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Sonic Lost World: Deadly Six Edition (Nintendo Wii U)
Sonic Lost World: Deadly Six Edition (Nintendo Wii U)

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3.0 out of 5 stars EH, 3 Feb 2014
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You are probably thinking "hey this doesn't look total garbage! what's going on Sonic?!" and you might also notice it looks quite a lot like Mario Galaxy. Unless you are one of those nerds who thinks it is based off that old cancelled Sonic game.
But never fear! It actually IS a bit rubbish.

There's are a lot of fun levels but there are a lot more tedious, long levels filled with pits and backtracking and so on.
The controls take a bit of getting used to and then they are fine, not intuitive and half the moves seem pointless but whatever, they function.
Sega seem to think this is an iPhone game or something because it's loaded with little challenges and needless power-ups like it's Temple Run or something. "Hit 5 enemies" "GREAT YOU HIT 5 ENEMIES have a speedboost" Also there's micro-transactions for lives. Personally I think that's disgusting in a full price retail game. To facilitate this they made it so when you get 100 lives you don't get an extra life anymore and power-ups can no longer be found inside little TVs.
(PS what's up with that £43 price for Deadly Six Edition? I paid a tenner less on launch)
DEADLY SIX EDITION only has 1 extra level which is a cross between a boss rush mode, those bits in Nights where you go through hoops. For completing it you get another pointless power-up.
There ARE, however, the Wisps from Sonic Colours, they require that you muck about with the touch screen in an awkward fashion. Some of them have button counterparts but they won't tell you what they are as though it's a secret they would rather not think about.

The whole game just feels a bit MEH, difficult to muster up any love or hate either way

Price: £2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Better than exshrekted, 3 Feb 2014
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Very classy and cool, I was definitely the belle of the ball and when the power cut out everyone was drawn to my green glow

Knack (PS4)
Knack (PS4)
Offered by 666 Media
Price: £22.95

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1.0 out of 5 stars This game is not fun, 3 Feb 2014
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This review is from: Knack (PS4) (Video Game)
It looks like it would be an effortless button masher for tiny children but all the designs are really ugly and it's pretty unforgiving even on the normal difficulty.
The gameplay never evolves past the first level where you smack a thing in the face in a boring empty room and then move onto the next thing in a room. The gimmick is that you get these little blocks of brown lego (or whatever, the plot was dire) which function as your health AND get physically added to your body so you grow bigger and more powerful like Katamari Damacy. But when you do so do all the enemies, so it isn't even satisfying to go round crushing puny beings that used to trouble you because they've all run off home.
The only deviation from rooms of things to smack is that sometimes there is a wall to smack and there might be a chest inside with a goody. Except it isn't good. Whatever you get inside is random and you need about 6 things from 1 set all of varying rarity to make one single power up gadget. I am on chapter 12 and have yet to make one. Or you might get a gem, in which case you need 20 or so of the same colour and then whatever you get you can't use until new game+
There is a dodge move where you move the right stick but it's terrible and there's a massive delay afterwards, so you're just standing there like a plonker getting hit with one of the other enemies' many projectile moves. Of course the right stick being used means there are no camera controls. That isn't necessarily a problem, God of War functioned perfectly fine, for example, but this game is not God of War (however much it wishes it was) so a lot of the time you can't see enemies or pits or the sudden camera transition means the direction you're holding is now WRONG you IDIOT
Oh there's some special moves you can use as well, those are pretty ok actually. There's 4 but only 1 of them is any good.
Yeah so basically this is not a good game to showcase your brand new next-gen £350 game console. It wouldn't even be a good game if you picked it up from the £5 bargain bin at Tesco's for a PS2.

Battlefield 4 Official Wired Controller (Xbox 360)
Battlefield 4 Official Wired Controller (Xbox 360)
Price: £30.87

1.0 out of 5 stars Bad, 3 Feb 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
It's nicely made with little lights and logos and the d-pad is probably better than the regular 360 controller.
HOWEVER It worked fine for a couple of days and then the right trigger just freaks out saying its being pressed rapidly all the time, making it pretty much useless.
Plus when I bought it it was only £25

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