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Cold Comfort
Cold Comfort
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £8.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars Songs with Pictures, 21 Dec. 2011
This review is from: Cold Comfort (Audio CD)
The saddest thing about writing this review, not enough people are gonna listen to Autumn's music becoz some people are too focused on a genre labels.
Autumn are a metal band with a female singer,if you don't like your metal with guitars, then this cd is not for you.
Keep away from this cd and go back to listening to your drowned out artists with their ''special effects'' this cd is gonna be too real and raw for you.
But if you like guitars and headbanging...then read on.
The Autumn sound is there but its does sound a little different, I read that it was recorded using vintage amps and equipment.
If thats true, what a great idea, gives the whole cd a warm feeling does not feel manufactured, hats off to the producers for creating an amazing sound and feel throughout the cd.
With Autumn you always get a band who work really hard, nothing lazy in their approach to each song.I am not gonna list all the songs and score them, becoz Autumn music is not about individual tracks, you can't define this cd with just one favourite track at this moment in time, I am loving all of the tracks, I don't skip forward if anything I skip back to listen to the track again.
Lots of hidden gems in this cd, amazing guitar riffs and solos,beautiful vocals, which show the many different characteristics of Marjan Welman voice,she delivers the right ingredients for each mood the song gives to the listener.
There is very intelligent keyboards and thundersous drumming when it is needed.
What I like is the complexity of the songs,they conjure up pictures and memories in your mind.
As an older Metal fan, its normal for the my brain to look for patterns in the music, like melodies and structures of the song, we make predictions and anticipate the next part of the song ,its normal for us to compare songs that are similar, we drawn to recognize music genres, with the label, we make judgements from memory, so you got to be flexible and open minded to the what you are hearing.If you can do will get nothing but joy from this cd.

A Rose For The Apocalypse
A Rose For The Apocalypse
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: £11.81

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5.0 out of 5 stars ''A thing of beauty is a joy forever'', 7 July 2011
When I see the name Draconian on any new release, I see a trademark, never has a simple cd, ever looked so sculpted, with just one listen to A Rose for the Apocalypse's exciting powerful growl that fills the speakers as it emerges from the darkest places, you will never fully be prepared for the genius behind the Draconian sound. This cd has elevated this distinctive new release to its `'classic metal'' label. I am not a big fan of labels or genres, I listen to Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, MSG etc , I have been listening and buying music since 1976, the last time, I was so excited about a new release was when I was a teenager waiting for `'Holy Diver'' to be released it was everything I expected, `'A Rose for the Apocalypse'' has taken their music to a different level, the creative flair and labour behind this music is a tribute to the classics. In the modern age Draconian's songs are better and more innovative than more well known household names out there in music.
The people behind this cd have worked hard, I always like to decipher the meaning behind the lyrics and music for my own personal reasons, this is my cd. Whatever emotions I feel are mine's
You will love the twists and turns the music takes you, I loved the moments that left me open-mouthed and with goosebumps, there is layer and layer of substance and magic in the music ,the high level of detail and attention in the production is a joy to hear.

Draconian music is the synthesis of what a music literary composition should be, Anders words are written with care and power. With their meaning there is a great balance between fantasy and the painful reality of the world we live in today, without a doubt this cd is exceptional, the symbiotic partnership between the guitars and vocals is creates an emotional response from the listener,the guitars are flawless, there tone and performance is the essence of the Draconian's sound, Johan, Daniel and Fredrik deliver the `'right stuff'', there playing just flows, its impressive not overbearing, precision on the fret board each supporting each other in their roles to deliver that greater power. Jerry is focused and thankfully less-intense without losing his thunder, this is reflected in the way he knocks the crap out of the drums at times. This is the beauty of Draconian all of them directly connect to the cd.Lisa's truly beautiful voice is light and sleek. Today music is dumbed-down, record buyers are conned to spend their cash on music that is sounds like it comes from a factory, while these bands manufacture their metal, Draconian will still be using music techniques that come from the heart and soul. `'A Rose for the Apocalypse'' is art.
Draconian have their own , very distinctive sound, it's what makes their music clear and decisive.
`'A Rose for the Apocalypse'' is constructed a little different from other Draconian's cds, its a move forward and in the right direction. There is enough on the cd that is different and interesting,I won't list my favourite tracks in any order becoz that means there is weaker tracks, there is no weaker tracks.In the words of John Keats `' A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness'' says enough about this cd.

