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The Afterlife of Alyx & Israel: A Dark Angel Novel
The Afterlife of Alyx & Israel: A Dark Angel Novel
Price: £2.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazeballs - EndlessReading, 3 July 2016

This was a pinnacle of all endings.....seriously, nothing could have made this ending any better than what Peach has written.

The Afterlife of Alyx and Israel takes us into the lives of these two characters - as the title suggests - in their afterlife. Their fated paths cross once more and from then on both Israel and Alyx bark on yet again a dangerous adventure where together they must face not only challenges, but a growing attraction that neither can help or explain.

Can they solve the riddles presented to them throughout their journey in time?

Will they learn to remember their past lives? Can they even remember?

Will they be able to save themselves?

Both Vix and Balthazar cracked me up in this one, I mean I loved them in the previous books, but their wittyness with one another is hilarious, here are 2 quotes that made me cry with laughter, and thought you'd enjoy them like I did.

"Balthazar anorted. "Puh-lease. If the plan is diabolical then you need someone who is versed in all manners of diabolicaliness." "And you think you'd be any help?" she scoffed. "I am the Master of Disaster. The Shemin' Demon. I had a Ph.D in diabology."

"Vix snorted. "Literally. I'm surprised you could even attend. Shouldn't your kind burn up upon entry or something?" Balthazar gave her a horrified look. "Shame on you for perpetuating myths like that. I should report you to the Society for Reducing Public Stigma for Demons and Other Hell-Creatures."

The blurb added in the end gives us hope for future books, gives us an insight at finding out what happens to Lukas and Siana. I was wondering if they would get their own book and of course Peach, you didn't disappoint.

This book could not have been a more heart warming and unforgettable conclusion to one of the most captivating series I have ever had the privilege of reading. There simply aren't words to describe the brilliance of The Afterlife of Alyx and Israel.

An absolute must read!

Thank you Peach, for the ARC.

Secret of the Gargoyles (Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles Book 3)
Secret of the Gargoyles (Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles Book 3)
Price: £2.27

5.0 out of 5 stars Secret of the Gargoyles ~ EndlessReading, 29 Jun. 2016
Firstly I would like to give a HUGE thanks to Rebecca Chastain for kindly providing me with a copy of this new release to read and review.

I loved every moment reading this book and can't beleive this was the final one....or is it?

Mika Stillwater, Gargoyle Healer & Gargoyle Guardian is no stranger when throwing herself into the middle of quests especially ones that threaten the lives of her fellow Gargoyle community.

The curse of the stoned Gargoyles has Mika stumped, she's practically tried everything, all the magical cures she can possible think of.

Since Elsa's breakdown in the park, Mika has been watched under the carefull eye of Celeste-the Gargoyle from the first book - why is she so keen to watch Mika now? Does she know the Gargoyle Mika has been trying to cure?

After Mika learns a few truths about the Gargoyles heritage and where they come from when hatchlings, the truth hits home to Mika and saving the lives of the 7 dormant turned stone Garygoyles this mission has taking on a whole new level.

She needs help, needs more magic than she can manage......who better to assist (if that's what were calling it) than non other hot and fiery Marcus...yep you heard things are about to become hot, fiery and potentially life threatening.

Can Mika figure out the cure with the help of Marcus, Celester & Oliver?

Can she succeed? or will she risk her life haphazardly yet again?

Will sparks fly between Mika & Marcus?

Truly a great read and finale to this series. I'll be sad that there aren't no more to follow.

I would definitely recommend to those who like reading light paranormal stories.

Moon Mark
Moon Mark
Price: £3.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Hot & Steamy ~ EndlessReading, 21 Jun. 2016
This review is from: Moon Mark (Kindle Edition)
Firstly I would like to give a HUGE thanks to the lovely Scarlett Dawn for kindly providing me with a copy of Moon Mark to read and review.

Once again Dawn sweeps us away to the worlds of Joyal and Kireg with Moon Mark, a novella standalone that coincides within the Mark series.

Madeline Faire is training as a scientist when the tidal wave hits Joyal, wiping out a good portion of their population. She is then pulled from Joyal in a lottery and given to the Kireg who are in the middle of a civil war. A planet inhabited by beings with superior strength and the ability to read and control minds. Madeline is fearful but inquisitive, making her stand out from the other humans taken to Kireg.

