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Epson Workforce PRO WF-5620 DWF Colour Multifunctional Printer
Epson Workforce PRO WF-5620 DWF Colour Multifunctional Printer
Price: 239.97

4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent printer, 12 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought this to replace my 3-year-old WP-4535DWF which had developed the infamous yellow-ink leakage problem. It is white coloured as opposed to black, and looks much more attractive as a result. It's quite nice to look at. It has a touch-screen for most of the main functions which performs adequately, despite a very minor lag when pressing buttons.

The first thing I noticed is that it uses cartridges with exactly the same physical shape and format as my old printer. Alas, it refused to recognise the third-party cartridges I already had and was hoping to use, despite them fitting perfectly. Epson are going out of their way to prevent people from using cheaper options, given that their profits are most likely derived more from selling ink than selling the printers themselves. It remains to be seen whether third-party catridges suitable for this model are forthcoming.

I have been using 80gsm "value" paper on my old printer and tried the same on the new one. Prints are perfectly adequate, although in both cases extensive colour graphics resulted in wrinkles and a slightly "soggy" feel. Both printers also experienced the odd jam. I soon replaced it with high-quality 100gsm paper and the result was chalk and cheese. Graphics look sharp and vibrant, text is laser quality, and the result is highly professional. The quality was overall much better than previous laser printers I have owned (albeit budget ones).

The scanner, photocopier and automatic document feeder all worked brilliantly. Duplex printing is effortless and faster than the old printer. A 28-page document printed in full colour, double-sided in around 2 minutes. I cannot comment on the fax feature as I have not used it and am unlikely to.

Wireless connectivity presented no problems. However, there does not seem to be a light to indicate a Wi-Fi connection, which is something my old printer had. But this is a minor issue.

This printer also apparently uses less power than previous models, but this is something I haven't measured and cannot verify.

Overall, it looks striking, performs reliably (so far) and produces professional-looking high-quality colour printouts with decent paper and even with budget paper (if you can tolerate occasional jams). I am pleased with my purchase.

Party Never Ends
Party Never Ends
Offered by samurai_media_JPN4UK
Price: 20.87

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Perhaps her best album, 19 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Party Never Ends (Audio CD)
This is a great album, in my humble opinion better than I Am The Club Rocker and at least on a par with Hot. Although some may suspect that Inna's voice may have been electronically "corrected" (even in those tracks where it isn't obviously stylistically deliberate) the songs are well sung and her voice has a nice tone and timbre, with real emotional weight in places. Almost every track is well crafted and hugely enjoyable. I probably heard this album end to end a dozen times within the first week or two.

In short, if you're a fan of Inna you will love this.

Andrew James Electric Double Hob 1500-watt and 750 watt
Andrew James Electric Double Hob 1500-watt and 750 watt

4.0 out of 5 stars Good hob but came badly assembled, 28 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After the knobs on my old hob broke, leaving them hanging precariously by their wires, I picked this one as a replacement after good reviews on Amazon.

It arrived a day ahead of the estimate delivery date. The box was in perfect condition and did not give the impression of damage during transit. So I was dismayed upon opening it that the item appeared to have been assembled by a despondent chimpanzee with little to live for. The underside half of the body was haphazardly misaligned with the top (but apparently still defiantly screwed to it), leaving a large gap around the edge seams and dangerously exposing the insides. The plate lip in places was bent too far outward, which perhaps may have been the cause (or maybe the result) of the poor alignment.

Rather than go to the hassle of sending it back however, and being an intrepid sort of guy, I decided to bet that despite this superficial deformity the item would actually work properly. So I went ahead and (presumably) invalidated the warranty by unscrewing the bottom and trying to align the two halves properly before screwing them back together. I had to bend the metal lip in order to achieve this, but fortunately I succeeded in resolving the problem. One positive thing I did notice in the process was that the cabling and arrangement inside was very neat and clean, suggesting that this problem is likely to have been a rare one.

Luckily, the item does seem to work properly. Apart from the construction problem, compared to my old hob the build quality of this one is reassuringly solid, and the control knobs feel high quality and unlikely to break anytime soon. The performance of the hob is perfectly adequate and I have no complaints there. However, I feel that the assembly issue warrants the loss of one star (in a generous mood).

