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The Dying God: The Hidden History of Western Civilization
The Dying God: The Hidden History of Western Civilization
by David Livingstone
Edition: Paperback
Price: £17.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Debunking the lies !!!, 22 July 2008
This Canadian Historian conducted extensive research into the subject matter of this book, over a time period in excess of 13 years. It is a scholarly work, and in many ways, vindicates the work of other authors in this field such as David Icke. Livingstone is a Muslim, and therefore is not prepared to go quite as far as Icke in attributing the origins of the Global Police State currently being constructed all around us to the Annunaki `Gods` of Ancient Sumer. Nevertheless, he elucidates most precisely how Western Civilisation, or `Christendom` is, nor ever has been truly based on Classical Greece, but rather the Civilisations of the near east, Sumer, Egypt, Babylon and Persia. This book is definitely for those who at this point in their journey towards the truth, are not yet ready for Icke's revelations. A superb history book in every sense.

Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement [DVD] [2007] [US Import]
Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement [DVD] [2007] [US Import]
Dvd ~ Jim Tucker

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wake up or else !!, 5 Dec. 2007
Alex Jones' tireless efforts to awaken the human spirit and survival instinct are superbly documented in this `slick` and professional production. Detailing the main aspects of the Global Conspiracy against humanity, Jones's tracks down the 2006 meeting of the Bilderberg Group in Ottowa, Canada. In company with veteran `Bilderberg Hunter` Jim Tucker, the film shows a small group of freedom loving humans protesting outside the 5***** hotel where the annual meeting of the World's unelected government is taking place. These (the Bilderbergers) are the people who decide how all our lives are going to be. The group consists of major `players` from International Finance, World Leaders, CEO's of Multinationals and European Royals amongst other `luminaries` from the `twilight zone` of the super rich. They decide the price of Oil, Gold, interest rates, which country will be next on the hit list, using the `War on Terror` pretext, plus a whole lot more. Don't be fooled into thinking that it's your national `government` which calls the `big plays`. It's just `theatre for the masses`. The Bilderbergers and their ilk decide the fate of the planet, not the House of Commons etc. The film illustrates how far down the line The North American variation of the EU, the proposed North American Union of Canada, Mexico and the USA has travelled, and the machinations surrounding this `unconstitutional` and illegal (in US law) enterprise receives well documented coverage along with the `Atzlan` protest movement driving for the incorporation of the American South West into Mexico (thereafter to be re-intergrated into the NAU I suppose). Alex Jones is a dynamic, `freedom fighter` in the truest sense of the word who has dedicated his life to fighting the Globalist tyranny being imposed upon us all, drip by tortuous drip. The saddest and most concerning thing about this film was the complete absence of any large scale `people` support. Watching him interviewing the public in Ottowa, it was very worrying how little people understood about the world around them, and the `couldn't care less` attitude of many he spoke to. It is my belief that we are in big trouble, and Alex Jones in an American hero whose work should be made familiar to everyone and anyone who doesn't want to live out their lives as a `microchipped` zombified `serf` of the New World Order.

The Open Door
The Open Door
Offered by dutchtoni
Price: £14.74

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5.0 out of 5 stars Progression !!, 18 Jun. 2007
This review is from: The Open Door (Audio CD)
After reading some of the previous critics reviews, and having heard only the `samples` on the Amazon Web Page, it was with caution that I purchased this CD. Fallen was one of the `landmark` albums of this century so far, and as is nearly always the case when an artist begins it's recording career with such a powerful and mature work, the follow up piece is often received critically. Having listened to `The Open door` several times, I simply cannot understand the negatives expressed by prior reviewers. It is beautifully written and produced. The musicianship is both powerful and at the same time harmonious with Amy's ever maturing vocals. The album builds throughout, and reaches a crescendo of creativity in the pen-ultimate song. What's more, it really isn't that different from `Fallen`. It is definitely more complex, and will take a little longer for the songs to become familiar, but I hasten to guess that after a while, this album could well eclipse it's much vaunted predessor. We live in an age of instant gratification. If something , whether it be music, food, a film or whatever, doesn't give an immediate thrill, then many just move on to the next offering. I recommend this excellent album most highly, and I am sure that some of those initially disappointed by it, will, if patient come to thrill to it just as much as they did/do with `Fallen`.