Madeline’s wit and spunk will only get her so far, but becoming someone’s mate was never part of the plan. Like Braita, she’s innocent and naive when it comes to relationships but her curiosity in how relationships work endear her to others.

Geo, the Kireg rebellion leader, up and coming King, is a tough one to like in the beginning. He is powerful, calculated, and intimidating, yet he is gentle. He’s fighting the Dynasty for the freedom of all people on Kireg. How could you not like that?!

"I attempted to calm my hatred of him, pressing my thoughts to turn logical. To look at the Kireg's position in life the authority he held with a firm hand. This man was a powerful individual every Kireg and Human would need on their side if we ever got out of here. He had the experience in battle and warfare. This Kireg knew how to win a war. He knew how to exact revenge without his emotions getting in the way. And the civil war would continue if we escaped this hell hole. My jaw clenched, and my eyes stung with unshed tears. The decision was eay. While I wanted to save my own life...this bastard was the person I was actually saving. A man I hated with every fiber of my being. And I was going to save him. Save Him" ~ Madeline

Dawns' characters have depth and her storylines are complex, but in the most incredible way.

There is several layers to each installment, and certainly plenty of action.

Moon Mark is full of adventure, drama and a whole lot of hot.

Angelfire: A Young Adult Fantasy (Dark Angel Saga Book 1)
Angelfire: A Young Adult Fantasy (Dark Angel Saga Book 1)
Price: £2.76

5.0 out of 5 stars Dark Angel - EndlessReading, 12 Jun. 2016
Alyxandria - AKA Alyx is a Lightwarrior, not particularly gifted but nonetheless she is an exceptional fighter. She has a troubled past, is stubborn and kicks more ass often than not. Still, its nice to see her flaws and weaknesses. Though Alyx has a very strong 'voice' throughout Angelfire, she can be indecisive and too trusting at times. Even within this low class system of Angels she is an outsider. Abandoned by her rogue parents she feels she must always work harder than every one else to prove her worth.

Alyx has been having visions of a man who is going around killing Darkened (demon spirits who possess human bodies) and through this link she develops a bond, later on in the book we find this is called a Guardian-Bond.

This bond is a rare thing to happen and with that comes emotions and feelings she doesn't understand. The night she feels him in danger and flies to rescue him marks the night that everything in Alyx's world is turned upside down. She finds out that those she has trusted all her life have lied to her, and in the biggest way possible. She learns that the teachings her Elders/Leaders have taught her have been fabricated and beneath it all is she starts to uncover an evil plot and betrayers are found in every corner.

Alyx is at the very centre of it.

The Blood Tattoos were an interesting concept that I really liked. The angels tattoo themselves with the ink of another Angel so that they can use different magics that may not be in the bloodline. The author even writes small paragraphs in between chapters to detail the use of each magic and I found it really helpful in grasping the whole Angel/magic idea.

Alyx is strong, brave and fights to do what she feels right at the time. Peach has developed her character incredibly well, here we have a delicate little warrior who is beautiful inside and out. She stands tall in the middle of chaos and runs head first towards challenges, who is loyal and passionate about every decision she makes, who inspires others around her to become better.

Israel, the guy she is Guardian-Bonded with is entwined with her destiny completely.

I enjoyed this book from cover to cover. There are plenty of lies, deception, action and of course lust. Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, BAM - Peach would throw in a twist which would take us in a different direction. There were times I was saying “Don’t do it!” and the characters would, of course do it - Totally frustrating!!!!!

Angelfire was an entertaining read and I can’t wait to see what happens next because that ending left me craving more!!

Possessed by a Dark Warrior (Eternal Mates Paranormal Romance Series Book 9)
Possessed by a Dark Warrior (Eternal Mates Paranormal Romance Series Book 9)
Price: £2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Possessed By A Dark Warrior ~ EndlessReading, 19 May 2016
Firstly I would to give a HUGE thanks to both Heaton and her assistant Carmel, for kindly giving me this opportunity to read and review.
Once again another fantastic instalment to this series, although they can be read individually, they intermingle with one another and it's always nice to see previous characters playing their part on the storyline.

FINALLY we get Bleu's story, it feels like we've been waiting eternity for this Dark Warriors story... oh and boy is it a good un'

We got a slight glimpse at Taryn in Bitten by a Hellcat and it was obvious this was going to be one hell of a chase for both Taryn & Bleu.
Bleu has remained focused on protecting Prince Loren and their realm from any threat, he's also spent a long time tacking down a powerful sword that was stolen from his Princes kingdom, funnily enough by a dragon. It's fair to say that Bleu is obsessed with the sword, and with the dragon who stole it, but it isn't until he runs into Taryn again that he finally realises why.

