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The Rolling Stones: Four Flicks [DVD]
The Rolling Stones: Four Flicks [DVD]
Dvd ~ Anthony Mathile
Price: £48.73

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5.0 out of 5 stars Please allow me to introduce myself ..., 30 Dec. 2007
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Let's get one thing completely straight. I'm relatively new to the Rolling Stones. I grew up a Bowie fanatic and have dibbled and dabbled with all kinds of classic rock - Pink Floyd, The Who etc. The Stones I would give a casual listen to, such as the 'Forty Licks' album. Then a work colleague lent me this to have a look at and with an open mind I gave it a go. I was completely and utterly mesmerised, blown away, knocked out cold by the awesome live music contained on these discs. I am not exaggerating. After seeing these 'old men' in action, my admiration of Oasis, U2 et al took an instant tumble. I own many concert DVDs: The Who, Pink Floyd, Bowie, New order, but this is without question the most spectacular of them all. If anybody doubts the Stones, as I did, just give 'Midnight Rambler' a whirl on the New York disc. This is the single greatest live performance I have ever seen. Everything, the guitar, drums, timing, vocals, and, not least the amazing stage presence of Sir Michael (20 years my senior) have to be seen to be believed. I got this for Christmas side by side with Queen live at Wembley. While Freddie wows me with his stage presence and vocals, Mick Jagger does even more and I find his whole persona magnetic. While Bowie wil always be my favourite artist for his sheer diversity and creativity,as a live act I do not think this group can be beat. They are as near to perfection as you can get and they actually look to enjoy every darned minute on stage. One watch is enough to make you go out and buy the classic Stones albums from the 60s and 70s. I think a lot of todays 'groups' would pack up and call it a day after seeing this, especially Jumpin' Jack Flash and the way Jagger dances for 5 full minutes as he whips the Twickenham crowd into a frenzy. And to think I thought he didn't deserve a knighthood! Go and treat yourself to this DVD masterpiece. Sound, colour, picture quality, music, packaging - the lot -completely and utterly magnificent in every respect.

Hours... [MINIDISC]
Hours... [MINIDISC]
Offered by mrtopseller
Price: £8.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars I believe what my mother said ..., 11 Nov. 2007
This review is from: Hours... [MINIDISC] (Mini-Disc)
As the lyrics go in 'seven' - but if we had to believe what we read in these reviews we'd never trust our own judgements. I agree with the guy who said this will be a classic in years to come. Let's just get one thing straight about 'Hunky Dory'. That album was accepted by a largely cult following and it was ignored by the masses. Now, it is seen as an absolute classic, but only the superstar nature of Ziggy et al made the public look back and buy. The wheel has now gone full circle. Bowie has a cult status. His fans, and I'm his biggest, adore his music as it is now. Will he ever become a superstar again? No way. And I reckon that's fine by him. But on the day that Mr Bowie departs this world - god forbid when it happens - all the little people will get their first taste of what they should have bought years before. They will listen to 'Seven', 'Survive' and the other compostions on this work of art - and think, do you know, I believed what my mother said. She said he was past it. Don't always believe your mothers, as this man deserves to be canonised when he departs. 'Hours' is the work of a genius.

Offered by Not2day Media
Price: £4.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Oh, my God!, 10 Nov. 2007
This review is from: Hours (Audio CD)
I owned them all except 'Hours'. Why was this? Well, the reviews were generally bad, then I saw this on Amazon for £3.97. I was missing a hell of a lot. 'Survive' and 'Seven' are two of the most amazing songs ever written. This man has no equal. Every bit as good as any other Bowie album and it will make your hair stand on end. Beautiful.

Price: £3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Modern Bowie is rubbish? Get a grip!, 23 Sept. 2007
This review is from: Outside (Audio CD)
My mate told me that Bowie's new stuff was useless, which meant, of course, that he hadn't listened to it. It's become a bit of a fashion to knock Bowie, just beacuse he keeps in there and keeps going. I would advise similar doubters to do the following. Buy this album and listen to 'I Have not been to Oxford Town' followed by 'I'm Derranged' and then 'Strangers when we meet.' If you aren't converted after three listens to these tracks, then go back to the Kaiser Chiefs. You thought you had musical taste and culture, but sorry - that just isn't you after all. You're as shallow as an Egyptian puddle.
If you do enjoy them - then I'm quite envious of you. You can listen to the rest of this work of art, and then collect another 20 albums of musical perfection and experimentation which will change your life, or at least influence it - as mine has been for the past 30 years. This really is no exaggeration. Bowie is beyond description, as Robert Smith, Kurt Cobain, Ian Curtis, Damon Albarn, Suede ... and countless others will all testify I'm sure. Buying this is like investing in an original painting. It's value to you will increase as time goes by - and its creator will be held in awe. I can say no more.
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Space Oddity
Space Oddity
Offered by Qoolist
Price: £11.22

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5.0 out of 5 stars We scanned the skies with rainbow eyes..., 23 Sept. 2007
This review is from: Space Oddity (Audio CD)
A wonderful piece of work - with Bowie still finding his way and producing some superb folky, hippie, Dylanesque (is that a word) masterpieces. Some great acoustic work, too. Letter to Hermione is concerned with David being ditched by Hermione Farthingale and is a gorgeous track. Cygnet committee is like nothing else you will ever hear and contains the chilling line, 'screw up your brother or he'll get you in the end.' Bowie screams out the words in such anguish. An occasional dream is peaceful, dreamy stuff, and God knows I'm Good an ingenious little song about an old lady caught shoplifting, again with some great guitar. Aside of the famous title track, there is another mini epic in The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud where a doomed prisoner reflects on life the night before the gallows, and calls to the sky to save him. The climax of the album, though, come at the end, where it should be. Memory of a Free Festival is awesome, awesome. I would have it played at my funeral. If Bowie's lyrics are doubted, consider:
'We scanned the skies with rainbow eyes and saw machines of every shape and size,
We talked with tall Venusians passing through,
And Peter tried to climb aboard but the captain shook his head
And away they soared,
Climbing through the ivory vibrant cloud,
Someone passed some bliss (dope) among the crowd,
And we walked back to the road ..... unchained ...'

