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The Innkeepers [DVD]
The Innkeepers [DVD]
Dvd ~ Sara Paxton
Offered by Helen's Goodies
Price: £5.26

4.0 out of 5 stars A thoroughly enjoyable budget thriller, 24 Oct 2014
This review is from: The Innkeepers [DVD] (DVD)
I knew that 'The Innkeepers' had received very mixed reviews, but I decided to bite the bullet at give it a go, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The budget restraints are there, but that doesn't matter. Based in an apparently haunted-in-the-past Inn, two of it's employees begin to carry out some amateur ghost hunting. Meanwhile, there are some mysterious characters booking into the Inn, which is soon to be closing it's doors for good.

This one runs at a very slow, but completely satisfying pace, allowing for plenty of character development between the two leads (Sara Paxton and Pat Healy), who have a rather charming friendship despite their difference in age.

If your looking for a film with lots of guts and gore, I'd stay clear from this one. However, if you want an intriguing, slow burning story with some excellent, completely realistic characters, and a good deal of humour throughout, you should check into 'The Innkeepers'. It's isn't as scary as the DVD art would led you to believe, but it held my interest from being to end, with a satisfying ending to wrap things up.

x (multiply)
x (multiply)
Price: £10.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Five star follow up, 23 Oct 2014
This review is from: x (multiply) (Audio CD)
Although I had bought Ed Sheeran's long awaited second album on the week of it's release, I held off reviewing it until now, in order to ensure that I judged it fairly.

I can now safely say that 'X' is indeed a better album than '+', with a wider range of styles, some mellow, others more upbeat, even some rap thrown in for good measure. One of the most different tunes in particular is the title track, because it doesn't really sound like Ed. My favourite songs are 'I See Fire' from 'The Hobbit' soundtrack last year, I was pleased to see that this slow burning but powerful towards the end song made the final cut on here, and the last single of the album, 'Thinking Out Loud', which is beautiful.

The three year wait for album number two was worth it, and although I look forward to a third in the future, it does has big boots to fill on account of Ed's high standards so far. However, I have every confidence in his talent, and think Ed Sheeran will be around on the music scene for a lot more years to come, and deserves all of the chart action and acclaim he has received already in a remarkable yet short career.

Murder on the moors
Murder on the moors
by Anthony V. Syme
Edition: Unknown Binding

2.0 out of 5 stars Scant and brief, 22 Oct 2014
This review is from: Murder on the moors
This almost impossible to find book by Anthony V Syme is worth a lot of money, if you can find it. 'Murder on the Moors' is one of the first books published about the moors murders case in 1966. It's a very thin (130 pages) paperback volume and contains the basic facts. For years, it's greatest value was that it includes illegal photographs taken of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley on trail. These photos are no longer rare today, as you can now find them in Carol Ann Lee's excellent Hindley book 'One Of Your Own'.

I can't really recommend this book highly as all of this information is so easily available elsewhere, although at the time, it gave readers a general overview of the horrible events.

The monsters of the moors: The full account of the Brady-Hindley case
The monsters of the moors: The full account of the Brady-Hindley case
by John Deane Potter
Edition: Paperback

3.0 out of 5 stars Not a bad book, 22 Oct 2014
I know several people have commented on the internet about how good this early 1966 book about the moors murders case is, and whilst it's better for facts than Emlyn Williams' best-seller 'Beyond Belief', it isn't the best account of the case, but it's not bad.

'The Monsters of the Moors' by John Deane Potter contains many chapters, but not without a few errors as well. What spoilt it for me was the very unfair and incorrect assumption about Ian Brady and Myra Hindley's final victim Edward Evans (he was NOT a homosexual, Brady made the whole thing up because being gay for lads of his age was illegal at the time, and he simply wished to spread the ruse in an attempt to stop police from caring about the one murder as much as they mighty have done).

