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Red Hill: A Mining Community (Faber Finds)
Red Hill: A Mining Community (Faber Finds)
by Tony Parker
Edition: Paperback
Price: 11.27

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5.0 out of 5 stars Broaden your horizon, 3 Dec 2013
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If you lived through the miners strike of 84-85 and weren`t directly conected to someone in the the industry, then you would have recieved your information through a media which had not been so heavily biased in favour of the government propaganda machine since the end of the second world war. If you think this is the ranting of some Militant Tendancy Scargillite, I will refer you to the currrent investigations into the police statements surrounding the "Battle Of Orgreave", statements allegedly altered or fabricated by the same force and many of the same officers involved in the Hillsborough case. I would also refer you to a memo sneaked out in the mid 90`s by the BBC admitting "A discrepancy in the chronology in the reporting of the incident": the video that the BBC released showed miners stoning the police lines, leaving the police no option than to go charging in on horseback waving truncheons, footpads picking off the stragglers. The discrepancy was: the police attempted to disperse the crowd by charging in on horseback waving truncheons etc. Furious miners fought back by throwing bricks and bottles from the waste grouond they were dispersed to. The National Union Of Journalists, not known for reactionary or political action called for a strike over the reporting. The BBC wouldnt even say why the NUJ was calling for a strike. So much for the lefty BBC accusations. If that hasn`t put you off reading the review and by extension the book, Im relieved, because it is a stunning INDEPENDANT evocation of one of the most important, misunderestood and misrepresented periods in out post war history. It is a story of the PEOPLE involved, not the unions, not the politicians, not dogmatists, just the people whos lives were diectly affected. Some are pro Scargil, some are pro Thatchermost just want to go to work and look after their families. It is by turn funny, touching and incendiary because the people are by turn funny, touching and incendiary. It dismissed propaganda and stereotype these werent foaming left wing zealots, they were people like you with families they swore to support. The town where the interviews were carried out is Easington, County Durham I challenge anyone to visit it now and tell them they were wrong to worry about the future. Actually the Co. Durham newspaper the Northern Echo challenged David Cameron to visit the town before the election May 6th 2010. At the time of writing, 4the Dec 2013 despite a campaign and weekly letters, oddly enough, we are still waiting. Redhill by the way, was the name of the NUM headquarters in Durham. I reccomend this book not because it has no agenda except to give voice to those involved, not those looking on or manipulating stories or events (as both sides attempted during the strike). It is independant to "The Times" reporting standard. It is humane, and to anyone who "knows a bit" about the strike and seeks to understand it, the book is manna. For myself, I will point out that there were 140 deep mines in opperation when the strike began. In 1993 there were arround 70. That nice Mr Major and that lefty Mr Heseltine announced one wet october wednesday they were shutting most of the remainder, leaving 12. There was outrage, which came as a genuine shock to that pair, they announced a review, then closed them (the movie Brassed Off evokes this superbly. They could only shut a pit that was unprofitable. You have a pit doing ok, no more, you announce 10 million pound investment in that pit. You put 10000000 pounds worth of machinery into that pit for "exploration of new seam". The pit produces 8000000 profit on the year, yet youve put 10000000 in, thats a loss of 2000000, pure ecconomics. You take out the machinery, you move it to a pit thats making 6000000 profit, thats 1000000 in, 6000000 out, a 4000000 loss. Take it out, move it to the next pit. shut the loss making pits, sell the machinery cheap to the private company). "Coal cant be subsidised, not in a free market". But neuclear and wind can. Coals dirty. The technique used from fracking was developed from research into carbon capture, capturing the Co2 from cheap coal fired power stations and storing it in the empty chambers under the north sea where all the precious gas was extracted from. (There are plenty empty chambers, we are nearly out of North Sea Gsa, I refer you to the price rises due to lack of supply, there`s loads of coal!). With all that in mind, what you will read is the words of many who knew they were no more than canon fodder, of those who believed in the brave new world. You will read history as it happened from those who were there, you will apply your hindsight and insight, and you will form your own oppinion. It may not match mine, but at least it will be informed. It is a deeply moving and involving read, whatever you believe.

Charlie Chaplin - The Great Dictator [1940] [DVD]
Charlie Chaplin - The Great Dictator [1940] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Charlie Chaplin
Offered by rileys dvds
Price: 22.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars I Don`t Like Chaplin. But This Is A Masterpiece!!!!!!, 31 Mar 2008
I titled this deliberatly. I don`t like Chaplin. I allways found his work "twee". I point this out as I am sure there are many like me out there, and it would be a real shame if you were put off seeing this masterpiece as a result of seeing his other work. It is a real work genius, of perfection. This is a film Orsone Wells would have been proud to have made. This is a film Mel Brooks would have been proud to have made! A younger Woody Allen could have had aspirations. Nobody else could come close to this. Mercifuly free of schmaltz, powerful, heartbreaking, genuinely shocking, witty, surreal and downright hilarious by turn, it should be part of the national curriculum. Began in 1938, a year before the war, Chaplin saw what was coming, and begged the world to wake up. This film was his alarm, no-one wanted to hear it. The studios withdrew their backing, politicians slandered him. He risked bancrupcy to show the masses what happening under Hitler, yet not for one moment does it fail to entertain. Buy the two disk version, watch the film to see a work of true genius. Watch the documentary.... I`m lost for words on the documentary, just please watch it.

The China Syndrome (1981) (Widescreen) [DVD]
The China Syndrome (1981) (Widescreen) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jane Fonda
Offered by HalfpriceDVDS_FBA
Price: 12.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars Timeless and relevant, stunningly well acted, 1 Mar 2008
I don`t realy want to go too far into the plot, except to say that it`s premise is almost inevitable in real life, a routine breakdown in a neuclear power plant spirals because no-one wants to take responsibility. The screenplay is as precise and accurate as a swiss timepiece, but it`s the quality of the acting that sucks you in, particularly Jack Lemmon`s, performance. You find yourself mentaly and physicaly responding to what he`s gong through, SO convincing is he. Fonda and Douglass are both beautifuly pitched, and would steal any other film, but at his best, and this is at his best, Lemmon was unparralelled. He is everyman in an impossible situation. The story is tense and exiting, believable and definately not dated. The result is totaly engrosing. Sometimes you want a duvet night with beers or candy floss, and why not. Sometimes you want a duvet night with a glass of wine and someone to hold on to. This is for those nights.

Russell Brand: Doing Life - Live [2007] [DVD]
Russell Brand: Doing Life - Live [2007] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Russell Brand
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 1.50

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1.0 out of 5 stars Are you joking?, 16 Jan 2008
If Peter and Jordan can have a chat show, then Russell can be a comedian. If all you want is to see people from the gossip columns speaking, then knock yourself out. The 90 minute set consists of three jokes/humerous observations that we`ve all shared with the lads down the pub, while skiving off from something or other. Stretch them out to 30 minutes per subject, and apparently you have an hilarious show. If you drink in wine bars instead of going to uni for your masters degree in fasion and fine arts, then this is for you!
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