Classic Rock Presents...Whitesnake (Presentation Pack)
Classic Rock Presents...Whitesnake (Presentation Pack)
Offered by sauliusst
Price: £24.95

5.0 out of 5 stars The bloody Whitesnakes are back!, 31 Mar. 2011
Finally got the courage to listen to the new Whitesnake cd.
I will admit to being a little scared.
I have been a fan of Whitesnake for 32 years its been long journey.
I have read 2 reviews, one hating this it and the other saying it this is the best Whitesnake cd EVER!
Its not the worse and is not the best ever but it is the Whitesnake I have always knew, so yes Whitesnake is back, its taken me to this record to accept Doug Aldrich as Whitesnake guitarist and song writer.
David Coverdale say he does not do comparisons so I am gonna try and not do the same here, more out of respect for DC, he deserves this more than my loyalty, this man has sweated blood from the early years before Deep Purple to get where he is today, the man should get a OBE if you ask me, a Knight of the stage for more decades than he would care to remember,what I like about this cd more than anything, its the labour behind it, this cd has a sub title in my opinion ''How to play creatively''
David Coverdale writes with a passion here, this cd is more adventurous than I expected, honest and intense and that just the lyrics.
In a time of many bands out there conning the kids with there sub standard music and for some goddammit reason trying to tell us we don't need Guitar solos in records, whatever!
In the year of our Lord 2011 Whitesnake is alternative in Metal and Rock becoz they understand the rules, its all about the melodies and the structure of the songs,Whitesnake's only mistake on this cd, they have not printed as a warning on the bottom of the cd, ''No intentional dumbing-down of music can be found on this cd''
I am not gonna list the songs and mark them out of 10, in all my years as a Whitesnake fan, I have found out that every song has a
special meaning to those individual fans, even the so called ''bad songs'' in Whitesnake's history are huge favourites to millions of fans.
I should thank David Coverdale and Co, The bloody Whitesnakes are back!

Consequences Of Dreams
Consequences Of Dreams
Price: £12.61

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4.0 out of 5 stars ''Guitar Magic'', 21 Sept. 2010
This review is from: Consequences Of Dreams (Audio CD)
AraPacis was formed in 2003, they are blend of everything I love of the 70s when it comes to hard rock and progressive music,the mix of modern gothic metal and classic metal makes them a very interesting band.Very original and different from what is out there.
This is my first introduction to the music of Arapacis, I will admit to being a obsessive observer from the conception of `Consequences Of Dreams 'I have followed its progress online thanx to Jerry Fielden, the Lead Guitarist. He is a virtuoso on this cd with his playing, lots of variation and styles throughout, he gives us Guitar Magic at times, I really like the way its been recorded and its production is free and high-quality music.
Female Fronted Metal always seems to get a label tagged to it, but I just can't give this cd a label.
The music is a compositional rollercoaster ride but with a blend of the modern and old Metal sound, it's absolutely crammed filled with ideas and technique.
The band play really well together, really dig the bass guitar playing in a lot of the tracks and the drums should not be over looked either. This music is thoughtful and emotive, it's also different to a lot that is out there, this archievement the band should be proud of, my favourite tracks at first listen on `Consequences Of Dreams is the title track, love the riff!'' Death of Loneliness'' is a beauty, love quirkiness of Lizzie's vocals in this song, I mean this is in a good way becoz I am not familary with her accent,the track '' From The Dark'' gets most repeats on my Mp3 player, I could have blagged a free copy of this cd from the band, but I decided to buy it from Amazon,overall this cd is a worthwhile listen ,it grows on you the more you hear it, some of the songs must be great live and Arapacis playing live is in their DNA.

