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The Chakras Made Easy
The Chakras Made Easy
by Hilary H. Carter
Edition: Paperback
Price: 4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars A concise and easy to read book., 17 Aug 2014
This review is from: The Chakras Made Easy (Paperback)
This is a very informative book which I found could not be rushed, there is so much information to absorb and to take note of.

Each chakra has it's own chapter with a repeating format and structure. It can be used as a reference book and dipped in and out of or, if you intend to work through your energy centres one at a time, you might choose to read it through from cover to cover.

There is clear guidance on how to recognize if each Chakra is balanced and, if not, how to clear it. Whilst reviewing the book I came to the Third Chakra (solar plexus) and found many of the descriptions of imbalance applied to someone in our family. We immediately set out to get more yellow in her life (as the text advised) along with some of the affirmations (I am worthy to receive) on paper around the house. Interestingly there was some resistance to the colour (I've never liked yellow) which could slow things down but seems to show where our focus need to be.

`An imbalanced third chakra is either going to show itself as the fearful, insecure person or the overbearing, domineering bully. Some people swing between the two extremes. The bully and the victim are simply the opposite ends of the same energy spectrum, depending on whether the chakra is overactive or underactive'.

We spent so much time on this chakra I've only just moved on to the heart chakra, I think this reflects where much of our attention needs to be as so many of us have challenges with fear or tension that need to be cleared from our energy.

Hilary has created an excellent read which is both a reference text and a structured healing handbook. It will be a great addition to anyone's library and particularly useful when offering help to others.

SuperTooth Buddy Handsfree Bluetooth Visor Speakerphone Car Kit for Smartphone Devices - Black
SuperTooth Buddy Handsfree Bluetooth Visor Speakerphone Car Kit for Smartphone Devices - Black
Price: 29.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Hands free Bluetooth, 2 Nov 2011
This product works really well for it's size and cost. It syncs with my mobile each time I get into the car without any action on my part so that I can have clear two way conversations. I would recommend it.

8 Refillable Mini Clipper Lighters Flowers
8 Refillable Mini Clipper Lighters Flowers

5.0 out of 5 stars Cigarette Lighters, 2 Nov 2011
These lighters work fine, but do bear in mind mini means small. These are quite a bit smaller than the standard size.

1102 IPOD CLASSIC COMPOSITE AV CABLE WITH USB & DOCK CONNECTOR - USB Charger AV Cable to TV Apple iPod iPhone 3G iTouch Nano - 12 Month Warranty >>> THT Trading
1102 IPOD CLASSIC COMPOSITE AV CABLE WITH USB & DOCK CONNECTOR - USB Charger AV Cable to TV Apple iPod iPhone 3G iTouch Nano - 12 Month Warranty >>> THT Trading

5.0 out of 5 stars iPod leads, 2 Nov 2011
An excellent product which serves so many different interface needs, and for such a modest cost. Excellent value for money.

The Starfleet Messages: A Galactic Guide to Spiritual Expansion
The Starfleet Messages: A Galactic Guide to Spiritual Expansion
by Catherine Richardson PhD
Edition: Paperback
Price: 6.57

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Starfleet Messages, 29 Jun 2009
For those of you who like to cut to the quick and get right down to the matter in hand, this is the book for you. The Galactic Frequency Council of Galactic Starfleet Command have a very direct way of describing what are sometimes very complex subjects.

For me this book added a level of understanding to things that I had already been aware of and, where I perhaps lacked a certain clarity. it confirmed and then added to my perceptions. So who are the Galactic Frequency Council and who do they work with?

`We work outside of time. We work in a dimension not yet identified. There are many entities and energies with which and with whom we work. We work with the Christ. We work with Krishna. We work with Allah. We work with the Buddha. We work with God. All aspects of the same energy.'

The book is written is such a way that I could pick it up and put it down easily, so whilst it is possible to read from beginning to end, I found that reading a section at a time gave me the time and space to assimilate the information (in my head), and also give the information time to download into me.

As with much of the information we receive at the moment, this book is multi-dimensional, so whilst my mind read the words the rest of the information was being accessed and `downloaded', many keys were being unlocked within me, many codes released. Which is why you may end up reading it one chapter at a time, leaving time to think and consider each element before moving on.

As they say in the introduction `We do not offer you all the answers to your questions. We offer you assistance in finding these answers. We offer you assistance in finding these answers within yourself, because you do have all these answers, and some of you have been looking outside yourselves for them.