Nim's Orange and Melon Fruit Crisps 20 g (Pack of 10)
Nim's Orange and Melon Fruit Crisps 20 g (Pack of 10)

5.0 out of 5 stars Seriously delicious, 16 April 2013
I have known about these for a while, and am glad to finally see them on Amazon. When I tried them the first time, I was expecting them to be "chewy" as is often the case with dried fruit, and perhaps not so flavoursome. I discovered that I was wrong on both counts.

They come in several fruit combinations, all of which in my experience have a fantastic intense flavour. They are also superbly crunchy and not at all soft as I was expecting, although if you leave a bag open for a while they do soften up a bit as you might expect. Personally, I love the orange the best, though I can't say I dislike any of the flavours they have.

The only downside is that they are so moreish that you could end up eating too much. Though given that they apparently do not contain anything other than pure fruit, you'd have to try very hard to eat them to the point of detriment. If you're on a low-carb diet though, you should watch your intake.

In summary, as far as I am aware these are quite unique. They are delicious, they have great texture, they're healthy and I can't stop eating them. Ticks all the boxes for me.

Samsung HS3000 Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Black
Samsung HS3000 Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Black
Price: 30.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Hard to believe it's Bluetooth, 7 Dec 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I own two of these - one black and one white. I bought the second as a spare in case my old one died. It's small, uncomplicated, light and clips firmly and securely onto clothing. Pairing is a doddle with multiple devices (though only 2 at any one time) - I have connected it to several phones, several PCs, my Asus Transformer Prime tablet, my Sony PSP and my Sony mp3 player without any issues whatsoever. Useful voice prompts tell you when you have switched on the device, switched off the device, connected to a Bluetooth device and disconnected from a Bluetooth device.

Because of its size, the buttons are awkward to use but I don't care. Because when used with an apt-X capable device (I use mine with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2) and high quality IEMs (I use Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi 10s with Comply tips) the combination is so awesome it's hard to believe you're listening to IEMs through a wireless Bluetooth connection. In fact, this set-up sounds better (at least to my ears) than plugging the IEMs directly into my phone. In particular when listening to lossless FLAC files, the sound is very balanced, with a dynamic, exciting presentation, nice detail and an engrossing three-dimensional soundstage. Ensuring a good seal for the earphones, the bass is taut and deep. Vocals have presence and texture. Highs sound clear and well defined (not "splashy"). I would suggest however that, in my experience, highly compressed sources show up flaws far more readily. Note that as far as I know, neither my Note 2 nor the HS3000 use the lossless version of the apt-X codec, but they are still better than any other portable listening set-up I've ever had. Of course it won't beat a top-class pair of wired headphones connected to a decent system but at the moment I'm not likely to get much better for unencumbered wireless listening on public transport.

Whilst I bought this device just for listening to music wirelessly on the commute, I have on occasion used the call function. A larger and much easier to access button is positioned on the front to answer calls. Sound at both ends is perfectly adequate in my experience. The microphone is positioned at the top of the device and as long as it's not pointing downwards or too far from your face (e.g your belt) it is able to pick up your voice very well.

To summarise, positives are:

(a) small;
(b) light;
(c) apt-X capable;
(d) has a decent battery life (I would estimate maybe 8-10 hours use per charge and 2-3 hours to recharge from empty);
(e) perfectly acceptable talk quality at both ends (though I have not used this feature an awful lot - I bought it for music);
(f) at least with the IEMs I use and the apt-X codec, it sounds utterly fantastic for what it is;
(g) sounds good even with non apt-X devices (my old Samsung Galaxy S2)
(h) is an absolute bargain at just over 30 on Amazon.

