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Cresyn C230E White In Ear Noise Isolating Earphones
Cresyn C230E White In Ear Noise Isolating Earphones
Offered by iHeadphones UK
Price: 9.99

4.0 out of 5 stars My go-to headphones, 29 Dec 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Arguably the best budget (virtually disposable) headphones you'll find anywhere. Ten bucks, smooth, clear and even sound (Not bass heavy, sightly high-mid colored compared to my E10's), good comfort, good selection of buds, decent sound isolation, great fit for me.

I usually buy those in bulk of 3 or 4's. Use them, break them, loose them, give them away, I wouldn't care if only for the fact that they are getting harder to find. They are not particularly good looking, don't feel that sturdy, but aren't fragile either. Look after the jack, and they'll last. Also, they fit me great (I use them inverted with the small cups, cable down, and not over-ear, they just sit and stay in my ears perfectly, without having to jam them in).

Looks like the black ones are discontinued. It's a crying shame these will eventually disappear. Unbelievable value, if you're looking for disposable replacements, grab a few pairs while you can.

4/5 stars. Not perfect, but a hell of a bargain.

Price: 4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Embrace the Void, 4 Mar 2013
This review is from: Koloss (Audio CD)
It's Meshuggah, it's bleak, mad and technical. Freaking awesome!

In the words of Devin Townsend, fine purveyor of all kinds of metal insanity...

"Oh. My. F*****g. God."

Sony MDR-RF810RK.EU8 Wireless Headphones for MP3 Player Black
Sony MDR-RF810RK.EU8 Wireless Headphones for MP3 Player Black
Price: 38.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars good cheap headset. Probably the better of the lot I've used so far., 9 Dec 2012
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I've had a bunch of cheap wireless headsets over the years. Sennheiser, Panasonic, Thomson. Panasonic had a pretty terrible sound, Sennheiser were quite heavy, good sound, looked ridiculous and tend to fall off my head, the Thomson's were not very comfortable a bit heavy, and started to fall into pieces, but did the job.

The Sony's are sort of a mix of all the good parts. A no-frills wireless headset that sounds good and can be worn for extended periods of time.

+ Light.
+ Good fit.
+ Good battery life (like, 10 hours at least).
+ Simple 2x AAA batteries (so they can be replaced in a pinch).
+ Good amount of volume.
+ Good crisp sound.
+ Two channels.
+ Looks good.
+ not very expensive.
+ Good range.

- Not a docking station, but a simple jack connector (a potential weak point).
- Tends to pickup electric interferences from monitors / phones / routers more than others (best would have been the sennheiser).
- Will probably need more care than the Sennheiser, as they feel a bit light and fragile.

Thermalright 140mm True Spirit Fan with 6x Copper Heat Pipes for Socket 1366/1155/775 and AM2/AM3
Thermalright 140mm True Spirit Fan with 6x Copper Heat Pipes for Socket 1366/1155/775 and AM2/AM3

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3.0 out of 5 stars Good performance, good Heatsink and FAN, 'budget' mounting mechanism, 25 Nov 2012
I'm a big Thermalright fan. They make some good stuff, usually straight to the point and effective, no gimmick, with great build quality and good fans. A bit like Noctua, but cheaper, with a wider market in mind. Their True Spirit-inspired line has been very successful over the years. True Spirit, True Black, Archon, Ultra-120... Or their new designs, like the HR-02 active / passive cooler, and the SilverArrow.

The TS140 performs great for me. Under OCCT Linpack, I get well under 70C for a 2700K @ 4.6GHz @ 1.3V. That's a delta of about 35-37C (average core temp 65C, case temp 29C), for a decent overclock and vcore (which may give you a difference max core clock depending on your chip). Intel burn test gave me an extra 5C, so still within specs. All that with a very respectable amount of noise. The TY-140 fan does a great job at dissipating that heat, and quietly (max fan speed 1300 rpm). It's virtually silent in quiet mode (800 rpm), and has a typical 140 mm low pitch rumble noise at full RPM that isn't actually very loud.