Bitter Part of Me
Bitter Part of Me
Offered by Mr Music
Price: £7.37

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Power is Back!!, 28 May 2007
This review is from: Bitter Part of Me (Audio CD)
When I was a teenager growing up in the 1970's, British Metal bands ruled. It's that simple. The US bands were for the most part pale immitations. Over the years, that changed. But now there's `Panic Cell`. A Black Sabbath for the 21st Century. `Bitter Part Of Me` is an astonishingly excellent Debut Album. The Production is top rate. The Musicianship accomplished, the song writing mature and the songs never sound bland or samey, which is often the case with debut albums. The Vocals are powerful yet melodic and harmonious. The `riffing` is awesomly powerful. I suppose a realistic contempory comparison would be `Black Label Society`s` Mafia. But it would be unfair to label Panic Cell as a BLS clone. On this album, they are inventive and innovative, without slipping into the `let's be original at all costs` trap. Panic Cell are a powerhouse Heavy Metal Unit whose members most definitely have taken much inspiration from Sabbath's `Masters Of Reality`. There's a bit of Kerbdog in there somewhere too. But this is Panic Cell, and their sound is theirs. No grunting or growling here. Clearly understandable vocals convey intelligient lyrics. The Guitar work is crisp and cuts through, circles around and weaves itself into the `Jackhammer` bass and drums. Speaking of which, although I haven't been fortunate enough to witness PC in concert, I can well imagine the effect of the `Riffing` of this band must be akin to being `baseball batted` in the chest. Standouts on this album, quite frankly, all of it. There's not a weak song here, which is all the more remarkable as this is PC's 1st offering. If you like Black Label Society's latest, you'll love this one. Once again, a quality British Band is being ignored by the homeland `Music Press`, whilst in the US, Rock Radio is blasting out Panic Cell. Buy it!

Offered by westworld-
Price: £8.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars In a class of their own., 20 May 2007
This review is from: Karmacode (Audio CD)
In my review of Comalies, I wrote that it would difficult for LC to top that superb offering. Well, if Karmacode fails to do just that, it is at least as good. This is no ordinary metal band. There is something quite unique about them, and Karmacode illustrates how far ahead of their rivals they now are. In every way, the album is superb. From the cover art, to the musical content, this is a must buy CD for those who want more from their `Metal` than crunching riffs accompanied by grunts and groans. Lacuna Coil are a musical `Beauty and the Beast`. The Rhythm section will hit you in the chest as hard as any baseball bat, and whilst you sit there with your back crushed up against the chair you happening to be sitting in, the angelic vocalists superb voice will lift you ever upwards, but then that bat will hit you in the chest once again. Listening to Karmacode is an experience. Not just another CD. If you are new to Lacuna Coil, buy this and Comalies. You'll be glad you did.

Anna Karenina [1997] [DVD]
Anna Karenina [1997] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Sophie Marceau
Offered by Eliware
Price: £7.91

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2.0 out of 5 stars A Beautiful Version of a Classic Ruined!, 22 Jan. 2006
This review is from: Anna Karenina [1997] [DVD] (DVD)
I first saw this version of Tolstoy`s Classic some years ago. I was enchanted and captivated by the sheer beauty of the production, the superb performances of the actors and the breathtaking tragedy of Anna as portrayed by Sophie Marceau. I have waited with patience for this wonderful film to be released on DVD. This version, originating in Germany has been cut to shreds. So much of the original is missing, it`s like watching a ` highlight show`. Furthermore, the English language Dolby 2.0 film is stuck with German Sub Titles which cannot be removed. As one who now lives in Denmark, although familiar with this practice (The Danes do it too), I found it nonetheless irritating to have words printed across the chests of the actors, diverting attention from the film on screen. Why is is that with digital technology allowing the viewer the choice as to whether to have or have not these annoying subtitles, the producers of this DVD have decided to make that decision for us. Please understand that my low appraisal and rating applies to this particular DVD issue and not the film itself, which is sublime. I just hope that an English Language version will be released, with the uncut version in all it`s glory.

King Arthur (Director's Cut) [DVD] [2004]
King Arthur (Director's Cut) [DVD] [2004]
Dvd ~ Clive Owen
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £3.13

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1.0 out of 5 stars History or Hollywood., 14 Jan. 2005
King Arthur? Well, there's the Geoffrey of Monmouth Story, or Mallory's Account, or there's the historians theory. It's either one or the other. This film tries to mix them and fails dismally.
Hadrian built his wall as the edge of empire. North of the wall lived the unconquered Picts, South the Romano Britons. The film gets most of the history wrong. The Saxons, Jutes, Angles etc. were invited by Vortigern, a Post Empire Romano British Warlord, to come to Britannia and fight as mercanaries against the Picts and Irish raiders in exchange for land around 430AD. Arthur if he ever did exist is dated around the middle of the next century.
These tales are sited south of the wall. Why make a film about such events and then for whatever purpose give our heroes the names of the Medieval Knights, Lancelot, Galahad etc. And Guinevere? Will we ever again see a film made in Hollywood which doesn't include small, scantilly clad girls wielding heavy swords they could never raise, or drawing back Bows which would be beyond their physical abilities. Political Correctness it seems knows no boundaries. This was an opportunity for Hollywood, after all it's prior farcical failiures at the Arthurian legend, to put the record straight, and it has failed dreadfully. Awful.
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