Downsides are:

(a) due to size, buttons are awkward to use, even if you have normal size fingers (you need to use your fingernails);
(b) again due to size, could be very easy to lose (but at least cheap enough to replace without too much pain)

All in all, the HS3000 really comes across as a bargain if you need the convenience of wireless and still want excellent sound quality on the move. It seems to be capable of stepping up and performing brilliantly when paired with a decent source and/or decent output. But to make the most of it you will want to both: (1) replace the dire bundled earphones with a decent pair of headphones/earphones; and (2) ensure you use an apt-X capable music player.
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Kelly Clarkson Greatest Hits [CD/DVD]
Kelly Clarkson Greatest Hits [CD/DVD]
Offered by Side Two
Price: 6.49

18 of 18 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Worth it for the videos alone, 3 Dec 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Kelly Clarkson. Living proof that "reality" shows like American Idol can occasionally prove their worth by unearthing genuine world-class talent. This CD is a perfectly reasonable selection of her best songs along with three new tracks, including the instantly enjoyable (for me) "Catch My Breath". If like me you own all her albums already, you may question whether buying this CD is worth it just for the three new tracks which are likely to be available elsewhere as singles or on a future album. However, even without the new tracks, I considered it more than worth getting the Deluxe version just for the extra DVD of fourteen of her music videos. Picture quality is as good as you'd expect of the DVD format; the videos look and sound fabulous on my laptop and on the big screen through a decent upscaling player. Not much else to say really.

One thing I'd love though is a Blu-ray of all her videos to date in full 1080p. Maybe one day...
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Bewitched: Seasons 1-8 [DVD] [2009]
Bewitched: Seasons 1-8 [DVD] [2009]
Dvd ~ Elizabeth Montgomery
Price: 40.00

5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A bargain, 28 Oct 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I always loved this show when I was growing up - funny, sweet, light-hearted and with Elizabeth Montgomery playing the dreamiest housewife in televisual history. Of course in various ways, not least in terms of the general gender attitudes depicted, it's terribly dated, and the special effects are laughably primitive. But even if it is only because of childhood nostalgia, I'm loving watching them all again and there are no shortage of laughs - at least for me anyway.

Some others have been unfortunate to receive their box-sets damaged, but I can report mine arrived in absolutely immaculate condition and still shrink-wrapped. Picture quality is as good as it's going to get for this show and the monophonic sound is perfectly adequate - in fact, surprisingly good (for the later seasons at least). I found the bonus disc mildly entertaining and it was fascinating to watch the interview with Erin Murphy (who played Tabitha) all grown up. I was expecting the bloopers to be the actors fluffing their lines or something, which would have been more entertaining than the range of continuity errors they actually turned out to be - but it's all good.

The movie with Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell is also included which I consider to be a very nice bonus - although the movie itself is more interesting as a spin on the context of the original series rather than a "great" movie all on its own.

All in all, I'm very pleased with the purchase and even without the extras I would have considered the 50 or so a bargain for the entire eight seasons of this classic show.

Asus RT-AC66U AC1750 Black Diamond Dual-Band WLAN Router, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Gigabit LAN/WAN, 2x USB, Print FTP UPnP VPN Server, IPv6, 8x SSID
Asus RT-AC66U AC1750 Black Diamond Dual-Band WLAN Router, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Gigabit LAN/WAN, 2x USB, Print FTP UPnP VPN Server, IPv6, 8x SSID
Offered by Buyur
Price: 118.98

92 of 96 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Impressive router, 5 Oct 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I received the RT-AC66U router from Amazon on the 4th October 2012, which I had ordered the day before for the price of 152. At the time of writing this review it had gone up to 168, so I count myself lucky. Delivery, as is usually the case, was on time and the item arrived in perfect condition.

The RT-AC66U has four Ethernet ports and a WAN port, all gigabit which is a big plus - especially the WAN port which meant I could make full use of my Virgin 120Mbps service. The router has two USB 2.0 ports on the back, which allows you to connect various devices. It also has DLNA compatibility, allowing you to access media from any attached external hard drives from other DLNA compatible devices on your network. Internet access can be switched over to an attached 3G/4G dongle if your main connection goes down. You can also use the router's built-in print server to access an attached USB printer from anywhere on the network. I haven't used any of the USB related features however so cannot comment on how well they work - but it's disappointing they are only 2.0, especially considering many including myself have 3.0 external drives.