Many of the chapters discuss frequencies as you might expect, and one I particularly enjoyed related to spiritual expansion:-

"We have spoken about Spiritual Expansion a great deal thus far. Now we would like to talk about what it means. It literally means opening up one's energies. when water is heated, its molecules move farther and farther apart and vibrate at a higher rate. This is what happens with the expansion of the soul. It becomes larger, lighter, and moves more quickly. It easily adapts and adjusts itself. It can allow other energies to flow in and flow out. It can permeate other fields of energy with much greater ease. It can move at the speed of light. It can move more quickly than a synapse can fire in your brain.

What does this mean for you in your life? well, denser frequencies generally involve much less choice. They are usually accompanied by what you might think of as the more "negative" emotions - sadness, hatred, fear, envy and self-loathing, for example. As one expands, he or she finds that it is easier to move from these states of experience into other states of experience - ones associated with more "positive" emotions such as joy, happiness, rapture and love. You may move back into the more negative emotions again, but you will find it easier to return to the frequencies of the "lighter" emotions. And they are lighter. They are less dense, and they allow for more frequencies of light, or light waves, to penetrate - just as sunlight more easily penetrates feathers than rocks.

Frequencies of light bring in special energy. These frequencies can innervate and update the frequency dynamics of a soul. They also do much, much more, and there are a number of different types of light frequencies. we will cover these later in the book.

The ability of the soul to move at the speed of light enables it to more easily communicate with other souls, and to have a greater access to energy forms and fields. This means more access to information, thus creating the opportunity to make more informed choices. It also allows for a broader range of choices for the soul, since the soul itself can assume a greater number of formations. It's like comparing the choices of a tortoise to those of a bird. Which would you rather be? It's up to you.

Again, many choose not to expand. They choose to work with dense energies for long periods of time. They may or may not choose to expand eventually; but they will continue to evolve, and their choices will continue to have an effect on the entire universe. If you are reading this book, you are probably choosing spiritual expansion. There is no judgment from us on this subject, as there is no judgment from us regarding any choice made by anyone. It is all part of the beauty and wonder of our divine existence".

This may be a short book in terms of pages, but don't be fooled by that, as it more than makes up for it with the wealth of unwritten information; that which is being accessed whilst you read, in the energy and frequencies carried by the words.

I love the idea of `reading between the lines', if you read only part of it you will receive the very latest energy available to assist you (only if you want it of course). So read this book and enjoy the gifts enclosed within.

With Love,


Mandala - The Art of Creating Future
Mandala - The Art of Creating Future
by June-Elleni Laine
Edition: Paperback
Price: 7.49

18 of 18 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Why not go create your own reality?, 8 Jun 2009
I am one of those people who recommend books when they impact me the most, when they get into my consciousness and get my energy moving in some way. Sometimes they are books that ask me to go and do something, perhaps some mediations on a subject, maybe go plan something using the tools I have just read about.

The thing is, I often have the best of intentions but then put the book down, and go do something completely different, leaving the book and it's ideas on the pages, rather than in my life. Why is that I wonder, what is it that gets in our way when we know we have been given all the tools, all the information has come to us, all the contacts have been made to move to the next stage, whatever that might be.

I did want to share, however, that I actually got up and did one of the exercises from the book I have been reading, `Mandala - The Art of Creating Future', by June-Elleni Laine. It just leapt into my head that here was something I really believe in, here is something I know works, so why not go and do it? The answer was simple, what if it works, what then? I would have to take responsibility for the manifestation, and more importantly, I would have to decide what I wanted in the first place.

`Using the Mandala is central to help us realise that we are definitely co-creators. That we can; in fact we MUST, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for creating our lives, our world, and our reality. Through the simple act of realisation, we become empowered to do this with awareness. The `magic' begins in our mind and ignites what is; what we are. We are powerful, we are capable, and we are just beginning to get it!'

So what did I choose for my first Mandala, well it's something I have been `choosing' for some time now, so I just wanted to put my foot firmly on the accelerator and get on with it. I've called it `Be Fully Present - Now', and I can tell you it really is working.

I share it now in the hope that you might be inspired to start creating your own reality, knowing that you can, knowing that it's your choices that make your own world spin magically, just for you (well and the rest of us too, for we are co-creators are we not?).

Why not try June-Elleni's book, create yourself a Mandala (or two) and start creating the reality you `really' want?