Poor Bleu has lusted over several women throughout the Eternal Mates series thinking himself in love with them, he was so desperate to find his mate that he has been looking in all the wrong places and it isn't until he starts to spend time with Taryn that he realises why the others had fizzled into nothingness.

Taryn is a great character and I loved the way she was so determined to do the right thing as far as her brother was concerned. After escaping her captivity, she tries to right the past due to seven centuries ago when her brother stole Prince Loren’s powerful sword. She needs to stop her brother, who has been corrupted by power, and killing everyone in his path. He will stop at nothing to become the King of Hell.

But will Taryn be strong enough to kill her twin with the very blade he seeks to possess?
Will she be able to evade the elf who has hunted her for centuries?

The romance was very hot, just as I’ve come to expect from this author. And I really liked Bleu and Taryn as a couple. Both were so possessive over each other, and watching them lose control around each other was a lot of fun.

"Yesterday had been the end of their past, a time that would fade into memory, put to rest for eternity.
Today was the start of their forever."

The Fragile Line: Part One (The Fine Line Book 2)
The Fragile Line: Part One (The Fine Line Book 2)
Price: £2.12

5.0 out of 5 stars Every story has two side - EndlessReading, 16 Mar. 2016
Firstly I would like to to give a HUGE thanks to Kobishop for kindly providing me with a copy of "The Fragile Line" to read and review.

They say every story has two sides, well that's true in this case.

Here is the story of Chloe & Matt.

Some of you may remember Chloe from reading "The Fine Line" if not, it's too much of a problem but I would totally read that to get a better understanding, but it's not a necessity.

We find that "The Fragile Line" explains her background and her current state of mind. It doesn't excuse her actions at all, but it totally explains a few things.

Kobishop seemed to turn everything around where the reader could empathize with Chloe and started to really understand why she did the things she did.

Having a comfortable relationship with someone who doesn't seem to be reciprocating the "feelings department" can totally ruin a good thing, and it would seem Chloe was too comfortable because the guy she had this with rejects her for someone else, this is where the first book "The Fine Line" comes into play, the story of Logan & Liv.

Matt is such a cute and caring guy, he seems to always be there to pick up the pieces and be the friend that Chloe needs. As he slowly draws out the sweet and funny side of Chloe, they both start to realize that there is more than just friendship budding between the two of them.

I can't wait to see where this story is leading to in the next two instalments....

Nightwish: a New Adult Fantasy Novel (The Echoes of Eternity Trilogy Book 1)
Nightwish: a New Adult Fantasy Novel (The Echoes of Eternity Trilogy Book 1)
Price: £2.19

4.0 out of 5 stars Nightwish ~ EndlessReading, 29 Feb. 2016
Firstly I would like to thank the lovely Sydney Bristow for kindly providing me with a copy of "Nightwish" to read and review.

I am more than thrilled and looking forward to reading the next instalment of this, little-cherry-on-top-of-the-tree-book, I totally FLOVE anything paranormal - winner winner, chicken dinner :)

In Nightwish we meet Serena Sykes, a graduate who recently finished her degree from college and was brought up by her grandmother (who unfortunately more recently was diagnosed with Dementia) due to her real mother high-tailing it out of there when Serena was just a baby...tut tut tut

But what happens when the life you thought you lived wasn't the complete truth?

What happens if you find out the one person you trust the most has betrayed you deeply?

And what happens when you find out that there is more to your life than you new?

Serena just got a boat load of information thrown at her.

She now has powers, she has a family, her family is a long line of witches, and things are just going to get complicated.

As Serena tries to come to terms with this knowledge, she realises that her grandmother is not quite herself, could the dementia be getting worse at a faster rate?

Or could it be foul play supernaturally?

I found Serena to be a tad naive and lost, but hey if I had my world turned upside I think I'd be the same.

Wouldn't you?

Serena only has so much time to learn her powers, stop Zephora and deal with a witch of a mother and sister who are far more powerful than she.

The storyline was a very good start, definitely a getting to know you and your world scenario but with plenty of twists and turns to keep you on your toes.

