint
This album was a major defining moment in my listening history and turned me away from my beloved old school hip hop for a while and back to colon shaking tremelo bass, Distorted but tuneful and recognisable vocals, Blues songs with meaningful and melodical hooks and charisma to send them sky high.
My Wife has just started listening to ""El Camino, altgough that is a fine album more accessable Im guessing for the top 40 with shades of Garage punk, this will always be the best to me and after all this time it never fails to make the hairs stand up, when you turn it up.
Also check out " Rubber Factory" if you like this and "blackroc" if you have an interest in alternative hip hop.

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