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Back To Land
Back To Land
Price: £10.30

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5.0 out of 5 stars Their best so far., 23 Sept. 2014
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This review is from: Back To Land (Audio CD)
By a long long way this is the Shjips' best album so far.

More musical and with more distinct 'songs' than their previous outings, without loosing their very distinctive vibe.

As others have said it's 'cleaner' and 'crisper' and, if you like your rock on the psychedelic side, well worth a listen if you're not already a fan.

Fans of Danielle Dax, Laurie Anderson, and maybe even Pink Floyd, should dip a toe on land.


Fosmon Anti-Glare (Matte) Screen Protector Shield for Barnes & Noble NOOK HD 7" inch Tablet - 3 Pieces
Fosmon Anti-Glare (Matte) Screen Protector Shield for Barnes & Noble NOOK HD 7" inch Tablet - 3 Pieces
Offered by theWireless USA
Price: £4.99

2.0 out of 5 stars Very tough to get applied without dust and bubbles., 23 Sept. 2014
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It took all three protectors to get an 'okay' finish, with a few remaining bubbles at the edge.

The screen protector fits the screen by less than a millimetre along all edges - which sounds great until you apply it even remotely inaccurately - necessitating removing, re-seating, retrying... etc...

Removing the first film generates a nice static charge, attracting any minute dust particles. These adhere to the slightly sticky surface, and form permanent bubbles. Each time you remove to reapply, you get more minute particles attached..... in my experience if it's not on at the second attempt, it's too late.

This is my second screen protector for the Nook (the first one did its job) - the first one went on like a dream, wasn't a custom protector, so had good edge clearances, and no dust/bubbles issues when fitting - so it's back to WHS for me for the next one.

I'd strongly suggest looking elsewhere too.

Wolfenstein: The New Order (PC DVD)
Wolfenstein: The New Order (PC DVD)
Offered by Shop4World
Price: £17.34

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4.0 out of 5 stars Welcome back to Wolfenstein, 21 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
In summary it's a decent-to-good game. It is pretty linear, with alternate routes being a little limited - do not expect open-world, sandbox game-play. It immediately took me back to playing Doom & Wolfenstein - with almost non-stop scoot-and-shoot action interspersed with some sneaking around and back-stabbing.

You pick up weapons, armour and health as you go, and the map helpfully suggests areas of the map best explored carefully. There is plenty of blood and gore splattering, and the subject matter is actually quite heavy. The cut-scenes are well done and so is the voice acting, and overall it's pretty immersive.

What is a bit disappointing is that the graphics aren't anything special. With many games now feeling almost hyper-real (E.g. Arma3) this looks dated, particularly with the graphical glitches and occasional lagging. Think of the graphics in Fallout and you get the idea.

I also endured 4-5 hours of loading agony - subsequently I've seen advice to stay off-line when loading the four discs - then go on-line to download the considerable patch on Steam. (Yes, it seems you must have a Steam account) The next 'chore' was finding the recommended drivers for my graphics card, as without them the game crashes.

The game plays generally fine on my PC - Quad core Q6600 at 2.4Ghz, 6Gb RAM, Radion HD 7700 - excepting the texturing issues, where when you turn your head quickly the textures take a second to be applied to some surfaces. I've also had some horrible lagging at cut-scenes, and just after. ALT-TAB to desktop and back sorted this out for me, but it may have been a fluke.

However many better looking games with much larger 'maps' (or levels) play much smoother than Wolfenstein, so I remain a bit disappointed.

I've not played all the way through - in fact nothing near - so there seems many hours of game-play here, however it's already starting to feel a little 'samey'. The notes you get to read, dotted here and there, cleverly paint the backdrop of this alternate history, and the dystopian feel this generates is very similar to Half-Life 2 - in fact the game so far feels very much out of that mould, which is not a bad thing.

The gameplay is fine, the control pretty normal, and for those who like to peak round corners - use the iron sights, crouch, and you will automagically lean round corners.

Overall, a good few hours in, perhaps 4 stars is a bit much, but 3 would be too few. It's a good game, with some fun elements, and it is deliberately old-school FPS in its style - so good for a blast, but perhaps not so good for replay-ability.

EDIT: 9 July 14

Having played this for a while I'm now of the opinion that re-playability is actually pretty good for such a linear shoot-em-up. Having the Fergus and Wyatt timelines gives a mildly amusing parallel run-through - my preference being Fergus as his very 'fruity' language and running commentary is pretty funny. Add in the various other modes that become available once you've found and decrypted the enigma codes, and the ability to dip in and replay any of your favourite chapters whenever you fancy a 'blast', all combine to give a fun and rewarding game. Well worth 4 stars... and it may even nudge 5 now and again!

Hope this helps - enjoy!
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The Life of Brian / Monty Python and the Holy Grail Double Pack [DVD] [1974]
The Life of Brian / Monty Python and the Holy Grail Double Pack [DVD] [1974]
Dvd ~ Graham Chapman
Price: £6.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Life of Brian like watching an old VHS tape, 22 April 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The DVD quality of The Holy Grail is fine given the film's age, and the it was funnier than I remembered.

However, the DVD of Life of Brian was dreadful quality. Very very grainy with on screen discolouration at one point, and the film seemed (to my memory) to have been cut - just as if a low budget copy taken from a cheap VHS edition.

It may be that it simply wasn't happy being played on a PS3, but I've never had this before with any DVD.

Discs returned.