With Love,

Colin Whitby.

The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief
The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief
by Gregg Braden
Edition: Paperback
Price: 9.09

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5.0 out of 5 stars How much power do we really have to change our world?, 1 April 2009
As Greg states in his introduction, if you've always sought to answer the questions "are we really connected, and if so, how deep does that connection go?" and "How much power do we really have to change our world?" then you'll like this book.

With the Divine Matrix Greg digs into some of the more recent scientific discoveries and uncovers how even our most eloquent scientists have been struggling to describe the quantum theory. He quotes Michio Kaku, the co-author of the unifying theory of superstrings, when he said "It is often stated that of all the theories proposed this century, the silliest is the quantum theory. Some say that the only thing that the quantum theory has going for it is, in fact, that it is unquestionably correct".

So what is missing for the theory to make sense, well Greg believes it is us. We are the precise factor that's missing in the existing theories, specifically it is our ability to purposefully create the conditions of consciousness (thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs) that lock one possibility of our choosing into the reality of our lives.

Following his discussions regarding the scientific theory Greg goes on to give some insights into how the Universe is talking to us through the Divine Matrix and how our beliefs and thoughts create our reality. I particularly liked Greg's comparison to a computer, where when we change the commands (our feelings, emotion, prayer and beliefs) we change the program that runs reality.

There are some similarities here to the way Suzanna Kennedy describes her Divine Human Upgrade, and going back a few years, how Lynne McTaggart described the same force in her book The Field. Another book in a similar vein is The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton.

For me I find it reassuring that science is beginning to link our energetic selves to the world rather than keep trying to prove we are not connected, it's a shame they have taken so long, after all the quantum theory goes back as far as 1900.

This is a great book for those people like myself who like to see links and proofs appearing in our scientific world that we are spiritual and energetic beings, and we do have `something' to do with creating our reality. As Greg says `For some of you, what you are about to read is a new and very different way of thinking about how things work in life. For others, it's a comforting synthesis of what you already know, or at least suspect to be true.

The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles
The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles
by Bruce Lipton
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Power of Thought, 1 April 2009
Bruce takes us on a journey into the strange and fascinating world of micro-biology to illustrate his discoveries around how thought can (and does) impact every aspect of our lives.

We travel with him on his own personal discoveries which show us that it can be challenging to follow our instincts rather than follow conventional thinking, proving the world is round when everyone else thinks it is flat.

I loved the examples he sites of how thought or belief can impact how we heal, something that as a healer I have often pondered. Why is it that patient `a' can experience a full and miraculous recovery when patient `b' , with the same problems and treatment, does not recover or improve.

In one of the stories a surgeon decided to test which of his techniques helped his patients the most. He routinely carried out knee operations to relieve joint problems, using two different techniques together. Which of these was the most effective, did he need to use them both? He decided to carry out three controlled tests, one with the first technique, the second with the other, and a third without doing any surgery at all (he simulated the operation).

The results surprised and confused him. All the patients reported improvements, even those who had no effective treatment. Their trust or belief in him and his methods appears to have played more than a small part in their recovery, it was fundamental to their healing.

If you have an interest in how the biology of belief impacts our lives this is an excellent read, it's not too technical for those of us who are not micro-biologists and gives an insight into some of the new thinking going on in the medical world.

Stepping Into the New Reality: Keys to Living in the New Energies
Stepping Into the New Reality: Keys to Living in the New Energies
by Karen Bishop
Edition: Paperback
Price: 16.81

13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I cannot recommend this book too highly, 1 April 2009
I only needed to read through the introduction to know that here was a book I must read. So much of Karen's writing has already felt so right to me, so on the mark as far as my own experience was concerned, that I already knew this book was going to deliver a unique experience. Here's how she begins:-

'I feel so blessed to be offering this new book, Stepping Into the New Reality at this time. As we continue ever onward with our spiritual evolutionary process, or as some say "ascension" process, we continue to arrive in new territory with ever so many surprises, epiphanies, and certainly new challenges to face.

Because the entire planet and all her inhabitants are participating in this experience of expansion and journeying home, many are at varying levels and different phases of their journeys. Some are the fore-runners and way-showers, forging ahead and embodying within themselves new territory and new ways of being, while others are recently expanding and realizing that something vast, holy, and perhaps overwhelmingly confusing is indeed occurring.'

