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Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1
Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: 4.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars George doing what George does best, 22 Mar 2006
If like me you have kind of always floated around the outskirts of GM then I would recommend this album as a stern follow up to Faith.
Yes Faith is pop but the melodies are strong and you really need that in your mind when you take on this album.
Firstly this album is GREAT - it is full of different layerings of songs and melodies that just stick in your head all day.
It took me a while to get this album but actually the maturity in just 3 yrs is fabulous. You should also discount the chart placings - the low charting singles was because George was sabotaging his own career in a way - not appearing in videos, having no text on his singles or having text and no pic.
Anyway his artistic views kind of covered the value of the songs and speaking of the songs:
1) PRAYING FOR TIME 5/5 what a cracker of a song - the tip of the iceberg really - if you get this song you will get the album. It is a crashing ballad about opening our eyes to the world. UK #8 - 1st single (B-Side: If You Were My Woman).
2) FREEDOM 5/5 THE song that got me into this album - it was the only song I considered from this album as being worthy for a long time before the rest grew on me. About reflecting on the Wham days. UK #28 - 3rd single.
3)THEY WON'T GO WHEN I GO 4/5 A broody ballad his voice is faultless on this - I love his rendition of this classic, he really shows that he can apply his voice to anything. I just marked it down because it is not a GM composition.
4)SOMETHING TO SAVE 5/5 A cheeky little track in my opinion - acoustic guitar driven pop very upbeat and well just nice (love his high voice around 2:40 over the strings). Seems to deal with not communicating in a relationship. B-Side to Cowboys & Angels UK #45 - 5th Single.
6)COWBOYS & ANGELS 5/5 WOW what a strumpy, swinging piece of jazz this is. Carries itself so well. It is a grower you just need to keep putting it on because it has its melody. I can't describe it is genius at 7mins. UK #45 - 5th Single.
7)WAITING FOR THAT DAY 5/5 Oh yeah THAT song - the song of the album most say and yes it is a clever song by not having much about it but a hook of a line in "My memory serves me far too well". The line "and if these wounds are self inflicted" always sticks in my head. I think this is spliting up and trying to find another woman but having the memory there all the time - not able to move on. UK #23 - 2nd Single (B-side: Fantasy (found on the Best of....such a great song!)).
8)MOTHERS PRIDE 5/5 A soft and tense piano ballad. I feel the emotion in this one. Stark with a panpipe that shouldn't work but does. All about sending a boy off to war....very poignant. Could get boring but its on 4mins which is its saving grace. B-Side to Freedom UK #28 - 3rd Single.
9)HEAL THE PAIN 5/5 Great great great - he gets it spot on here. Clever pop and I really appreciate it - the hook here for me is "how can I help you, please let me try to" the lyrics fit the melody so well. This guy is a genius with this song. UK #31 - 4th Single.
10)SOUL FREE 5/5 The oddest track for me. That piano sounds dated here and very early 90's but it works and the song is strong - great vocal range expressed here. It seems this song does signal the arrival of Too Funky. B-Side to Heal The Pain - UK #31 - 4th Single.
11)WAITING (REPRISE) 5/5 This track is needed - it provides great closure after Soul Free tails off a bit. Follows on with the melody of Waiting for that Day a bit. I think it is George asking for people to look again at him. B-Side to Praying For Time - UK #8 - 1st Single.
Knowing that there was a plan for LWP Vol.2 of more dancey songs planned for the following June (91) makes Freedom and Soul Free seem out of place - but thank god they got on here because the album needs them. I would have liked "Fantasy" on here and "They Won't Go When I Go" off cause its a non GM track.
BUT this is one of the most complete continuously good George albums and LOOK 9 out of 11 of the tracks appeared on the CD singles from this album showing just how strong it was (plus I guess George didn't want old Faith tracks or live performances appearing except Father Figure/Kissing A Fool (the most mature of Faith) on WFTD).
Final words
Get this album - put it on and wonder what GM must have gone through between 1987-1990 - the man has had so much struggle and vented it delightfully through an amazing album
I WISH he had never wrangled with Sony this album would have been HUGE!!

Don't Bring Me Down
Don't Bring Me Down

5.0 out of 5 stars Just sublime just sublime just SIA, 4 Feb 2005
This review is from: Don't Bring Me Down (Audio CD)
This is a fantastic change from the first album and I always like that in an artist who changes stylistically in the space of an album. Maybe Zero 7 got to her but anyway I love this. Don't Bring Me Down is a slow burning string laden thoughtful piece - some may say it is wallowing in self-pity but it is just fantastic none the less.
Broken Biscuit - almost takes the continues the stark stoney voice of SIA but it uplifts at moments in the chorus with more strings.
The other two tracks are not so memorable but growers. I think it is one of those EPs you need on at a quiet moment when you are feeling the stress of working.

