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7dayshop AERO 7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Aeroplane Kit and Travel Case
7dayshop AERO 7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Aeroplane Kit and Travel Case
Offered by 7dayshop Limited (VAT Registered)
Price: 43.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Considering the price...Fantastic!, 24 April 2014
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For months I kept telling myself to buy a pair of Bose QC15s. After researching and listening to them in-store a number of times, there was still a niggle at the just under 300 price tag. Yes, they sounded fantastic and yes, they are probably one of the best noise cancelling headphones on the market.

However, I took a punt with these headphones having never heard them before, but had been impressed with 7 day shop merchandise in the past. Well, if you consider that these headphones are under 30, you really, really cannot complain. They capture sharp tones and provide a decent (but not overpowering) bass . Really, for under 30, they are seriously impressive.

I got a chance to test them out on the tube today and then on a long train journey from the South to the North. They were extremely consistent in their noise cancellation taking out the 'buzz' of the train. Other reviewers are indeed correct that they do not eliminate every nook and cranny going on around you. But again, I'm more than OK with this when you consider the price! Rest assured, if you are looking for a pair of headphones that take out a lot of background noise, these are for you. If you are looking for a pair that really eliminate the world around you, of course, go for the Bose range (but again, you'll pay for that privilege).

I really cannot fault these headphones at all considering the price. They are comfy, not overly aesthetically pretty, but not certainly not ugly. Other reviewers are again correct that they have a sort of musty smell, but this isn't too overbearing for me. I actually lent them to my brother (a trained sound technician!) to have a listen and he concurred that, for the price, these are a seriously good pair of headphones. I'm now looking forward to taking them on a long haul flight over the summer and will provide an update as to how they handle air travel. A highly recommended purchase, for sure.

Price: 7.98

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3.0 out of 5 stars The fire is no longer raging..., 29 Oct 2013
This review is from: Reflektor (Audio CD)
Fans worldwide have hotly anticipated this fourth album release from the mighty Montreal outfit. Having been a HUGE fan for coming up a decade, I held my breath for this date. There had been a lot of hype surrounding the release - the `secret' performances, the hidden `reflektor' graffiti appearing across cities, and the fact that LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy was in charge of the production. So, was all this hype worth it? ... In a word, no.

Before dismissing me as `missing it', let me outline my argument as to why this album just doesn't add to the genius of Arcade Fire. To historically contextualise - `Funeral' was a freak of an album - just a one-off out of nowhere that was simply sublime. `Neon Bible' was a fantastic follow up and showed the maturity of the band, whilst `The Suburbs' (my personal favourite), beyond all expectation, again was/still is one of the albums of the decade.

Now, one of the reasons I have always liked AF is for their originality and ability to create truly melodic songs whilst constantly pushing the boundaries of song writing. Unfortunately, `Reflektor', whilst a change in direction, is essentially a collection of soundscapes and un-linear styles (i.e. disco backbeats, a bit of reggae, even some 70's rock influence). And this flux of styles has really robbed them of the groove and style that had become accustomed the unique `Arcade Fire sound' over the past 10 years. I completely respect that bands want to expand and develop their identity, style, and musicianship...but why such a drastic change?! And not only such a drastic change, but completely disjointed in it's orientation and direction.

I really have to agree with some of the other reviewers here, but would like to expand. The band received critical acclaim for `The Suburbs', and rightly so! But I fear that this new confidence is slightly, and I must emphasise slightly, bordering on arrogance. The average length of each song stands at around five-and-a-half/six minutes, and so much of this is dominated by the electronic experimentation. For example, I actually really like the final song, "Supersymmetry" - BUT the `song' is 11.17; yet it actually finishes around 5.30 - I just don't understand the need? The counter argument to this, I suppose, is that attempts to capture the ambience of the tone throughout the album. For me though, it just doesn't work.

This is really my primary gripe with the album. Whilst there are some decent tracks, I would have preferred it to have direction and continuity (i.e. why not let the title track set the rest of the tone for the album). I certainly appreciate that some will really enjoy this change in direction and that's completely fine. Sadly, I finished the album (twice) lamenting my old Arcade Fire. Before giving my review an unhelpful click, please remember that I have simply reflected (as a faithful AF fan) on my experiences so far with the new album and I am not offering an unjust critical assessment. Is it a bad album? - No. Is it a bad AF album? - A hesitant `no'. But it doesn't reach the heights or raise the bar of any of their other releases. Alas, I cannot sum it up any more than that.

Figure 8
Figure 8
Price: 7.20

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5.0 out of 5 stars A creative genius..., 13 Dec 2005
This review is from: Figure 8 (Audio CD)
It is rare to find an artist with such talent as Elliott Smith. ‘Figure 8’ is a masterpiece in everyway. In my opinion, ‘Figure 8’ was the peak of Elliott’s career. He carefully constructs a record that reflects both a combination of ‘Either/Or’, and ‘Xo’, which creates a creative masterpiece so much so that it is hard to find faults within it. The lyrics throughout the album constantly reflect Elliott’s emotions towards life that creates a real sense of intimacy within the record. As a great fan of Elliott smith, I had never felt that connection truly establish until I heard ‘Figure 8’. The one thing that elevates this album from the rest of Elliott’s work is the collage of folk-rock-ballard that fits beautify within the whole album. If the piano to ‘In the lost and found (Honkey Bach)’ and the uplifting beat to ‘Color Bars’ does not get you head bobbing, you seriously need to consider your taste in music. This album is Elliott’s finest, and it’s a damn shame that such talent ended as it did.

How to Start a Fire
How to Start a Fire
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 4.18

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3.0 out of 5 stars Worth a listen....., 20 April 2004
This review is from: How to Start a Fire (Audio CD)
As a great fan of 'Further Seems Forever', I have to say this is not theirbest album. The absence of Chris Carraba is noticeable throughout thealbum and does not contain the same drive I felt with "The moon is down".The album contains highly emotional vocals and some catchy riffs, whichmakes the album worth a listen. Songs such as "The sound" are upliftingand upbeat, which shows the potential the band have with new singer "JasonGleason". By no means is this a bad album, but I feel that it has notbeaten its debut. I would recommend this album to put in with thecollection, but to anyone new interested in "Further Seems Forever", Iwould recommend, "The moon is down"

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