The song then plays out in a similar way to Hey Jude with 'the sun machine is coming down and we're goanna have a party.'

Buy this album and listen to it without distraction to really appreciate the true depth and genius of this man's work. And better was to come.

The Man Who Sold The World
The Man Who Sold The World
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £9.19

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4.0 out of 5 stars I ran across a monster!, 23 Sept. 2007
So goes the lyric in the Width of a Circle, and this is a monster album. Not easy listening, but a deep, dark monster of a recording to really get you into another world. The intro to Width of a Circle is superb, but the highlight of the song is the thudding 'heavy metal' section towards the end where Bowie screams, 'His nebulous body swayed above - his tongue swollen with devil's love.' The best track on the album is 'All the Mad Men', Bowie's reaction to his half brother Terry's mental illness and admittance to Cane Hill mental hospital in Croydon. 'I'd rather stay here with all the madmen - for I'm quite content they're all as sane as me.' What sort of a line is that? I love the play out of 'Zane zane zane - ouvre le chien.' It stays with you and was clearly important to BOwie as he recycled it on The Buddha of Suburbia 23 years later. The rest of this set is great, though the Supermen has always been one of my least favourites. 'After all' is beautiful, and the title track, well, what can you say about it? Lulu and Nirvana knew enough. All this, and a beutiful cover of Bowie in a dress, playing cards strewn on the floor of Haddon Hall. The album artwork is beautiful, too. If you are a BOwie fan, this is absolutely essential, and a classic beyond doubt. Get it.

The Buddha Of Suburbia
The Buddha Of Suburbia
Price: £8.11

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5.0 out of 5 stars Down on my knees in suburbia, 23 Sept. 2007
This review is from: The Buddha Of Suburbia (Audio CD)
And quite literally, I was. As a Bowie fan for 30 years I'd never been able to get hold of this album so it was with great excitement that I saw it being re-released. I knew the title track was epic from the Best of Bowie DVD. This music from start to finish is beautiful. It has everything, soaring saxes, piano and guitar, electronica - you name it. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Thank-you once again, David Jones - you are a genius.

Adam And The Ants: The Very Best Of/Stand And Deliver [DVD]
Adam And The Ants: The Very Best Of/Stand And Deliver [DVD]
Dvd ~ Adam & The Ants
Offered by music-a-plenty
Price: £32.00

91 of 97 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars 'You might not like it now - but you will.', 16 Dec. 2006
I constantly get sick and tired of people who know nothing dimissing this man as a musical fad and a teeny boppy memory. When a genius called Bowie goes out of his way to ensure copies of all Adam Ant's videos are given to him personally, then what else needs to be said?

Before cynics laugh their way through Stand and Deliver and Prince Charming, I would suggest watching the second disc to get an idea of the intellect and complexity of their creator. Everything about Adam Ant, the references to history, the complexity, the colour, the looks, the vibrancy and, most of all, the almost unbelievable attention to detail show that this is much more than a pin-up pop star we're talking about. This man is an excellent musician, and when one considers he writes not only the songs, but conceives each and every detail of each and every costume, that he sketches out the storyboards with meticulous care, we may well be using the word 'genius' here, too, and with ample justification.

I would challenge anyone not be blown away by the quality of the videos here, and by the almost mesmerising talent on show. Those who knock the Ants are missing the point. He wasn't out to be another dull post punk addressing a cult following, he was out to bloody well entertain, and he did it magnificently. Course, we can laugh and giggle at a few promos here - but you know what? We were meant to. My 68 year old mum loves it - my 7 year old daughter loves it, and, after listening to hundreds of albums by hundreds of artists since I was an Ant fan at 13, I still love it at nearly forty. The same could not be said of other groups I liked at the time. They have dated badly in my opinion, but Antmusic is timeless, irresistable stuff.

True, there are some annoyances here such as the little bits added to Zerox, and there is no Cartrouble or Young Parisians - but all in all it is one long, continuous wonderful journey. By the way, if you doubted Adam's recent efforts, check out 'Wonderful'. It's amazing.

The documentary was totally addictive and one thing that came across was that this man is actually a very decent and humble guy. Another thing, that the fans who have always stuck with him will continue to stick with him, despite the tragedies of his private life. So Adam, if you read this, feel encouraged. Get hold of Marco and for the sake of the music business give us all some more of your classic stuff, so we can be playing it in another 25 years. My wife had missed the point in the eighties. Having watched both these discs, she is eating her words and even shed a tear when it showed Adam signing his book at Waterstones. She now has the utmost admiration for this brilliant talent - and why not?

Check out the DVD. At the price - it's a brargain. NO matter what your taste or what your age, you will soon be buying those albums. Yes, before I leave I finally have to admit that there is enough evidence here.

A genius.
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