Best 1991 - 2004 (U.S. Version)
Best 1991 - 2004 (U.S. Version)
Offered by Dirty Deals UK
Price: 7.71

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4.0 out of 5 stars I would give it 5 if it had all the singles...., 4 Feb 2005
OK SEAL is fantatic no denying that at all. I decided to give this offering 4 stars for two reasons that constantly dog a greatest hits/best of collection. A) it is missing vital songs B) it isn't really aimed at the fans who have supported him for near 15 years.
So what is missing in terms of singles - well from the first album the upbeat "The Beginning" that would certainly offer an uplift like "Crazy" also "Violet" is not included basically because it is too long I guess.
From the second album somehow "Newborn Friend" has been dropped it is by far the most listner friendly song of SEAL II.
From his third well I would include "Lost My Faith" an astounding piece and included in the film Entrapment and released in Europe as a single.
Thankfully all the singles from SEAL IV have made it.
I don't think these songs are the most representative anyway. Others that are his "best"
Deep Water; Fast Changes; Heavenly...(Good Feeling); Whirlpool
But all in all I can't fault Seal he is just a good singer who has been slow burning to a fine performer these last 10-15 years and although there are only 4 albums to pick from I'd rather those 4 than 8 rubbishy ones.
Just buy all his albums but if you don't believe me start with this.

Little Things
Little Things
Offered by Japan-Select
Price: 9.78

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5.0 out of 5 stars Why is this only available on import?????, 7 May 2004
This review is from: Little Things (Audio CD)
What a brilliant album to stumble on by a complete fluke. I always like to keep ahead of the UK charts by looking at what lyrics are being requested in the Top 100 charts on
I noticed this song called Devils and Angels by Toby Lightman and thought I'd download it and give it a spin. It only turned out to be a woman with a beautifully soulful voice.
So I searched for more until I got fed up with the lack of songs and got the album.
So onto the album.
Leave It Inside 10/10 wicked start to the album such a jig of a track with a great choppy guitar thing going on
Devils and Angels 10/10 the song that is lead single on the album and it is so darn good. Such a quick flowing track in everyway the rhyming really helps the pace.
Coming Back In 9/10 still good but the chorus is a little bland, but still as catchy as ever.
Frightened 10/10 the album slows for an acoustic soul ballad, this one is lovely.
The River 10/10 LOVE THIS. Hard to describe why it is so good I think the hook is great. Kind of electronic acoustic and haunting.
Voices 9/10 again another slow one. This one hasn't quite hit me yet but it still has a great melody.
Little Thing/Front Row 10/10 we go into a little vocalisation with little thing and then into Front Row - really nice track funky almost, really nice chilling soul in it.
Everyday 11/10 THIS IS THE BEST. My fave outright - fantastic slow acoustic number with great lyrics that I relate to.
Is This Right 9/10 I can hum the tune and jump in with some lyrics. It's one of the growers on the album, the chorus is not the strongest though.
Don't Wanna Know 9/10 ooh I dig this kinda jazzy number. Its a nice acoustic song with trombone and horns in the background.
Running Away 10/10 I love the last track with its southern US tinged harmonica feel. Makes me think of porches in tall grass and hammocks.
Overall it is the best album I've picked up on the basis of a few random songs in recent years. Her voice is amazing and distinctive which is great news. It is also one of those album where you can get the tune and start singing a song from just first listen.
If you like Sheryl Crow with a bit of Joss Stone then I would say this is a great album for you. But regardless you should get it cause the melodies are consistent there are no filler tracks and the album isn't centred around the one single.
Finally, why there is no UK release boggles the mind.
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The Sensual World
The Sensual World

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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely amazing, 20 Aug 2003
This review is from: The Sensual World (Audio CD)
Love love love love this album. It's a very less obvious album than Hounds Of Love but not at all difficult. All the songs are fantastic and all very different which makes this a very good eclectic album not at all samey as you might expect. My faves are Rocket's Tail it is just has amazing use of voices, and The Fog is exquisite the lyrics are so simple and the so is so delicate which reflects the delicateness of learning to swim. This album will remain a treasure and much less over exposed as Hounds of Love.

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