First point, It is a tall cooler. In general, taller than most. From specs, it is taller than a SilverArrow, which can already cause fitting problems in some cases, so make sure you have the room for it.

Second point, RAM clearance. Not too much of a problem with my setup. The fan actually clears the first RAM slot as the heatsink is very slim, however I can foresee some problems if your RAM is closer to the CPU. Even the HyperX which is low-profile would seem to struggle. The fan clips also add extra constraints on RAM clearance.

Third point, the fan mounting is a PAIN. In fact, only three of the four fan clip points are fully secure, the last one just wouldn't go in.

Fourth point, the Heatsink mounts, while adequate, aren't up to the standard I expected from Thermalright, even from their budget line. I also have a MUX-120, which had far superior mounting brackets (thumb screws, and spring loaded screws, a central pressure screw), and cost me less money. To the point where I'm thinking of swapping the mounts around, although I am not sure about compatibility (would have to be the whole assembly).

Fifth point, the box and foam padding to protect against shocks are also not up to the standard I was expecting. Everything came in intact, but I suspect the content would not survive a drop.

So, for the price, it's good. The build quality of the heatsink and fan is great. The performance is there, the mounting mechanism is a bit of a let down, but let's face it, who removes their HSF on a regular basis. Once it's in, it's in, but setting it up is not pretty. There could be RAM clearance problems on smaller motherboards. As for the fan brackets, I don't have a lot of confidence in them. It is strange to notice that they barely work as intended (BTW, they also added a set of brackets and vibration pads for a push-pull configuration), but so far the fan seems to hold in place fine.

For an alternative, look for the Thermalright HR-02 Macho, The Alpenfhon Matterhorn Pure, Alpenfhon K2 Mount Doom, Thermalright SilverArrow.

Spec :
2700K @ 4.6GHZ @ 1.3V.
Thermalright True Spirit 140.
Kingston HyperX 12800C9 8GB @ 1.545V.
Asrock Z68 Extreme 4 Gen 3.
Gigabyte HD7970 Windforce 3X GHz edition 3GB.
2 x Crucial M4 128GB
2 x Samsung F3 1TB
Corsair AX850.
Antec P280.

SteelSeries 4HD Gaming Surface Mousepad (PC)
SteelSeries 4HD Gaming Surface Mousepad (PC)
Price: 19.19

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4.0 out of 5 stars good tracking, low friction surface., 8 Nov 2012
Surface feels like a cloth stretched and glued onto a metal surface. Quite nice, not mirror smooth, a bit rough, but give just a little bit of friction, good glide without being completely out of control.

Underside grips well. Dont seem to be moving at all.

Size : between medium and small.

The pad is very thin. Some may not like it.

Mouse : Zowie AM gaming mouse. Optical sensor. 2300dpi, high sensitivity.

Games : FPS, MMO.

I've used :

Roccat Sota : Good low friction surface, rubbish quality, started wrapping, became unusable. When working, felt it had a little bit less friction than the 4HD.

BoogieBug XL : Nice comfort, huge area, but too much grip. Now serves as a desk cover and support for the 4HD and keyboard.

Overall, as far as performance goes, 4HD is my favorite. Effortless glide, nice tactile 'cloth' feel, while a little bit of friction to keep it under control.

Comfort-wise, it's very thin and some people who like a bit of cushioning will feel it's too hard, or too thin.

GELID Solutions Extreme Performance GC-3 Cutting Edge Thermal Compound 3.5g Tube
GELID Solutions Extreme Performance GC-3 Cutting Edge Thermal Compound 3.5g Tube
Offered by Your IT Delivered
Price: 8.31

5.0 out of 5 stars top tier stuff, 25 Jun 2012
Top product. Basically in the league of MX-2 and ChillFactor III. Any of these three compounds share similar characteristics. Spread well, non-conductive, and great performance. No need to look further.