River of Tuoni
River of Tuoni

5.0 out of 5 stars ''excitingly different'', 17 Jun. 2009
This review is from: River of Tuoni (Audio CD)
For months there was only the one song I had heard from Amberian Dawn,''River of Tuoni''But there was something new and exciting about this one song,that it sort of took hold of me,well to be really honest it was not just the song but the way Heidi Parviainen sung,she is classical trained don't worry this is not another Tarja clone and Amberian Dawn are not another Nightwish,there music is very different,the only similarities are they come from Finland,there music is identifiable there own,this cd is guitar driven and with 2 guitarists Tuomas Seppala and Kasperi Heikkinen there is plenty of great riffs and playing from these guitarists.There is no bad songs,all 10 of them are immense,the music is expressive of nothing but quality,the musical structure of the songs is exceptional,I like Amberian Dawn's crisp new ideas and approach to their music,its excitingly different if not better than some other bands I could name.I will not review all of the listed songs but I will pick out songs that really got my attention and of course I would not be here writing this without the track.....
River of Tuoni,I have known this song for a while now,relentless and twisting like a river,I am not up to date with Finnish Mythology but I am sure it has something to do with ''Kalevala. The national epic of Finland'' a book full of 1000s of verses about folklore.
I like the tone of the Guitars in this song and its heaven to hear guitar solos being played in Female Fronted Metal bands,a great opening track that takes us into the world of Amberian's Music.
Lullaby,is ultra catchy,the lyrics are clever and beautiful,I enjoyed the way this track just flowed,it also left me wondering if this was just part 1 of the song,I say this becoz this song could have had a longer narrative,I think we are just touching on the beginnings of what this band can produce and write,this song just ended too soon for me,left me wanting more,Valkyries is another track that was gratifying,some great guitar work on this song.
My Only Star,This song is excellent,I cranked up the volume for this one,dynamic and varied, Heidi will not rushed,calmly she will tease you with a whispering performance of controlled vocals.
Passing Bells,There is something about this song,which I would play first before any of the rest.
I think this an absolute classic of a song,Heidi is able to illustrate some great visuals with her vocals and the band just add more and more colour to this amazing song,I think this song is a stroke of genius.
Sunrise,hits you with some great guitar,I like the tone of the guitars on this song, woven throughout this cd is musicians playing with much talent and professionalism all of the band should be very proud of there hard work in the studio.
Amberian Dawn's music comes from the heart,there is many incarnations of Female Fronted Metal bands out there but this band is an original,they are not derived from any bands out there,this first cd is proof that creatively they are very different and exceptional.

Price: £7.93

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5.0 out of 5 stars ''elegance epitomized '', 17 Jun. 2009
This review is from: Altitude (Audio CD)
I was worried about buying this cd...would it be as good as the others.
Would the new singer be as good as Nienke De Jong.
Marjan Welman is the new singer of Autumn.
I am not even gonna get into genres of music becoz it does not matter.
This band does not need a label,I have read to many reviews of this cd and all of them seem to spend too much time writing about their genre of music.And please forgive me for not listing all the songs...I am just picking on the songs that left a powerful impression on me.
We will all have different favourites and opinions.
I am judging this cd on its songs most of all and how they make me feel...this is more important.There is always gonna be comparisons but we could say that about every band out there.There is ballads on this cd...but don't worry about that becoz this has always been one of there strengths...''Synchronic Minds'' is a classic song,its simply compelling and hypnotic close your eyes becoz Marjan Welman is spellbinding!
Her vocals are fascinating, totally appealing in this track.The cd opens with the song Paradise Nox which has quick heavy tempo, there is feel of wanton in the riff, the song shifts you into another gear, the sound is smooth, loud and clear.I adore how this song has so many unique characteristics, what a great performance, full of the refinement we know from this band.
Autumn have set the aural standard for musicality in highly-tuned few minutes.
The song Skydancer has a background vocal from Marjan in the song, this little gem of magic hides behind the main part of the chorus.
A Minor Dance is a so different but still very much Autumn the arrangement is new and has very interesting tune.
The band appears to have spent considerable time achieving the desired notes. Its is complex but beautiful.
Answers Never Questioned is another ballad, Autumn are talented musicians and elegance epitomized and embodies the ethos of this band's heart and soul.
Just make sure you get the cd with the bonus content, becoz these songs are not fillers.
"One Word Reminder" and "Closure" are the bonus tracks.
Closure is one of the saddest songs I have heard in a while The song is full of emotion and one of the best songs on the cd.Only bad thing about it is, I wanted to hear more of the guitar playing but as the song ends it starts to slowly fade.
Making the song even more sad...maybe this was the desired effect the band wanted but after listening to the just want more.
I am looking forward to a new chapter in Autumn's future discography with Marjan Welman.