Rescue Me (Men of Honor Book 3)
Rescue Me (Men of Honor Book 3)
Price: £0.99

4.0 out of 5 stars New Beginnings - EndlessReading, 27 Feb. 2016
Firstly I would like to thank the lovely author for reaching out to me and providing me with a copy of "Rescue Me" to read and review.

Van-Hulzen is a newbie author for me, but from what I've read in "Rescue Me" I'd gladly read more of her breathtaking work.

So seen as I've come in at the half way point, it's safe to say that I will be reading books 1 & 2, not that it matters, as the 3rd I believe can be read as a stand-alone, but I would like to read the others so I can see how Torie & Keith first met in this series.

We start with a woman named Torie is currently taking a break during the Christmas holidays to go and stay at a friends cabin while they are on their honeymoon, and what a beautiful cabin and picture the author portrays.

Although Torie comes across as the tough cop, she has a history that haunts her and has left her completely broken on the inside.

She struggles so much with what she should or should not share with those around her.

As Torie and Keith spend more time together and really begin to open up to each other, we get to witness such a sweet love develop

I believe these two love birds have already met in a previous book in the series so there was already a smidgen of a spark going on between them. They went from spark to flame pretty quickly

I recommend checking out this series and of course this book.

It is the perfect book to cuddle up in front of a fire with and drinking a cup of hot-chocolate and marshmallows.

Chosen Fool (Forever Evermore Book 5)
Chosen Fool (Forever Evermore Book 5)
Price: £2.37

4.0 out of 5 stars Firstly I would like to thank the lovely author for kindly providing me ..., 6 Feb. 2016
Firstly I would like to thank the lovely author for kindly providing me with a copy of "Chosen Fool" to read and review, this is one of my favourite paranormal series.
Scarlett Dawn has left me completely and utterly speechless.

In this story we are taken on the journey of learning a little more about our Spirit Elemental Prodigy.
We also learn that what we see, isn't always the case...

Caro is such an entertaining character and she shows much growth in Chosen Fool.
I loved the way she starts standing up for herself and learning more about her spirit powers.

She goes from the unexpected Prodigy to a bad ass chick who tells it like it is, my kind of women!
Caro's experiences had me laughing out loud, and biting my nails, but of course I was constantly worried about Caro and which people were really her friends, and which of those were for.

"Life is filled with much heartache and many pleasures. But when you try to ignore the unavoidable--true love--well, the unavoidable means you can't, nothing stops it. Not even fear. True love is too passionate. It always comes back in the end, deeper than lifelong loves, deeper than life's involvements, and even deeper than mates. If your love is from the soul, it's timeless."

And the ending....yep, you'll all FLOVE this ending hahaha, I personally can't wait for the next.
Scarlett Dawn is a master writer, she weaves a fine tale of plot twist. Make no doubt about it you go into these books and you will read them again.

Bloodrealms (Bloodmark Saga Book 2)
Bloodrealms (Bloodmark Saga Book 2)
Price: £1.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Duty vs Love ~ EndlessReading, 3 Feb. 2016
Firstly I would like to thank the lovely author and NetGalley for kindly providing me with a copy of "Bloodrealms" to read and review.

Ashling Boru was just getting over the trauma of being kidnapped when her father said it was time for her four suitors to compete in the bloodrealms. A tournament to find the best fighter. The three main love interests are:

1) Grey - The boy she fell in love within an instant, but whose shared love is really and truly earned by the start of this book.
2) Brychan - Ashling's betrothed and I'd say if they end up together I wouldn't be too outraged, Brychan's a sweet guy, and he seems to genuinely care for Ashling.
3) Channing - Ashling's third suitor and while he is also a sweet guy, he is a bit shallow and really loves the idea of Ashling more than who she is.

Ashling is certainly a fiery heroine and I felt she shone a helluva lot more in this instalment, which was great, she was finally coming to terms with her Destiny.

Everyone is not as they seem though, friends hide their true nature, strangers become allies and Ashling learns the meaning of loyalty to her people. The characters are so real and the pain that they are hiding is real. The pain that Ashling is going through is so real.

There are secrets, betrayals, and lots of action. The revelations and history in this book are ever-so interesting too.

Torn between duty and love, no matter which fork in the road she takes, there will be pain, but just who will she choose to love?
Bloodrealms is definitely a one of a kind, must-read for all paranormal romance lovers!

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