Fortunately setup was non-eventful. I have a fairly complex network consisting of multiple Ethernet switches and wireless repeaters but it seamlessly slotted into place of my trusty Billion BiPAC 7800N which had served me well for two years. All of my devices connected to the RT-AC66U without hassle and without me having to mess around with the rest of the network. I ported over my fixed IP assignments and wireless filtered MAC addresses from my old router manually (copy-and-pasting from a text list didn't work due to differently formatted characters), but while it was a tedious and time-consuming process at least it all worked perfectly first time. I also updated the firmware to the latest version at the time of purchase ( and all settings were preserved. Having said this, I am quite experienced with setting up networks and so did not have to consult the manual. As such, I cannot say how well the manual is written or how easy it would be for someone relatively inexperienced to configure the device.

My Ethernet speeds are as good as they were with my old router (which also had gigabit ports, though only a 100Mbps WAN port), so no complaints there. My wireless-N speeds have definitely improved - I estimate roughly 10-15Mbps on average on 2.4GHz 802.11n). I can now run my wireless network on 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands simultaneously, and the 5GHz signal stretches through my house just fine, though quite frankly I only have 2-3 devices that make use of it. What's more, it seems to interfere with my Sennheiser RS220 wireless headphones less than my old wireless network did, even on the same channel. Some tests/reports claim that the RT-N66U performs slightly better on 802.11n, perhaps because of more mature firmware, but I can't verify this except to say that speed-wise the RT-AC66U noticeably improved on my previous router which was itself generally highly rated.

I have read complaints on various online fora about unreliability and flakiness, especially with the latest firmware, but I have had no such problems so far (touch wood). I never have to restart the router unless I make changes to some of the settings and it's not uncommon for it to be active and working properly for weeks on end without issue.

Wireless-AC and Media Bridge mode
One of the "stand-out" features of this router is the 802.11ac capability which, in theory at least, can provide more than a gigabit of bandwidth wirelessly, potentially enabling wireless devices to achieve wired speeds. However, this standard has not been finalised. The RT-AC66U has the "Draft 2.0" version of 802.11ac so while there's a good chance that future 802.11ac devices will be compatible, there's no guarantee - particularly if changes are made to the chipset. Because of this, I considered getting the RT-N66U instead, which is more or less the same router but without the 802.11ac feature.

However, Asus permit a second RT-AC66U router to be employed as a "Media Bridge", which employs 802.11ac on the 5GHz frequency. This can theoretically eliminate some of the cabling in a wired LAN without compromising speed, which in itself could justify the purchase of this device - in particular if you have a large LAN and you want to replace the cabling for example between the top and bottom levels of a premises. This situation reflected my own, which prompted me to purchase a second unit for use as a Media Bridge. Doing so also facilitated tests to determine the accuracy of some professional reviews that indicated good performance for the 802.11ac.

The secondary "Media Bridge" router was placed downstairs in my house with the primary router approximately 20 feet away upstairs (measured in a direct line). The Media Bridge connected to the primary router wirelessly, on the 5GHz channel using the "N Only" and "80MHz" bandwidth options, ensuring an 802.11ac connection. It took some time to position the Media Bridge so that it could connect reliably to the primary router; placing it right behind my television caused problems. Elevating it slightly and using the supplied stand to place it upright with the antennae positioned vertically fixed the problem and a connection was established. As someone who uses the wireless MAC filter feature, I also realised that both the LAN and 5GHz MAC addresses for the Media Bridge needed to be added to the 5GHz "accept" list on the primary router, as did the MAC addresses of *all* the devices connecting to the Media Bridge, otherwise those devices (Smart TV, PS3) could not connect to the Internet.

To test the performance of 802.11ac (5GHz), I examined the throughput between the primary router and the Media Bridge via their 802.11ac connection. Using a test laptop with a 1.5GB test file, I transferred the file over the LAN between a server (source) and the laptop (destination), with the former connected via Ethernet to the primary router and the latter connected to the LAN in three different configurations:

(a) connected via Ethernet to the primary router;

(b) connected via 802.11n 2.4GHz to the primary router while positioned next to the Media Bridge downstairs; and

(c) connected via Ethernet to the Media Bridge, also while positioned next to the Media Bridge downstairs, and with the Media Bridge connected wirelessly to the primary router via 802.11ac (5GHz).