Logitech OEM S220 2.1 Speaker Black
Logitech OEM S220 2.1 Speaker Black

5.0 out of 5 stars unbeatable price-performance, 4 Jun 2012
Anyone looking at a set of cheap speakers that don't sound like tin cans, look no further. Although aimed at PC's, they take standard audio jacks, so work with any regular home device. Great all round sound with good bass and clarity, and decent volume. The sub-woofer quality is well above the asking price, the satellites feel cheap but still deliver on the sound and volume.

For 15-20, it's a no-brainer really. You'll hard pressed to find any decent headphones for that kind of dough, let alone a 2.1 speaker system.

Cresyn C230E Black Earphones
Cresyn C230E Black Earphones
Offered by tablet_books
Price: 18.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars good cheap backups, 29 May 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Good neutral sound, good clarity, good bass presence, and comfortable. Dunno about durability, but they don't feel anything special in that department.

They compare favourably with my SoundMagic E10. Not as well built, bit more comfortable, and similar kind of sound quality.

SoundMAGIC E10 Earphones - Black/Gold
SoundMAGIC E10 Earphones - Black/Gold
Price: 29.95

4.0 out of 5 stars good first experience with in-ear headphones, 25 May 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Not used to in-ear headphones, but the experience hasn't been bad with the e10. The sound is good, although depends greatly on the 'seal' (better seal, more bass and body). Not as uncomfortable as I feared, although I can see myself investing in some memory-foam type of adapter.

The colour isn't Gold, but it is like in the picture, a sort of copperish / pinkish metal. Much better looking that the bling Gold that is sometimes sold.

Build quality looks good, Sound is ok, I found not as impressive as extolled by some other reviewers. Maybe needs some break-in time like my Grado SR60, which have real outstanding audio clarity, but leak sound like nothing else.

Cable noise seems more noticeable than my previous headphones, I put that down to the general design of sealed in-ear headphones (external vibrations on the earpiece conducting through bones and cartilages).

So overall, satisfied, may take some time to get used to the comfort, but being well isolated from external noise is very nice, the sound is perfectly adequate, feel well built, and they look good too. Good pouch, perfect for my mp3 player.

Panasonic RP-WF950EB-S Wireless Headphone with Surround sound- Silver
Panasonic RP-WF950EB-S Wireless Headphone with Surround sound- Silver
Price: 60.01

2.0 out of 5 stars mines are faulty, and not good enough overall., 12 April 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Been using an old set of Thomson wireless for a while, although they started to fall apart. Took a punt on those Panasonics. Wireless headphone technology isn't exactly ground-breaking tech, right?

- Cheap plastic feel. But that's ok, at least they are light.
- The sound quality is poor. It's got more bass than my previous headphones, but the higher end is distorted and fuzzy.
- They are a bit tricky to put on the stand and get them to charge. No biggy.
- 'surround' sound is useless, all it seems to do is turn the sound into a wooly mess.
- The sound volume is uneven.

However the main thing is, the transmission is not reliable at all.
- Sometimes impossible to even find the channel.
- after 5 mins, I get a blast of very loud farty white noise. It's not the transmitter either, I can use my Thomson cans with that transmitter fine.

You might get more luck with the lower spec model with manual tuning, one less thing that can go wrong in my opinion.

I'm returning mine which are faulty, I don't know if this is a problem with my headphones specifically, but they are were not good enough in the first place. I expected more. It is telling that my 5 years old tatty wireless headphones were better in all departments, and most importantly, reliable and always worked.

The equivalent senheisers aren't too bad, but if it wasn't for the poor stand (charging takes ages, if ever), the sound is a bit hissy, the beeping noises (which thankfully can be turned off), monstruously heavy and keep falling off my head. My quest for a decent set of wireless cans continue... HOW. HARD. CAN. IT. BE!

EDIT : I got shipped the RP-WF950T. Same headphones, or was I given an older model? The statics problem seem to go away if I decrease the volume little by little. But then comes back after a while. Some comment surround works, which doesn't for me and just acts as a low pass filter. Sounds to me it's got some faulty electronics. Now going through RMA process with Panasonic as the one month return policy expired.

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