There are some real points of interest though, including a few short interviews from local people who lived in the same era where the crimes took place, and those who knew Hindley and Brady. It was also (I believe) the first book to boldly publish the horrific transcript of the couple's youngest victim Lesley Ann Downey, a poor ten year girl pleading for her life and being recorded on tape by these 'monsters'.

The ending of the book is quite bizarre really, a discussion about the Pendle witches??. The book is illustrated, and was published in paperback for the American market in 1968.

In short, it's dated but has it's merits. The best classic text on the case is infact David Marchbank's 'The Moor Murders', another obscure title, but easier to track down than 'The Monsters of the Moors'.

The moor murders
The moor murders
by David Marchbanks
Edition: Hardcover

4.0 out of 5 stars A good factual account, 22 Oct 2014
This review is from: The moor murders (Hardcover)
Forget the dated novel 'Beyond Belief' by Emlyn Williams, the best of the contemporary accounts of the moors murders case is this hard to track down book by David Marchbanks.

The book gives a fine overview of the facts that were known at the time, and is illustrated with black and white photographs, including school pictures of killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, and snaps of where police found the bodies of the poor children.

Marchbanks had a good insight into the chain of events and his book was quite detailed for it's time, including search dates on the moor, and explores the childhoods and relationship of the murderous couple, including quotes from Hindley's school chums and Tom Craig, the pair's boss at work. He concludes that Brady and Hindley could have profited medical science so we ''might understand what it is that turns individuals into cruel, remorseless killers'' - a very apt description.

Being published in 1966, it is a book of it's time and obviously dated now, but if your looking for a classic text on the case, 'The Moor Murders' is the one to buy along with Carol Ann Lee's 'One of Your Own', which is the definitive account of this appalling case.

Myra, Beyond Saddleworth
Myra, Beyond Saddleworth
by Jean Rafferty
Edition: Paperback
Price: £9.99

1.0 out of 5 stars Distasteful, 22 Oct 2014
This is a novel describing what might have happened had Myra Hindley still been alive and released from jail (which thankfully never happened). The author is a friend of Hindley's murderous lover Ian Brady, and is even included in her list of 'Acknowledgements'.

Personally, I found it all very distasteful. It's reasonably well written but didn't hold my interest. 'Beyond Saddleworth; isn't sympathetic to Hindley, but I'd personally stay well clear. Look out for Carol Ann Lee's factual 'One Of Your Own' Hindley biography, a far better investment.

It's different, but a hard going 'novel' cashing in on the case. I'd praise a book describing how the author's twisted 'friend' Ian Brady plays the system, and refused to corporate in finding the body of Keith Bennett until the day his mother died.

The Simpsons - Season 8 [DVD]
The Simpsons - Season 8 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Dan Castellaneta
Price: £16.75

4.0 out of 5 stars Start of the decline ..., 22 Oct 2014
Season 8 is the season of 'The Simpsons' which saw the quality slowly begin to drop, although it wasn't apparent at the time, and the episodes here are far from bad, certainly better than the new ones of today.

There are some real classics here, including two of my all time favourites. The first is 'You Only Move Twice' where Homer finally leaves Mr. Burns behind him and takes on a new job at Cypress Creek. Unaware of his new boss, the easy going Hank Scorpio's criminal schemes, he enjoys his work, despite the family having trouble settling in to the new area. Scorpio is a great character, who I would very much have liked to have seen pop up again, amusingly, he's a really nice guy on the surface, but an evil genus behind the scenes. The second great one is 'Bart After Dark', where Bart stumbles across a burlesque house in the town, and Marge is horrified, determined to have it shut down.

Episodes like 'My Sister, My Sitter' and 'Grade School Confidential' aren't all that re-watchable, and whilst I have no doubt that many fans will love 'The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase', parodying variety shows, I don't think it's all that funny, very cheesy and lame, despite a couple of good bits.

In short, not as good as the previous seasons, but still a solid season overall. Some of the scripts aren't as funny, but the good ones out way the bad. Like the rest of the excellent DVD box sets, it includes a ton of bonus features to explore.