AA Car Essentials Solar-Powered Car Battery Charger
AA Car Essentials Solar-Powered Car Battery Charger
Price: £25.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Worth every penny, 25 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Great, simple, and (as best I can tell) effective - just plonk it on your dashboard and plug it into your EOBD port (most cars have them - google is your friend) - and... well that's it.

The blue LED flashes when the pad receives enough daylight to provide power - note that the LED flashes whether the unit is (or is NOT) connected or charging - so don't expect the LED to do anything but flash.

My diesel (that I rarely drive these days) is now much happier to start, and noticeably less sluggish to fire up.

For the money, it's a 'no brainer'. So if you're not driving/using your car/camper-van much then I can't think of a single reason not to get one.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition - Includes Real Tone Cable (PS3)
Rocksmith 2014 Edition - Includes Real Tone Cable (PS3)
Price: £38.91

4.0 out of 5 stars A massive improvement, but..., 27 Dec. 2013
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
This 2014 version is a massive step forward in terms of interface from the original - clean, no more endless zooming shots, easy to navigate, and you do not have to check the tuning of your guitar every minute - hurrah!!!! The ability to drop into and out of phrase repeater mid-song is also very helpful.

One significant irritant for me is it is sold on the basis that you can import the songs from the original game. True, except they charge you £7.95 (or similar) for the privilege - and even then you don't get all of them. Given the high cost of both games this is very poor.

Also note that that whilst Ubisoft is well stocked with other songs/bands to download to add to the game, none are cheap.

I'd doubt that on its own this will turn you into a guitar legend, but it does make practice a lot more fun, and its rewards and variety keep you coming back.

Worth noting is that cover bass guitars, and six-string guitars - either lead or rhythm.

Konig USB 2.0 PCI-Card 4+1 Ports
Konig USB 2.0 PCI-Card 4+1 Ports
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Works well with Windows 8 64bit, 4 Oct. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is as cheap as chips and highly effective, easy to install, and so far, 100% reliable.

Worth noting is that mine came with 5 external ports, not the 4 shown. The 5 are reduced to 4 if you use either of the two internal ports - one is a USB socket, one is a pin-header.

I had a minor problem with an error 43 being reported in the 'Device Manager' drivers tab, and at the same time none of the ports on the card were working. It was easy to fix: go to the Device Manager page, right-click on the card, and take the 'Uninstall' option. Then 'Scan for hardware changes' from the top 'Action' menu. This sorted me out nicely.

For the money, it seems to be a bit of a no-brainer if you're getting short on USB-2 ports.

How to Use Oscilloscopes and Other Test Equipment (BP)
How to Use Oscilloscopes and Other Test Equipment (BP)
by R. A. Penfold
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Money well spent!, 3 Oct. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Honestly at 3.74£ what's not to love about this book?

It's slim and thin so it fits into your jacket's inside pocket. It is succinct and conveys general basics that apply to any/all oscilloscopes equally, and it's clearly and simply written, so that even duffers like me can get the general drift of what's going on.

If you need to moan then, yes it's a bit old in style, yes it could be printed on nicer paper, yes it could be more up to date, and yes it could cost four times as much............

So, if you are new to oscilloscopes then I strongly suggest that this is the best 3.47£ you will ever spend.

The Zombie Diaries [2006] [DVD]
The Zombie Diaries [2006] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Russell Jones

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1.0 out of 5 stars Quite the worst film I've watched..., 4 Aug. 2013
This is a shockingly dreadful film, utterly stupidly incoherent on every level. With no plot in evidence a bunch of 20-somethings ham it up to no avail.

Much of the 'camera work' is at night with a flash-light, with lots of shouting, wildly wobbling and jerking camera, accompanied by frequent shots of tarmac/running feet... with more shouting just in case you didn't know the film was supposed to be scary. All of the rest is jiggly-jiggly drunk-uncle handicam bad.

Some of it would be laughably poor, but alas there is so very very much that is dreadfully poor (and not laughably so) that the very few 'funny' moments simply made me want to expire.

To give you a feel for full level of stupidity and incoherence... the undead move at about 1 foot per minute, our heroes shoot them all... and then shout at each other not to waste ammo... before shouting 'Oh F***' each and every time they see (and run away from) one of the milk-float-slow extras trying to wade through the morass of the continued stupidity.

Plus points? The first 15 minutes is actually pretty good, and uses some neat devices to give context/background to 'the plague'. The first diary isn't too bad as a scene setter... but even this gets stupid very quickly.

Minus Points? The whole rest of the film.

Summary: AVOID like 'the plague'... ...I watched this for free too, and also felt ripped off...

Medium Wooden Chest with Lid - Storage Chest - Toy Box - DIY Box - Plain Wooden Crate 40x 30x 14cm
Medium Wooden Chest with Lid - Storage Chest - Toy Box - DIY Box - Plain Wooden Crate 40x 30x 14cm
Offered by HomeDecoArt
Price: £11.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect as a TV-Tidy, 8 Jun. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
A nice light, simple box that fits very neatly on a shelf under my TV and does an excellent job of hiding/tidying away the 3D glasses, spare PS3/Wii controllers, and other assorted 'stuff and bits' that seem to clutter up any TV area.

It is well made and perfect for light duties, but I'm not sure how much hard use it could take.

It is also a tad small I'd suggest for shoes... unless you have tinsy tiny toes... and if all your toys fit in this box then I'd suggest 'trading-up' either your parents or partner... or both.

The hand holds/holes make moving it a doddle, as well as allowing you to sneak small bits in without opening the box - I'd happily buy another should a further suitable need arise.

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