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Paper Mate Replay.Max Ball Pen Erasable 1.0mm Tip 0.7mm Line Black Ref S0835200 [Pack 12] [per Pack: 12]
Paper Mate Replay.Max Ball Pen Erasable 1.0mm Tip 0.7mm Line Black Ref S0835200 [Pack 12] [per Pack: 12]
Offered by K Direct
Price: 14.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Should be erased from existence, 14 Jan 2009
They are ball pens. They are erasable.

But they are BAD pens!

The ink is grey on the page. Somewhat like the colour of pencil graphite, but lighter. Like an H pencil rather than an HB. Indeed you have to look closely to tell that you have indeed written with ink and not pencil.

In fact the main give-away is that the pencil-pale "ink" has come out so inconsistently that many of the words and letters fail to arrive on the page at all. I find myself going over and over a word just to make it visible on the paper. It's like writing with a poor quality biro that's nearly run out of ink - so that you get patches of blank followed by patches of something that looks like it might be pencil.

At least you can erase the entire page and start again with something else.
...except for the fact that they don't erase very well either - you can easily see what was written there before you erased it. And just try writing over an area you have previously erased!

They get one star for being a novelty item for a few seconds.
Thereafter a complete waste of money.

Especially if you bought a pack of 12.
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My-Link USB CRYSTAL 3 fans Cooler Pad for Laptop, notebook, Xbox, Etc.
My-Link USB CRYSTAL 3 fans Cooler Pad for Laptop, notebook, Xbox, Etc.
Offered by A Brilliant Planet
Price: 3.13

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3.0 out of 5 stars It's a pad. It cools. But not much., 14 Jan 2009
My Dell laptop can reach scorching temperatures. Its temperature readout gets up to 90 sometimes. So for months I have propped the back end of the laptop up on a book, which lifts the base and the fan off the worksurface and allows hot air to escape.

When propped up and idle, the temperature tends to be around 62.

So in excitement I connected the new cooler pad. Here are my observations:

- It's more stable than a book
- It lights up in flourescent purple
- It doesn't make too much noise at this time

And the temperature of the laptop after 30 minutes of waiting in idleness?

Around 60.

So if you really want a pad, go ahead with this one. It's OK.
But if you desperately need to cool your laptop, prop its back-end up on a book. It will be almost as effective.

I Still Have More Questions Than Answers
I Still Have More Questions Than Answers
by Matt Hyam
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Essential reading for leaders. A gem., 23 April 2007
I devoured this book in one sitting. It is well written. It is unusual. It is off the beaten track. But it is practical and very challenging, especially to anyone who has any church leadership responsibility or ambition. But be warned; you won't be able to implement the lessons learned without threatening some (very trendy) holy cows or golden calves that might have taken up residence in your own church thinking... whether that's emerging church, willow creek, purpose driven...

Matt Hyam writes as pastor of the Southampton Vineyard church in the UK. In this book he shares the very honest and thought-provoking story of how he became uncomfortable with the models and motives of church leadership that are part of many growing churches today.

He then takes us through some of the subsequent, quite painful, process of beginning to rethink how his church needed to re-express themselves as a sharing community.

For example, why they moved away from the commonly accepted Vineyard way of "doing worship" using a set of highly competent musicians, towards the less "professional" approach of handing the responsibility for sunday worship over to a rotation of home groups.

As the title of the book suggests, Matt is not coming up with a pre-packaged solution here. What he does do is provide much food for thought; very much rooted in the reality of leading a group of people; and suggestions for a model of church that is able to express more fully what Jesus meant by "good news for the poor."

For the sake of this gospel, I say PLEASE read this book! Do it now!!

You + God: The Essential Prayer Diary
You + God: The Essential Prayer Diary
by Elaine Carr
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Essential!, 2 Dec 2004
This book is superb. My daughter is 10 years old, and she loves it. I came onto Amazon to see if there are any more books by the same author, because I want them!!
The book is full of stuff to do, loads of things to fill in, places to make up your own prayers, Bible bits to read, perfectly aimed at probably 8-12 years old; a place to put private thoughts about how you feel about families, friends, school, yourself, God. Things that cause stress, sadness, fun, love, worries; it's all there.
It's very flexible in its format so that every day you can choose to do a different topic, or you can stick with a topic for lots of days in a row. And every so often you can do a back-track where you remind yourself of all the stuff you've learnt recently.
It's the best "personal devotions" book I've seen for this age group.

Don't Push Me Around
Don't Push Me Around
by Nick Harding
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars It's so BORING!, 7 July 2001
This review is from: Don't Push Me Around (Paperback)
No - not the book. "Don't push me around" is a book of prayers for 9-10 yr-olds - 'It's so Boring' is a prayer about going to church - and expresses precisely the feelings of many children! There are prayers about moving house, dying pets, arguments, being offered cigarettes, stealing. My daughter opened the book at page 1, read the title prayer, which bemoans parents' occasional dismissive attitudes towards children - "Don't they think I have a brain, too?" - and was hooked immediately - she even took the book to school and showed her teacher! I have a feeling this book could be the antedote to children losing their faith. It's so realistic! It's like a modern-day book of Psalms. It encourages children to realise they can talk to God about *anything*. And don't worry; there are happy prayers, too!

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