Slide It In (25th Anniversary Expanded Edition)
Slide It In (25th Anniversary Expanded Edition)
Price: £7.74

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5.0 out of 5 stars Turn it Up!, 17 Jun. 2009
I read the reviews and the concerns about the remasters but I still went out and bought the cd.I already have both versions.I can't find anything wrong with the remaster of the UK mix, as for the US mix...its a little different but its not a poor mix.John Sykes and Mel Galley are very different in their playing thats all and of course you are gonna hear something different in the mix without Jon Lord.
Really all this cd needs is a little volume from your cd player/mp3 player/computer.
Whitesnake should never be background music, so turn it up and find the beauty again in this classic cd from Whitesnake.Credit where its due to David Coverdale for making sure the fans got something very special with this.
Its just a shame Mel Galley is not around to hear the good things folks are saying about his work with Whitesnake.The whole package, booklet, photos etc is first class and really the bonus for me was the videos.This cd is excellence if it was car it would be a Ferrari, if it was drink it would be Dom Perignon and if it was a movie star it would be Megan Fox.
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My Winter Storm (Deluxe Edition)
My Winter Storm (Deluxe Edition)
Price: £16.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars ''You'll Never Walk Alone'', 26 Dec. 2007
To begin with I give this cd,5 out of 5,I am not gonna dilly-dally here!There is also gonna be no rigmarole about Tarja's past either,my evaluation of this cd will be judged on what I have before me and not whats happened long ago.My concentration is on the music and the vocals of Tarja.
With ''My Winter Storm'' Tarja's voice has painted pictures in my head,her words depicted beautiful and wonderful things,sometimes just becoz of her distinctive sound these phonetics are picturesque and simply stunning to hear.Yes we have Tarja's trademark operatic vocal style but it seems to be more smooth and passionate,there is calm and poised feeling of coherence throughout,even with a song like ''Poison''Tarja gives it a classicized performance that only she can give to certain words in a song.
The imagery of the songs take you to places that only Tarja knows the way,she will lead you to the dark places in your heart but at the same time,gently guide you with her hand through all the dangers and show you integrity,steadfast there is always Tarja's graceful vocals appealing and outstandingly beautiful making sure you are safe.There is so much substance to this music,the wealth of sounds just flow perfectly,I have not heard a bad song on the cd,the arrangements,the band are combination of hard work and conviction,Tarja gives a new definition to the meaning of the word ''singer'' she is not just a singer of songs,Tarja is a musical cradle,a bringer,a giver.''My Winter Storm'' is an excellent album that deserves to be more highly aclaimed,when I listen to all of the cds,I have with Tarja singing,this one is best in repertoire.''My Winter Storm'' has panache,Tarja's musical spirited style is just breathtaking and in the words of the''Kop''-''When you walk through a storm,Hold your head up high,''!
Becoz Tarja ''You'll Never Walk Alone'' if you keep on recording music like this.