Romantically Yours
Romantically Yours
Offered by MasterDVD
Price: £2.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Twiggy can sure sing, 22 Oct 2014
This review is from: Romantically Yours (Audio CD)
It was inevitable that given Twiggy's international status as a supermodel, that anything else she was going to do wouldn't be as successful. She's a good actress, and has made a handle of movies, few of which, it has to said, are of note. She is a fine singer, winning acclaim for her vocal talents in the film 'The Boyfriend', she has had her own musical TV series, cut a few albums, two of which were high charters, and has had a top 20 UK hit single. Her latest release, 2012's 'Romantically Yours' is a good album, and I feel it sad that not many people will have heard it.

This is a lounge album, relaxing with Twiggy's voice at it's most tender, recording standards that most people will be familiar with. I particularly like her rendition of the country singer Juice Newton's hit 'Angel of the Morning', The Kinks' 'Waterloo Sunset' and Bryan Adams' 'Heaven'. Richard Marx joins her on a cover of his hit 'Right Here Waiting', and her daughter Carly Lawson duets on 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart'.

I think 'Romantically Yours' is a delightful album, filled with timeless songs, also performed in Twiggy's sweet an capable delivery. If you are looking for a good easy listening record, you'll be surprised at how good this model is.

Cruel Intentions [DVD] [1999]
Cruel Intentions [DVD] [1999]
Dvd ~ Sarah Michelle Gellar
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £3.09

5.0 out of 5 stars A twisty tale of seduction, with plenty of humour, and a good soundtrack, 22 Oct 2014
'Cruel Intentions' is one of those movies with a twisty plot that could almost be true. I know the great actor Ryan Phillippe has recently spoke about how only five of his thirty or so films have been good, but I hope he considers this 1999 flick as one of those. It has lots of humour, music from Blur and The Verve, solid acting and interesting characters, therefore making it, in my eyes, a step up from your usual picture about seduction.

Ryan stars as Sebastian, a cunning and ruthless womaniser, whose stepsibling, the dangerous and seductive Kathryn (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is an more dangerous character. Tired of having meaningless sex with girls who were easy to seduce, he now sets his sets higher. His target is the beautiful and clever headmasters' daughter Annette (Reese Witherspoon), who is also a confirmed virgin. For a bit of added fun, Kathryn has a bet with her stepbrother, telling Sebastian that he will have to give up his pricey jaguar if he fails to do the deed with Annette, but if he succeeds, he will win her over, and as she is the only girl he has wanted but never had, he quickly accepts.

The film is serious for the most part, but look out for hilarious appearances from Swoosie Kurtz as Ryan's doctor at the start of the film, and Christine Baranski as the typical, middle class protective mother of one of the other girls in the movies.

If you haven't yet seen 'Cruel Intentions', I can only recommend you do so, as it has elements of everything that most audiences will enjoy. Ryan and Sarah Michelle excel as their nasty, manipulative characters, and the ending is very apt and satisfying.

... Hits
... Hits
Offered by mrtopseller
Price: £4.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Definitive collection, 21 Oct 2014
This review is from: ... Hits (Audio CD)
This album does exactly what it says on the tin, it's a grab bag of Phil Collins' '...hits', and virtually track that I wanted, so, I couldn't have asked for a better set. There are 16 tracks including my all time favourite: 'Another Day In Paradise', and other great songs like 'I Wish It Would Lay Down', 'In The Air Tonight', and the song that introduced me to Phil's music, 'One More Night'. If I was going to be really picky, it would have been nice to have had 'You'll Be In My Heart' from the Walt Disney film 'Tarzan' as well, it was after all a top 20 hit and a nice song.

Still, I would say that this is the most definitive single album of Phil Collins' singles available, and not only is he a great singer, he's an amazing songwriter. He can pen and sing a good mushy ballad for sure, but he's also, if not better, a master of pop rock. I'm surprised that he still hasn't received any honour from the Queen yet, because to me he's up there with Sir Elton John, only better.

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