This provided a comparison between the 802.11n (2.4GHz) and 802.11ac (5GHz) bandwidth at the same position and distance relative to the primary router, as well between the wired and wireless connections, demonstrating the efficacy of the Media Bridge mode of the unit in replacing a wired connection. While wired bit-rates are a function not just of the network architecture but also factors such as the speed of the hard drives, the transfer was done between the same devices on the network to ensure some consistency for the comparison.

For (a) (wired to the primary router) the average transfer rate was approximately 250Mb/s (around 31MB/s).

For (b) (802.11n connection) the transfer rate averaged approximately 17Mb/s (around 2MB/s).

For (c) (wired to the media bridge connected to the primary router via 802.11ac), the rate averaged 125Mb/s (around 15.5MB/s).

While only half the average bitrate for a wired connection, and given that the theoretical 1.3Gb/s bandwidth of 802.11ac is not realistically achievable in practice, and also considering that the signal had to penetrate two walls and a floor as well as various obstacles over a distance of around 20 feet, this was an excellent result overall and showed a clear superiority (~635%) over the direct 802.11n connection between the laptop and the primary router. This is pretty much in line with the performance observed in some professional reviews of the RT-AC66U.

Subsequently, having shuffled my network around a little, including moving one of my desktop PCs downstairs and connecting it via Ethernet to the Media Bridge, I decided to move the Media Bridge to see if I could improve speeds further. It was repositioned to the room directly underneath the primary router, shortening the distance to around 10 feet in a straight line. Some obstacles remained, in particular the ceiling, a metal filing cabinet and an armchair. File transfer speeds between two desktop PCs - the one downstairs wired to the Media Bridge, and one upstairs wired to the primary router - achieved an average of 185Mb/s (around 23MB/s), more than satisfactory for essentially obviating the need to wire up the upstairs and downstairs portions of my LAN.

Overall, the media bridge set up is extremely effective and the experience when using devices connected to the media bridge to view BBC iPlayer, Netflix or video streamed via a media server over the LAN is *noticeably* quicker and lag free, with shorter buffering times. File sharing or remote desktop connections between the upstairs and downstairs PCs through the wireless Media Bridge connection are to all intents and purposes indistinguishable from the experience when all PCs were directly wired to the same router, which is ideally what one wants with a wireless environment. Consequently, if wanting to replace cabling over relatively long distances between two "halves" of a LAN, currently the twin RT-AC66U setup seems the best option for minimising loss of bandwidth. For wireless networks in general, 802.11ac even in draft form outstrips 802.11n by some margin.

To summarise, the positives of the RT-AC66U in my experience are:

(1) Easy to set up;
(2) Lots of features for network configuration;
(3) Ethernet and Wireless-N perform excellently;
(4) Wireless-AC significantly outstrips Wireless-N, even in draft form;
(5) Media Bridge mode is highly effective even at a fair distance with obstacles;
(6) Highly reliable and does not require regular restarts;
(7) Looks nice and built well.

At least in the context of my experience and requirements, the drawbacks are few, though other reviews suggest cons that may be more relevant for your situation:

(1) USB ports are only 2.0;
(2) 802.11ac is only Draft 2.0, throwing future compatibility into question;
(3) Using Media Bridge mode with MAC filtering may be a little fiddly.

Given the draft status of the 802.11ac feature implemented in the RT-AC66U, those who don't have (or desperately need to use) any AC enabled devices and who do not have much use for the Media Bridge mode are perhaps better off saving a chunk of cash and purchasing the RT-N66U instead until routers appear with a finalised 802.11ac specification. But for those who do need AC now and/or are willing to purchase two units to make good use of the Media Bridge feature, the RT-AC66U performs superbly and certainly more than justified the cost of two units for my requirements.

Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium Stereo Headphones (600 Ohm, 100 mWatt, 96dB)
Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium Stereo Headphones (600 Ohm, 100 mWatt, 96dB)
Price: 299.99

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Neutral, detailed, excellent soundstage, exciting, 8 Aug 2012
I own many pairs of headphones, among them several Sennheisers including HD650, Grado SR325is and AKG Q701. These are all fantastic headphones and I love them all in different ways; the Senns are laid-back and relaxing with crisp but non-aggressive highs, the Grados are forward, exciting and in-your-face with a smaller, more intimate soundstage, and the AKGs are detailed, airy and very neutral (which if I had to choose would be my preference overall). I hadn't yet tried the Beyerdynamics and wanted to add them to my collection, so I bought the DT880 600 Ohm directly from Beyerdynamic "Manufaktur", which is custom configured on-line. Out of the box, I was taken aback by how crisp, detailed and (to my surprise) exciting they sounded.