Karen is unusual in some respects to many 'authors', as she writes from her own 'higher self' rather than 'channeling' another being. (we are all one of course, but some material is clearly from another, whereas Karen is 'channeling' herself).

I love this approach, it is one I have been working on myself, although I mostly get energy rather than words, so when I read Karen's words I'm always grateful because she says what I sometimes struggle to articulate. I might have a thought about writing something, then one of Karen's energy alerts comes through saying exactly how I am feeling or what I have just experienced.

As each of us will experience this book uniquely and from our own perspective I do not want to go into each chapter to bring out specific points, as they may be mine today and then tomorrow they will no doubt change. However there was one section which really flowed and I felt myself touching into the very source of all creation with everyone as the words took me towards Heaven on Earth.

'The universe, our souls, and our loving non-physical guardians know exactly what they are doing. And innately, I truly believe that we want everyone else there with us. We are one at our core, and know that we belong with our brothers and sisters. In addition, those referred to as "lightworkers" are programmed to take everyone with is part of the plan'.

I for one am programmed this way, and it brings tears to my eyes to think that we will stay until the last person (who chooses) is guided to the New Reality.

I cannot recommend this book more highly, it says exactly what I would have said, and much more. Thank you Karen so much for putting such an amazing concept into words in such an easy to understand way.

With Love,


Beyond Forgiveness: Spiritual Alchemy: Healing Your Life, Reweaving the World
Beyond Forgiveness: Spiritual Alchemy: Healing Your Life, Reweaving the World
by Bonnie Starr Mandell-Rice
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars A personal experience of Beyond Forgiveness, 1 April 2009
I've been reading Bonnie Starr's lovely book Beyond Forgiveness where she shares some wonderful and intimate learnings from her own experience.

Having just read about her issues with dogs (read the book for more details) I began to `get' this forgiveness thing, and did not have very long to wait before I experienced a deep healing through going beyond forgiveness, by going beyond and looking at my own behaviour and attitudes.

For some time I have been observing my wife and daughter standing in their own way (my judgement), each of them are so big (their energy field, and love) that they can only let small bits of themselves through at any one time (this is just my observation and opinion clearly). This manifests in many different ways which I will not go into here, as I was to discover this was not about them at all, it was about me!

So I'm reading Bonnie's book on the train and as I change from one line to another I sit in a coffee lounge where I order (automatically) an Americano with milk (this will be number 2 for the day!). A quiet voice was saying I should choose something like a calming tea, but this was overruled by the person who as in control of all body functions, like voice, movement and so forth. I watch as my voice orders the coffee, and then as I consume the coffee satisfied.

Later on the next train I tune into myself and notice, as always, that the coffee has had it's usual effect. Instead of my energy running effortlessly through my body giving me a feeling of bliss and contentment, it felt a bit sharp and edgy, like water flowing over a rocky river bed, the lumps and bumps in the river bed (or my cells) trying to stop the smooth flow and creating currents and eddies.

Then I asked `what does this mean?' as Bonnie suggests, and I saw myself hiding behind a slightly open door. It was like I was looking out to see if it was safe, but always ready to close the door quickly lest someone saw me.

Mentally I reached out through my heart and asked for forgiveness `I am so sorry to hide myself away, so sorry, please forgive me (I love you). Then I had the realisation that it was myself behind the door and myself looking on who were both forgiving each other. At this point I saw a line of slightly open doors snaking out into space where aspects of myself were sneaking a look through slightly open cracks. At once I felt them all open, each one was a reflection being held for me by my loved ones and people in my life. Each one bowed and waved as then opened their doors wide and stepped through (it makes me cry just typing it).

Then as the end of this snaking image of doors was a bright bright light, as each door opened more of this light became visible. This was my own God self that I was opening to and allowing in, to shine without hindrance or sabotage, to be here fully, now.

What an amazing shift, because up to this point I had the view that I'm fine, I'm on my path and am shining out for all to see, it's the others that need to connect and `get on with it!'.

Now I can see they were lovingly reflecting back to me that although I have come a long way I still have quite some way to go. Now I know much more clearly how to `see' or `hear' my messages, how to see my reflection in all around me, and how to begin to forgive myself more deeply than ever before.

Thank you Bonnie Starr, so much.

With Love,


Postscript:- I since drank a further 3 cups of coffee, this habit is really established - and deeper and deeper I went - yet more forgiveness, yet more insights. Phew!

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