Ghost Opera + Bonus DVD
Ghost Opera + Bonus DVD
Offered by jim-exselecky
Price: £11.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Skillful Metal At Its best, 9 Jun. 2007
This review is from: Ghost Opera + Bonus DVD (Audio CD)
Another harvest of creative Metal from Kamelot..I am not even gonna mention their great cds from their past...I will measure this work on their last cd ''The Black Halo''Becoz I thought they would never come close to a cd like the ''Black Halo'' again..its very relevant the music and songs on that cd many times in the past when a band has been so inspired with their last cd...the next is always a let down...but not here...''Ghost Opera'' is new and different,these musicians are at their peak now...playing the best ever..skillful Metal at it best.I really believe new fans to Kamelot will be very impressed with this cd...its about great guitar riffs,the songs are catchier,after 2 listens to the song ''Ghost Opera'' you will be singing along to it...there is a darker tint to the songs and music on this cd...forget about calling this Power Metal....this Heavy Metal...there is no point in me going through all the this review becoz I am not gonna say anything bad about any of the songs..but I will mention a few...the song Blücher something Steve Harris would have been proud of writing...I like epic songs about events in history and this one about the Great German heavy cruiser they called the ''Blücher'' which was sunk by Norwegian shore defences at the Battle of Drøbak ,now there is a very important fact you should know about this battle..and this is where the sadness of war,strips away nationality becoz during the sinking of Blucher,the crew of the ship where ordered to give up their life jackets for the Troops,sailors where expected to be able to swim,so many of the crew where burnt or drowned in the flames and sea,there is other ships called by this name,but I am guessing here that the song is about this battle simply becoz Khan is Norwegian.There is a sense of purpose in this cd...Khan vocals performance on all the songs are amazing...I have said it before Ronnie James Dio is the King of Heavy Metal but Khan is the next successor to the throne,''Ghost Opera'' is unassailable pleasure to listen to...Oliver Palotai keyboards are also worth mentioning..they are imposing and add more structure to the songs..yes we have choirs and orchestral sounds...but they don't take over or fill gaps in the music,''Ghost Opera'' also shows just how versatile a guitar player Youngblood has become...nifty fret work...great riffs and solos.Glenn Barry and Casey Grillo..are a great double you will hear on songs like ''Rule the World'',''Ghost Opera'' and ''Up Through The Ashes''The new Kamelot cd is everything...I expected it to be...its great when a fan can trust a group of musicians to deliver what is expected now from this exceptional band.

The Open Door
The Open Door
Offered by dutchtoni
Price: £14.74

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1.0 out of 5 stars Annoying and Icy, 11 Jan. 2007
This review is from: The Open Door (Audio CD)
How do you follow ''Fallen''?

Folks always say the 3rd cd is always the hardest...but Evanescence their 2nd has been there hardest with all the stuff that has gone on behind the scenes.

So I am thinking Amy Lee should have a rage running through her blood...and I am expecting this in the songs...Mmmmm

Firstly I hate the way this cd starts...'Sweet Sacrifice' and 'Call Me When Youre Sober' leave me cold...these 2 songs are all over the place..and the guitar is just too busy..for my liking,so from 13 songs we are already down to 11...just like that.''Weight Of The World ''should have opened this cd....its following on from ''Fallen'',Now I am thinking...this better till ''Lithium'' comes on...its just not doing it for me...there is no...bitterness,there is no intensity in the enthusiasm.

When I have listen to the cd before....I would normally stop listening by now...which would be track 4.....but please listen on....things start to get interesting...I promise you,''Cloud Nine ''is a great song...sort of song....that could be the music to a Gerry Anderson sci fi programme.I like this song...the guitars are not just noise and riffs...there is melody in this song...this should have been the first single from this cd.''Snow White Queen''another good song...lyrics are good..its haunting but not darker enough for me...a doom like male vocal in this song...would have be a nice touch. 'Lacrymosa' is Amy's adaptation of a part of Mozart's Requiem.

This is good...with choirs and orchestra they blend well into this good Gothic metal song.''Like You ''takes nearly 3 mins before this songs kicks in and when it just had not bothered,seems to lack effort...I am worried now...4 songs are good but we are on track 9!

''Lose Control''has a beautiful piano melody to start off...then a guitar bursts in...I think its there just for noise..How sad is that a guitar used as a special effect...this song has some good bits,maybe its unfinished,I don't like it.''The Only One''for a song with such emotional lyrics...its lacks the passion...there is just not enough effort been put into this song,where is the hatred and rage...I did not expected this to happen with this song,when you read the should be better...but it ain't.

''Your Star''This is pure drivel ....if I hear Amy sing...''Your Star''....again...I could kill someone...I found this song really annoying,near the end you get some choirs and a little orchestra but it too late to save this song.''All That I'm Living For ''I am getting a little impatience now...lacklustre is the perfect word for this song,it lacks so much...most of all energy.''Good Enough''lovely piano..and strings to start off with...the lyrics don't seem to fit the music that is being played...the music is great,but the vocals and lyrics are not...this should be a good song,but once again...lack of effort with vocals and lyrics lets this down.

13 songs and 4 songs that are good...''The Open Door'' should be shut closed...becoz its causing a draught...this cd is cold,when you think of the stress Amy has been through the last few months...its just emotionless...very remote and lost...the songwriter seems to be detached for her creations,there is no existence of passion,fire or rage.This cd is so Annoying and Icy

1 Star

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