Neutral, analytical headphones like the DT880 and Q701 are often considered "boring" but trying various types of music from Vivaldi to AC/DC to Lasgo I regularly became immersed in the *music* with even the occasional shiver down my spine. Bass is taut and deep (not boomy or excessive, which bass-heads will *not* like), mids have great clarity (not notably recessed on my setup) and treble is lovely and sparkly. Of course, much has to do with the source which in my case is an Audiolab M-DAC reading flac files through asynchronous USB, fed into a Graham Slee Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition headphone amp. With this setup, it really is a spectacular experience and I could listen for hours and hours with immense enjoyment of tracks I am well familiar with - and without experiencing fatigue or getting bored. The fact that the cans are supremely comfortable to wear significantly contributes to the pleasant quality of the experience. If you have a decent set-up and, like me, you like a highly detailed, neutral, analytical presentation of your music, I can't imagine you will be too disappointed. In many ways, I personally feel that out of all my cans the DT880 600 Ohm is the best "all-rounder".

In summary, the newer cans such as the HD700/800 and Beyer T70/T90 may well improve on the DT880 significantly but I have yet to experience the honour of hearing those. However, if you don't want to spend that much, the less than 300 it would cost for the DT880 is worth the money. Note the 600 Ohm version requires a decent headphone amp to drive them adequately.

EDIT: The more I hear these, the more they seem to put my other cans in the shade. They are beautifully balanced, neutral, detailed and exciting. I couldn't ask for more.

AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Signature Line Reference-Class Premium Headphones - Green
AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Signature Line Reference-Class Premium Headphones - Green
Offered by NeuroMart UK
Price: 210.00

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Astonishing, 13 Jun 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I own many pairs of headphones including around nine Sennheisers ranging from the basic HD201s to the HD598 and RS220s. While appreciating the laid-back sound of the Senns I am also a huge fan of Grados and love their exciting, forward sounding nature, with my SR325is taking pride of place as my favourites. Wanting to expand my collection, I decided it was time to get some AKGs and went for the well-received Q701s.

Straight out of the box, they blew me away. Listening through the headphone output on my Audiolab M-DAC (which incidentally stomps all over my Asus Xonar STX and Fiio E17) they seem to me to be the most balanced of all the headphones in my collection, with a lovely soundstage and incredible detail. They are renowned for being "bass light" but as someone who doesn't particularly love bone-shaking bass that drowns out the rest of the music I find it more than adequate in terms of power, as well as taut. The treble is crisp and clear and vocals come through with great clarity and "body". Instrument separation is far superior to any of my other cans and is a joy to behold - of all the headphones in my collection, these let me hear and easily focus on things I've never heard or particularly noticed before in highly familiar tracks. They also seem to handle any type of music I throw at them with ease, though you may find them unforgiving with poor recordings.

AKG headphones (especially the K and Q series) are often cited as being exceedingly analytical and emotionless. While they perhaps don't excite with metal or electronica *quite* as much as my Grados do, I absolutely love the analytical qualities of these headphones and for me personally they certainly don't fail to transfer emotion. I found that I just want to keep listening and often lose track of time re-experiencing my collection. They are also anecdotally quoted as requiring 2-300 hours of "break-in" to really settle in to their best sound (whether mechanical or psychological)... well if they're going to get even better then it's all good.

As for comfort levels - fantastic. They grip my head nicely and the headband auto adjusts to my head with no hassle. The velvet ear pads feel lovely. Some people do report the bumps on the underside of the band to be uncomfortable but I had no issues. I could wear these for hours and almost forget they were there - unlike my Grados which, after 30 minutes, feel as though they've commited GBH on my earlobes.

All in all, the AKG Q701s complement the Grado SR325is nicely I feel and also sit alongside them as my two favourite cans.
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